CENTCOM commander says they will continue to work with the Taliban, who “protect us” at Kabul airport

| August 27, 2021

General Kenneth McKenzie Jr (USMC), Commander USCENTCOM

As the situation in Kabul has turned deadly, those of us with military experience are wondering where the leaders are. We saw from Biden’s repeatedly disastrous press conferences that Biden can’t lead. The minute he’s pressed on anything except a softball question he literally tucks tail and runs. We’ve seen a lack of leadership from Secretary of Defense Austin, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Milley, Secretary of State Blinkin, et. al. That leaves us to hope that our men and women in Afghanistan are being led by proper leaders at the combatant command level. Well….

For those who don’t know, the unified combatant commands (of which the Middle East and Afghanistan are in the “Central” region) are the modern incarnation of the supreme allied commanders from World War II (Eisenhower for instance in Europe). Each of the 11 combatant commands is lead by a 4-star officer who holds ultimate operational authority of his/her area of responsibility. While there are higher ranking officers in each branch of the military (for example the Chief of Staff of the individual branches), the unified combatant commander is the one actually leading the war in theater. The chiefs of staff actually are outside the chain of command on dealing with combat and strategy in-theater as the combatant commanders report directly to the President through the Secretary of Defense.

With that in mind, it’s unsettling to see our US Central Command (CENTCOM) commander General Kenneth McKenzie Jr say things like the Taliban “protect us” at the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul. With the dual suicide bombers that left dozens dead and scores wounded yesterday, they have proven they are incapable for providing the security that we are apparently going to continue to rely on. In a press conference (held virtually) the general discussed how operational security information has been shared with the Taliban for the last two weeks. That his comments came after the suicide bombings (allegedly carried out by ISIS) is all the more unsettling.

From the NY Post;

A “number of ISIS gunmen” then opened fire on US troops, he said.

The bombers appear to have somehow gotten past Taliban checkpoints on the outer perimeter of the airfield, McKenzie said, acknowledging there was “a failure somewhere.”

US officials are bracing for more attacks, and will continue to coordinate with the Taliban to secure the area.

“The threat from ISIS is completely real, we expect those attacks to continue and we are doing everything we can to be prepared for those attacks,” McKenzie said.

“That includes reaching out to the Taliban who are actually providing security for the outer cordon of the airfield,” he continued, “to make sure they know what we expect them to do to protect us

“We’ve reached out to the Taliban, we’ve told them you need to continue to push out the security perimeter,” he said.

There you have it. Our people will be at the whims of the Taliban until they get to the airport. Though under the apparent security blanket of American protection there, that’s a facade, as the Taliban are holding the security of the perimeter right up to the airport. This is not a good position tactically and a horrendous position strategically. Man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADS) were employed by the Taliban before and were surely part of the tens of billions of dollars worth of top shelf American military gear left behind intact the Taliban now control.

Biden has remained committed to pulling all our troops out by the end of August 31. Things will likely be getting much worse in Kabul over the next few days. One way or another, it’s going to be over soon.

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The debacle in Kabul may be over soon, but the ramifications of this administration’s feckless behavior will be felt for a very long time.


This is General McKenzie’s debacle as much as Biden’s.

The Taliban who protect us, really?!?!

What world does this Biden ass cleaner live in? Not the one happening in Kabul. What a POS.


CENTCOM headquarters is in Tampa, FL.


There is a lot of sniffing going on in the Biden Administration. Biden is sniffing little women and little girls, everyone else is sniffing ass.


“it’s going to be over soon”

I have serious doubts.


What…The….Fuck? Over

The Other Whitey

Jee-zus wept….


Aneurysm. It’s our best hope to offload the idiot, install the woman and then bring in some experienced operations leaders. The woman will not give anyone any trouble and if she behaves she might even learn how to function without making a fool of herself. Austin has to go, he is way beyond incapable. Same with the sissy… unclean and devoid of command. Could be a great opportunity for some field grade commanders to really… Read more »


Anybody else thinking that the troops at KIA are starting to feel like Buck Travis did at the broken down Mission in Bexar…or Artie Custer at Greasy Grass?

Fire this son of a bitch (apologies to his Mama) and give his job to LTC Stuart Scheller!


Scheller relieved and per an article on his way out.


Who didn’t see that coming? Of course, being woke, the whole idea is “kill the messenger”.


Actually, I am surprised they didn’t spazz and arrest him.

If no one else speaks up, the lesson was sufficient. If anyone else speaks up, expect drama.

Much drama.


Would expect nothing better from the guy who evidently thought that abandoning a fairly isolated secure facility that is relatively easy to protect to use an urban airport which is impossible to secure instead makes sense.

Makes me wonder just where these clowns got their training in military tactics and strategic planning.


You can lead an officer to education but you can’t make him think.


Not defending McKenzie, but he inherited an impossible position. CENTCOM lost executive interest long before Biden’s tenure (sadly, at the same time the decision was made to move Israel into the AOR). The Abraham Accords offered legitimate reason to reinvest in the region, but the current regime has no reason to support any agenda of the prior. Beyond Abraham, however, we will regret ignoring CENTCOM… Renewed vitriol between Israel and Hamas – which is sure… Read more »


McKenzie assumed command of CENTCOM in March, 2019. That’s over 2 years ago. Plenty of time to develop plans to withdraw from A’stan. He also oversaw the US troop withdrawal/reductions in Iraq in 2020/2021. McKenzie’s subordinate, commander of all US forces in A’stan, who also assumed his position in 2018, was another 4-star, Austin Miller. Counting the no doubt plentiful staff there was plenty of experience and training to plan a smooth withdrawal. And plenty… Read more »


Again, not defending him. The entire military appears to be led by 2LTs (Ensigns for the testcularly-challenged) that were promoted too fast.

My only interaction was running to the latrine when his convoy arrived at ARCENT so I didn’t have to talk to him.

I’m just at a loss as to how else he could respond to the current situation, short of tendering his resignation.


Sailors, please take that comment in good humor. I’ve never worked with a sailor I didn’t like, and the only reason Army beats Navy now is because we started letting our own boys play with balls.



Autocorrect is digital tyranny.

A Proud Infidel®™

Trusting the Taliban is equivalent to the LAPD partnering with the Crips and the Bloods for neighborhood improvement and crime prevention.


The Crips and Bloods at least have a code of conduct that is adjacent to Americanism and a love of capitalism.




The names with pictures and a short story of each of the seven (7) Marines, the Army SF Soldier and the Navy Corpsman are identified in this article at this link:

“He Was Just A Kid’: Families, Communities Begin Paying Tribute To Troops Killed In Kabul”

Rest In Peace, Warriors. Condolences To The Families.

Please pray for the Families and for our Troops who are still conducting the mission in Kabul.



Damn, it’s dusty at the AO today…

Old tanker

That is so damn stupid. Depending on the same forces we have been fighting for 20 years to defend our troops….. from the same forces we had been fighting for 20 years. Not even Stephen King could come up with a freaking horror story so convoluted as that crap.


This individual’s rectum,

Dry desert sand,

Large spiny cactus,

Some assembly required.

The Big Green Weenie is unforgiving.


Quintilius Varus was unavailable for comment.


That’s what happens when you do the honorable thing.


Which stripe symbolizes ‘honor’?

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