China Stirs Another Pot

| July 28, 2021

China seems to be ramping up something. Remember what I said about China wanting access to or control of Southwest Asia’s rare earth spots? Well, the USGS some time back did a mineralogical analysis and Afghanistan is LOADED with rare earths.

And just what are those minerals used for? Look at your phone… your computer, your tablet, your microwave, your house alarm, your confounded car and all its electronic components. Everything you all take for granted is full of those minerals, once they are extracted and refined. It isn’t just coming from Congo and other parts of Africa. If China has control of that area, Beijing does not give a crap what the radicals want, and China has enough manpower to wage ware without let or hindrance.

Something’s happenin’ out there.  Hush, hey, what’s that sound, everybody look, what’s goin’ down…. – (paraphrased) Buffalo Springfield

Okay, boys and girls, first things first: China’s building nuclear missile silos on the desert sands in Xinjiang province, south of Ganzu province.

It is located 240 miles northwest of Yumen, Gansu province, where around 120 under-construction missile bases were found just a month earlier by researchers at the Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS) in California.

From the article:

“-  China may be building up to 110 nuclear silos, The New York Times reported. (Actual count so far is 119)

–  Researchers believe the new silos could raise China’s nuclear capacity to more than 875 warheads.

–  China is the third-largest nuclear power, but its arsenal is dwarfed by those of the US and Russia. – article

Meantime, the UK has entered the South China Sea (bordered by the Philippines, among other places) and China/Beijing is objecting to it vehemently.

Someone in the 5-sided puzzle palace had better start thinking about something besides another rank stripe, because the occupants of the White House are asleep at the wheel.

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Spot on Mi’Lady. The Taxpaying Citizens of this Country have been sold down the river by Corporate America, Congress, and now our “Military Leaders”. None of this is surprising. The Chinese Communist have long stated that world domination is their goal, and thanks to all of the ones mentioned, they are very close to fulfilling that objective. Playing the long game…and winning.

Wake up World. If we go down, thus goes everyone else…Eventually, if not sooner.


Commies gonna commie. Ain’t nothing changed since the last time (1947- 91 for you Millennial punks).


Patton needs to be updated again… like this voice actor did:


“When weak, appear strong.”

– Sun Tzu

For an organization that said to play the very long game, the CCP is allowing its minions to take increasingly short-term gain actions. Business by piracy and plunder, for example.

It’s as if they are increasingly showing a “get what you can while you can” mind set. That is not a “strong” or “long term” strategy. It also seldom aligns with “winning”.

In 1986, most folks assumed the Soviet Union was a Super Power, durable and nearly invincible. Five years later, it was gone.

China is in worse shape than the 1986 Soviets. Expect some truly epic mistakes by the CCP trying to paper over the rot.

A Proud Infidel®™

I hope and pray that you’re right. China appears to have plenty of equipment, but the pieces of it that I’ve seen (Iraq War Trophies) looked like Wal Mart knockoff versions of Soviet equipment.

A Proud Infidel®™

“Someone in the 5-sided puzzle palace had better start thinking about something besides another rank stripe, because the occupants of the White House are asleep at the wheel.”

That and those currently at the helm of the five-sided asylum are obsessed with enforcing political correctness on those currently serving and the current administration is only interested in ponying up to whoever is currently offering the highest bribe, I mean donation, I mean Highest Bidder for Hunter’s paint spit , I mean art,…

MI Ranger

Some would say that the house of Extremist Color (i.e. White) is in cahoots with China. Ensuring they will be able to gather all the resources they need and infiltrate the U.S., its agencies and institutions!

Why was it necessary to extricate ourselves by September? Is the Chinese copper mine (lease) in Afghanistan up for re-evaluation by the GoA? Will the Taliban be more sympathetic to China just extracting it and other minerals?



Of course, we’re back about the point we were in 1979… neglected nuclear forces while an expansionistic commie opponent engaged in a build-up:

USMC Steve

This is interesting but it makes a number of certain invalid assumptions. Nuke testing has shown that it is almost impossible even with a ground burst, to take out the underground control facilities, even assuming they knew where they were. Same goes for the ballistic missile fleet. Those things are just about impossible to find, and very few are in port for any length of time. The bombers I cannot address. This film was written assuming the enemy had every advantage and caught all the lucky breaks, which is unlikely.


China is not a threat… they are our friend. I should know, I have mountains of empiric data to prove that they are not a threat to us!


Naw, you are just on their payroll like Gropey Joe and his crackhead.


Check out China’s “Belt and Road” initiative. It’s their play for world domination.


Damn straight:

USMC Steve

It is well past time to bang the snot out of China. They will not stop until they are out of business. If the CIA still had the black ops types, things could be made difficult by fomenting insurgencies inside their borders, and that would occupy them for a while. But Jackoff Jimmah Carter did away with them. Makes me miss the old Soviet Union. The Chinamen were worried about them, but they certainly don’t concern themselves about us with Resident Senile and the social democrats in power.

MI Ranger

Instead China is doing the same thing to the U.S. within our own borders!