The stupid is strong with this one

| June 4, 2021

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC)

KoB sends in word that Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), the non-voting delegate from DC to the US House of Representatives has introduced legislation of real substance for her constituents. Is this something that’s going to address the issues of homicides in the District? They were up 19% year over year from 2019 to 2020 and are up so far 22% this year over last? Of course not! It’s pushing identity politics onto inanimate objects. Not joking.

Fox News reports;

The world of auto crash-test dummies is apparently male-dominated – but a Democrat in Congress is hoping to change that, according to a report.

Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, the non-voting representative of Washington, D.C., says the lack of female crash-test dummies means that vehicle collision risks for women are not adequately studied, according to the Washington Times.

Norton serves on the House Transportation subcommittee on highways and transit. She called for Congress to introduce legislation regarding her concerns.

“Women have achieved equality on the road when it comes to driving but when it comes to safety testing to keep them safe on the road, they are nowhere near achieving equality,” Norton said in a statement, according to the Times.

“Crash-test standards are incredibly antiquated and we must update these standards now, especially as more people return to their daily commute in the next few months.”

Federal researchers use only male crash-test dummies, and car manufacturers face no legal requirement to use both male and female dummies, Norton’s office said, according to the Times.

The delegate asserted that, as a consequence, women travelers were at a “higher risk of injury.”

Norton’s office claimed that male-only dummies could not adequately provide the data to show how women’s crash reactions would differ from those of men. They pointed to differences in anatomy as well as average neck strength and posture, the Times reported.

Women drivers or front-seat passengers were 17% more likely to die in a crash than men, a National Highway Safety Administration study found, according to the report.

The Crash Test Dummies are already 25% female, but women do make up slightly more than half of the population. Even though they’re Canadian, Norton’s got their number and will rectify this systemic disparity.

If Congress does mandate womandate female dummies, how long before a Congressman, Senator, or President is caught groping one or sniffing it? Also, what about gender non-conforming people? Does their safety not matter, Congresswoman?)

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Veritas Omnia Vincit

If the dummies can identify as female that should suffice no?

Let the dummies decide their pronouns and let’s all move forward…

After all if chicks with dicks can compete in high school sports a crash dummy can look like a dude and be called a woman….


And crash test dummies already come in male, female, child and infant versions… but she’s too dumb to have even looked that up.


aOc’s next job.

Green Thumb

AOC might fly high in Brooklyn, but downtown / inner city DC is another.


So now the official position is that men and women are DIFFERENT? I can’t keep up with the Democrats changing standards.

Daisy Cutter

Test Drive Dummies’ Lives Matter

A Proud Infidel®™

The first duty of a female Crash Test Dummy would be going to the White House to be test-sniffed by Biden!

Hack Stone

You beat Hack Stone to the punch as to (see what Hack did there?) Transgender Crash Test Dummies, but may Hack offer an opinion on why women sustain more damage in the front seat? It’s because they always ride shotgun, and decide to relax by kick off their shoes and placing their feet on the dashboard. When those airbags deploy, you are darn rooting that they will cause severe damage to any object not restrained by a seatbelt. If you have any doubts, do a search on air bag deployments crippling idiotic passengers.


No need Hack.

This research shows that seat belt rates are significantly lower for female passengers compared to male passengers in North Carolina. Predictors of passenger seat belt use differ by gender and include key main effects such as driver seat belt use, time of day, and vehicle type. Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) data from North Carolina were evaluated to see if the observational and crash findings were related. Based on these findings, the paper discusses possible reasons why female passengers have lower seat belt usage rates, including pregnancy status, obesity, and distraction by rear-seat occupants.

Hack Stone

How come we never see Crash Test Dummies that are a cross section of how Americans are built? Have you ever seen a morbidly obese Crash Test Dummy that can barely fit behind the steering column?

Green Thumb

That was the Phil Monkress version.

All-Points Logistics used to produce that model.

However, it was discontinued because it kept “claiming” crashes and wounds received when in fact it had been shelved for several years.


LMAO! Thanks Green Thumb.


Only after the first two were granted 100% disability payments, deposited in APL’s account.

Mike B USAF Retired

But then someone will complain there are no gender neutral, gender confused, gender fluid, gender whatever crash test dummies!

Oh the horror……!

E4 Mafia 83-87

What about racial, ethnic, sexual orientation diversity among CTD’s? We must have Intersectionality to adequately know if non-binarytranssexualmultiracialathiestdogsnotcatsvegans will survive the standard off-set head-on collision. It’s just rayyyyyycist not to want to know.


As a non-trans, non-conforming, non-identity, lesbian I think we need to demand that Norton resign from office immediately. I find their use of gender specific pronouns offensive. They explicitly stated that there are physical differences between male and female genders and this simply isn’t true. These misogynistic attitudes need to die on the ash heap of history.


Lady Friend FIRST (ht 2 Bim) saw this FIRST (ht 2 Bim) thing this morning, and called to give me a heads up. Make sure y’all check out the comments on the linky, they are hilarious.

And we pay these Kongress Klown Kritters how many 100sK dollars a year? Don’t send any extry crash test dummies to Guam, it may tip over.


30 seconds with a marker could stir a whole vat of pronoun-related blue-on-blue shit.


Veritas Omnia Vincit

So I found this while taking a look at CTD use for testing…

Hybrid-III 5F has no clothes and no hair — only a pair of plain black shoes that look like the type of clogs favored by line cooks and doctors. On her face is a half-smile and an expression of mild contentment. This model of aluminum and steel, and her smaller cousin, SID-IIs, are the crash-test dummies usually used to represent females in car-safety testing.

She and SID-IIs reflect the 5th percentile in height of women from more than 30 years ago, when they were developed. Only 5 percent of women will be shorter than this dummy. At a petite 4-foot-11 and 108 pounds, Hybrid-III 5F is a little lighter than an average 12-year-old girl today. SID-IIs has no arms and weighs 97 pounds.

Today, the average American woman is 5-foot-4 and weighs more than 170 pounds, according to the most recent data. Major safety rating systems used around the world don’t use an updated representation of an average female in their tests for car safety.

With all these short fat females in the nation now perhaps an updated female CTD is actually appropriate…


who cares?

they don’t wear seatbelts
they drive like they are unaware that there are other cars on the road
they speed habitually
they seem unaware that safety features like turn signals exist
they do not maintain their cars (like, at all)

So what’s the point?

Oh…my fault…it is a transparent market force to benefit a company that she owns a share of or that her family or contributors are attached to.


Yup, there are male, female, child and infant CTD versions.


If you pull down the pants of a Ken doll you’ll notice that it’s all smooth “down there.”

What’s up with that?


Got something for her:
comment image

AW1 Rod

78 million dogs reside in more than 46 million U.S. households, and nearly six in ten have driven with their dog in a vehicle at least once a month. The lack of canine crash-test dummies means that vehicle collision risks for dogs are not adequately studied!

How does this dimwit keep getting re-elected?

Never mind. Rhetorical question.


Yes, and there are dog seat belt attachments so there’s a known need. But could she do the work? No.


I was looking for video but I guess this will have to do…
comment image


I just got this and then edited it for the infamous HoI and it fits here now….

“When I hear guys like you tell your bullshit stories, I practically break out in a cold sweat, fighting the urge to snatch your tongue out through your asshole…”

You heard it here first and not last.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

This DemWit wants “equality” for CTDs so she can apply for a job.


Yup. She is very stupid.

Hack Stone

That video proves that she is more than qualified to represent the residents of The District of Columbia. She probably learned how to drive from Hank Johnson.


She just proved the adage of “educated beyond her means” is a real thing. Either that or she lost the bet on whom can come up with some really stupid shit.


Knowing idiots like that are elected officials is more frustrating than watching dumb and dumber play chess….

RGR 4-78

Guam is reaching the tipping point.

Old tanker

Don’t we have enough dummies in congress already? If we give them recognition they will want to start registering store mannequins to vote. It’s a slippery slope I tell you.