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| October 7, 2020

Cal Cunningham

The Curious Case of Cal Cunningham continues. First, he didn’t know what “BBQ” meant in his home state of North Carolina. Then his Senate campaign has admitted that the tawdry text messages of a sexual nature sent to a woman married to a US Army officer (and wounded warrior), he’s also been accused of having another woman on the side. 

Erin Brinkman, a lawyer who previously worked on a campaign for Cunningham, said a friend of hers had been in a relationship with Cunningham since 2012.

“He’s been having an affair with a good friend of mine since 2012. Not the woman mentioned in the story. Needless to say, my friend was devastated. But my feeling is, if they’ll cheat WITH you, they’ll cheat ON you!,” Brinkman wrote on Facebook.

Cunningham, an Army Reserve JAG Corps LTC, is now facing an investigation into the matter (the cheating, not the BBQ, though that might warrant charges of conduct unbecoming on its own). Fox News reports;

The U.S. Army Reserve is investigating North Carolina Democratic candidate Cal Cunningham after text messages emerged suggesting he had an extramarital affair with a military wife as recently as over the summer.

“Cal will participate in this process, but it does not change the stakes of this election or the need for new leaders who will fight for the issues North Carolinians care about instead of caving to the corporate special interests – which is exactly what Senator [Thom] Tillis has done in his years in Washington,” a Cunningham campaign spokesperson said in a statement on Wednesday.

“The Army Reserve is investigating the matters involving Lt. Col. James Cunningham. As such, we are unable to provide further details at this time,” Simon B. Flake, a spokesman for the Army Reserve Strategic Communications, told North Carolina outlet WRAL on Wednesday.

They don’t say why he’s being investigated, but it’s a short list of possible reasons. A local NC news station happened upon the Democratic Senate candidate and he dodged any questions of substance.

“This campaign is not about my personal life,” he continued. “The campaign is about the people of North Carolina. That’s what I’m staying focused on. I’m going to make the strongest argument possible for why they’ll see my name on the ballot. It’s their health care, and it’s about their jobs, their higher wages.”

What a guy. His biggest mistake is letting all this come to light before he’s elected. Once he’s in, he can get a pass for all this conduct with that (D) after his name. Governor “Coon Man” Northam, the pediatric neurosurgeon who’s OK with infanticide and who will happily dance a jig at a press conference where he recounts the many times he appeared in blackface and/or a Klan hood (he still can’t remember which), has gotten a full pass in the state just to the north of LTC Jody.

The most recent polls still show this slimeball philandering blue falcon in a dead heat (or even ahead a few points) with Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC).

I can’t remember who all to thank for the links today. I got stuff on this from a bunch of folks, the KoB and ninja immediately come to mind. Thanks to anyone I forgot.

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Combat Historian

Jody will just run a bunch more commercials showing him in his ACU battle rattle and his BSM…


Is he in need of some blanket counseling?

A Proud Infidel®™

A really good Blanket Party at the least.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Jody this and Jody that jody is a real cool cat
Ain’t no use in calling home, Jody’s on your telephone.
Ain’t no use in going home, Jod’s got your girl and gone. Sound off 1234, 12 34


Jody, Jody 6 foot 4,
Jody’s never been whooped before.
Gonna take a two day pass,
And then I’ll kick his $&%*ing ass

A Proud Infidel®™

Hey now hey there, don’t feel blue,
Jody tagged yo’ Momma too
I’ll go home and mow the grass,
Then I’ll go kick Jody’s ass…

5th/77th FA

A self centered egotistical JAG Lawer…Meh…yawn

A demonrat political grifter that cheats on his wife…AND his Mistress. Ho Hum, so common that it is almost considered stereotypical. Nothing to see here, move along Citizen.

“We sure need some Brunswick Stew”
“Jody can not BBQ”

“Sound Off”…1.2 “SOUND OFF” 3.4.

Hey Cal, maybe you can hire on at the Flying J, I hear they’re looking for a roller grill master…and somebody to take up the slack behind dumpster 3. If that doesn’t work out well enough, Brucie’s Bath House (Entrance in the rear) is always looking for apprentice Towel Fluffers.

The voters may forgive this slime, he may even be able to smooth things over with his wife and his girlfriends. He can possibly skate on the UCMJ Charges for things like “Conduct Unbecoming”, or “…Detrimental to Good Order and Discipline.”

Rest assured, there is not a good ol’ boy (or girl) that has a wood pile of hickory and oak that will vote for his azz. He may get some support from the Kingsford Insta Light Charcoal Crowd. Bwwaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!


Got somethin’ for ol’ Jody here:


I remember my drill sergeant imparting that advice, “if they’ll cheat with you, they’ll cheat on you”.
Cheatin’ Cal will get his, one way, one day. And, if the citizens of NC are stupid enough to elect this asshole, they deserve each other.

Green Thumb


Where is the wife in all of this?

The Other Whitey

Wannabe-congressman Sancho’s old lady is probably getting her divorce lawyer lined out on all the campaign funds he pocketed.


Heh Heh, we can only hope TOW, but then again, misuse of campaign funds is a given. Look how many in the “Squad” has gotten away with it. And there is another Mayor in Rochester NY that just got busted for misuse of nearly a million bucks worth of it. I’ve sent Mason a number of different ones that we have talked about and if he started running them, every thread, every day could be about a crooked politician.

There is another story that dropped just a few minutes ago on the Fox News Feed, that talked about the other Officer saying he should withdraw from the race. And from some reports, Cuntyham’s opponent’s skirts aren’t real clean either. Pity!


Had to go find it right quick. Makes for an interesting read. Not much out there from the other gal he was banging. And nothing from his wife. Again, in the grand scheme of things his dilly dallying is actually between him and his wife, unless he is in violation of UCMJ. We know he’s in violation of being a decent human being. Stay safe Brother!

Green Thumb

By the looks of him, he was probably in a relationship with a dude as well.


He also looks like cuck material as well.


Amazing I should become a Democrat
Then run for office I could get away with
Murder, Insider Trading, Screwing a Army Officers
Wife oh hell I could get away with everything
Why in the hell do I have a conscience


Remove Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte, and all of their imported liberal denizens from up north, and this sleazeball loses in a landslide.

He’ll probably lose anyways. I’m getting a weird 2016 deja vu sense from all of this polling.


I’m thinking the polling is being set up to claim “Trump stole the election, all the polls showed Sleepy Joe and Kneepads winning a landslide”

Because remember, Hillary had a 98% chance of winning the election right up until the results started coming in.


Is this the guy that stole my Cadillac?

USMC Steve

Yep, another socialist democrat with no discernible character, other than bad character, that cannot be trusted. Big old surprise.


The NC version of Gavin Newsom.


This might be a different take on things, but I don’t care if a person cheats on their spouse.

Unless I am a friend or relative, I don’t care. I am not a part of the problem or the solution.

Where all of that takes a left turn is that the same person who is cheating after making a vow in front of God and the universe now wants me to trust them when they take a vow or oath of office.

T’ain’t happening.

If a person cannot be counted on to keep their most sacred oath of love and fidelity to an individual, I don’t think they can keep their oath to constituents and people that they don’t know.

Just my opinion.


I’m gonna venture a guess that your opinion is commonly shared.


[…] Cal “Jody” Cunningham (D) from North Carolina appears to have lost in his bid to oust Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC). 93% of precincts are reporting, with Tillis up 48.7% to Cunningham’s 46.9%. […]