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| October 8, 2020


Pizza Hut employee filmed chasing robbery suspects away while brandishing pizza cutter
Houston Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspects

By Michael Bartiromo
No one outpizzas the Hut. And as it turns out, no one outsmarts the Hut, either.

A quick-thinking employee at a Pizza Hut in Houston turned the tables on a group of robbers by chasing them out of the store with a rather large, rather intimidating-looking pizza cutter.

The police are now hoping to charge the criminals with aggravated robbery.

On Tuesday, the department’s Robbery Division released surveillance footage from the Aug. 29 incident on YouTube, asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the fleeing suspects.

In the video, the three men can be seen entering the restaurant, including one with a crowbar who goes directly for one of the registers. One of the other suspects walks back into the kitchen area and subdues a worker holding a mezzaluna-style pizza cutter, prying it out of her hand and throwing it on the floor.

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Read the rest here: Fox News
Thanks again to our Gun Bunny for the link.

South Point Casino Security Fatally Shoots Armed Man, Las Vegas Strip Violence Continues

Ed Silverstein
Las Vegas’ South Point Hotel Casino was the scene of a fatal shooting late Sunday afternoon, as security officers shot an armed man. The man had fired a gun in the air and refused to drop the firearm outside of the gaming property, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

The unidentified man had fired a shot near the casino’s valet area, according to the report. He also had entered and exited the casino.

He kept brandishing a handgun and then pointed it at two security guards outside of the building, the Review-Journal said. He allegedly refused to drop the weapon during the stand-off with security officers. The officers then fatally wounded the man, police said.

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“Those who do not learn from the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat them.” — George Santayana

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5th/77th FA

BZ to the young Lady for defending herself and her co-workers. Prolly get fired for it, but there will be dozens of employers offering her a better position. Just goes to show (a) The Trash will take itself out if given some encouragement. (b) The punks azz hood rats are really just widdle chickensh^t ‘fraidy cats when stood up to. Any body else notice that the “Security cameras” were pointed more at the cash register, monitoring the employee V pointing at the doorway to ID a thug?

“The officers then fatally wounded the man.” Music to our ears. One less oxygen thief and parasite on Society. Officers should be given a Commendation with pay raise, but will likely get fired cause the upcoming lawsuit.

Ahhh, the History of the Beloved Model 1911 of his most Saintly John Moses Browning (Howitzer be his name). Like a favorite bed time story that the little Gun Bunny can never tire of. And this one with pictures! One has to wonder, does AW1Ed do this cause he loves us and wants us to be happy? Or, he knows that a linky like that will keep said Gun Bunny over in the corner and out of his hair for a good little while?

Imma gonna go with the loves us, after all, he does come up with this gun pr0n on a regular basis, a Lovely Ms Thang each Sunday, had a Taco Tuesday for the Mondays Recipe, and Ex-PH2 will have a very nice dinner on the Thursdays are for Cooking. Life is good.

I am gonna have to make a run to the pillz pusher today, and check the perimeter security of FOB Hawkins Hill. After it gets daylight and I unload the pieces and parts from Big Red.


The pizza lady is lucky this didn’t happen in St. Louie, otherwise she would be charged with assault by the Soros selected DA, especially if the robbers were Black.



“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (^___^) hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


I was never a fan until I bought a Kimber.