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| January 23, 2021

Thanks to KoB and Jeff LPH 3 who contributed some or all of these charmers.

Georgia man accused of scamming $980G from grocery store

This kid’s got a set on him, I’ll give him that.

When this enterprising man got a job at a Georgia Kroger, he got right to work – scamming nearly $1 million from the store during the two weeks he worked there, according to police.

Police in Gwinnett County said 19-year-old Tre Brown scammed more than $980,000 from the Duluth, Georgia grocery store where he worked in December and January.

Brown created more than 40 returns for non-existent items and put them on credit cards, police said. The returns ranged in price from $75 to more than $87,000.

He used the money to buy two vehicles, clothes, shoes and guns, according to police.

The scam was so brazen that it caught the attention of corporate Kroger employees. They contacted the police department after noticing the fraudulent transactions.

Brown is facing a charge of theft by taking.

Police said Brown totaled one of the vehicles he bought with the money before he was arrested, but “a large sum of the money” was returned after his arrest.

Source; Fox News

North Carolina men arrested after police pull over car for speeding, find dead body in trunk

Four men were arrested in North Carolina early Monday after police stopped their car for speeding and discovered a dead body inside the trunk, authorities said.

Officer C. Roberts with the Roanoke Rapids Police Department pulled over the vehicle at 1 a.m., the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

Shortly after the traffic stop, the sheriff’s office said Roberts discovered the body of a man inside the trunk. The man, identified as 23-year-old Trevon Quantavius Fields of Roanoke Rapids, suffered apparent gunshot wounds. Investigators later learned he was likely murdered just outside the city limits.

Police detectives called deputies from the sheriff’s office to assist in the investigation, which led to the arrests of the four occupants of the vehicle.

Ralik Robinson, 22; Trevathann Myquan Shearin, 20; Shantron Avondre Person, 20 – all of Roanoke Rapids – and Deluntae Jaequon Squire, 23, of Halifax, were all charged with murder, according to the sheriff’s office.

The four men were booked into Halifax County Detention Center with a pending court date set for Jan. 20.

Source; Fox News

Guy Impersonated Cop, Swiped Doughnut

His biggest mistake is only stealing a doughnut. He really should have availed himself of all the freebies if he wanted to look like a real deputy.

People have pretended they’re law enforcement officers to pull people over, to make arrests, and yes, to get discounts on coffee and doughnuts. But authorities say a Utah man who impersonated a cop felt even more entitled, going so far as to steal a doughnut from 7-Eleven. Per a probable cause statement from the Utah County Sheriff’s Office cited by CNN, an employee from the convenience store in Lehi alerted police on Sunday that a man had come into the 7-Eleven sporting a sheriff’s deputy jacket, though he didn’t seem like a police officer, and that he swiped the baked good before leaving. Based on the worker’s description of the white truck the man left in (a vehicle that was reported stolen), police were able to track the truck down at a local motel. “Officers knocked on the door and made contact with [Daniel Mark Wright, 47] as he opened the door,” the arrest report reads, per KJZZ.

Also inside: Christian Rose Olsen, 40, who was also arrested. The officer who wrote up the report notes that it was then, with the door open, that they noticed the sheriff’s get-up hanging in a closet. Both Wright and Olsen were charged with possessing a stolen vehicle, while Wright was also hit with charges that included impersonating an officer and stealing a doughnut. The Gephardt Daily notes that because Wright has other theft convictions on his record, the doughnut-stealing charge is a felony. The arrest report also ties the pair, in addition to a third person not with them, to “extensive criminal activity,” noting that they’re under a federal racketeering probe. Wright and Olsen are being held without bail. Meanwhile, a final note from CNN: “Police have not recovered the doughnut.”

Source; Newser

NAACP chapter president under fire after sending genital picture to teen

Not a crime per se, but worthy of discussion. I like that he goes from the “It was supposed to go to my wife” defense right to this is being used by his political opponents as blackmail.

The president of a recently reactivated NAACP chapter in New York admitted over the weekend to sending a sexually explicit photograph of himself “intended for my wife to an individual I was working with.”

The revelation by Monroe County Legislator Ernest Flagler-Mitchell came in a statement Saturday less than two hours after his virtual swearing-in ceremony as head of the Rochester NAACP chapter, the Democrat & Chronicle reported. The image of his genitals was sent to a 19-year-old woman who alleges the lawmaker sexually harassed her.

Flagler-Mitchell said the individual accepted his apology and “assured me that they were not offended.” In a statement of her own, the woman claimed Flagler-Mitchell began harassing her after she was a victim in a September 2020 shooting.

“I am writing this so that you are all aware of the type of person he is,” she wrote, WHEC-TV reported. “I am going public and will be asking for his resignation. No one should be in a position where they turned to their elected official for help and are met with unwanted sexual advances and inappropriate messages. I am only 19 years old.”

Flagler-Mitchell said he has become the victim of an extortion scheme in connection to the photo and has asked authorities to investigate.

“I fully believed this matter was resolved at that time, but subsequently I have been contacted both directly and indirectly by politically connected individuals who have tried to use this mistake as a form of blackmail to force me into abandoning the Black and Asian Caucus in the Legislature,” he wrote.

The Monroe County District’s Attorney’s Office, which is investigating the matter, did not immediately return messages from Fox News, nor did Flagler-Mitchell. The New York State NAACP did not return requests for comment as well. It was not clear if Flagler-Mitchell will stay on as president of the local chapter.

The woman has gone to authorities and asked for an investigation by an ethics committee in Monroe County. She believes there may be more women who have been allegedly harassed by Flagler-Mitchell.

“The fact that he did this to me so swiftly lets me know that he has done this before,” she wrote.

Source; Fox News

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  1. STSC(SW/SS) says:

    Four men in a car driving so fast
    In the trunk of the car the body was stashed
    Violating the speed limit and passed by a cop
    They had to pull over and came to a stop
    The men were questioned and when the body was found
    The four were arrested and the car was impound
    Off to jail the policeman had said
    Time to show respect for the dead

    The names of all involved just says everything.

    • Hack Stone says:

      Quantavius sounds like a mouthwash. And quite a plethora of Q’s in the names of the victim and suspects. This story could set an all time record on The Whiz Wheel.

      • KoB says:

        Supply Daddy Claw must be having to do Depot Level Maintenance on The Whiz Wheel this morning. If not already scheduled, it will be sorely needed.

        “Sorely”? Must be how the subject of the body part in the picture felt when homes stepped on it.

        Wonder how long it will be before the former K Roger employee is hired by the S Abrams “We can steal without getting caught” Campaign? In the grand scheme of things, if one wanted to work in retail, K Roger is a pretty good company to work for, from what I hear. Decent money to start and opportunities for advancement. Publix is the same. Both are finding it difficult to get and keep good help.

        • ninja says:


          Am shaking my heads on their names…and mugshots..

          What were their parents or parent thinking?


          Once again, Black Against Black Crime.

          So Sad.


          • KoB says:

            ninja, Roger on the names AND the BoB crime. I personally think that some of these cats have an attitude and “women issues” because of the moniker that they were hung with. Baby Daughter that’s a teacher, struggles with the names constantly, and has had students tell her “I hate my given name, what was my Mama thinking?”, then they will go out and make up one that is even weirder. Go figure. And the hair? Won’t even go there.


            Claw, hope you get over the sore body and are resting easy at the Stately Claw Manor.

            Doc Savage, you are up. Like Hack Stone, I am curious as if the Whiz Wheel will give us an all time high score. What would be the DAM (Dumb Ass Move) multiplier of speeding with a dead body in the car?

            • Claw says:

              Okay, I’ll do one spin.

              Trevon Quantavius Fields (DAM/DRT) 41 x 4 = 164

              BTW, the all time high score is 814.

            • Skyjumper says:


              Sorry, don’t mean to hijack this thread…….but. Below the story in the linkee-doo is a story about “Is Hummingbird Cake the South’s best cake?”

              A few questions come to mind:
              1) What size shot do you use to bag them with? Boomerang?
              2) Do you gut them out first before adding them to the cake ingredients?
              3) Do you have to pull their teenie tiny little wings off first?
              4) How many do you need for a regular size cake?

              This old curious northern grunt wants to know. (smile)

              (waiting with baited breath)


              • Skyjumper says:

                Cheese and crackers, got all muddy! Here’s a working link.


                • KoB says:

                  (1) BB..make sure you lead them a bit more than you would a dove!
                  (2) yes! You devein a shrimp doncha?
                  (3) use the wings for the icing…it’s what makes the cake so “airy”.
                  (4) at least a dozen…more for the double or seven layer version.

                  Pro tip…don’t bait them with your breath, use cane syrup for bait.

                  Put some South in yo mouth!

          • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

            What happened to the days that a kid had a name like Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jones?

    • Claw says:

      Am taking the day off after shoveling too much snow yesterday, but if the assistant operator of the Whiz Wheel®™ (Doc Savage) wishes to spin up the scores on those urban entrepreneurs, he has my blessing./s

  2. Hack Stone says:

    Hack totally believes that Ernest Flagler-Mitchell intended that photo to go to his wife, because the accompanying caption was “Does this look infected to you?”

    Maybe he should reach out to Anthony Weiner, AKA Carlos Danger, on how to handle the situation.

  3. ninja says:

    Here’s ANOTHER Stupid Criminal.

    Gee Whiz…Some People…Check out the ending of the story:

    “TSA Agent Convicted For Tricking Woman Into Showing Breasts”

    “A former Transportation Security Administration agent who was accused of tricking a traveler into showing her breasts as she went through security at Los Angeles International Airport pleaded no contest Friday to false imprisonment, authorities said.”

    “Johnathon Lomeli entered the plea to a felony count and was sentenced to 60 days in county jail, 52 classes addressing sexual compulsion and two years of probation, California’s attorney general’s office announced.”

    “Lomeli was also barred from working as a security guard.”

    “Lomeli was charged with using fraud or deceit to falsely imprison the woman in June 2019.”

    “The woman told investigators that Lomeli told her he had to look inside her bra to ensure she wasn’t hiding anything, had her hold her pants away from her waist for a check, and then said he would take her to a private room for further security screening, prosecutors said.”

    “But when they were alone on an elevator, Lomeli told the woman he could perform the screening there and ordered her to lift her shirt and show her breasts, then looked down her pants, she said.”

    “Lomeli then told the woman she was free to go and added that she had nice breasts, authorities said.”


  4. ninja says:

    Gee Whiz:

    Check out the Mugshots of the 4 Dudes reference a body found in the trunk story.

    Only their Hairdressers know for sure…🤔

    • Hack Stone says:

      Hack Stone is pretty sure that based on the mug shots, Shantron Person was an original cast member of The Little Rascals.

  5. Green Thumb says:

    The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) should have Lori Brown intervene in these cases for these three (Brown, Wright and Olsen) as these three seem to have a natural skill set that All-Points Logistics cannot let fall by the wayside.

    Particular in these very competitive times.

    • Mason says:

      I’d heard that one on the radio and totally forgot to get it in there. Thanks for posting it, Senior Chief!

  6. USAFRetired says:

    What the hell can you get from Kroger for $87K that you can return.

    • rgr769 says:

      I was wondering the same thing. I guess he had the ability to assign whatever price he wanted to the non-existent “returned” item which he then credited to various credit cards in his name.

    • UpNorth says:

      Who knows? Maybe the entire store inventory? Nah, I doubt the entire inventory would reach $87K.

      • KoB says:

        The big bucks were from lottery tickets that were never really “sold”. He put the “pay out” money refunded to a credit card. Probably that’s what raised the flags at Corporate. I’ll try to keep an eye out for updates. His bond was only $11,800, and as the FIRST (ht 2 Sarge) article pointed out, they did recover a large sum of money. Good chance they will not prosecute, only go for restitution, if that. I mean, after all, you can tell that he was a good boy and was only trying to get money for Junior College and Choir Robes. Poor thing, he wrecked one of the cars on the way to choir practice.

        Oh, and yeah, those big K Rogers? They got waaaaayy under more than $87K in inventory. The resupply trucks that show up on a nearly daily basis have that much…and more. For the Supply Daddys amongst us, the big warehouses that the US Army used for depot supply at Fort Gillem are used by K Roger and other Supply Chain types. Politics (local ATL/Business) got Ft G and Ft Mac put on the BRAC list to help out local re-development.

        Linky from the AJC small update to the story of the kid;

  7. Well Wright or wrong, it was wrong for Wright to think that he was wright in absconding with the donut and Wright fully so that he knew that it was Wright fully wrong wrong. I’ll leave it at that.

    • rgr769 says:

      Those amazing “journalists” at CNN are still trying to figure out why the popo haven’t recovered the doughnut. I think I know where they could look.

  8. AW1Ed says:

    Felony donut theft? That’ll play well in the cell block.