L. Ron Hubbard stolen valor?

| November 12, 2020

L. Ron Hubbard as a US Navy Lieutenant

L. Ron Hubbard, famous as the creator of the Church of Scientology, secured a US Navy commission during World War II. When sent to Australia in 1942 for service in the Philippines, the US Attache said, “This officer is not satisfactory for independent duty assignment. He is garrulous and tries to give impressions of his importance. He also seems to think he has unusual ability in most lines. These characteristics indicate that he will require close supervision for satisfactory performance of any intelligence duty.”

He was given command of a gun boat in Boston, but the navy yard commander said he “not temperamentally fitted for independent command.” He was relieved from his command.

He was subsequently sent to Submarine Chaser training and was given command of USS PC-815. On the shakedown cruise for the new ship out of Portland, Oregon, Hubbard thought he’d located a Japanese sub. For 68 hours he engaged in “combat” with the sub. His commanding admiral concluded there was no evidence there was ever a sub. He thought that Hubbard had detected a known magnetic deposit and misidentified it.

Hubbard was eventually relieved of command of PC-815 after the sailed near the Coronado Islands and opened fire on the Mexican territories. He then feigned sick to the point the war ended and he was transferred to the inactive reserves.

Hubbard later created his own religion, with his own navy, and styled himself “Commodore”. Among many things in his later life was convicted of fraud in France (in absentia, since he was in hiding).

With such a glorious military record during the war, it’s no wonder that the Church of Scientology would be proud of what Lieutenant Hubbard did and the medals he earned. The Underground Bunker has had one of their readers take a deep look into Hubbard’s purported awards and decorations and they describe why he might be accused of stolen valor.

The Church claims he even earned the highly coveted NDSM, which he did not meet the criteria for. The noble eagle of the NDSM weeps.

This isn’t the first time Hubbard’s been accused of Walter Mitty-like embellishment of his record. The anti-Scientology site Scientology Money Project has also explored his wartime service and claims.

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I passed their vessel, the TRADEWINDS while sailing as navigator on a transport bound for Charleston. We called them on VHF and proclaimed “HAIL XENU!” with only dead static for a reply… oh well.

Hubbard did possess a Master’s license in the Merchant Marine somehow, which I suspect he used to finagle his way into the USN, but I also read elsewhere he was USMCR in the early 1930’s and was dismissed for poor performance. Either way, a total weirdo and a fraud.


Xenu gets you.


And your money…

Hack Stone

Are you willing to disparage the good name of best selling author L. Ron Hubbard? It is men such as these that inspired younger warriors to such high accomplishments, men like Phil Monkress, Daniel Bernath and Lester Brown Stain. Have you no decency, sir?


Found it, along with Nat’l Guard time, but only wikipedia seems to have those details, cited to a book exposing Scientology:

“In May 1930, at the age of 19, he joined the Marine Corps Reserve 20th Regiment, a training unit connected with George Washington University, where he was a student from 1930–32.

Hubbard attributed his service in the regiment to his need for “a little recreation. Life was dull. Fellow came up to me and he says, ‘The Marine Reserves are organizing a twentieth regiment. Why don’t you come down?'”[9] He made the dubious claim of being rapidly promoted to the rank of First Sergeant; Hubbard later explained his unusually rapid promotion as being due to his unit being newly formed and his superiors being unable to “find anyone else who could drill”.[10] He stated that he was rated ‘excellent’ for military efficiency, obedience and sobriety.[11] On October 22, 1931, Hubbard received an honorable discharge along with the annotation “not to be re-enlisted.” [12]”


Hubbard’s Military Records at this link.

As Mason wrote, there is no NDSM recorded in his records:


Jonn covered Hubbard in 2015:


Another interesting article about Hubbard’s Bogus claims:

“L. Ron Hubbard’s Stolen Valor: A New Breakdown Of His Bogus Medals By A Military Veteran”



Per Ninja’s link at

It was the American Defense Service Medal.

o American Defense Service Medal
o American Campaign Medal
o Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal
o World War II Victory Medal

Service between 8 September 1939 and 7 December 1941


Another interesting article with LOTS of documents:

“The Founder of Scientology Has One Of The Strangest US Navy Records Ever”:


Ex Coelis

Et Res Ipsa Loquitur = The Thing Speaks for Itself or Let a Moron be a Moron(even if that moron happens to be dead)…


Better have the lawyers on speed dial for when the “church” finds this article.

And if anyone has some spare time on their hands go down the rabbit hole of Operation Snow White. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Snow_White


The mother in law retired from the IRS, they still talk about this.


She ever talked about how in the hell the church managed to settle a tax debt of hundreds of millions for 12 million and then get to declare any org they want to be tax exempt? Talk about pulling one over on the IRS.


Probably the judges that got blackmailed by the cult.


Looks like the guy really DID have a talent for mayhem. Too bad we couldn’t somehow harness that ego.

The guy seemed to have the mother of all chips on his shoulder and a talent for revenge.

I don’t know what to make of him/them.

Hack Stone

A true inspiration for Daniel Bernath.


That’s their SOP to this day. Fortunately, the cult is slowly dying. According to a claim by the father of the current tyrant running Scientology Inc., The cult is down to some 20,000 members worldwide (statement made during a episode of the Joe Rogan blog) from a high of about 400,000 at it’s peak.

pookysgirl, WC wife


The style guide for this site CLEARLY states that the word is spelled “lawers.”

That is all.


You mean he didn’t graduate basic training????

“The Church claims he even earned the highly coveted NDSM, which he did not meet the criteria for. The noble eagle of the NDSM weeps.”


Last time I checked, the NDSM wasn’t retroactive to World War II. So no, Hubbard doesn’t rate it based on his World War II service.

Green Thumb

He is wearing more than that in the picture above.


My comment only addressed the NDSM because I was replying to 2banana’s comment immediately above it. His comment only addressed the issue of Hubbard’s claimed NDSM.

The link to the Underground Bunker piece in Mason’s article gives an excellent rundown on all of the other decorations claimed by/for Hubbard, bogus and legit.


L. Ron Hubbard, the Great-in-His-Own-Mind author, had several places in his sci-fi (which I enjoyed in my younger days) where he opined that those of superior intellect were not bound by moral-ethical rules that were for lesser-intellects.

Therefore, it surprises me not at all that he lived out his opinion.

To his eternal sorrow, the Judge of All Mankind has now corrected his hubris.


I’ve never read him. That’s an interesting insight.

It’s really frightening too.

He seems to have at least possessed a really amazing low cunning. I guess you have to be at least pretty smart to be an author.

Or good at bullshitting. How did we get to where we are today with that sentiment weaponized and exponentiated yet being largely untrue?

Some of the dumbest people seem to just rocket to the top. What in hell is that? Social media?

Quite a lot of them have that spooky sentiment as well; that they are free from any moral restraint.

Maybe “El Ron” really was a prophet.


I think I read one or two things by him back in the days before time began. evidently the Thetans have removed all memory of it from my mind. If only I had answered those ads in the SF mags, I could have been John Travolta!

5th/77th FA

L Ron Hubbard’s true military service was actually documented in a Historically Correct Movie on Naval Aviation. Seems as if he and a fellow Church Member went all Maverick, got greased up and had a ball on the beach. When there was a concern about their goose getting cooked, they put it on ice, man. Supposedly there was a part 2 that would bring out, “…the rest of the story.”

Maybe Mick, or even our Beloved AW1Ed, can update us on this, after they do a review.


Tom Cruise is a member of his Church….


A Proud Infidel®™️

So is John Travolta!


And Beck, the singer… he claims his ability to write songs and perform is assisted by whatever that machine is that Scientology followers use to detect negative energy… or some crap like that.


Gun Bunny my brother, I can just see AW1Ed & Mick shaking their heads and grabbing Sister Mary’s ruler with which to rap your typing knuckles……..again. (grin)

5th/77th FA

ninja…yep he is!

Sky…?Whut?!?…heh heh


Not enough club, Jumps-From-Sky, and there’s no season or bag limit on Gun Bunnies.


Not meaning to hijack this thread AW1Ed, but we might all want to snuggle up to the Gun Bunny a bit more.

The Bunny (5th/77th FA) has his own beer named after him and made right there in the great state of Georgia. (And he told us he was pounding down Yuenglings.) (grin)



Something to wash the hasenpfeffer down with, nice!



5th/77th FA

Not to worry Sky, ‘Ed knows that the thread track like puppies on a leash and serving as a bad example is one of my Super Powers. ‘Sides, he loves us and wants us to be happy.

That brewery is about 2 hours east of Firebase Magnolia, fast zip down the big road. One of my line crew Compatriots brought us some of their brewskis when he came up to lend a hand on a major fiber optic storm damage. A good time was had by all.

While we’re down there we can take in the NineLine Vet’s Clothing Shop, The Mighty 8th’s Museum, Savannah Sights, Forts Jackson, Pulaski, and MacAllister. Heard that there was a Russian Freighter that had to have an escort out of the Port Wentworth to get back past Jackson…back in the day. Wouldn’t know myself, wasn’t me, I wasn’t there, I didn’t do it! (strolls off whistling…Dixie)


5th/77th FA, here’s another “Gun Bunny” product.

Scents for the “Artillery man in all of us”.

Cloud Puncher
Red Legs

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That was CRUEL!


Just wait..December is coming up…plus, eventually, that Movie-That-We-Do-Not-Speak-In-Name will be playing soon at a Theater near you…




Right after the Middies show the Kay-Dets this game called “Football.”

go navy ship


As Bugs Bunny use to say:

“This Means WAR!!!!”




Ahem! GABN



Also, big SHOUT OUT to Skyjumper on what he shared about the Cold Ones!


5th/77th FA,
I wonder if L. Ron ever had his head examined.
You know, an X-Ray.
Like this…..

5th/77th FA

Heh heh, not sure on his medical history MD61, but his birth place town of Tilden NE, DID NOT want to turn his still standing home into a museum. They kinda referred to him as Barney Fife did Ernest T. Bass…”He’s a nut!”


“This officer is not satisfactory for independent duty assignment. He is garrulous and tries to give impressions of his importance. He also seems to think he has unusual ability in most lines. These characteristics indicate that he will require close supervision for satisfactory performance of any intelligence duty.”

Mason, are you sure this isn’t taken from one of commissars (Lars Taylor) raters comments from one of his OER’s (Officer Evaluation Report (DA Form 67-10-1A)) ?? (smile)


“This officer is not satisfactory for independent duty assignment. He is garrulous and tries to give impressions of his importance. He also seems to think he has unusual ability in most lines.”

Damn, sounds like he is perfect to run for President in the Republican Party.

Born before his time. The Republican Party of the 20th century would never have elected a guy like that.


Lars, I thought it was a comment made by a rater on one of your OER’s (Officer Evaluation Report).

“This officer is not satisfactory for independent duty assignment. He is garrulous and tries to give impressions of his importance. He also seems to think he has unusual ability in most lines. These characteristics indicate that he will require close supervision for satisfactory performance of any intelligence duty.”


Nah, I don’t think I have unusual ability in most lines.

I know I have plenty of areas of low or no skill.

I suck at parallel parking for instance.


Nah, I don’t think I have unusual ability in most lines.

Really? Then why do most of your comments here give the impression that you think you’re both omniscient and infallible?


“This is officer has a casual and fleeting relationship with the truth”.


Nah, his reads “His men would follow him anywhere….out of morbid curiosity.”



Can you please stick with the topic?

Mason’s post is NOT about the Republican or Democrat Party.

It is about Hubbard’s claims as well as his Church’s claims on Hubbard’s military service in the US Navy as well as awards that Hubbard claims.

You are so much better than that. You are a Veteran as well…Do you not care that there are folks out there embellishing their Military Service?

I can understand if you were a Teenager commenting off kilter on this Blog…but you are not.

Please try to focus on the topic.

Thank You.


ninja, you are a funny, funny gal.




If Commissar is reading this:

Commissar, it would be SO NICE if we could get a nice comment from you on any of Mason’s postings on VALOR or even on SFC Cashe’s approved Medal of Honor.

Or even share a recipe once in a while.

I know there is another side of you, Commissar, that is NOT obsessed with President Trump in a negative way. I remember you cared about the welfare of Ex’s cats when Ex was hospitalized (and I suspect you cared about Ex’s welfare as well)..

Nothing wrong with sharing your differences with it comes to your Political Party of choice or who you THINK should be in office.

It’s just that you have gone OVERBOARD with your obvious hate and OBSESSION of President Trump…and that is NOT healthy.

BTW, you never did answer my question on how it was possible for folks to go to College on minimum wage (paying for everything). I can understand if someone used the GI Bill, which my Dad used after he retired from the Army…and he was NOT a “Baby Boomer”.


Nah, you’re far too optimitic, ninja. The only thing he cares about is how soon I croak. And he will never din that out because I will out live his idjitcy by at least a decade… and will have plenty of stuff done to have done something worthwhile.

Him? Notsomuch.


Project much?

The Other Whitey

Sounds exactly like you, Lars.


Tell me, what is it like being an absolute intellectual coward draping yourself in the glory other earned?

You don’t have the stones to even state your belief system. Probably because your intellectually shallow, slope skulled, mouth breathing, smooth brain excuse for an intellectual. Wouldn’t want to have to defend your beliefs over the tough “hood” that is the internet. Are you going to play internet tough guy with me too? Go on and tell me how rough your hood is…

Here’s a hint, having an undergrad doesn’t make you anywhere near a thought leader. Get a graduate education (at a minimum), pair it up with real world experience and get published before you even attempt that. While you’re at it expand your intellectual exposure beyond the Lilly white anarchists you associate with you fuskin racist. You’re in the shallow end of the intellectual pool you mental midget.

Just like you kept attempting to play your whole 1 year/1 department of LEO experience into something of substance. And I especially liked how you attempted to portray a few KLEs while you were in a REMF billet into some sort of tip of the spear James Bond shit.

Tell you what. Since you are so happy to use the logically fallacious appeal to authority argument, how about we both send our resumes into AW1Ed? Let the mods judge who is full of shit? And when your pathetic ass is proven to be economically, academically, militarily and overall inferior you leave this place for good?

Naw, you won’t take the offer because we are the only people you know who actually keep our word and believe in free speech.

Now take a deep breath and go fusk your own face.


had that on your last OER, did you?


You could b correct. To be a democrat president today, he would have to be a hair sniffing pedophile that pimps out his son to sell out this country.


And survived months on a life raft.

Green Thumb

Phildo’s grandfather.

I imagine that they have a statue of him out from of All-Points Logistics’ corporate HQ in Merritt Island, FL.


So, Navy Lieutenant L. Ron Hubbard claimed two Purple Hearts with “Palm”.

Is that the “Navy Double Face Palm” attachment?

comment image


“Officer fails to read the friggin’ manual before running his mouth.”


“During this reporting period Lieutenant Hubbard continues to be not observed.”

1. His men would follow him anywhere, but only out of curiosity.

2. I would not breed from this Officer.

3. This man is depriving a village somewhere of its idiot.

4. This officer can be likened to a small puppy – he runs around excitedly, leaving little messes for other people to clean up.

5. This Officer is really not so much of a has-been, more of a definitely won’t-be.

6. When he opens his mouth, it seems only to change whichever foot was previously in there.

7. Couldn’t organize 50% leave in a 2 man submarine

8. He has carried out each and every one of his duties to his entire satisfaction.

9. He would be out of his depth in a car park puddle.

10. The occasional flashes of adequacy are marred by an attitude of apathy and indifference.

More at: Mumbling Mike


Are you sure that only applies to ElRon?

Green Thumb

Knew a few Officers those comments applies too….

The Other Whitey

#11: Couldn’t figure out how to pour piss out of a boot if instructions were printed under the heel.

Commissioner Wretched

Rumor has it that Hubbard “created” Scientology at a time when his books were not selling. (If you’ve ever read one, you would understand why.) The way I heered it, Hubbard and Robert Heinlein were talking and Heinlein mentioned something about getting rich by creating one’s own religion.
Hubbard took the challenge, and the rest is history.

The Other Whitey

Heinlein had some weird hobbies, but he was actually a good writer. Unlike Hubbard.


The claims that Hubbard made originally have been toned way down over the years. His original passages had him commanding cruisers and essentially winning WWII all by his lonesome. If you can find an old copy of his book from the pre early 80s it reads like “An Amazing Story” comic from the 30s that Hubbard used to write.

The church now has it own army of slaves that do menial work for no pay under a billion year contract where they die and are reborn for the joy of wiping LRon’s ass in the afterlife. The whole church is giant human rights abuse factory.


Question for the Forum:

Does this exposure rate a tick mark in the Navy column on the FY21 Valor Vultures Tote Board?


Its been well known since the 90s, so no. The church denied it for a long time and then threw up hands.


My vote would be no since it doesn’t really appear to involve any new claims. Unless we consider this a new investigation based on some new information. Or, because of lack of stolen valor meat this year we just want to claim it.

Ambiguous enough?


OK, Thanks for the input and just checking in. What with a month and a half now gone in the new fiscal year and Navy not putting up any points yet on the Tote Board, I just wanted to make sure nobody feelings would be hurt if this didn’t count./smile


My butt hurts.


A fake. And a fruit-loop
no surprise here