Biden ATF Nominee Favors Draconian New Ban

| May 27, 2021

Since prior gun bans have proven to be so successful in the past at halting crime, ATF nominee David Chipman is all in for a new round of unenforceable laws.

Several of our usual suspects send.

Biden ATF Nominee David Chipman Confirms His Support for AR-15 Ban

AWR Hawkins

During Wednesday’s Senate Judicial Committee confirmation hearing ATF nominee David Chapman indicated he supports a legislative ban on AR-15s that would not only prevent future sales but also regulate current possession under the National Firearms Act (NFA). Your public position is that you want to ban AR-15s. Is that correct?

Chipman replied, “I support a ban as has been presented in a Senate bill and supported by the President.”

“The AR-15 is…a particularly lethal weapon and regulating it as other particularly lethal weapons, I have advocated for,” he said.

Cruz followed up, “So, you want to ban the most popular gun in America.”

Dems seem to forget the 1994 election where they lost dozens of seats of those who voted in favor of TheAlgore’s gun legislation. If anything, today’s political climate, poisoned as it is, will result in the same or worse.

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I *JUST* sent an e-mail to AW1Ed about this very thing.
Great Minds and the like.
JUST to get this out of the way before everyone jumps on it…the photo that has been paraded in the past that shows “someone” in the smoldering rubble of Waco, which has an evidence sticker on it has been identified as legitimate HOWEVER it’s been claimed that it is NOT David Chipman, and I have been able to find others from the same time and space so, it’s likely not, HOWEVER that does NOT take anything from his stance on banning weapons.
He’s garbage and should be treated as such.

I don’t particularly want to go through this but, it may be a necessary evil to let the left do their dance and gyrations and then watch the pendulum swing back to the right with the accompanying repercussions.
We’ll see.

Mustang Major

He can’t be all bad, I am sure Janet Reno appreciated his efforts.


comment image and same photo, but not croppedcomment image

That sure as hell looks like Chipman to me. Here’s a side-by-side.

comment image

If it’s not him, then it’s someone that looks so much like him it could be his brother. Snopes checked it out though, and because Chipman testified it’s not him (and not even an ATF agent) then it’s being called a lie. Ignore your own eyes folks.


Who DIDN’T see this coming? It will just get worse. Not a real big concern for me anyhow, you know… after that tragic boat accident.

And the elections coming up in 2022 and 2024? That don’t matter either. They have already decided who will be appointed…uh, elected; for those and all future years. They came up with the winning formula in 2020.


They told me they would float !!!!


Lying power-mad control freak.


Chipman may or may not be pictured on the rubble heap in Waco, Tx., but he did lie about the events that took place there. He claimed that the ATF took fire from .50 cal rifles, as TOW pointed out. No Barrett .50cal rifles were found in the rubble.
He also claimed that the Branch Davidians had shot down two helicopters, helicopters were shot at, and hit, but none were shot down.
So, he’s just another lying swamp rat, hardly unique among those in power today.

The Other Whitey

Remember, this is the same David Chipman who did his own victory pose photo with an M16 and a shit-eating smirk atop the charred remains of dead children burned alive by ATF agents at Waco, TX, where he falsely claims he and his fellow federal yahoos took fire from .50 BMG rifles. A real paragon of integrity, virtue, and compassion, this guy!


Don’t forget he was at the SNAFU at Ruby Ridge as well. Biden is sending a clear message here:

“Break US gun laws and we will send people to kill you. Not just you but your families and your dog and even your wife holding your 10 month old baby in her arms. We will burn your house down with you and your children inside. We will kill your neighbors too if they try to help you.”

Seems crystal clear to me.


Pioneered by the Dirlewanger Brigade (nazis) in Belarus and used to depict scumbag villains the The Patriot:

USMCMSgt (Ret)

I didn’t watch the hearings, but did anyone have the balls to ask him if he thought Hunter Biden should be prosecuted for lying about his eligibility to buy a firearm?


Senator Tom Cotton, AR, asked Biden’s ATF nominee David Chipman to “define an “assault weapon”:

“Any semi-automatic rifle capable of accepting a detachable magazine above the caliber of .22″”



AW1 Rod

Mike Lee called this shitbag out during yesterday’s confirmation hearings:


Well, if he’s confirmed, we’ll see how well his program works out, based on history.


This clown will move from rifles to shotguns to pistols, if he can. Of course, he won’t have to try to enforce his gun bans, shitbirds like him never do.

A Proud Infidel®™

I’m sure their strategy is to first ban Seniautomatic rifles and pistols, then Revolvers “Because they can fire multiple rounds before reloading” or some crap propaganda line like that, ditto with Pump Action Shotguns, then they’ll go after Bolt Action Rifles for being “A Sniper-type of Weapon” or some shit like that, my point is that they will never cease until they have a disarmed populace like the USSR, Nazi Germany, Cuba, Communist China, Cuba, Venezuela,…


“Assault Weapon” = Yours


Your hands.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Two nuts were out walking in central park. One was a salted. Had to lighten up the comments a teensy weensy bit.


It.Doesn’t.Get.Anybetter.Than.This !!!!!
Sure thing Cap’n, we’ll get right on this !!!!


Wow. This guy is Bad news. Proud of trophy shots like that? Not much of a man.Here’s hoping this lying POS doesn’t get office. Hell, even from my distant Canadian perch, it’s better than apparent that America has more than enough to contend with right now. Really think Joe ought to raise his standards several notches and at least try to appear as though he’s try to hire a better brand of stiff.

A Proud Infidel®™

I’m sure that Biden will NOT hire anyone not approved by Das Hildebeast and/or B. Hussein 0bama.


Here’s the Washington Examiner’s take on it, which pretty clearly documents his exploits and thoughts.