Joe’s Handlers BBB is DOA.

| December 19, 2021

Nelson’s Editorial Comment

The Democrat wet dream, as contained in Joe’s Handlers misnamed Build Back Better legislation, has died today. This is a tremendous blow to the administration’s current and future agendas.

The final straw came from a cost estimate from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, a sum too far, if you will.

The deciding Senate vote rested on Joe Manchin (D-WV), who is standing firm in his no vote decision against tremendous pressure from the left. He well understands the bill would begger the United States’ already fragile economy, and preaches fiscal responsibility by halting inflation before adding even more pain to just about every American.

Manchin a ‘no’ vote on Biden’s Build Back Better spending plan

By Mark Moore

Sen. Joe Manchin, a crucial vote in the narrowly divided Senate, dealt a stunning blow to President Biden’s $2 trillion Build Back Better social spending plan when he came out on Sunday as a “no” vote — comments the White House said were “at odds” with commitments he made to the president.

“I’ve always said this, Bret, if I can’t go home and explain to the people of West Virginia why I can’t vote for and I cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation. I just can’t. I’ve tried everything humanly possible. I can’t get there,” Manchin told host Bret Baier on “Fox News Sunday.”

“You’re done?” Baier asked. “This is a no?”

”This is a no on this piece of legislation. I have tried everything I know to do,” Manchin responded, pointing out that he has already informed President Biden, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of his intent.

NY Post

Joe (Manchin, not the other poor fellow) currently enjoys a 42% approval rating in West Virginia, with 37% who disapprove. His state overwhelmingly voted for Trump in the 2020 election. He is up for re-election in 2024, and knows his constituents well.

My family roots are in West Virginia (place teeth-to-tattoo ratio joke here) and folks are friendly, right up until they aren’t. They mostly want to be left alone- doing otherwise may find one spending eternity at the bottom of a coal mine. Now there’s a New Green Deal.

And so it begins.
Omar, Sanders slam Manchin for rejecting Build Back Better: ‘I think it’s bull—-‘
‘Manchin is a tour de force in gaslighting and dishonesty,’ Rep. Mondaire Jones said
By Jessica Chasmar
Fox News

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Joe Manchin did not hang himself.

A Proud Infidel®™️


AW1 Rod

Kudos to Manchin…..again.

I STILL believe he has aspirations beyond being re-elected a U.S. Senator from West Virginia. I believe he’s positioning himself as a Kennedy-style, Blue Dog DemocRAT for a Presidential run.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Could be, I don’t put anything past a lifelong politician.


Of course, Kennedy Democrats who don’t realize they’re now Republicans are a small and shrinking breed.


Would you trade a houseboat for the Whitehouse?

I wouldn’t.


Who is the real President? Joe Biden or Joe Manchin? Another cringey performance by Knee Pad Harris.


She ain’t fit to manage an Arby’s.

Anyone wanna Braveheart her, subsume her powers and take the throne…? Well, I ain’t stopping ya.


*Highlander. Too much blood in my alcohol stream, frontal lobe froze up.


Swords, Scottish accents, both real and imagined.
I’ve made much, much worse mistakes.


As to Highlander movies:

(Accent) “There should be only one!”

Green Thumb

Maybe when she leaves office, she can get a job at All-Points Logistics.

Win Win for Phildo and the boys down there in Merritt Island.


I heard there’s a big chair open at Bernasty, Bernasty & Bernasty, Aviating and Lawer-in’ Firm.

Hack Stone

Did All Points Logistics fill that vacancy in their Reston VA office?


I read the transcript and thought it was funny. Then I watched the actual video. She’s a psycho. He really got under her skin.

I find it extremely telling that the biggest insult she can immediately come up with against a black man is to call him a “Republican.”


He just wanted to know who were those pulling Gropey’s marionet strings. Inquiring minds need to know.


Bernie Sanders


Backfire in Bernie’s bullshit backyard.
“Defund the police” in Burlington, VT now has everyone unhappy.
Some on city council could see it coming.

[Burlington decided to cut its police force 30 percent.
Here’s what happened next.]


KoB & Roh-Dog.
Both got it right on this one.
As they do over 75% of the time.
The Atlantic does better, but they mess it up sometimes, too.
Just don’t link false crap.


The Atlantic is owned by a friend of a woman who’s on trial for kid stuff that was friends with that guy that didnt kill himself. The Blueanonlantic posted a story about how trafficking of minors is a right wing conspiracy.

They could tell me breathing is good for my health. I’m looking for at least 2 other articles to confirm.

tl;dr fk ’em


Man, MD61, I spend most of my day, following all kinds of news feeds and cross checking them, just to have something to do. Having done, literally, hundreds of print and video interviews from all kinds of newsies, I am more than well aware of how things can get twisted, misspoke, misprinted and downright false. Before I consent to interviews now, I insist on seeing the “final cut” before broadcast/print…and get that in writing. A very brief Google Foo showed 6 maybe 9 different sources, Including the Boston Globe, CBS, WAPO, and the local gossip rag. They all had basically the same story on the nefarious activities of the Sanderses…and their real estate/developer buddy. I kinda figured no matter which one I linked to, somebody would have issues.

Lighten up, Francis, we are not your enemy here. And no one is going out to promote any news source over any other. Randolph Hearst smiles everyday over the yellow journalism that passes now.


Here’s Bernie, bitching again.
Along with whatserfakeface, again with the “bullshit”.

If these dumbass Democrats who dominate Congress
would be wise enough to come up with something, anything,
that they could get 2 Republican Senators to agree to,
everything would move along.
No Democrats would need to pretend
that it’s the fault of 1 Dem Senator,
instead of blaming themselves for putting together such a partisan polarizing package, that it’s party line voting. Again.


100% agreed. The problem form a SR-71 level view, the average Dem does not understand that all this gibbme nonsense will just steal away the tokens the dotgov gives them via inflation. Spending currency you don’t have always have consequences.

Fk them all for playing this game. It ain’t hard, step back from these interferences to the market and this thing could FLY!

But hey, this show is fantastic (Seethe harder Omar) because I’m hardened like a MF against The District of Criminals stooped.


His daughter made money also with a large federal grant for a wood shop class at the school. She kept the money


Mrs. Bernie should have been federally prosecuted for bank fraud. She falsely represented to a federally insured lender that she had firm commitments from donors of millions in contributions when those donors only put the contributions in their wills and were not about to die anytime soon. Those loans and the fiscal mismanagement of the college by her caused its bankruptcy and end. In the legal business that is known as fraud, and it is a federal crime. But the DOJ and its Fan Belt Inspectors gave her a pass cuz her husband is a crypto-commie senator.


I ain’t gonna win any friends with what I’m about to say, but my moral compass requires it to be said:

I think part of the reason she escaped justice is it was planned/coordinated/facilitated by the satanic communist head of the See. “Birds of a feather…” and all that.


Yup! That the other side of the state, I avoid it unless my son has Hocky. (2A country)


& Bernie’s #1 guy ,Chuck Rocka is a convicted felon for embezzling from a small union.
VTDIGGER dot org


The hardcore Robert Byrd KKK Democrats would have sent Manchin packing if he had voted on this bill. It would have killed the fossil fuel industry in WV. Joey just secured his office in DC for the rest of his life.


The Left is eating its own,, let the midterms roll.


BBB = Bullshit Beyond Belief!


Yep, Joe M gots his own game he’s playing. He’s a professional politician…it’s what they do. Maybe he don’t want to study coding? If he, or any of the other career hawgs at the trough, really cared about the Country AND its Citizens, they’d not even consider this latest boondoggle drain on us.

WV ain’t the only state that is full of citizens that are getting fed up and just want to be left alone…and NOT taxed to death.


That’s going to leave a mark.

Xi Jinping and George Soros are going to want their influence-buying money back from lots of Democrats.


We can all express our thanks to Senator Joe Manchin
for the extra dollars in our pockets in 2022…
by showing some Christmas generosity
to the deserving crew & staff at MP & VG/TAH.

Donate to
Military Phony


Agreed. Joe Manchin does indeed deserve a thank you.

Green Thumb

Make sure Phildo does not try to steal it.


Isn’t it wierd how “democrats” describe a majority (51 or 52) of senators not agreeing with the Party as a “threat to democracy”. They don’t like majority rule when it goes another way.

I think there is another term for a system where the Party of a small self-selected elite is unopposed.


Here in Michigan, we would gladly trade Stabenow and Peters to West Virginia for Manchin. We’ll even throw in a Gretch.


The Communists in Congress, who want to spend ALL of everyone ELSE’s money, need to choke on giant heaps of rancid, syphilitic cocks.