Yet Another Political Race with Stolen Valor Accusations

| July 23, 2020

The San Clemente Times in California writes that one of the candidates, Gene James, has been the subject of a lawsuit over alleged Stolen Valor claims.

Defamation Suit against Councilmember Gene James Renews Claims of Stolen Valor

A defamation suit against Councilmember Gene James by one of his former political associates raises new allegations and fresh details related to his involvement in the Stolen Valor controversy during last year’s special election race.

The lawsuit, filed by San Clemente resident Jim Bieber, who worked for James’ campaign in 2019, alleges the then-candidate misled members of his camp with false information that he possessed a prestigious military decoration he was never actually awarded.

In campaign materials the Republican Party of Orange County mailed out to San Clemente voters in the lead-up to the election, James, a retired Army veteran, was falsely depicted as having received the Legion of Merit for his service.

James has vehemently denied having any involvement in the OCGOP’s mailers.

This happens a lot with actors and politicians – they claim that they were a victim of overzealous staff members.

This is your basic “The other guy did it – I didn’t see it” go to excuse.  Doesn’t mean it isn’t true, however.

What happened to “I am [so-and-so] and I approved this message”?

Someone did a Facebook page called “Gene ‘Pinocchio’ James.”


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An Old Arty Sgt

Has anyone submitted for a Freedom of Information Act request? Usually a claim of Stolen Valor is backed up with a Release of his military service? He claims he is retired? What service? What rank? When did he serve? What awards did he receive? As far as I can tell a Legion of Merit isn’t a Valor award.


Links to the story say Army, 72-92, never gave a rank (probably enlisted), says he retired with only a recommendation for either a Meritorious Service Medal or a Legion of Merit still in the works, never actually received either.

But then again, the Stolen Valor Act they’re referencing is the CALIFORNIA Stolen Valor Act, where even wearing an unawarded NDSM is a misdemeanor that’ll cost you 10 bucks if convicted./s


Concur: Only enlisted i’ve ever met with a Legion of Merit are E9s. Only officers are O6s and above. It tends to be a “good ol boy” award. The fact broseph retired at TWENTY….odds are he didn’t make E9 and drop pack at the 20 year mark. Fast track guys like that usually are on the command track.

Im calling bullshit on ol’ Mean Gene.


I had a water walker 1SG– AH-64 guy that had a stellar career. when he didnt get picked up for E9 first look he dropped his paperwork at 20 and 3 days. After many arguments and a face to face with the BDE CDR– i got him a LOM– but in my 23 yrs thats the only E8 i saw leave with one… go cav or go home-


Legion of Merit may not be a valor award, but lying about having one is still lying about having it.


It could be a valor award. The first American recipient (a woman no less) received hers for combat performance.

The Navy and Marine Corps (up until the last couple years) would award the LoM with the “Combat ‘V'” either for combat bravery or service in-theater.

Green Thumb

Everything can be a combat award these days it seems.


In my experience the LOM has been an O-6/E-9 retirement award or an end of command O-6/O-7 award. The fact that this guy only had 20 years and purports to have one makes my spidey senses tingle


Another turd hits the crapper


They get cheaper and cheaper every year, don’t they?


What happened to “I am [so-and-so] and I approved this message”?

Generally speaking, the difference is that of campaign materials made in the name of the candidate (esp at the Federal level) and materials made by other groups.

Here in Florida, the law is that if the campaign itself puts out materials, the materials must state that with the name of the candidate and other information.

If the message is coming from a third party group, the name of the group or individual must be displayed and that is all.

5th/77th FA

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, once we practice to deceive.” Or as we like to say down heah, “You in deep sh^t now you embellishing c0@ksu@ker.”

More proof that just being in the Military doesn’t make you a decent person. (insert spapos seagull here) And that, as we’ve all known, BOTH parties are filled with embellishing c0@ksu@kers.

Hope the FOIA hits before the election.


OK, I’m making the call right now (but we’ll have to wait for an FOIA if one ever comes available) that he was retired for length of service (QMP’d) as a Staff Sergeant E-6 without ever having a promotion packet for the SFC/PSG E-7 board forwarded to HQ DA.

That’s why there is never any reference to a retired rank anywhere, either in his campaign literature or the media coverage, and all the baloney about being recommended for either a LOM/MSM is all smoke and mirrors.


Retracted. Saw a picture of him in a set of BDU’s (Google-Fu Images) from a now taken down Book of the Face campaign page.

He is wearing SFC E-7 rank on the lapels.

Mea Culpa

Green Thumb

If I retired after 20 as an E-6, I damn sure would not tell anyone.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

HEY! I retired at 20 as an E6. My packet was sent forward for promotion once or twice, but I was never picked up for it. Nothing to be ashamed of.


Can depend too on the MOS, some Army MOS like 71L (Clerk Typist) promoted at glacial rates, in some of the Intel MOS hitting the E-7 list at less than 9 years was relatively common. All had to do with retention – if there were sufficient slots available at E-7 up, someone had to be promoted to fill ’em.

Green Thumb



Toss a Broke Dick Shake and Bake E-4 in there and Poof!

Problem solved.


Critical MOS could get you a good offer back in “Vietnam Times”
I was offered E-6 if I reuped for six more while in Vietnam.
I was an E-5 under three at the time.
They even tossed in the old “choice of assignment” and a
$10K tax free bonus.

I just wanted to go home.

Green Thumb

DA Select at that point.

Get selected….

Hack Stone

Entirely plausible that he was unaware of what his staff was putting out. It happened before with All Points Logistics, when for years the company website listed Phil Monkress as being a former US Navy SEAL, he was introduced at public functions as a former US Navy SEAL, and newspapers articles listed him as a former US Navy SEAL. They all just assumed with Phil Monkress’ display of leadership, judgment and integrity, he must be a former US Navy SEAL. And he was completely unaware of these misattributions.

Green Thumb


The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) had such trust in his hand selected nefarious and felonious senior staff that there was no way that something like that might happen.

But wait! When he (Phil Monkress) was caught, it was anyone and everyone that made the mistake(s) but him! That’s right! It was everyone else.

But yet most of those losers are still sticking around and lining their pockets with taxpayer, government-funded cash while support Phildo’s felonious and nefarious Native American, Law Enforcement and Navy SEAL claims!

Hack Stone

The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) should pull a Hillary Clinton and write an alternative history of life in America if he never falsely claimed to be a former Navy SEAL. Some alcoholic loser in Bethesda Maryland would still be working for All Points Logistics, “lucky sperm” would not be a common expression on this blog, Hack Stone’s girlfriend would not be “shot in the fucking face” that cold snowy night in North Philadelphia, and Elaine Ricci would not still be missing. If only Phil Monkress didn’t pretend. But hen, think how empty our lives would be.


Remember, Psul/Palmer of the ballsack said on court that he “loved” Phildo like a brother…


His hair is perfect.


Would it have been possible to do 3/4 of a 20 year career in Europe?


Bio references he was first Infantry, then an MP, so maybe? You could homestead at an overseas outfit for years just by extending/re-upping for present duty assignment during that timeframe.

So maybe deep undercover law enforcement work, especially if you spoke the language.

5th/77th FA

Yeah, Claw, we had a Supply Daddy that had a secondary MOS of 15B missile man that homesteaded in FRG for a good long while. He was married to a fraulein, would re-up for present duty and when DEROS time was pending would volunteer for an unaccompanied tour in Korea (with a Sergeant, Corporal, or Honest John Unit) Twelve months later, he’d be back in FRG with either an Honest John or Sergeant Battalion. He did 1 tour at Long Bihn, as Supply, and came back to FRG. Back in the tactical nuke days not too many people were volunteering for those units so he gamed the system pretty good. Blew all of it when CID busted him for his black market activities; ie cigs, PX/Class VI Supplies, and possession of various and sundry “Military Surplus” Items. Somebody was looking out for him somewhere. He ended up with 1 months forfeiture of pay and allowances and was reassigned to CONUS. (Redstone Arsenal IIRC)

Green Thumb

The Old Guard “Old School” would do that.

A year to Korea then choice of duty. Repeat. Repeat.


And by that same token and the fact I only ever requested it one time, I spent 11 of my 20 years at Carson.

4th ID liked good Supply Daddys./s


Yep, I was put on orders to Korea when they started cracking down on Old Guard Soldiers trying to stay in the Regiment. Thing was, I’d been there for only eight months and had served in Iraq during the Invasion two years previously (S1 hadn’t updated my PCS date). I knew two guys who made E7 in under ten years by playing TOG games. One had nine years in TOG but won the Best Warrior Competition, and the other did one cycle as a Drill Sergeant, became an instructor at Drill Sergeant School, and went back to TOG, pinning E7 at 7 years. Others would try to keep reenlisting for stabilization and a few got out when they realized they’d have to go to FORSCOM.

I can’t say much, though, I spent 4 years with TOG and I’ll be closing out with another 4 in MDW.

Prior Service

I started at TOG (86-90), and I’m glad I did, but four years was enough for me.

Green Thumb

I agree.

Did my time. A unique unit, indeed.

But four was enough and time top move on.

Mustang Major

With that length of time in Germany, he would have been a better candidate for the liquor control board.

J D Ginsberg

Why is this clown still seeking office?

Steve Weeks

71L is and Admin. Spec. I was drafted in 69 and was promoted to 71L after I made E5.

Average NCO

I really want to see the FOIA on this guy. I think there may be a lot more than the LOM. Claims he served over 20 years, but he told campaign staff the only photo he could find of him in uniform was his basic training photo. He claimed he was an MP and he fought off a band of Soviet soldiers trying to get through Check Point Charlie using Karate. Claimed he served over 20 years but just started receiving veterans benefits when he turned 65? There is A LOT more going on here, the LOM is just the tip of the iceberg.

James Bieber

Hi I am the person who filed the defamation claim against James. I and another were repeatedly told by him verbally and in writing that he received the LOM. He is on the full offense making numerous claims “i was put in for it” “Never knew i got it” “just found out I didn’t get it” Here is another story on what kind of a guy does Stolen Valor