Army Orders Commanders to Block Reenlistment of Unvaccinated Troops, Effectively Ending Their Careers

| November 20, 2021

Poetrooper sends in this news. If they can’t get you one way, the Big Green Weenie will get you another way.

From The Federalist Papers;

The top leadership of the U.S. Army has ordered commanders to flag unvaccinated troops to block their re-enlistment, which will effectively end their careers.

Via Fox News:

“The U.S. Army has started to weed out unvaccinated soldiers by blocking their re-enlistment, including Reserve troops and Guardsmen.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on Aug. 25 directed all military branches to ensure service members receive the vaccine as COVID case numbers surged over the summer.

Fox News obtained a Nov. 16 memorandum from Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth detailing how commanding officers should flag soldiers who refuse COVID-19 vaccination orders, which will allow the service to retire the troops or separate them “upon expiration of term of service.”

Flagged troops will also see suspension from “favorable personnel actions,” according to the memo. Such actions include but are not limited to reassignment and promotion, attending military or civilian schools, and earning decorations and awards, according to Wormuth’s memo. Soldiers refusing the vaccination will be given a General Order of Reprimand unless they are given a religious or medical vaccine exemption.

“In conjunction with this policy, I authorize commanders to impose bars to continued service … for all Soldiers who refuse the mandatory vaccination order without an approved exemption or a pending exemption request,” said the memo signed by Secretary Wormuth.

Soldiers will remain flagged until they are fully vaccinated, receive an approved medical or administrative exemption, or are separated from the Army.”

According to reports up to 95% of U.S. Army troops have received at least one of the sequence of shots for covid 19 so far.

This comes as the military is struggling to gain across the board compliance with its covid-19 vaccine mandate for troops and officers.

More at the source.

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Of course, the Army will then cry the blues about being unable to retain good, experienced soldiers.

DUTCH in Atlanta

I’m sure that Khamenei, Kim, Putin and Xi and laughing their asses off.



Then you have to add in the whole aspect of recruiting command might have issues meeting quota for new applicants already being vaccinated…


A simple bar to reenlist, it’s actually genius on the part of the Army, no messy chapter, no soldier lingering on for a year or more like we all saw when the actual shitbags got chaptered out. Just wait out the good soldiers until their current enlistment ends and they ETS. I’m sure this tactic will be used in the future when the woke police introduce more policies to push out the good soldiers they will label as “problematic” and eventually “reactionary”. I can’t wait for the first great purge of our armed forces.


That great purge of the armed forces has already started. The country will be defended by Rainbows and Unicorn Farts.

People control, not virus control.


They desperately want to destroy the culture of the military. If this country stays on course we will have Soviet style political officers to educate and enforce political doctrine. Probably the only way guy’s like Lars can get a job, he would love it.


Direct appointment for LTC Ibram X. Kendi there, of course…

AW1 Rod

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!

What else can be done to further diminish/deplete our armed forces? A rhetorical question, of course, but these morons would probably consider it a challenge.

Amateur Historian

A shot off the bow at Oklahoma?


Amateur Historian,
More likely the opposite.
Shot off the Oklahoma inland at the US Army.

The Army acted on their own, with no thought of 1 state,
and Oklahoma should have seen it coming,
but chose to step on their own dicks a few days early.


Big Army is far from acting alone on this unnecessary vax program.


To add to this clusterfuck, I don’t know anyone in my circle of veteran friends who would encourage their children to join these days.

If I had kids, I sure wouldn’t. And I definitely wouldn’t join myself and do the 25 years that I did. Wouldn’t do even 4 years.

This isn’t the country I signed up to protect in 1980.

But the thing that pisses me off the most is that, as a Russian linguist, I thought I was doing a lot to protect the USA from communism. Hell, I spent most of the 1980s deployed. Little did I know the commie fucks had infiltrated our schools and were destroying us from within.


I will teach and train my children on my own.
I have dozens more weapons than I was ever able or allowed to touch in the military and I can play with them any time I want. No silly Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) program training bullshit. No boring and irrelevant computer based OJT training.
This. This shit right here.

sgt. vaarkman 27-48thTFW

this shit started in the mid 70’s remember “I’m ok, you’re ok” classes and in 76 the swine flu shots


I just retired after 37 years of service and there’s no way I would encourage my kids, or any other you person to enlist right now.

Sgt K

I told my goddaughter the same thing the other day.



Hack Stone

Can they get any consideration if they have completed their SHARP and Recognizing The Threat From Angry White Males Training? As mentioned above, Hack Stone would not recommend any branch of the US Military to any young person looking to serve their country. When the day comes for a major conflict involving America, and we end up getting our asses handed to us, at least we can take consolation in knowing that those troops killed and injured because they never were trained to face an enemy in combat at least knew how to march in a Gay Pride Parade.


This^. And when that ass-kicking is over, will everyone praise the SJW’s who make up our armed forces in the same reverent tones as the WWII, Korea, Vietnam, DS/DS, and War on Terror veterans?
Or will this country learn the most valuable lesson, that the military is not a social experiment.


Once more, everything that’s old is new again. Preventing reeinlistment? Heck, with the anthrax mandate people were leaving voluntarily faster than they could be replaced. That’s why Congress had to put in place 10 USC 1178 to compel the various DoD Secs to compile and report on how bad it was. If the the current crop of congresscritters had any testicular fortitude they would amend 10 USC 1178 to include this current mandate. But, they won’t.


95%?! Is that a ‘real’ number or a Pravda number?

It seems, like all things dotgov, there’s a disconnect between the consent of the governed and the orders of our betters.

May this resolve peacefully and in a manner that reminds our future the morality of best use practices.


Somewhere, the revered ghosts of MacArthur, Patton, Bradly, Puller, weep. What a complete goat-fuck…


^This!^ Who said Big Army couldn’t get anything right? They’re on track to completely fuck up the Army.


They would be considered extremists and shown the door today. Unless this system of stupid collapses under its own weight the USA is just another great nation resigned to history. Sad but I talked my boys out of the military, sent them to good colleges to punch the ticket and hopefully make big bucks. As far as I’m concerned this present country can defend itself with someone else’s kids. I don’t trust our leadership with their lives and it upsets me greatly that I feel this way. Never forget Democrats are responsible for the suicide of the greatest nation in history and never forgive them.


I just retired after 37 years of service and there’s no way I would encourage my kids, or any other young person to enlist right now.

Sgt K

I remember Jonn writing about the army that he joined in the 70’s. Just a hollow force, rotted from within. The only guiding principle was “CYA.” It seems that the military is rapidly regressing back to that point. And the dawning realization that there really are Americans WHO ARE NOT WORTH FIGHTING FOR, is hard to process, still.


Already teaching my grandkids self-defense with firearms.

A country boy can survive.


Just warn your good friend from New York City to be careful.


Preying 25% of the NAVYs reactor folks & hull techs walk.


Trust me, nukes get fucked hard enough as it is, that even $100k reenlistment bonuses aren’t enough to keep them in.