Carol Badoni – Fake Twice Wounded Afghanistan Veteran

| September 17, 2020

The folks at Military Phony sent us their work on Carol Ann Badoni.  Badoni is 50 y/o as of the time of this writing and lives in Burlington, Wisconsin which is about 40 min from Kenosha.  Her AKAs include: Karen Badoni, Carol A. Badoni, Carol Ann Badoni, and Karen A. Badonischultz.

After the shootings in Kenosha during the protests, Carol Badoni started showing up in the media doing interviews centered around her trying to do CPR on someone that was shot.

The person she claims that she tried to save was Anthony Huber, who was shot in the chest and died almost immediately.

Badoni appeared to show up first on CBS Chicago and was introduced as “former military” and a “military veteran.”

. . .

In the article above, there was a claim that she rushed into a hail of bullets and relied on her “Army training” to try and save Huber.

In another article, there was a claim that Badoni was shot twice while in Afghanistan.

Having been shot twice while in the military is a claim that Badoni makes on her Twitter profile.  This, in addition to claiming she served in the military for 20 years and is currently a U.S. Marshall.

CNN furthered this story when CNN’s Erin Burnett introduced Carol Badoni as a “20-year Army veteran with first aid training.”

. . .

Some very keen folks here at TAH picked up on this and said something didn’t smell right.  So, several folks got on this case.

The folks at NPRC said “Who?”

In addition, the DoD Manpower Data Center database could not pick up any active duty service for Badoni from 1986 – when she was 16 years old – to the present day.

There was extensive research done with genealogy, newspapers and address histories.  Badoni seemed to keep her same name through the years but even if she hadn’t the NPRC would have picked up military service.  NPRC was asked to check all branches of service to which the reply stated that they checked the Army, Air Force and Navy electronic systems and there were no records found for her and they have no records showing for her in their Registry.  NOTE: The U.S. Marine Corps relies upon Navy corpsmen, nurses, and physicians for medical support.

The point here is that there was not just a focus on the U.S. Army.  We accounted for journalists being loose with the facts since some lump all military service into the Army on occasion.  Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force — ah, it’s all the same, right?

Badoni’s address history showed no addresses around military bases.  Only Wisconsin and Florida.

So, there may have been a chance of being 20 years in the Reserve or Guard, but NPRC would have still picked that up.  If it was Reserve or Guard service, why would someone go to Afghanistan and be sent outside the wire to be wounded twice?

Also, there was a murder trial in 2008 where she was a key witness, but the prosecutor confirmed that she had bad credibility with telling the truth.  It came out that she was a mistress-lover to a murderer, she was a stripper, and she tried to commit suicide so many times that she lost count.  For context, Blumenfield was an attorney in the case.

Kenosha News – Thu Sept 25 2008 – Front Page + Page 8

If you study the timeline of Badoni’s life, it would have been difficult if not impossible to squeeze in 20 years of military service, so there’s that.  But on top of that, you would have had someone moonlighting as a stripper, committing adultery and having some issue with criminal charges all while serving in the Army and the Army didn’t take notice of any of it.

For instance, she was arrested for possession of a controlled substance in 2010, and arrested for trespassing in 2005.  Provided she got out of the military in 2008, she may have avoided scrutiny for possession of a controlled substance, but her 20 years would have to have been 1988-2008 give or take a year.

However, she was arrested for trespassing in 2005 and that would have been while she was allegedly in the military doing her 20 years.  She was in Florida at the time and there is no final disposition listed.  However, she claims to have been employed with the Daytona Beach PD and/or a U.S. Marshall so conventional wisdom would say that being arrested would be incompatible with a job in law enforcement.

Besides that, isn’t this the time she would have been runnin’ and gunnin’ in Afghanistan?  I wonder if she allegedly got shot twice in Afghanistan before or after her arrest in Florida in 2005?

Similar to a forgotten book stored in the musty attic for years, eaten up by silverfish – there are far too many holes in the story.

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GOOGLE update on Phony Badoni.

Top 5 Google results for “Carol Ann Badoni”:
1 – MP article..
2 – VG page. This page.
3 – VG page. This page, but a new Page 2.
4 – BailbondsHQ – BADONI, CAROL ANN Inmate 00000000557E-003
5 – This Ain’t Hell – Posts | Facebook

Not a good time to be on the wrong side of Stolen Valor.
Google is your friend. Unless…….


Once again, extremely poor Journalism…i.e. Lack Of Fact Checking.

And her having a Personality Disorder…

Sometimes, one’s 15 Minute of Fame can backfire, especially in this day and age of the Internet.

This is for Claw: Rumor has it that she has 3 NDSMs..and that the First SEAC is backing her story about being shot in the Stan…

How long have those crickets been chirping about Killer Killam of Tarrant County?

And oh, her PH? Well, we all know who helped her get those pretty documents from..

Her Disability Lawyer’s First name was Daniel who loved to duct tape dogs in a small, crashible plane (credit to the Chipster for that funny photo)..

And her next assigment will be with Tom Cruise as his Wingman to Space..

And last..she wears the Bullwinkle Badge because she got this piece of paper from Campbell…

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up.

Don’t You All Miss These Folks?

Thank You, MarineDad61 for the update..



After the adventures (and coverage) of
Nathan Phillips and Maggie DeSanti,
I have a hunch that Phony Badoni
won’t be the last 2020 protester to go on TV and say
“Look at me (and my bullshit).”


Also, is the jury in with a verdict
on Portland protester
75 year old pepper sprayed
Vietnam (?) Veteran Mike Hastie,
and his claims?

This guy…..


Good Question…




Phillips was born in February 1955, NOT 1954. I found his Birth Announcement.

Ole Maggie was born in 1938, NOT 1935. I found her Record of Birth.

She probably used her deceased sisters death at birth status in 1935 so she could get “legally” get married around 1953-1955. She lied about her age.

She probably started illegally drawing SSN BEFORE she legally could based on falsifying her age.

All of them have Personality Disorders with ENABLERS supporting them.


Karma will get them.


Q: “How long have those crickets been chirping about Killer Killam of Tarrant County?”

A: 1,710 days.


And they STILL fell for his BS:

“Combating Moral Injury
For Some Veterans, Guilt and Shame Can Linger Years After Combat — And It’s Not PTSD.”

“Another veteran I spoke to in Fort Worth, Michael Killam, was profoundly scarred by the combat he saw as a helicopter gunner in Vietnam. Sixty-five and lean, with long gray hair held back by an American flag bandana, Killam was anxious during our talk: He insisted the door to the conference room remain open, and his narrative was peppered with nervous laughter. A recovering alcoholic and heroin addict, Killam recounted an almost stereotypically horrible stint in Vietnam. His most heartrending tale occurred in 1969, when his helicopter was called to the site of a mortared orphanage. He and his crew were asked to find survivors. Killam says he stumbled upon a baby with a piece of shrapnel stuck in its chest. When he pulled out, the baby bled to death, he remembers.”

“The memory still pains him. “Sometimes I feel like I left my soul over there,” he told me several times. His return from combat only aggravated his guilt. “When I got off the plane and was walking across the tarmac, a woman in the crowd called me a baby killer,” he said. “How did she know? I couldn’t understand how she knew.”


What Phony Vietnam POW Baby Killer Michael Killam REALLY did in Vietnam:

Green Thumb


Combat Historian

Hey Phony Badoni, how you like your fifteen minutes of FAME!!!


She seems to have gone underground.

She has admitted in court that she’s a slut and a whore, and that’s probably the only time she’s ever been honest about anything.

I’m sure she’s never met a dollar bill or a camera she didn’t like.

Keepin' It Real


DEFENSE ATTORNEY: The defense would ask the court to stipulate that the witness was a mistress of the defendant and as such was privy to private statements that he made —

PROSECUTING ATTORNEY: — if the defense will concede that Ms. Badoni is a slut and a whore.

DEFENSE ATTORNEY: The defense will concede that.