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| August 26, 2020

They must have solved all the issues with murder, rape, sexual assault, and disappearing soldiers at Fort Hood, because a group of historians and vets want to rename the place.

A group of historians and veterans is leading the charge to rename Fort Hood after trailblazer and Killeen native Oveta Culp Hobby.

Air Force Veteran Alan Mesches says Hobby created a legacy that’s evident, even today.

The number of women who have reached the heights of the military have her to thank,” he said.

“All that wouldn’t have happened if someone wouldn’t have started it.”

The Bell County native led the women’s Army corps during World War II, a time when women in the military wasn’t very common.

On the naming of Fort Hood;

Fort Hood was originally Camp Hood, named after Confederate Gen. John Bell Hood.

Hood served with the U.S. for a few years before offering his services to the state of Texas and the Confederacy during the Civil War.

Author and historian Allen Mesch says the name was simply a local tie to the camp at the time of its inception.

“It was a way of honoring these Confederate veterans,” he said.

“It was in Texas and it made sense to name it that in honor of the Texas Brigade.”

In recent months, the debate on renaming Fort Hood and other Army installations resurfaced.

Mesches says while the controversy surrounding the name is very real, he thinks if the name chosen is Hobby’s, the move could unify the community.

What might unify the community more is if we quit obsessing about perceived slights regarding an event that ended 155 years ago. Maybe deal with all the issues resulting in dead soldiers first and then worry about what’s in a name.

Source; KWTX

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Just found the body of missing soldier Sgt. Fernandes. WTF?


I’m just surprised they didn’t find the unexpected body of a Joe they assumed was AWOL… again.


This just in… Duffle Blog damns Fort Hood with faint parody: https://www.duffelblog.com/2020/08/spoiler-fort-hood-isnt-the-great-place-its-the-bad-place/


Maybe if they stopped bringing up who these places were named for, people wouldn’t remember and we could go on with their lives.

For example:
Mount Rainier is named for Peter Rainier – so said Wikipedia because I didn’t (and I bet most people didn’t) know that. He might have been an asshole, but who would know? That’s just the name of the place. I wasn’t even sure it was named for a person (I guessed it was but I didn’t know. So Libs, stop looking up who things are named for (because history is not their strong suit) and you might just stop being offended.

The fact that Fort McClellan is named for Major General George B. McClellan is offensive to me. (I mean, people in Richmond heard the boom of his guns in 1862 and he couldn’t close the deal. How many people would have been saved if he could have pushed harder into the South’s capitol only a year after the war began?) You don’t hear me bitching about it, however.


WTF is going on at Ft. Hood? They got a serial killer down there or just a bunch of troopies behaving really badly? I don’t recall hearing about anything like this before. But I have killed a few brain cells over the years, so maybe I missed stuff.


Fort Hood has long been Dysfunction Junction… requires decidedly active maintenance to keep it nice.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Maybe a movie could be made about this and it could be called Boys in the Hood. No hoodwinking about this.


Or so…

5th/77th FA

The Spirits of the Soldiers from the Army of Tennessee that JB Hood destroyed at the Battles of Peachtree Creek, Atlanta, Jonesboro, Franklin, and Nashville have caused Fort Hood Texas to be haunted. An excellent (per some) Division Commander that didn’t do so well as an Army Commander. He’d of done better if he had of listened to some of his subordinate commanders.

Maybe that’s what is happening here. The higher is not listening to the Commanders close to the troops to fix any “problems” that are there? Or maybe, most of the sh^tbirds are being assigned there? Was it and the town built on an old Native American Burial Ground? That can cause problems too.

How about this. The shear numbers of people at the Post and the town just causes the law of averages to catch up after awhile. John Bell Hood dealt with tragedy later on in his life, now the Fort named for him is suffering tragedy, late in life. Who knows, Braxton Bragg was a piece of work himself and Ft. Bragg is stuck with Fayettenam. Or did Fayetteville become Fayettenam because of Ft. Bragg?

Or it could be that Fort Hood is just a God Forsaken place to be stationed. Don’t know!


Fort Hood (one post) has 37,000 U.S. military personnel assigned, more than all of Korea. Cram a whole bunch of people in one place (like the Projects) and bad stuff happens.


Fort Hood is a prison surrounded by penal colony, changing the name ain’t gonna take the stank off that turd.
Can’t we just stop it with this name change nonsense? History just is, let it alone.

Combat Historian

From Wiki entry on COL Hobby:

“…Hobby and her husband were both Southern Democrats, but soon became dissatisfied with the party throughout the 1930s. They believed Franklin D. Roosevelt’s social programs overextended their original intent. After World War II, Hobby tried to sway Democratic voters to swing Republican for presidential nominees by establishing many statewide organizations…“

So COL Hobby was a demonrat and then betrayed the party of FDR New Deal Socialism to become one of them oogy nasty Rethuglicans. This will never fly with the SJW wokesters and elitists running The Deep State. I think renaming it to Fort Hobby will now be a non-starter with the Woke Left, who will try to change the name to Fort Obama…

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

Just imagine, Ft Hobby, where the Cav rides.
Hobby Horse………appropriate, don’t you think?

Green Thumb



This is what happens to the military when progressives of the Left and Right unite to throw a no-victory endless war. Such a thing is politically useful to progressives.

So far, Mr. Trump isn’t playing that game. Like the little kid outing the Emperor and the others, he openly exposes the stupid and corrupt.

-that- is why they hate him. He wrecks their rackets.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Well if the Hobby is crime the Fort would be aptly named, although with the amount of crime their currently one might argue the current name suits it rather well also.

Statistically speaking the areas referred to by that current name tend towards higher amounts of crime (per the FBI UCR) than the oft mocked ‘burbs, lest anyone accuse me of racist bias…it’s just fucking math. You don’t have to like the numbers but that doesn’t change them. Which is probably why I like numbers a lot more than I like most people…