New graphic novel celebrates the only woman to receive the Medal of Honor

| August 26, 2020

Dr. Mary Walker, MoH recipient

I talked about Dr. Mary Edwards Walker earlier this year. The Association of the United States Army has been putting out a series of graphic novels regarding Army heroes past and present. They’ve now made one regarding Dr. Walker, the only woman to be awarded the Medal of Honor.

Slow Joe, we know you have an affinity for the drawn word, so we expect you to read these.

Here’s the full list of Medal of Honor graphic novels.

Source; Task and Purpose

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5th/77th FA

Had to read into the article and linkys a little deeper. Seems as if the term “graphic novel” has a different meaning than it did back yonder. Were any crayons eaten in the production of this book?

Either way, BZ to Dr. Walker for her service to the Union and Confederate Soldiers. She was not the only lady doctor that took care of those men. If you’re interested Mason, I can send you some linkys on a Southern Girl that was one of the FIRST Females awarded a Medical Degree and saved/treated a number of Federal Soldiers after the Battle of Sunshine Church. She should have been awarded a MoH, but being a Southerner…well, you know how it is. The Federals did give her a letter that she used to keep her home from being burned when ‘Cump and the boyz marched thru on their Retreat to the Sea. I sent it to the ninja family thru a post on here awhile back.