More Secret Squirrel Stuff from China

| September 22, 2020

While the Chinese military has improved its equipment and numbers substantially, they seem to want to impress us somehow by making scary runs over Taiwan and Guam bases, just to let us know that we know that they know that we know what they’re up to.

They’ve been doing flybys and flyovers quite a bit lately, but when they post videos online about it, they’re using stuff snatched from ‘Transformers” and other such movies, including “Hurt Locker”.  While they are using scenes from movies like ‘Transformers” for propaganda, they are also physically invading US air space over unimportant targets like Guam. Oh, did I say “unimportant”? Well, really, there isn’t much there except for the Navy base, which has been there since time began.

If these clankers  are jonesing up for a confrontation, it’s logical to ask why. Are they pissed off at Trump because he’s annoyed with them, or is Xi Jinping up to some sort of ‘poke the bear’ game?

No conclusions are drawn in the BI article4, just information, and about half of it is speculation, anyway.

But  Guam and Taiwan are being harassed, so it appears to not be any sort of coincidence that it is happening during the current election cycle. And we also have the earlier news about that Tibetan “not really a refugee” fellow AngWang, who is over here spying on us and telling his bosses about what he’s found.  qui

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5th/77th FA

Maybe when the Chinese flagged container ships full of assault troops and tracked vehicles start unloading at all of the US Ports, then, maybe then. the idiots will start to realize that the Chinese Communists are not our friends.

Remember, quantity has a quality of its own. Wonder when we gonna see some investigating into the colluding with the Chinese**cough** joe biden *cough* Senator DiFi *cough*, but I guess that was All Trump All the time too? Anybody else notice how quietly it got in reference to Hunter’s financials when he paid off the baby mama stripper?

The Other Whitey

They have domestic troubles. They don’t like how contagious Hong Kong has been. They, like their bestie Nancy Pelosi, are paranoid of losing their grip on power. Ergo, they’re looking for ways to distract their proles via international tension and/or conflict.


Plus if by screwing with us they provide the anti-Trump crowd fodder for their “Trump is weak/ ineffective/ feckless” stance, they help their fellow-travelers win and weaken us immeasurably. Think Taiwan… multiplied by Benghazi. Guaranteed the Chinese dream of it.



I am a bit disappointed in your use of “Chinks”.


Okay, tell me what you prefer. “chink” really old, from the 1960s, but I’ll change it if it will make you happier.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I used the word chinks a year or two ago and I was notified by Admin not to use the word so I don’t on this site. Back in the 1950’s it was a common name in the neighborhood on Sundays when people/my folks would say lets get chinks or lets go out for chinks. Common back then. A friend of mine who was staying at his father in laws place just north of me was telling me that when he was working as a local 3 electrician, the crew was going to take a lunch break and one of the new guys was chinese so Mike says hey lets go to chinks and the chinese guy said that the word was a slur. Mike didn’t know that and my folks didn’t know that but is it a recent slur that came up a few years ago?? I don’t know.

A Proud Infidel®™

Whassup, did her use of words reveal a chink in your armor?


Which racist slurs are “ok” ?

Combat Historian

Way past time to gear up the Free Chinese with a fighter group of three F-35 squadrons to patrol and control their air space over Taiwan…


Guam also has Anderson AFB

Hack Stone

And from what Hack has been told, a WalMart. The closest Hack ever got to Guam was his wife’s sister and brother in law moving into Stately Stone Manor. The BIL is Guamanian, if you did not figure that out.


Ooh, you referred to them as “Chinks.” You are going to be in so much trouble. Good thing you didn’t post that on Twatter, as your account would be shut down for engaging in racist hate speech. One can’t even use the phrase, “Chinaman’s chance” without a severe tongue lashing from the Prog Word Police.

Combat Historian

Can I still refer to the fucking red Chinese commies as “chicoms”, or has that been banned by our proggy twitty betters as well?

George V

Ho’w about using FRCC? Works with your description CH, and only those in the know will know what it means. Safe for use on Twitface.

Sort of like CLR = Chicom Lung Rot, another name for COVID, the Chicom Originating VIral Disease.

Combat Historian

The FRCCs; I like it…


spapos seagull to show up screeching that the Fu@king Red Chinese Commies are not communists in

FRCC! I ^LIKE^ it. Plus the letters are all right there close by on the qwertyfrccfrccfrccfrccfrccfrccfrccfrcc


I generally try avoid slurs that focus on an immutable characteristic.

Stupid politics like Communism seems fair game.

So does stupid in the “willfully so” mode.

But slurs of ancestry and skin pigment seem inappropriate. Especially when used as a lazy ignorant shorthand.


You may trigger “you know who”…

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Years ago the NYC daily rag I mean news had a pic of a chinaman in the sports section every day with a little proverb but years later it was taken down or the name of the character was changed.

My, My, My

Funny, I had to read that sentence twice. Regardless of the term used, frankly I dont give a flying f as I know it is an old term, well used, and used today by people from that era and shortly after (self included.
was a kid). Feelings not hurt at all by any stretch of the imagination.

Regardless, the only reason I would caution use (not that it matters) is the attention it may bring to the site and it’s members.

Otherwise, to each their own 🙂

Great write-up BTW.


As usual, deflecting from their interior troubles by ‘posturing’ they can play with the big boys… Not the first time we’ve seen this.



All I can say is: 😆😅🤣😂!!!

Clankers: “A Racial Slur Against Droids”

5th/77th FA

ninja!!! 😆 😛 😆 😛

Read deeper into the linky. WE can’t call them clankers, but THEY can call ONE ANOTHER clankers. Sound familiar? 😀 😛


True “War” Story.

One night, on my very last deployment, my Boss and I had a DEEP one on one conversation with our Admin Clerk whose pigment was darker than ours.

My Boss innocently asked our NCO: “SGT ****, why is OK for Blacks to call other Blacks the “N” word?”

Our NCO’s response?

“Sir, it is a term of endearment. You have to be Black to understand”..

It took all my Will-Power to NOT start laughing and to keep a straight face…

Did my Boss stop with his questions? Well, not really.

His next question to SGT *** was “Why do you guys wear a stocking over your head…”








Speaking of “Clankers”…

Did you see this?

I can now read KoB’s reaction.

What has happened to our Country?

My Black Brothers and Sisters reaction?

They said the woman making the complaint is only seeking attention and wants to be known as a White Woman who adopted two Black children.

The next thing you know is that Super Hero costumes will be deemed “Racist” or insulting Animal Rights (Batman, Catwoman, AntMan).

So sad to be a child today.

5th/77th FA

You can have all of the inclusivity, diversity, free speech, and mostly peaceful protest you want…as long as it does not say anything positive about White Southern History. It’s too bad I can’t magically transpose the 60+ years of study and research I have in my head on the history of this country, and particularly that tragic conflict, into the brains of the ignorant. I’m still looking for a picture of an Army of Northern Virginia Battle Flag, flying over a ship full of Africans, pulling into a Southern Port. I have yet to see documentation of a CSA Regiment going into the tribal regions to gather up Africans. I have seen pictures of Africans wearing the Kinta Cloth selling other Africans to Arabs, Portuguese, Spaniards, English, and yes New England Shipbuilders. If you are going to discuss slavery, then let’s discuss ALL of the history of slavery. Not just that small 4 year window of a war caused by politicians, that brought about the slaughter of nearly 1,000,000 Americans. There are over 70 million Americans in this Country today that are descended from Confederate Soldiers. Guess what snowflakes? Some of those Americans are Black. And they are descended from…wait for it…Black Confederate Soldiers. And not just cooks, laborers, and teamsters. Soldiers with rifles. That were paid at the same rate as the white Confederates. And they starved, froze, bled, and died alongside their White Compatriots. I wonder if Mz “Woke” Thang would have a problem wearing the uniform of… Read more »


“There are over 70 million Americans in this Country today that are descended from Confederate Soldiers. Guess what snowflakes? Some of those Americans are Black. And they are descended from…wait for it…Black Confederate Soldiers. And not just cooks, laborers, and teamsters. Soldiers with rifles. That were paid at the same rate as the white Confederates. And they starved, froze, bled, and died alongside their White Compatriots.”

You NAILED it.

When will this nonsense stop?

This is so sad.



Well, he sure blew it at Gettysburg- he should have listened to Longstreet.

Of course, it’s not all his fault- if JEB Stuart had done his job he would have had better intel and might have made different decisions.

Maybe everyone should have listened to Winfield Scott who was fairly accurate in his prediction of the cost of the war and treasure in his letter to Seward, and recommended, “Say to the seceded sisters — wayward sisters, depart in peace!”


Killer Angels?



Yes, but I also just finished reading both Grant and Longstreet’s memoirs. Longstreet finishes his with the Scott quote, and he is pretty plain in thinking that Pickett’s charge was folly. He was also a bit critical of Stuart, none of which made him a favorite of Post Bellum Southerners.

Plus, just before COVID I did a staff ride at Gettysburg led by my War College history professor (Virginia born and bred and a career SF officer, by the way) so it is still fresh…


Thank You for sharing.

Wow…A Staff Ride at Gettysburg!

The one Staff Ride that always stuck with me was Andersonville.

Fortunately, our Staff Ride Leader told the story from BOTH sides.

Still so sad what happened to the Commander of Andersonville.

5th/77th FA

Spot on SteeleyI, you are correct. On all 3 points. Stuart had left his least competent commanders to do the job that Stuart himself should have been doing. Coulda, shoulda, woulda, had oughta, we could talk all night on this one. Jackson still alive and battle joined the high ground would have been taken on 1 July. Jackson not there, Ewell should have done what was needed…and didn’t. Then Bobie Lee shoulda listened to His War Horse.

And yep, Seward AND Lincoln shoulda listened to Scott. The wayward sisters would have been back, eventually if not sooner, when cooler heads prevailed. Forcing the Southern States into a fight to recoup the lost tariff monies that made up the bulk of the US treasury only made more states decide to secede.

“90 days it will be over.” “One Battle and we got them whipped.” “I will drink the total amount of blood shed from this cup.”

Everybody wants to read up and study the glorious battles. Nobody wants to dig thru the musty backroom politics that caused it all. Or the politics on both sides that caused it to drag out as long as it did. Davis should have let Lee run the battlefield and somebody should have shot Braxton Bragg about Oct of ’63. Neither he nor Hood were suited for Army Command and both not only frittered away the fruits of others labor, they destroyed armies that they commanded.


China has or will soon have a decisive overmatch over the US and our allies in the South China sea as well as the capability to achieve a fait accompli with Taiwan, placing the US in a dilemma- go to total war or cede the freedom of an ally and look weak in the eyes of the rest of the world, which could embolden the Russians.

We are trying to modernize and catch up, but it may be too little, too late to prevent aggression. For a great example of what this might mean for the US, study up on the Falklands War, where the Brits let their force projection capability decline to the point that they had a hard time getting to the fight and surviving when they got there-losing 4 combatant vessels, and barely holding on to their lodgement. lost Imagine if the US lost a major combatant vessel, or an air wing on the ground

5th/77th FA

Tanks man! Been preaching this for years. Chinese Communist are not and have NEVER been our friends. They have been very patiently selling us the rope they want to use to hang us with for decades. Goes back to Nixon’s big heralded trip before Watergate Times. Their hatred of us goes back even further.

Many “novelists” and “doomsday scenario” writers have predicted what the war gamers are proving in the sims. For my Grandchildren’s and this Country’s sake, I really hope someone is paying attention. May be a mute point anyhow. Biden gets elected they will sell us out to the ChiComs. We may need to do some serious colluding with the Ruskies before it is all over. Azz load of mineral wealth in Russia’s far North East. And it’s right across the street from the ChiComs.


The Chinese actually have a grand strategy spanning decades and even centuries, while we at best have 2 year campaign plans that are disrupted every congressional election and completely blown apart by the 4 year POM budgeting cycle.

That said, I don’t think it will come to war between us and China- at least, US troops won’t fight Chinese troops on air, land, or sea. It would be too expensive for us both, not just in the loss of live and hardware, but in the trade disruption.

Of course, our proxies will fight them, and their proxies will fight us (remember the Little Green Men in Crimea? The Chinese have Little Blue Men- naval militias and proxies).

And of course, there is cyber and space warfare, and our AI enabled drone swarms will fight their AI enabled drone swarms.


But, what happens when their autonomous machine learning death machines kill all of our autonomous machine learning death machines and sink a ship or kill some cyber troops in a forward operating base on some little island we just captured?

5th/77th FA

“When the machines rise up, ATMs will lead the Charge!” Sheldon Lee Cooper.

Be nice if we could just all get along. Ain’t gonna happen. The FIRST war was fought with a rock, between 2 fighters. What you wanna bet that the last 2 survivors standing in a nuclear wasteland pick up a rock and end the LAST war?