Sorry, No Do-Overs Allowed

| April 23, 2021

Why am I not surprised by this?  Two reports show cracks in the current administration’s support from public groups.

Evangelical Christians and Ecohippies now have voter’s remorse over voting for Biden. They are speaking up, and in some cases, dumping cow dung outside the White House.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Both groups preferred Biden over Trump, thought he was closer to their way of thinking, and now regret ever voting for him.

From the linked article:  Evangelical Christians, who once were content with staying out of earthly concerns, have grown into an influential subset of American politics. Not all who identify with this label vote in unison. They voted in large numbers in 1976 for Jimmy Carter, but reversed course in 1980 and went for Ronald Reagan. In subsequent elections, a majority has voted for Republican candidates.

In the 2020 election, this subset created a new subset. They called themselves “Pro-life Evangelicals for Biden.” Their members include Jerusha Duford, the granddaughter of the late Reverend Billy Graham — the evangelist who came to regret his involvement in politics and his troublesome association with Richard Nixon — and thousands of pastors and other influential Christian leaders.

The group acknowledged that while Biden did not support their primary issue — that of protecting unborn human life — he was “more consistent with the biblically shaped ethic of life than Donald Trump.”

After observing Biden for less than two months in office, the group issued a statement. It said evangelicals and Catholics “feel used and betrayed,” especially as it relates to the president’s recently stated opposition to the Hyde amendment (which Biden supported for years), which prevents taxpayer funding for abortions. – article

Perhaps widening their viewpoint a bit might have helped them make a different  choice, but again, I am not surprised at their regrets.

But that’s not all: in searching for a source that does not demand that you sign up for something, I found that it isn’t just the Fundamentalists who are annoyed with Bite-me: it is also the Ecohippies, self-styled environmentalists, who are less and less impressed with his approach to “saving the planet” and “STOP GLOBULL WARMING” stuff.

From the article:  Climate change activists dumped mounds of cow manure outside the White House Thursday morning to protest President Biden’s plan to drastically cut carbon emissions, saying it doesn’t go far enough.

Videos posted on social media showed protesters with the group Extinction Rebellion D.C. marking Earth Day by taking turns dumping pink wheelbarrows full of cow manure outside the eastern entrance of the White House, where Mr. Biden is hosting 40 world leaders in a two-day virtual climate summit. – article

The entire article is a hoot. In small groups and for varying reasons, The Faithful are turning on him.

And to think that I was only looking for the extra key to the food locker, so that I could prove, with geometric logic, that Joe ate all the strawberries…..

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Ironically due to the chip shortage emissions will fall dramatically this year. The media will tout Biden as the planet’s savior but he will have had nothing to do with it.

You read it here first.

A Proud Infidel®™

EARTH DAY is also Vladimir Lenin’s Birthday. Happenstance? Coincidence?

The Other Whitey

From the oh-so-environmentally-conscious regime that brought you nuclear-blast strip mining!


Yeah, important but minor correction:

Evangelical Christians and Ecohippies now have voter’s remorse over voting for Biden. They are speaking up, and in some cases, dumping cow dung outside the White House.

Both groups preferred Biden over Trump, thought he was closer to their way of thinking, and now regret ever voting for him.

No, Evangelical Christians went largely for Trump. The “Pro-life Evangelicals for Biden” subset clearly went for Biden, but evangelicals on the whole most definitely did not. I think the vast majority of evangelicals are white evangelicals, and the number there is somewhere between 76-81% went for Trump:

That’s a bit like the Log Cabin Republicans being dismayed when the people they support vote against marriage equality. As for the eco-hippies, well, they ain’t mad Biden won over Trump, they’re just mad, period.


I am a fundamental Christian and I and all I know supported Trump and Republican Party and have for decades.

The Other Whitey

How quaint. They think anybody’s vote actually mattered in November 2020.


Testify TOW! And nobody’s vote will ever matter anymore…EVAH! Carter and Trump both were elected because We, The People, were fed up with entrenched career politicians. And both were defeated in the 2nd run by the same mindset of entrenched politicians. And yes, I know, Jimmuh did fornicate Fido several times, but he was NOT the chosen one then, the choice was to be for the lyin’ of the Senate, the raping, murderous trash from Hell, Teddy.


What is the ‘carbon footprint’ for a troupe of wheelbarrows bought for a photo op?
I’d be willing to bet they were made in a country that is notorious for pollution and use of forced labor, but y’all morons keep going, your utopia is just ‘round the corner!
I swear if those rinkydink halfassed kids’ tubs got thrown in the dumpster after this event someone should do something next time. Backpack leaf blower to give the manure back to them, maybe with red pepper powder for effect?
F these econuts-cum-ecoterrortist.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Berry Berry nice post Ex, and by the way I made another batch of your penny sausage last monday which is worth every cent.


Y’all mofos won’t vote Demo-rat again will ya?

Skivvy Stacker

I am still trying to wrap my head around how many people could actually vote for a guy who’s as dense as cement, and smart as a bag of lawn clippings.


The printers laugh…