It Wasn’t Me – It Was PTSD

| May 27, 2021

Several have asked about this case so we looked into it a bit.

First, there was the initial assault on the press and throwing a microphone in Michigan…

Man Arrested For Assaulting Members of the Media in Lee-Ianau County


They didn’t give his name, but a follow-up article did…

Man accused of making threatening calls speaks out about PTSD

By Patti Brandt Burgess | Thursday May 27, 2021

TRAVERSE CITY — Michael Thomas Harrison says he wishes he had never joined the U.S. Army.

Harrison, 39, who authorities say made threatening phone calls and assaulted two journalists, was released on house arrest Wednesday. He is wearing a GPS tether and has given his firearms to his father for safekeeping.

He contacted the Record-Eagle shortly after his release, saying he wanted to explain his behavior. Harrison said he is 100 percent disabled with post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of his time serving in Afghanistan while an infantryman.

“I’m not a threat to the local community,” Harrison said. “I’m not going to hurt anyone. I want them not to be afraid of me and have a little empathy.”

He says PTSD has destroyed his life. He’s lost his job as a surgical technician because of it, he said, lost most of his friends and hasn’t spoken to a brother in 10 years.

“It controls me and I hate it,” Harrison said. “That’s the thing with PTSD — you react without thinking.”

Harrison pleaded “not guilty” May 18 to several misdemeanor charges of assault and battery, malicious destruction of property and malicious use of a telecommunication device in connection with incidents in Leelanau and Grand Traverse counties.

Harrison did not deny making the phone calls, though he said they were not threatening.

“I’ve been trying to get people’s attention,” he said. “I think I went a little too far with some of the phone calls.”

At his arraignment last week Harrison wore a suicide vest. He said he was on a hunger and water strike because he was not being given the medications he is prescribed for PTSD. He was also going through withdrawal from those medications, he said.

Later in the article…

Harrison said he is not a gun person and only owns two guns, one of which is a hunting rifle.

We may need to get a ruling on that.  How many guns does one have to own before they are a “gun person?”

I’m not really an adulterer because I only have two mistresses.  In case you’re reading – just kidding, honey.

If we can just do away with guns and PTSD, there would be no crime.  That microphone din do nuttin’.

Some day ol’ Michael will be in group therapy and someone will ask him “And how did that make you feel?”

Oh, and by the way…

DoD Manpower Data Center – Michael Harrison

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Another DOOD who is going for the brass ring, jumping on the unsubstantiated PTSD bandwagon…..probably, he claims to have PTSD and he really does have PTSD, PTSD” when it stands for “pretty talented sucking dicks.

(Thanks to whoever contributed that to the HoI.)


He needs to study this old-school rap (note: explicit motherf*ckin’ lyrics) for material:


Cocksucker! Remember when doing stoopid, attention whoring sh^t was blamed on “The Devil Made Me Do It”? Yep, to get rid of his problems he just needs to P(ut)T(hat)S(h^t)D(own).

A “gun person”? Is that where a person self identifies as a gun or when a gun self identifies as a person? Asking for a friend.


Who else thinks he might have worked at the clinic on Bagram?


Don’t know, I left Bagram 2 years before he enlisted. Is there something special about the place?


The place with Salsa Night at the Kohle DFAC? Yeah, maybe.


Um yeah, she’s a deployment 11.
And I never deployed so…
She’s got moves alright.


Watt is love?
Baby don’t Hertz me,
No Morse.


I once read something that distinguished the difference between neuroses and psychoses as whether or not someone acts-out in response to the subject of their attraction/distraction/obsession or whatever it’s called.

In Harrison’s case, you can almost cut him some slack if the subject of his psychoses is Heil Whitler. That nasty witch is way beyond awful.

Mr. Harrison may need some Thorazine before appearing in public. Bandy Lee was not immediately available for commment.


Classic definition: a.psychotic thinks that 2+2=5. Aneurotic knows that 2+2=4… but he HATES it.


Tommy Tiernan
Just For Laughs
Neurotic vs Psychotic
(Full set)
“I don’t like sheep; they’re too vague…”


Muh PTSD! Nuttin’ muh fault! Hahaha! Fools!


The thing about PTSD…is that it has never “made” me do anything.

Not once has the PTSD monster jumped out from behind a bush and forced me to do or say anything.

But let’s grant him that he is severely disabled by genuine PTSD…then I have to ask; WTF are you doing to get better?

Answer: Nothing. It is the all encompassing excuse. Because most people don’t understand it or have a Hollywood inspired take on it, they let people get away with it.

He needs to stop bitching and start working on himself. But I’m betting that wallowing in self pity is far easier.

What a jerk off.


Or, as Tom Petty put it “revel in your abandon”.


Not to mention (certainly is his lyin’ case) the Eagles:


” it has never “made” me do anything ”

Me either. The alcohol, on the other hand….

On the plus side, it keeps me humble.


I hear smoking weed and taking Xanax cures the PTS of D and therefore everyone who ever served should take it as a prophylactic.


Not to mention MDMA, lots of booze, hookers, coke, etc. Paging Hunter Biden!


Is there any problem that can’t be solved with dope, booze and hookers?


Of course not. Party!

Wilted Willy

Is that why my dear pos brother hasn’t talked to me in 20 years? He has his 100% PTSD disability from his time in the Viet of the Nam? Which has still not been proven! Maybe his PTSD is caused by hiding behing his lies over his Purple Heart medal. The only thing I have been able to get done is having his name taken down on their official website. How I pray that somebody can get his ass arrested before I die!!! Can anybody give me any help on this. I know you are all tired of hearing me whine about this, but it is just so frustrating when you can’t even get the government to talk to you! None of the assholes will lift a finger to even look into his records?
Take care all


I hear ya. A ne’er-do-well with PTSD is still a ne’er-do-well only he has PTSD now, too.


He probably suffers from both PTSD (Penis Too Small Disorder) as well as TBI (Tiny Ball Insecurity.) Poor guy.


Keepin' It Real

Years of experience with being a Barracks Lawyer tells me he’s gonna go with either a SODDI or a TODDI defense.

SODDI Defense = Some Other Dude Did It

TODDI Defense = The Other Dude Did It

If he seasons it with the celebrity defense of “That’s not who I am” — all the better.

He can’t go to rehab for being addicted to assaulting reporters and throwing microphones because he doesn’t have the bank that celebrities do to make up and go to said rehab.


Keepin’ It Real (and Steve Balm),
“I’m not really an adulterer because I only have two mistresses.
In case you’re reading – just kidding, honey.”
“He’s a good man and a good husband.” – Hillary Clinton
SODDI/TODDI defense > Kennedy(s) – Bill Clinton

Green Thumb


The clown was probably the victim of one to many atomic situps.



A Proud Infidel®™

Maybe he suffered trauma from endless searching for boxes of Ground guides, Chem Light Batteries, Humvee Ignition Keys,…


Not to mention from going in the head shed looking for the PRC-E9 on sensitive items inventories.



Dude’s address from 2005-2008:

15420 West St Apt C
Fort Polk, Louisiana

IF he was an 11B, could he have been part of the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division?

According to the link below:

“Throughout 2006 and 2007, several formations within the brigade deployed and operated in Afghanistan. The brigade command and headquarters established the first U.S. National Command Element in Kandahar to facilitate the transfer of authority of combat operations to NATO-led coalition allies.”,_10th_Mountain_Division


While anger outbursts can be a symptom of PTSD, and even Mother Theresa would sympathize with beating up reporters, still not an excuse to break the law.


Yup. What Krusty says –


If his cage is really rattled by all that PTS of the D, maybe…hear me out: STAY THE F*** HOME!
That’s what I’ve done.
God willing, thats what my Warrior offspring’ll do too.

Slow Joe

Actually, teh PT of teh SD has made me more relaxed and slow to anger. I got nothing to prove. Been there done that, so PTSD seems to have made me more tolerant of others’ opinions, to include butterbar lieutenants, who used to be the bane of my existence.


I worked for a sergeant that would just tap his hash marks anytime somebody questioned his opinions. I’m imagining you just tapping the Silver Star. 🙂


Hey, it’s like running around Ft. Hood with a 101st ABN combat patch and raggedy OCPs– slick-sleeved SNCOs and field-graders avoiding deployments ain’t gonna say sh*t!