Saddam Hussein attacks NG convoy

| March 24, 2021

Larry Lee Harris – The resemblance to Saddam post-spider hole is absolutely uncanny.

Ok, it wasn’t Saddam, just a guy that looks like him. Larry Lee Harris proves once again that you shouldn’t trust men with three first names. He allegedly started following three vans with uniformed National Guard soldiers transporting COVID vaccine in Texas this week, eventually stopping them and pointing a loaded .45 at them.

Military Times reports;

A Texas National Guard convoy transporting doses of the COVID-19 vaccine was ambushed and temporarily halted Monday morning by an armed man in west Texas, according to police.

The convoy was ambushed by Larry Lee Harris, 66, who started following three National Guard vans after they stopped at a gas station, and attempted to run their vehicles off the road multiple times, Idalou Police Chief Eric Williams said in a statement. The incident was first reported by The Fort Worth Star-Telegram on Monday afternoon.

According to Williams:

After that unsuccessful attempt, Harris turned his vehicle into oncoming traffic and stopped in front of the three National Guard vans, He got out of his truck and aimed his .45 caliber handgun at an unarmed National Guard soldier. Harris then claimed to be a detective and demanded that he search the vehicle and ordered the Guardsmen out of the vehicle at gunpoint.

At this time, Idalou police received a call and rushed to the scene, which took place about two miles east of Idalou on highway 62/82.

Upon arrival the Idalou Police officers were met by several uniformed National Guard Soldiers and Harris, who police took into custody “without further incident.” No Guardsmen were injured. Harris was in possession of a loaded Colt 1911 .45 caliber pistol and an additional loaded magazine and had another loaded magazine in his truck.

After being detained, Harris told police that he followed the National Guard Soldiers from a Love’s gas station in Lubbock, claiming that the people in the vans had “kidnapped a woman and a child,” according to the police chief’s report.

Williams added that Harris appeared to be “mentally disturbed.”

Thanks to Jeff LPH 3 for sending in the tip.

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God forbid the National Guard be allowed to actually carry live ammo. I’ll never understand why that’s always the case.


Why give it to the guard to transport if not to protect it? HArd to do that with harsh language. Of course, if they had been armed, he’d be dead and trigger happy guardsmen would be the story.

Probably goes back to when they put the Marines on the boarder and they shot that 18 yo shepherding his goats.

Slow Joe

If that happened today, those Marines would be charged with a hate crime and hanged in the public square by the MSM.

Hack Stone

He is also charged with double parking in front of a Manhattan liquor store back in February 1994.


Another article on this subject said that the NG Troops were transporting the vaccine to the border to be used on the invaders from the south of the border.

If this dude ain’t a FIRST (ht 2 API) Class nut case, he damn sure missed his chance.


Actually I thought it was Ted Kaczynski’s and Sadam’s love child.


What is it with this look?

Back in ’04 when KSM got nabbed, one of our guys at the opcenter where I was at was honestly surprised to see the news picture: “What, Ron Jeremy’s a terrorist?!”
comment image
We couldn’t stop laughing our *sses off for 10 minutes.


Why unarmed NG troops to transport vaccine? Why not just use Fed Ex? When I was an MP, we were part of a U.S. Marshals convoy of something (Probably a nuke), and our orders were- no one will break this convoy- if necessary, force them into the ditch. And yes, were were heavily armed.


And for those of you weak on how big Texas is, this spot in “West Texas” is about 400 miles EAST of El Paso.


“West Texas”? IMO the Military Times article’s author needs to brush up on his/her Texas geography. “North Texas” seems more correct – Idalou is about 15mi NE of downtown Lubbock.


The panhandle is considered west Texas. Sorta follows the eastern side of the panhandle, down through Abilene, then Junction and down to Del Rio. It makes more sense if you look at satellite imagery, more arid.


Wasn’t aware of that; thought it was considered part of North TX. Thanks for the correction.


You are a NG on a mission. Someone violently interupts that
mission and points a gun at you. Wadda ya do?
If you did not immediately take action to eliminate the threat
then I suggest you find a different occupation.
Just sayin….


I know which Saddam photo that you were talking about, tried to find it on time constraint. Didn’t find it, but found something else.

Green Thumb

This is what one looks like after a five year hitch at All-Points Logistics.

I imagine Phildo will look like this soon.


FRPR(H/T to API®™) score of 160.

A Proud Infidel®™

Another turbo-wacko gets his fifteen minutes of fame. As for the NG being armed, I remember seeing Florida NG Personnel getting issued live ammo during Hurricane Relief missions.

Green Thumb

The man really wanted his shot.


Only opened this post to see if it was tagged “Teh Stoopid”.

Made my day, thanks!