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| September 12, 2020


These 10 Examples of Defensive Gun Use…

By Amy Swearer
“…Underscore Second Amendment’s True Purpose”
In announcing the launch of “Sportsmen and Sportswomen for Biden,” the former vice president’s campaign demonstrated earlier this month how many gun control advocates misconstrue the purpose of the Second Amendment.

The coalition of “50 prominent hunters and anglers” stated that Joe Biden would “protect the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans to purchase and responsibly use firearms for hunting and sporting.”

Unfortunately for gun control advocates, the Second Amendment is not, and never has been, concerned with the protection of hunting or sport shooting. It is concerned with the protection of something much more fundamental to American democracy—maintaining the “security of a free state.”

An armed citizenry is the best and most natural defense against threats to individual rights, whether those threats stem from a tyrannical government, a foreign army, an anarchic mob, or an individual criminal.

And although the threat from a tyrannical government or foreign army may appear remote or far-fetched, the threats from anarchic mobs and individual criminals are very common.

No Score
Read the rest here: The Daily Signal

State Attorney: No charges in altercation in which man pulled gun at Tallahassee protest

Karl Etters
Prosecutors will not pursue criminal charges against a man who pulled a handgun during an altercation in front of the Florida Capitol last month or any of the three demonstrators involved in a fight beforehand.

Up until the time the letter was released, the man who pulled the gun remained anonymous.

The letter detailing the incident identifies Jon Pickett as the man who entered the protest armed, and James Kirkpatrick, Adam Ferguson and an unknown woman as those who were involved in the fray on Aug. 29 that spiraled a peaceful protest into chaos.

Campbell cited the Stand Your Ground Law in his decision not to pursue charges.

“We reviewed video surveillance, media footage, citizen recording, officer body cam videos, witness statements and Tallahassee Police Department reports,” State Attorney Jack Campbell wrote in a letter to TPD Chief Lawrence Revell. “We ultimately conclude that no charges are warranted in reference to this incident.”

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Read the rest here: Tallahassee Democrat, ironically

Another slow FGS day, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes. So it goes.

“I have not one doubt, even if I am in agreement with the National Rifle Association, that that kind of record keeping procedure [gun registration] is the first step to eventual confiscation under one administration or another.” —CHARLES MORGAN, DIRECTOR, WASHINGTON DC ACLU

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5th/77th FA

“No Score” Correction there Boss Goat. We score this as a trifecta of excellent articles.

(1) A most beautimous rendition of Semi-Automatic Loading Hand Cannonry built the way God and His Most Saintly Disciple John Moses Browning (Howitzer be his name) intended it to be.

(2) Ten (10) heart lifting examples of the sport of Armed Citizens taking care of bad guys, with a re-enforcement of the fact that the 2A DOESN’T GIVE you the right to bear arms, it FORBIDS the Government from denying you the right to bear arms.

(3) And lastly, a very good example of the Government deciding that an armed citizen still does have the right to defend himself.

I call all of that a very good score in anybody’s book.

Speaking of score, is it too early to place a wager on what the score will be when (GO) Army (BEAT) Navy meet?


Off-topic, but… On the Duffle Blog: Grand Theft Auto Fort Hood


Fort Hood is seeming more like a Doom sequel.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

There are Conservative peeps in my community that used to tell me why I need an “assault” rifle for hunting, but they do support hand gun ownership. It’s obvious that they don’t know shit about why the 2A was written into the Constitution. Wonder what they would have said back in 1776 that Brown Bess Muskets were battle field weapons that don’t belong in civilian hands. Well call Blimey love a duck, I would be talking Cockney today.


The 2A just says “arms” which would be common Infantry weapons– M4A1 carbine w/ M203 grenade launcher, for example.


Tenche Coxe is quoted “..every terrible implement of the soldier…”

The Founders were not talking about duck hunting and Fudd guns. They said and meant “Liberty”, as birthright, not permission or privilege, “Arms” as in the implements to wage War on Tyrants petty or profound

“The power of the sword, say the minority…, is in the hands of Congress. My friends and countrymen, it is not so, for the powers of the sword are in the hands of the yeomanry of America from sixteen to sixty. The militia of these free commonwealths, entitled and accustomed to their arms, when compared with any possible army, must be tremendous and irresistible. Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man against his own bosom. Congress has no power to disarm the militia. Their swords and every terrible implement of the soldier are the birthright of Americans.”


M79 Thumper…..

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

That statement from Mr Morgan sounds too common sense. And no wonder. Mr Morgan was in the ACLU during the 60s &70s. I wonder what the ACLU of today would have to say about Mr Morgan and his statement about gun registration?