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| November 20, 2021

Ex-con who once tried to kill NYPD cop is freed without bail after another alleged attack on officer

An ex-con who once tried to kill a Queens cop was arrested this week for randomly attacking another NYPD officer — only to be freed without bail, authorities and police sources said Monday.

Accused repeat cop-attacker Isus Thompson, 38, could have been forced to cough up bail before being released from custody after his latest alleged assault on an officer.

But a judge instead cut him loose after Bronx prosecutors failed to seek bail in the case — prompting an angry response from NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea in a tweet Monday.

“Do we have to wait for [Thompson] to kill someone before this is taken seriously?” the disgusted top cop seethed.

The Bronx District Attorney’s Office did not respond to The Post when asked why its prosecutors sought only supervised release, a condition that means the suspect is just required to periodically check in with the court.

On Sunday, Thompson had approached a cop on East 194th Street near Valentine Avenue in Fordham Manor in The Bronx around 1:30 a.m., authorities said.

He randomly struck Officer Kyo Sun Lee, 30, in the head with a black backpack holding a DVD player, adult videos and a small metal safe, according to a criminal complaint and police sources. The officer’s partner also found Thompson in possession of a black metal box-cutter, according to sources.

Lee, who reported pain and redness to the right side of his face and back of his head, was taken to North Central Bronx Hospital for evaluation, sources said.

The officer recalled the “totally unexpected” attack in a brief interview with The Post outside his home Monday night.

“I saw him approach and we didn’t make direct eye contact. He saw me and I saw him. It seemed like he was very determined, his focus was straight ahead,” recounted Lee.

“He seemed like he was going to walk across the street … I was looking at him from an angle and turned to see my partner’s back. As I turned on an angle, that’s when he came about here,” he said, pointing to his neck.

“Thankfully there were enough officers there to get him into custody,” Lee said.

Thompson was hit with three separate assault charges, including at least one felony, giving the judge the discretion to set bail. The suspect also was charged with weapon possession, harassment and resisting arrest, his complaint shows.

More at the source. Officer Lee, the man attacked by this monster, is reported by my sources to be an Army veteran. Source; NY Post

LAPD motorcycle officer charged after allegedly lying about motorist being under the influence in 2019 stop

A Los Angeles Police Department motorcycle officer has been charged with filing a false report and perjury after allegedly lying about a motorist being under the influence in a 2019 incident, officials said.

Alejandro Castillo, 49, is expected to be arraigned Tuesday after the case was filed for warrant July 20, according to the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office.

The charges stem from an Oct. 18, 2019 incident, when Castillo allegedly stopped a man driving in the Hollywood area. The man was apparently making an unsafe turn. He was given a sobriety test and eventually arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

The investigation by the LAPD’s internal affairs division began after concerns were brought up by the L.A. City Attorney’s Office while reviewing body-worn camera videos for DUI arrests in October 2019.

“Investigators working in partnership with the Justice System Integrity Division of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office established probable cause to believe that the officer’s BWV footage was inconsistent with the written report,” LAPD officers said at the time of Castillo’s arrest. “As a result, the DUI charge was not filed against the arrestee.”

It is unclear, however why Castillo, a 13-year veteran of the department, allegedly lied about the motorist. LAPD officials said Castillo was “relieved of his police powers.”

“We depend on law enforcement officers to tell the truth, especially when failure to do so jeopardizes another person’s liberty,” District Attorney George Gascón said in a news release.

Source; KTLA

Man Found Intruder Inside Ex-Wife’s House Wearing Her Dress and Bra, Police Said

A man in Georgia was shocked when he went to his ex-wife’s house and found a burglar inside wearing one of her bras and a dress.

According to the Albany Police Department, the intruder was identified thanks to community assistance. Police said they received several tips from the public about the intruder, who has been identified as Marion Albritten Jr.

On November 10, the anonymous victim went over to his ex-wife’s house. Once he was inside the home, he told police he saw a Black male standing in the hallway “wearing his ex-wife’s dress, bra, and shades,” according to a statement from police.

After he saw the man, the suspect allegedly pointed his gun at him and demanded him to take off his clothes. The suspect then took the victim’s pants, phone, and keys to his truck and was then able to flee the scene in the victim’s truck.

At first, police were unable to locate the suspect because he fled before they could arrive. But police utilized various social media platforms in an attempt to find out information about the suspect.

Quickly, police said they received numerous tips via social media and were able to gather all the information necessary for an arrest. On November 16, Albritten was arrested and charged with armed robbery with additional charges pending.

Social media has been a great way for police departments to investigate potential suspects, motives and relations between victims and suspects.

In many areas, police departments utilize their social media platforms to spread awareness about crime as well as gather information to solve cases including surveillance footage and photos or identifying characteristics of a suspect.

Police are also able to share updates about crimes and cases which creates a sense of transparency among residents.

“Social media has become a helpful tool for obtaining tip information, ” Captain Wendy Luster of the Criminal Investigations Bureau-Person’s Crime said in a statement. “We would like to thank and encourage our citizens to continue to use the platform to help slow down crime in our city.”

According to a report published by the Justice Policy Center in the Social Media Guidebook for Law Enforcement Agencies, 98 percent of police departments utilize Facebook and approximately 71 percent use Twitter.

According to the report, social media allows the community to cooperate in issues around the community, including sending information to the police that might help with unsolved crimes.

Source; Newsweek

Democrat wants employers to let black workers take the day off after the Rittenhouse verdict

File this under “truth is stranger than fiction.” We have now reached a point where Democrats are calling for black workers to receive time off work because of the verdict in a case where white people were killed by a white person.

Gregory McKelvey, vice chair of the Oregon Democrats Black Caucus and host of the podcast “Your Neighborhood Black Friends,” thinks employers should give black employees “a day or two off” after the Rittenhouse verdict is announced.

This is not wokeness. This is just stupid. It’s almost insulting to blacks.

“Employers, consider giving your Black employees a day or two off after the Rittenhouse verdict,” McKelvey tweeted. “Regardless of the outcome, it’s going to be hard for Black people to work and it isn’t fair to expect them to.”

In the Rittenhouse trial, the accused is not black. The victims are not black. The lawyers are not black. The judge is not black.

It is hogwash to assert that the trial or verdict has any meaningful effect on the black community. And I am guessing that outside the fever swamps of cable news, the overwhelming majority of black people do not even care about the trial or its outcome.

Only in American can you find a person who feels the black community is so traumatized by a white teenager shooting white people in self-defense that they need mental health days off from work.

This epitomizes the lazy, fragile, cowardly, race-obsessed sycophancy of the Democratic Party. They pretend to care about and help the black community, but their actions do irreparable harm.

Several black Republicans took issue with McKelvey’s statement. Former California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder found the statement nonsensical and hypocritical. “How many white people were given the day off after a jury allowed double murderer O.J. Simpson to walk?” Elder told me.

YG Nyghtstorm, the Godchild of Dr. Alveda King and candidate for Georgia’s 7th Congressional District, was also very critical of the tweet.

“So a white kid that defends himself from other white people attacking him from other white people is somehow white supremacy,” Nyghtstorm said. “This is ridiculous and to say that black people are too emotionally weak where we cannot go to work due to his verdict is just plain stupid. I’ve seen racism and this ain’t it.”

Source; Washington Examiner via MSN

Officer fires gun into own leg during firearms training at Cape Cod shooting range

A Massachusetts police officer was injured during a firearms training exercise Wednesday morning when they accidentally fired a round into their own right leg, police say.

Officers from several municipal departments were participating in the training at an outdoor firing range in Harwich when the officer was injured at about 10:30 a.m., Harwich police said in a Facebook post.

The training was part of the Municipal Police Training Committee’s Bridge Academy program.

Police and firefighters responded to the range and the officer was taken to Cape Cod Hospital in Barnstable. The officer was said to be in stable condition.

No information about the officer, including which department they work for, was released.

The Municipal Police Training Committee is leading the investigation.

The committee is a state agency that provides training to municipal, University of Massachusetts and Environmental police officers, both new recruits and veterans.

Source; WHDH

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Laundry Day, nothing clean.


Digging thru these type stories takes some of the edge off from the disgust that the stories of murderous child molesters brings.

teh stoopid is strong…!


Have to wonder what went sideways with the LAPD motocop. There has be a good story underneath all that.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Ex con up in the Bronx near Valentine Ave. WOW, the Valentines who lived on Valentine Ave had some nice Ballads back in the early 1950’s. Two of my favorites were Lily Maebelle and Woo Woo Train on the Rama label.

AW1 Rod

“Only in American can you find a person who feels the black community is so traumatized by a white teenager shooting white people in self-defense that they need mental health days off from work.

This epitomizes the lazy, fragile, cowardly, race-obsessed sycophancy of the Democratic Party. They pretend to care about and help the black community, but their actions do irreparable harm.”

Well said.


I have two to add from my stomping grounds…

A law enforcement officer had a negligent discharge in the Indiana Government Center (the State Capitol campus complex):

A Professor of Educational Psychology at Purdue University was arrested for beating his wife with a chair leg while their 10 year old son was forced to watch from within a dog cage that dear old dad locked him in. His academic specialty: “positive emotions”:


They need to execute that son of a bitch that locked his child up and beat his wife.
Period. End of sentence. (So to speak)


Whiz Wheel®™ FUBAR score for the “Professor” is 336.


This tense mismatch bugs me to no end!

A Massachusetts police officer was injured during a firearms training exercise Wednesday morning when they accidentally fired a round into their own right leg….”

“…No information about the officer, including which department they work for, was released….

Criminey sakes, ‘journalists’, if you are afraid of saying “he/his” or “she/hers” … just combine them: “he/she” and/or “his/hers”.

If you do that, your writing won’t look so stilted, and you won’t look to the world like you failed basic English grammar in grade school.

— Curmudgeon1480, OUT!


Meanwhile (today) in downtown San Francisco,
home of Nancy Pelosi and liberal ground zero…

6 caught.
30 more sought.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

the demoRat who wants black kids taking the day off most likely watches cnn/msnbc and thinks the 3 perps shot were all black as all the other low information voters who watch those channels. they remind me of all the people looking hypnotized listening to Mr. Joseph Goebells giving those propoganda speeches. The lame stream media must have learned their trade from watching Mr. Joseph Goebell’s propoganda speeches.