Black Lives Matter activists storm a state capitol

| April 23, 2021

Black Lives Matter activists stormed the state capitol in Oklahoma. They had issues with bills being considered, one of them involved penalty for protesters. This specific bill included fines for those convicted of disrupting traffic. There were also some protections for drivers who accidentally hit rioters during an honest escape attempt.

From Fox News:

House Bill 1674, co-authored by Republican state Rep. Kevin West and his GOP colleague state Sen. Rob Standridge, creates a misdemeanor for unlawfully obstructing traffic while participating in a riot. It also adds criminal and civil liability protections “for motor vehicle operators who unintentionally cause injury or death to an individual participating in a riot under certain circumstances,” the Oklahoma Legislature said.

The bill also “provides that organizations found to be involved with individuals participating in riots or unlawful assemblies shall be punished by a fine that is ten times the amount of the fine authorized by the appropriate provision of the bill,” according to the proposed legislation’s fiscal analysis.

“This is an important protection for citizens who are just trying to get out of a bad situation,” West said, according to The Oklahoman. “When fleeing an unlawful riot, they should not face threat of prosecution for trying to protect themselves, their families or their property.”

Gov. Kevin Stitt, a Republican, approved the bill Wednesday, the Oklahoma Legislature said.

There were other bills up for consideration. Once approved, the leftists that disagree with the signing of these bills would have less tools to use to try to control the narrative.

Fox News has more information here.

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“Oklahoma approves lawfully armed citizens to shoot unlawful rioters in the dick. (or vag)”
Despite what South Park has to say…
(Disclaimer, this is a PARODY, not a real OK bill and kinda sorta not exactly wishful thinking…)


Employ the three “S”s


repeat as necessary.

A Proud Infidel®™️

F()#K the moonbats and their perpetual pissy-fits, I look forward to seeing that Bill becoming Oklahoma Law! In the meantime I wonder how much of the BLM racket is still funded by Soros? It’s obviously very profitable, just look at the nice houses their ringleader just bought in wealthy WHITE neighborhoods.


^word^ Big Red, the 05 F150 already has a dent or 2. A few more will just add character, ‘specially if I use nose art to indicate the “kills”. He has high road clearance and the reverse works well, you know, in case you need to back up to make sure.

Impede my progress and right to go about my business on a public road? I wish a motherfu@ker would! Better judged by 12 than toted by 6.

Daisy Cutter

We are descending into chaos and mob rule.

A Proud Infidel®™️

That’s what the left wants, especially rich moonbat politicians, they will do all they can to turn the USA into a third world shithole!


Just to check off the boxes they’ve seized, subverted and diminished, the:
-Ballot box
-Jury box
-Cartridge box (not completely, but rapidly working on it)

What a great time to be alive?!
Time to Make Tea Float Again, imvho.

E4 Mafia 83-87

Checking the comments to see Lars defending this “insurrection” because the mob is part of his political party. I’m sure Oklahoma will now build their own Ft. Pelosi with approval of the DC Swamp and The Leftist media.


Must not be “insurrection” when Leftists do it or something…


Icymi, they’re ‘freedom fighters’ that just happen to have the same politick as: big tech, oligarchs, the media, both ferderal and world governments… so, correct!


It’s (D)ifferent

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I guess no one was arrested. Oh that’s right, no trump supporters .


Laws only apply to evil RethugliKKKans, comrade!

Forest Bondurant

Oklahoma Penal Statutes Title 21…

Section 21-1311 – Riot (Defined): Any use of force or violence, or any threat to use force or violence if accompained by immediate power of execution, by three or more persons acting together and without authority of law, is riot.

Section 21-820 – Disturbance, interference or disruption of state business (misdemeanor)

Section 21-301 – Preventing meetings of legislature (felony)

Section 21-302 – Disturbing legislative proceedings (misdemeanor)

Section 21-422 – Conspiracy outside the state against the peace of the state (felony) < Might possibly apply to any BLM member from out of state who planned then attended the "protest.

Section 21-540 – Obstructing (public) officer (Misdemeanor)

Section 21-545 – Attempt to intimidate (public) officer (Misdemeanor)

Section 21-641 and 21-643 – Assault (generally) and Battery (generally) – respectively.

Section 21-646 – Assault, battery, or assault and battery (Generally)

Section 21-647 – Punishment for aggravated assault and battery (ranges from Misdemeanor to Felony, depending on seriousness of the offense)

It goes on and on, but none of those charges (or any others) will be pursued since the narrative about the protest is that BLM's storming of the Capitol building was "mostly peaceful".


Ironic to cause a riot to protest an anti-rioting bill. Wonder how many minds were changed (and not in the way these morons intended)?

A Proud Infidel®™

Sometimes it’s fun to watch the other side cut their own throats!


All this means is that they want to be able to riot and steal with no consequences and that’s the sum of it. The operative word is steal.


No Free Sh*t, No Peace! Gimme!


And in Ohio they are rioting over the shooting of that 16 year old who was trying to stab another girl. Cop shoulda let her die, I guess.

A Proud Infidel®™

I find it more than kind of interesting that the Burn, Loot and Murder minions are trying to be major league fools in Oklahoma where not long ago a batch of them got arrested on Terrorism charges the last time they tried to hold a burn-loot- and screech fest! I wonder how many of them were bused in from out of town thus making that an “Astro-Turf mob”?


A Proud Infidel@,
Indian Lives Matter in Oklahoma, too.
Haven’t seen any news about Indians
(ok, Native Americans) shooting, burning, or looting.

1990s humor.. which would fail on 2021 TV.
Jerry meets Winona.. and a string of &%^(*# ensues.
Is there anything on TV that’s actually funny anymore?


Take 2.
Hate when YouTube links backfire.

Commissioner Wretched

MarineDad …

One of my side jobs is as a tour guide at a local wild animal safari. During the tour, I explain how bison were misnamed “buffalo” and mention Native Americans, then later in the tale I say, “even the Indians began calling them buffalo.”

One day, someone yelled out from the back of the tour bus, “Hey! You’re not supposed to call them Indians any more!”

I said, “I’m an Apache, a Native American myself. I can call them anything I want.”

True story.


“You say you want a revolution…..”

Oh $hit, they’re shooting back. That’s not cool!