Troops deployed to southern border do deployed troop shenanigans

| December 10, 2021

Fox News caught these two soldiers asleep at their post. Nearby were a half-dozen migrants patiently waiting for them to awake so they could turn themselves in.

Jeff LPH 3 sends in a Army Times article about all the crap soldiers are getting in to that are deployed on the southern border. This does not include the Texas National Guard soldiers there on that state’s mission. This is about the troops the federal government have deployed down there (with no equipment, no mission, and poor or non-existent supervision). It’s no surprise then that the soldiers have fallen asleep at their post (without using the time-tested and first sergeant approved buddy system), consuming drugs, and getting lit and driving (with one soldier dying and another being seriously wounded because of it). You know. Soldiers being soldiers.

Army Times;

On the evening of Sept. 10, a soldier deployed to the U.S.-Mexico border slid a manifesto under each door in his brigade headquarters and then slipped away.

The frustrated Army National Guardsman assigned to the 110th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade headquarters had seen enough.

Three soldiers had died in three months, the most recent in an alleged DUI just five days earlier, and more than a dozen troops from the mission had been arrested or confined for drugs, sexual assault and manslaughter.

“Someone please wave the white flag and send us all home,” the letter pleaded. “I would like to jump off a bridge headfirst into a pile of rocks after seeing the good ol’ boy system and fucked up leadership I have witnessed here.”

The unit never found the author.

The letter was provided to Army Times by another anonymous soldier, who like others for this article, spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss equipping, staffing and misconduct issues plaguing the border mission.

For much of 2021, more than 4,000 Guard personnel from 20 states helped monitor the U.S.-Mexico border alongside Customs and Border Protection personnel. The majority were part of a brigade-level ground force led by the 110th MEB known as Task Force Phoenix, a combination of 34 distinct Guard units stitched together with virtually no prior relationships, complicating an already wayward operation. Most returned home in October, when a new Guard task force took over.

This is the story of a task force that left soldiers at isolated observation posts for hours on end without the night vision goggles they needed. They stared into the darkness and fell asleep on the job while awaiting shipments of equipment for months, and only assisted in less than one in every five apprehensions. Legal restrictions on the use of Guardsmen left them with little more than watching as a mission. Army Times interviewed seven Guard troops involved in the mission and obtained hundreds of pages of documents and audio tapes, including official incident reports and planning documents.

Among Army Times’ findings:

  • When troops weren’t on duty, most were at hotels in remote locations. Alcohol and drug abuse became so widespread that senior leaders issued breathalyzers and instituted alcohol restrictions that tightened as the misconduct incidents piled up.
  • Leaders initiated more than 1,200 legal actions, including nonjudicial punishments, property loss investigations, Army Regulation 15-6 investigations and more. That’s nearly one legal action for every three soldiers. At least 16 soldiers from the mission were arrested or confined for charges including drugs, sexual assault and manslaughter. During the same time period, only three soldiers in Kuwait, a comparable deployment locale with more soldiers, were arraigned for court-martial.
  • Troops at the border had more than three times as many car accidents over the past year — at least 500 incidents totaling roughly $630,000 in damages — than the 147 “illegal substance seizures” they reported assisting.
  • One cavalry troop from Louisiana was temporarily disbanded due to misconduct and command climate issues — an extremely rare occurrence.
  • A 1,000-soldier battalion-level task force based in McAllen, Texas, had three soldiers die during the border deployment. For comparison, only three Army Guard troops died on overseas deployments in 2021, out of tens of thousands.

The linked article goes into many of these things in detail. The deaths are a tragedy and overwhelmingly, perhaps all, preventable. The morale issues are all too obvious when you deploy people for an indeterminate amount of time and don’t give them a mission. We’ll sacrifice years for the mission. It’s what we’ve been trained and conditioned for. Without a mission, minutes turn to hours, hours to days, and days to years. Low morale, depression, and related issues should be expected in that environment.

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Green Thumb

No surprise here.


Unless they’re engineers actively building fence (and they’ve built a lot), National Guard troops working with CBP is more of a detriment than anything. They’re very limited in what they can legally do, and tie up already limited manpower to supervise them. Tucson sector actually has a few (maybe 5) AGR slots where AZNG troops are operating camera systems. Most of them are good at what they do. It’s more of a dog and pony show than actual help. DISCLAIMER: SFC D was once a CBP contract employee and saw this first hand. Your mileage may vary, no guarantee is promised or implied.


So….them Soldiers done figured out their mission be bullsh*t and Command couldn’t find the nuts to unfk ‘em?

This is what happens without Leaders. This is what happens when you hire people based strictly on their political leanings or immutable characteristics.

And real talk: what was the gender of the Command Team at that Cavalry Troop?

Reaping and sewing, dotgov. Own it.

A Proud Infidel®™

That’s also what you get when higher-ups are just there to get a clean OER and their ticket punched sans giving a damn about their Personnel.


Pissing away the men (troops), materials,, and monies this way is one reason why we can’t have nice things. A tip of the iceberg as to why the Federal Budget (and deficit) is into the trillions of USD.

What a total cluster fu@k.


Hey, Sarge, what exactly are we doing here?
Marking time, Son. Marking time.


OK, this gives me the perfect segue to post this…

George V

I remember reading something years ago that garrison duty, sitting around for long periods just guarding stuff, is one thing that will destroy a combat unit.

What I read may have been in a story about WWI, WWII or even the Civil War, but it seems like it is still true.


Sometime in 1992, Big Army sent a bunch of troops from 25th ID to assist on the border (JTF-6). They were living in downtown Sierra Vista in the old high school gym. I’m not sure they accomplished much other than getting lost in the desert a lot and impregnating a large portion of the Buena High school female population.


At least it wasn’t the *MIDDLE* school…(that we know of)


So them kids are beyond child support age?


I did JTF-6 with 2-505 82nd With then (LTC) Austin (that guy, he was cool in the day) we slept in the dirt when not in the qwanza huts at Camo Danna Ana. Lots of radio call’s for dope runners.


Chris Magnus in a narrow margin was confirmed to be the new CBP Director. Yeah, if the border is a mountain of horse hockey now…buckle up, it’s going to get much much worse.


Yup. This appointment is good for Tucson, bad for the rest of the nation. TPD is a clusterfuck of epic proportions.


👆What SFC D said nails it. Can’t help but wonder what the higher ups @CBP think.


I’m not in the loop as much as I once was, but CBP isn’t happy. The Cochise County Sheriff even sent a letter to the house and senate saying this was a mistake and don’t approve him.


Check out his Wiki bio:

Total lib…

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Nothing new, When my Uncle and his Brooklyn horse cav unit were sent down Mexico way to relieve Black Jack Pershing, there were soldiers that were sent out to destroy sick horses but traded the horses to the locals for home made booze so when the horse/horses died, the local/locals came up to either my Uncle or others showing them receipts for the horses signed by George Washington and a couple of other past Presidents.

A Proud Infidel®™

Throw Troops out somewhere with no real leadership or guidance and that’ what will happen. during my last couple of years before I retired I had to suffer through being under a few 24K “Ticket Punchers” that would throw their own Mommas under the bus for brownie points and saw the toll it took on the rest of the Unit, I miss the hell out of a lot of those I served with, I miss teaching and mentoring the younger Troops, but I’d had enough of the 24K chihuahua shit coming from on high and did what I saw was best for my sanity.


Liberalpundits are pushing the meme that Smollett’s conviction will make it harder for victims of actual hate crimes to be believed.

As usual, the libs have it ass-backwards: it is the perpetrators of these fake hate crimes like Smollett who make it more difficult for actual victims to be believed.

Of course, none of the liberal pundits has the self-awareness to wonder why so many prominent hate crimes turn out to be hoaxes. Not a one of them ever ponders the possibility that actual hate crimes against blacks are so infrequent that they must be created by their “victims”.

Quite unlike actual hate crimes perpetrated by blacks against whites and asians which are so frequent as to have become commonplace.

And either excused or played down by the liberal media; or, whenever possible, totally ignored…


“When troops weren’t on duty, most were at hotels in remote locations.”

Gee, almost like being a real soldier. Except for the hotel & restaurant thing. Doesn’t the Army have tents anymore? Or maybe it’s too much trouble to unpack all that unit field equipment and then clean and repack it. After all, Mess sergeants and supply sergeants have more important things to do than their jobs.

” left soldiers at isolated observation posts for hours on end…”


Are night-lites and woobies the equipment they lacked?
I do hope there is more to the problem than that.

Obviously a leadership problem. Seems like the leaders forgot they were a military unit, and their basic mission was first and foremost to ACT LIKE A MILITARY UNIT!

As I recall, every motel/hotel in the southwest has a pool. Weather permitting, a perfect opportunity for swimming, water safety, and lifesaving classes, aka PT. Classes in patrolling, setting up ambushes & OPs, and land navigation would fit right in with their reason for being there. Maybe even marksmanship training if they can find the funds. A competent commander can find more than enough things to keep idle hands out of the devil’s workshop.


I like the E4 that bought the kilo of cocaine from DHS to take back to his hotel while in uniform and a government vehicle. Turns out he may have been a drug dealer. Did you want to see my surprised face?