Be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the earth-Our mission

| November 28, 2021

Be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the earth, Genesis 1:28. This is not about breeding like rabbits and growing our population.

It’s God ordering humanity to engage in work.

To be fruitful/fertile is to be productive. To multiply is to be productive to create abundance. To replenish and subdue the earth is to be productive to create abundance for the purposes of serving others. It’s about using the first two parts of the order to “subdue” via service to humanity.

The next two verses, Genesis 1:29 (plant husbandry) and Genesis 1:30 (animal husbandry), expands on Genesis 1:28 to explain that humanity is being ordered to work.

Creating abundance allows someone, good at a specific job, to provide a service to others. When two or more meet to carry out this order, they engage in capitalism, which creates societies and ultimately civilization.

Humanity was placed in the Garden of Eden to do work God’s way (Genesis 2:15). Many think that Eden was a place of paradise, not a place of work and drudgery. However, paradise was meant to come in the form of work… As long as we do work God intends for us to do, guided by God’s definition of right:

Of every tree in the garden, you may freely eat, but of the knowledge of good and evil you will not eat (Genesis 2:16-17).

The fruits humanity was allowed to freely eat are symbolic of what God wants us to do. This is usually described as life, light, day, etc., throughout the Bible. God did his creation work in the “light”; we must do the same to continue God’s work. The forbidden fruit of the knowledge of good and evil represents our definition of right and wrong that contradicts God’s definition of right and wrong. The Bible describes this version as death, darkness, night, etc.

This sets the tone for the rest of the Bible, and real life. Paradise is doing work that serves others, which is the paid and unpaid work that we do throughout our day. However, this work must be done guided by what is morally right, with time off (sabbath) incorporated on the seventh day after six days of work. Not only is this paradise, but it is freedom.

The photo that came with this post is an example of what happens when “God’s will is done”.

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In this ever-expanding universe it’s almost like the relationship between gratefulness and plenty was planned by some unseen hand of a beneficent Creator.

All praise to The Father, His Gift of Love and Life-Everlasting, and His Son Jesus of Nazareth.

And His children say Amen.


Nailed it. His Law is written and don’t take an in-flight missile mechanic to figure it out.

I wish the rest of the tribe would figure out how to get back to lawfulness and prevent the Return. But all that’s none my bidness.


Preach on thebesig, the choir is listening. Those of us that have been productive members of society know that good feeling that comes from “…a job well done.” We also know the feeling from enjoying the “fruits of our labors” to live well. Sadly, there are segments of the human race, (I won’t say segments of society because those parasites are not a part of society) that do procreate like bunnies, have their hands out for whatever they can get, free, or can steal. And then they cry, as Billy Idol said, more, More, MORE!

I thought it disgusting this past week, that in the greatest, most food producing country in the world (with more equal opportunity than anywhere), some of the major grocery stores were asking people to limit their purchases of certain Holiday dishes.

The destruction of the American Way of Life continues…unabated.


I would add Gen 6:1-4 with that forbidden knowledge along with the Tower of Babel/Table of Nations for 3 falls, with man in the first for the full corruptions of morals.

The number 3 shows up a lot in Scriptures and other ancient writings too.


Excellent exposition, thebesig.




I know what the problem is. That skunk keeps spraying all over the maters. The sulfur is inhibiting the fruiting. You send those plants over here to me and I’ll send you some boxes of maters.


It would seem that a greater segment of this present-day society has forgotten the “THY Will Be Done” aspect and now thinks that the more modern-day reference of this equates to “MY Will Be Done”.

My understanding gas always been – the ‘THY Will Be Done’ crowd traditionally seeks to hold out their hand to help and uplift their family, extended family and friends. The ‘MY Will Be Done’ crowd has always held out their hand to any and all, whined and complained Where’s my Share…

One of the many reasons I utterly abhor the ‘entitled’.

Thank you, thebesig.

KoB – tobacco put down and third round was devoted to your Momma.