Baylor University posts trigger warning signs at 9/11 memorial consisting of American flags

| September 11, 2020

The Young Conservatives of Texas at Baylor University have carried on an annual tradition to remember the 2,911 Americans who died on 9/11/01. The memorial consists of an American flag for each person.

In the past, this has been done without issue. Since this is 2020, and we now know that 9/11 was just when “some people did something” and expressions of American patriotism and pride are white supremacist dog whistles, Baylor Student Activities placed a sign warning that the display (which is, once again, made solely of American flags, a symbol known around the world for freedom and liberty) contained “sensitive content.”

When will this madness stop? Most of us here have served under that star spangled banner. Many here have bled for what that flag represents. Some here have watched as that flag lie atop the mortal remains of someone who gave everything for it.

There are terrible, terrible people in this country and now, 19 years after an event that unified us as a country in a way that hadn’t happened in two generations, these awful, spiteful people are making this political. This should be a day of remembrance for those lives lost, for the lives lost since then in avenging the act, and for how the event changed every single one of us in some way. Instead, we’re now led to believe that the simple act of posting a flag as a remembrance is somehow “sensitive.”

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The Dead Man

If the flag triggers you, you’re welcome to leave any time. Idiots.

AW1 Rod

Having lost two friends with whom I served in the Pentagon attack on 11 September 2001, I would LOVE to introduce these Baylor pantywaist douche rockets to the true meaning of “sensitive.“ It’s a lesson they would not soon forget!


Oh, no, not patriotism! (East sh*t, you commie candyasses.)

5th/77th FA

YHGTBFSM!?! !??!!DaHell??!!? If the Flag of the United States of America offends you, then just GO. GET THE FUQUE OUT!!! They say Venezuela is nice this time of year. Or Cuba, watch out for the upcoming Hurricanes. Or maybe you could hire on at a little school in Wuhan China. I understand there may be all sorts of job openings in that town. Oh, and those looking to go back to the land of their ancestors? See how much your black life matters when you are hacked to death with a rusty machete. Or die from a truly rare, exotic germ.

That Flag doesn’t ruffle in the wind for no reason. It flutters on the last breath of every Service Member that died defending what it stands for.

Let’s see if me kicking you in the ass with my size 10 steel toed boots hurts worse than seeing this Memorial to nearly 3000 murdered souls.

And Marvin thinks he’s angry.


Heard immunity will improve by 2024.

A Proud Infidel®™


Slow Joe

I hear he wants to take our gunz.

Not sure if it is true.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I call bullshit on that claim, he’s a former USN SEAL!


Anyone who thinks disarming law abiding citizens is an effective way to combat gun come should never be president. Hardcore criminals and terrorists have guns in the most restrictive countries.


Crime, dammit.


Dear Baylor snowflakes, here’s another song for your butt-buddy, Osama bin Laden.

A Proud Infidel®™

I just say TOUGH SHIT to any marshmallow-assed snowflake ‘offended’ by the American Flag.


OK, I’m starting to get angry at these TEXAS Universities (like A&M and UT) with their socialist anti-American professors, but when Baylor, founded by Baptists in the aftermath of the Texas Revolution during the Republic of Texas days, starts allowing this type of crap my blood begins to boil.

The ol’ Battling Baptist in me is ready to lead a woodshed revival in the Baylor halls.


GB, put me down for a revival ride, I’m fixin’ to get my switch on!
Lord help these poor bastards, cuz iffin we get our hands on um…

5th/77th FA

GB, It bears pointing out that there was a Former Carpenter of the Jewish Faith that got Baptized and when He got mad, He had a tendency to go rip snorting thru the building flailing away with a whip, turning over tables, and running folks out. Count me in.

Iffen us Baptists are getting together that means that there will be fried chicken, tater salad, deviled eggs, mac n cheese, peas, beans, cornbread/dressing, BBQ, cat heads, pecan pies, ‘nana puddin and such, right? And Singing right after the Dinner on The Grounds? “When the Roll is called up Yonder, I’ll be there!”


You betcha!
When we consider “What Would Jesus Do” turning over tables, scattering coins and animals, and whips are not out of the question.

And being good Baptists, there will be lots of good Southern food – with homemade ice cream to top it off. Sweet Tea by the gallon, too.


Ummmm, guys. I think it means that 9/11 memorial itself may be a trigger warning, not the flags maybe?

I get it, millineals bad, trump 2020, BLM and and antifa are hate groups, i love whisky and guns, blah blah blah. Try not to let confirmation bias ruin insight.


Yeah, peoples’ feelings need to be protected. I mean, think about the poor individual that can’t handle historic incidences of terror that killed their fellow citizens.
Image having to live in a world where any f**king moment of any f**king day something less-than-optimal happened to your emotional well-being, like, could you imagine having to know bad stuffs.
Trigger warnings should be totally mandatory.

Fuck insight. They’re weak minded, weak souled and should be making pens for skillcraft.
(Lowkey, I’m sorry to stick them with the blind folks, I know it’s not fair but if they can think of another viable solution, I’m all ears.)
(In no way do I support my use of puns for or against any subset of differently abled people. We are all Gods children)
(Unless you’re an atheist)


Not being a pussy pays dividends.


I forgot…


tingtin…From the article; “The Memorial consists of an American Flag for each person.”

The Memorial IS the Flags. One for each person that died in the attack.


And the sign. Don’t forget the sign.
The Most Triggering Sign in the World &#8482


Ummmm tingtin, if the memorial doesn’t trigger something in you, then it has failed in its intended purpose. Thanks for playing. I’ll take Jameson’s and a 1911, if you please.


Would like more info. To me, 9/11 memorials, the Wall and WWII memorials are “triggering” in that they move me, sometimes to tears. Seems kids nowadays are unable to cope with strong emotion… if this is meant to let them know this can happen, well, it is relatively benign. Now, if the Baylor folks are ashamed of out flag, that is a different story.

The Other Whitey

Who the hell gets “triggered” by a memorial to those murdered on 9/11?

America was attacked by islamofascist extremists who murdered 2,977 people, nearly all of them civilians, and were trying to murder tens of thousands more. Those are facts. It happened. It should be remembered.

1,820 ordinary Americans and 372 foreign nationals died at the World Trade Center. 343 FDNY firefighters, 23 NYPD officers, 37 PAPD officers, and 11 officers of other law enforcement agencies died trying to rescue them. 22 Soldiers, 33 Sailors, and 70 DoD civilian personnel lost their lives at the Pentagon. 256 innocent people were murdered aboard the hijacked planes, including children as young as two years old.

Are you saying they don’t deserve to be remembered? Are you saying some severely-immature college student’s irrational feelings are more important? Please elaborate.


Self-gelded castratti do not like to hear deep voices.

Green Thumb

Baylor is a Baptist school and quite possibly the largest.



Oh yeah… let’s pay 4x what it cost for the same degree just down the road at UT Austin (not worth a shit anymore thanks to libtards), Texas A&M, Texas State University, Texas Tech.

Who cares about the thoughts of people dumb enough to spend that much money for the same match that takes place at much less cost to learn.


I’ve been a’sittin here, stewin’, thinking all ‘bout some bag a douche thinking ‘“hey y’all, maybethat memorial should have a sensitive content warning sign” and I have to tell you, not just one somebody thought that an did it, it was a collection of waste deposit bags. I’d be willing to bet is was a gaggle of turds that voted as a majority.
If THAT doesn’t motivate the ever-loving piss out of you to get involved, get to the polls, and complain to your ‘representatives’, well, Pogo said it best.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

We should have an exchange program with Cuba and Venezuela so we could send all the pro socialists who live here to these countries plus other socialist countries and have those residents from the socialist countries who want to be free come here and become citizens.




Yup. They don’t even warrant the more formal “suckers of cock.”

The Other Whitey

They think that’s a compliment.


Trigger warning

There are trigger warnings outside the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, those “silence” signs. Because if you are not silent,

You will trigger the Sentinel.



And then you’ve got kids/schools like this in my AO. Gives one a little hope for the future. Good read, worth the coupla minutes it takes to read.


Were those putting up the sensitive signs desecrating a memorial? Baylor needs to be asked that question. Often.