Army cadets raid Annapolis, steal the wrong goat from Navy

| November 28, 2021

Army cadets raid Annapolis, steal the wrong goat from Navy

The recent cold snap along the East Coast can mean only one thing: The Army-Navy football game is afoot, and with that, the time-honored tradition of stealing the schools’ mascots, a mule and goat, respectively.

The Naval Academy adopted the goat as its mascot in 1904 and all goats have since been lovingly dubbed Bill. West Point officially made the mule its mascot in 1899 without bestowing a name.


According to a joint statement released by the Army and Navy in response to questions from The New York Times, the West Point raiders attempted to sneak up on Bill No. 37 as he dozed peacefully in a pasture with several other retired Bills.

“The noisy assault team spooked the goats into a run, though, and when the fumbling cadets gave chase, they managed to grab only one goat — and not the right one. After a four-hour drive back to West Point, they unveiled not Bill No. 37 but Bill No. 35, an arthritic, 14-year-old retiree with only one horn.”

Bill No. 35 was unharmed and safely returned on Monday by some rather sheepish Army officers.

This year’s game will be the 122nd meeting between the two. Kick-off is set for 3 p.m. EST on CBS. If any gaffe ever deserved a “Go Navy, beat Army,” it’s this.

Someone, who shall remain nameless, quipped that there is a reason the task of going after Bin Laden was given to the Navy instead of the Army.

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The word is that the withdrawal of the goat from the Naval Academy was planned by General Milley.


In twenty five years, we can count on some of these cadets being the generals executing a ‘retrograde advance’ from another sandbox.

Amateur Historian



Them Kay-Dettes was just trying to find something ANYTHING that would taste better than Turkey Loaf or Ham n Muthers C-Rats. Dumbazz ossifer wannabes shoulda just waited a few weeks. (GO) Army gonna get (BEAT) Navy’s goat right shortly anyway. Or sent a detail of E-4 Mafia to do the deed.


If you can’t trust a 2Lt with a map it would seem putting your trust in pre-2Lts (cadets) would be a losing proposition.

A Proud Infidel®™

That’s why Officers NEED NCOs.


^^^^ A THOUSAND times: THIS!!! ^^^^

Mustang Major

A real goat f**k of an operation.

FC2 (SW) Ron

“If any gaffe ever deserved a “Go Navy, beat Army,” it’s this.”

Hilarious! From a former enlisted puke to the soon to be “Gentlemen”, Go Navy!


To quote Homer Simpson:


Heh. Can’t wait for these cadets to be released into the wild as Second Lieutenants, armed with a compass and a map.



Coincidentally, the West Point cadet who finishes at the bottom of his/her class is designated the ‘Goat’ (Naval Academy is ‘Anchorman’).


E.g., George A. Custer


Sounds like Team Army is going to be getting a red ear from Team Navy for this gaff for a lotta years to come. Grabbed the only arthritic one horned goat in the field? A flashlight might’ve forestalled that. D’oh!


CONOP for this fiasco approved by Lloyd Austin….

RGR 4-78

If they would have brought along a bucket full of feed, they could have had their choice of dates for the game.