Update on missing Fort Hood sergeant

| August 24, 2020

Sgt. Elder Fernandes

Sgt Elder Fernandes, who’s been missing now for more than five days, was recently transferred to a different unit as a result being a victim in an alleged sexual assault.

“We can confirm there is an open investigation of abusive sexual contact involving Sgt. Fernandes,” Lt. Col. Chris Brautigam, a 1st Cavalry Division spokesman, said in a statement to NBC News.

“The unit sexual assault response coordinator has been working closely with Sgt. Fernandes, ensuring he was aware of all his reporting, care, and victim advocacy options,” he said.

Brautigam said Fernandes was transferred “to ensure he received the proper care and ensure there were no opportunities for reprisals.”

Army officials asked for the public’s help Friday in their search for Fernandes.

Police in Killeen, Texas, who are involved in the search, said he was reported missing Wednesday. Family members told police he was last seen or heard from Monday afternoon when his staff sergeant dropped him off at his home in Killeen.

The soldier, whose family is originally from Cape Verde in West Africa, had been in the hospital for four or five days prior to his disappearance, said his mother, Ailiana Fernandes. She said it was unclear why he was in the hospital.

Source; Yahoo!

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Cape Verde–its worth a BING search.
Hope they find him.


??? As in Cape Verde off the coast of Africa? I’m confused.

Combat Historian

Cape Verde was a Portuguese possession before it became independent. Fernandes is a common Portuguese surname. Uncertain this has anything to do with his disappearance…

5th/77th FA

Another legacy of the African Slave Trade. “Discovered” by the Portuguese and used by them to transfer Africans sold to Portuguese by other Africans to the ships before crossing “The Middle Passage.”

Not looking good for the finding of SGT Fernandes, alive and safe. And, yeah, anybody at all in his Chain of Command, might as well start looking for a new line of work. Sad.

Green Thumb

This is not going to end well.


I hope you’re wrong, GT. But I’m afraid you’re absolutely correct.


But…but…men can’t be victims…

“Sgt Elder Fernandes, who’s been missing now for more than five days, was recently transferred to a different unit as a result being a victim in an alleged sexual assault.”


Yeah, right. Tell that to a former colleague of mine who was pulling CQ duty one night decades ago when a male soldier came to his desk and reported that he’d been raped.

According to my colleague, the guy wasn’t kidding. As I recall, they got him to the local MEDDAC for further examination and treatment. I’d also guess local MPs and/or CID eventually got involved as well.


There’s more to this story, and I gots a feeling it’s going to leave a stain right ‘cross Hood.
I pray for the good Sergeant’s return.

Combat Historian

I served two years at Bliss at the other end of Texas when it was still a TRADOC installation. Never set foot on Hood; sad to hear the post has become such a mess…


I agree with you Roh-Dog. While I do so hope for his safe return, there is more here than meets the eye.


Just fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…
Personal involvement with the goings on at Hood…
They need to RIF the CO from any unit that has any kind of a sexual assault.
Maybe then they will pay attention…..


“RIF”? Relief of some sort, I assume. Not familar but I assume you mean an involuntary and immediate relief.

Problem with that is that there are always people will take actions the command/society doesn’t want despite pressure put on the leadership. If all it took was to put pressure on COs to get stuff accomplished or prevented, there already wouldn’t be sexual assault and there wouldn’t be any suicides. For example, do you know the pain commands go through when there is a suicide? I had one when I was company commander in Quantico. There were no tale-tell signs that were ignored so we didn’t get smeared in the investigation, but it was not fun. [Incidentally, the individual had even told the section they worked in what their weekend plans were. The USMC Ball was coming up and plans were discussed. The suicide took place that night and it was discovered on the Marine Corps Birthday. Not likely to forget that any time soon.]
Point being, no amount of pressure could have been put to bear on me or the rest of the command to prevent that individual from taking that action.


Reduction In Force is how I read it.

A nice way to say “fired”, “terminated with extreme prejudice”, “kicked to the curb”…




WTF with Hood?
Never been there but this is not the Army I knew.
Agree with 5th/77th FA. Walking papers from the top on down.
Clean house.


Hood has got issues. Serious issues.A


One of my former Marines (crossed into the Army) is currently stationed there. He says that place is a giant CLUSTER now. Given all the reports of losing fucking PERSONNEL now, i’d believe it. 3/6 loses two rifles and everyone loses their minds. Ft Hood loses THREE FUCKING HUMAN BEINGS…..a blurp in the evening news.


“3/6 loses two rifles and everyone loses their minds. Ft Hood loses THREE FUCKING HUMAN BEINGS…..a blurp in the evening news.”

You’re not lying.

A Proud Infidel®™

Sweet Bejeezus, has a portal to hell opened up on Fort Hood?


I thought things like this didn’t happen in the New, Improved, All-Volunteer Army. all those higher standards and a higher class of personnel and stuff.


Man-rape is progressive improvement over woman-rape, comrade!


AB son jumps out of there from time to time, but thank God Almighty he doesn’t have to live there.

Hood is large, but it seems the CLUSTER there is bigger.

5th/77th FA

Damn! Not the way we wanted it to end, but, unfortunately, ended the way we feared it would.