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| September 4, 2021

My cup runneth over with stupid this week, so I’ll do a follow-up with more follies come Labor Day.

Dad grabs dying 24-year-old son’s gun after shootout with off-duty NYPD and opens fire

As a man lay dying on a Bronx street from a shootout with police, his father snatched the gun from his fallen son — and used it to continue the gun battle with cops, authorities said.

Two off-duty cops spotted the son, Mike Rosado, 24, shooting at a man on Valentine Ave. near 180th St. in Tremont just after 4 a.m. Sunday, police said.

The father and son had been in an argument with a group of people on the corner when it turned physical and the son pulled out the gun and fired at an adversary, cops said.

“It was more than ten shots I heard,” said a resident who didn’t want to be named. “When I came to the window they still was banging, ‘Bop, bop, bop, bop, bop,’ it stopped then, ‘Bop, bop, bop.’”

The cops, who were in plainclothes after finishing their work day, identified themselves and told the shooter to drop his weapon but the gunman instead pointed it at them and began unloading, officials said. Nobody was struck.

The police officers returned fire and fatally struck the gunman once in the chest, cops said.

Uniformed officers from the 46th Precinct stationhouse a block away swarmed the area after they heard the shots.

“Immediately after shooting, the officers began rendering aid to the 24-year-old male,” NYPD Chief of Patrol, Juanita Holmes, said at a press conference.

In a wild turn of events, the gunman’s father, Raphael Rosado, 45, picked up his dying son’s firearm and began firing at cops but nobody was struck, police said. Police returned fire but the dad was not hit.

Surveillance video captures how a festive night quickly turned deadly.

Moments before the violence, people can be seen drinking and dancing outside a bodega, and the younger Rosado hoisting a hookah pipe in the air. An argument then breaks out between the father and son and a group of men, escalating into a shouting match, with both sides throwing bottles, the video shows.

Mike Rosado gets into his car and comes out with a gun, firing it in the air. His father pulls it out of his hands and stomps across the street. The younger Rosado follows and takes the gun back, and the two plainclothes officers approach from across the street, guns drawn, the footage shows.

At one point, the son drops the gun, and his father snatches it from the ground and keeps firing. Another angle shows the mortally wounded younger Rosado stumble away, then crawl toward a parked car, leaning his back against it for support.

His father runs between cars, up and down the block, as people start to surround his dying son. The dad tries to pass the gun to one woman, who refuses, then to another, who takes it, the video shows.

Surveillance video shows the father walking around the block, weaving between cars, then returning to the scene in hope cops didn’t recognize him, sources said. Police quickly arrested him

The dad has around 60 prior arrests on his record on charges including drug possession, assault and weapon possession, source said. The younger Rosado had been arrested a handful of times for minor offenses such as aggravated driving without a license, according to sources.

Local residents said the father had a history of getting into trouble but they didn’t know him as violent.


Source; NY Daily News

Tennessee man amputates his own penis and throws it out car window during pursuit

A Tennessee man was seriously injured after he amputated his own member and threw it out the window as he led police on a pursuit.

The incident, which took place on Wednesday morning, involved 39-year-old Tyson Gilbert, who was approached by Trooper Bobby Johnson of the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

Johnson had noticed Gilbert’s car moving along Highway 70 near Dowelltown, but was not prepared for the sight he encountered upon reaching the driver’s side door.

“When I pulled up behind him and turned my lights on he took off and refused to stop. He was all over the road the whole time. He turned off on Old Liberty Road and came to a stop. He opened his door. He was naked and covered in blood. He then shut his door and kept driving,” said Trooper Johnson.

It’s not clear whether he severed and tossed his ‘member’ out of the window before or during the chase.

Eventually, Gilbert was stopped- but not after significant effort from multiple agencies.

“The Alexandria Police Department spiked him (put down spike strips) on Highway 70 as he was going through Alexandria. He kept traveling westbound into Wilson County. The THP spiked him in Watertown but he continued westbound. We finally were able to box him in and got him stopped on Highway 70 right before the Interstate at I-40 and took him in custody. He was then transported to Vanderbilt Hospital,” said Trooper Johnson.

According to WJLE, Gilbert said he heard voices on his car radio telling him to commit the act in order to save the world.

God did not immediately respond to a request for comments, but things haven’t seemed to improve in the world this week. We can assume that Mr. Gilbert’s sacrifice was insufficient to save the world.

Source; Go Police Blotter

Security guard who shot man 3 times acted in self defense because the victim wasn’t wearing a COVID mask, lawyer says

If you’re not wearing a mask, you’re as good as a murderer, right?

A liquor store security guard was acting in self defense when he shot a customer three times because the customer was “putting other’s lives at risk by not wearing a [COVID] mask,” the guard’s private defense attorney said during a bond court hearing Wednesday.

The argument did not sway cook County Judge Mary Marubio.

“The victim fled the store, fell outside, followed by the defendant [who], according to the surveillance video, shot a second time. The defendant then paces back and forth and shot a third time,” Marubio said before ordering 42-year-old Chester Holmes held without bail.

Holmes, who is barred from possessing a weapon because he is a four-time convicted felon and registered child sex offender, was working as an armed security guard at the store on the 6000 block of South Racine when a 28-year-old man walked in without a COVID mask around 9:53 am. Monday, according to Assistant State’s Attorney Darryl Auguste.

Holmes and the victim argued about the mask policy and the victim eventually left. He then turned around and walked back in. When he did, Holmes met him with a drawn handgun and shot him, Auguste said.

The victim fell to the ground outside the store.

Holmes, who defense attorney Jonathan Feldman said “has a big heart and is a kind-hearted man,” shot the man again, then paced around and shot him a third time before running away, according to Auguste. The victim, who was shot in the stomach, arm, and leg, was taken to a hospital where surgeons removed part of his intestines, Auguste said.

Chicago cops heard the gunfire and responded quickly enough to see Holmes running away, according to Auguste. He ditched his gun and security vest along the way and later told arresting officers where they could find them, Auguste said. Holmes also allegedly admitted to shooting the victim.

“This is obviously going to be a self-defense case,” Friedman said after hearing the allegations. He called the circumstances “basically, a customer who’s unruly, who wants to put other lives at risk,” by not wearing a COVID mask.

Holmes, Friedman argued, “reacted in self-defense” to a man who wasn’t wearing a COVID mask.

Auguste said Holmes was convicted of sexually assaulting a six-year-old girl and sexually abusing a 15-year-old girl in 2003. He has also served two prison terms for failing to follow sex offender registration requirements, according to Auguste.

“That’s not me,” Holmes said as Auguste detailed the specific acts he was accused of committing against the girls.

Friedman said Holmes was “fully cooperative” with police, indicating he had an “innocent mindset” with “nothing to hide.”

Prosecutors charged Holmes with attempted murder, aggravated battery by discharging a firearm, and unlawful use of a weapon by a felon.

Yes, the convicted child rapist and would-be street executioner “has a big heart and is a kind-hearted man.” He was *-* close to turning his life around, I’m sure.

Source; CWB Chicago

As will now be tradition, we finish the column with President Biden.

Biden Admin Claims No Ties Between Taliban, Haqqani Terror Networks Right Before Taliban Tasks Prominent Haqqani with Education

The Taliban put a senior member of the Haqqani family in charge of higher education in Afghanistan on Sunday, soon after the Biden State Department’s astonishing, and verifiably false, assertion that the Taliban and the Haqqani Network are entirely separate entities.

The Haqqani education minister immediately announced girls will no longer be allowed to study in the same classrooms as boys.

The Taliban appointed Abdul Baqi Haqqani to run the Ministry of Higher Education on Sunday. The Biden State Department should make careful note of his last name, which clearly indicates he is both a senior Taliban official and a member of the Haqqani Network, the vicious terrorist organization and criminal gang responsible for some of the worst attacks against U.S. and NATO forces over the past two decades.

Abdul Baqi Haqqani has a long history of leadership with the Taliban. As the European Union indicated when imposing sanctions against him in 2012, he served the previous Taliban regime as both a regional governor and vice-minister of information and culture. After the old regime fell, he helped to organize militant activities against American and European forces.

At his first press conference after receiving his appointment as higher education minister for the new Taliban regime, Haqqani said the Afghan people “will continue their higher education in the light of Sharia law in safety without being in a mixed male and female environment.”

“Girls and boys will no longer be able to study together at universities and will, instead, study in separate classes in accordance with Islamic law,” he declared.

Haqqani added that boys and girls will also be separated in primary and secondary schools. No women were present at the meeting in which he handed down these edicts.

The Taliban is not affiliated with the Haqqani Network, so say the Biden Admin. Don’t look into all those guys running things at the Taliban with the name Haqqani, they’re completely different Haqqanis.

Source; Breitbart

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  1. MarineDad61 says:

    Mugshot – Dickless savior of the world,
    who ran over police spike strips,
    and was thwarted.

  2. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    He cut his pecker off, DARWIN AKHBAR!!!

    “Holmes, who is barred from possessing a weapon because he is a four-time convicted felon and registered child sex offender, was working as an armed security guard…”
    WHA-DA-HELL is a convicted Sex Offender doing with a firearm, but it’s Chicongo where it all depends on who you know, who you’re related to and who you bribe the best!

  3. Frankie Cee says:

    “Step on your Dick”? Hold my beer.

  4. 5JC says:

    This is an all star cast this week. I’m impressed. Any one of these could compete for stupid of the year.

  5. Green Thumb says:

    “The convicted child rapist and would-be street executioner “has a big heart and is a kind-hearted man.”

    Definitely a Biden-Harris diversity appointment. You folks need to stop looking at the bad and focus on the good.

  6. KoB says:

    Like father like son. “…60 prior arrests…” The feelz goods part of this, for the Taxpayers, is the budding criminal career of Mikey has been curtailed and we won’t be bothered with him anymore.

    Might as well perform a whackadickoffamy, he won’t be needing it in prison.

    If we just had some common sense gunz control laws in Chitcongo…

    “These are not the Haqqanis you’re looking for.”

  7. Don’t Dicks go with C-Rat Beans

  8. Hatchet says:

    Haqqani ‘network’ = Haqqani family – and anyone associated with them should be expunged from this earth.
    I understand White Phosphorous is very purgative and why it said that ‘Willy-Peter will make you a believer’.

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly. Any whining about how they and the Talibastards aren’t interchangeable by proggie diplomats is just that.

  9. Look for the Haqqani ministry of higher education to come and teach at your local Florida school soon if okayed by the squad.

  10. If Holmes had stayed Holme that day, everything would have been Jake