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| August 24, 2020

Madison, Wisconsin

Officials: Police shoot, kill man outside store in Louisiana
Authorities say police in Louisiana have shot and killed a man with a knife outside of a convenience store in the city of Lafayette

Police in Louisiana shot and killed a man as he tried to enter a convenience store with a knife, authorities said Saturday. The shooting was captured on video, and the state ACLU condemned what it described as a “horrific and deadly incident of police violence against a Black person.”

Graphic video from the incident shows the man, identified as 31-year-old Trayford Pellerin, walking away from officers and toward the convenience store with a knife. Multiple officers, who appear to be feet away from the man, fired at least 10 shots at him,

The Louisiana State Police said in a statement that officers from the Lafayette Department were called to a store Friday at 8 p.m. about a disturbance involving a man with a knife. As officers tried to apprehend him, he fled. Officers deployed Tasers, but they were ineffective, the statement said.

The state police said Pellerin was still armed with a knife when he tried to enter another convenience store, which was occupied, when he was shot. Pellerin was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead. No officers were injured.

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Read the rest here: AJC

Hat tip to our Gun Bunny for the link.

How bad is it getting? HMCS(FMF)ret sends

BLM Armed With Rifles Order Wisconsin Sheriff’s Vehicle To Stop

Link: The Captain’s Journal

Will the last Citizen strike the colors and turn off the lights?

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At some point, the Left-loons will become persuasive.

anarchy? Okay….

And then things get interesting, in the “be careful for what you wish” context.


Armed man (with a knife), refusing commands (multiple times), moving toward a small confined space with innocent civilians inside (Tennessee V. Garner). Non lethal failed. Next in line for this specific decision tree is lethal force.

What else were the cops supposed to do?


Tennessee V. Garner just sounds raysis /s


Raysis or not, every cop has that specific case burned into his/her brain and soul during the academy.


Monty Python has a answer.


Knife in his hand? Headed into a store with civilians? Already used less lethal unsuccessfully?

Good shoot all day long.

The only thing which will convict these cops is politics.


No officers were injured.

Best part of the story.


I think we are having an epidemic of these kinds of incidents because BLM, Antifa, and the MSM have been telling Black males with criminal tendencies that they should resist the police by any means available. Those with guns or access to them think shooting at the police is justified, somehow.

All this is only going to get worse because of the false narrative that police are shooting Black men only because they are Black.


You aren’t wrong. The false narrative being portrayed that police are green lighting African Americans is directly resulting in people with a history of making poor decisions now making lethal decisions.

BLM was founded on a lie and Antifa/anarchists are co-opting a moment in time that could affect real, positive change.

Instead of forward movement, these idiots are going to cause a knee jerk reaction that is going to ensure policing is focused on preventing massive social unrest and not correcting the fundamental issues.

The ironic part of all of this is the SJWs are too blinded by hate to realize they have become the very thing they purport being opposed to.


Reminds me of that woman in Maine who tried to get her anti-hunting group’s members to wear brown and walk in the woods during hunting season in hopes of provoking an ‘incident’.




As always, the racists on twitter are all claiming that the cops were racists.. they never let lack of facts interfere with their jumping to conclusions..

5th/77th FA

Guess they’re waiting to see where the storm gonna hit before they set fire to the c-store. Be a shame if the rain put the fire out before it got to the gas storage tanks. Parts of one of them Gulf Storms hitting us now, just a good little rain for now.

How much wailing a gnashing of teeth is gonna be done when one of these armed thugs is NOT stopped by the po po and the thug goes and kills or wounds an innocent store keeper/citizen? Oh…wait…Never mind.

Couldn’t tell from the linky that Senior sent in if that was part of the story I saw earlier on the Kenosha(?) WI riot err…mostly peaceful demonstration, where the innocent car lot got burned. The video showed some cars on fire, but the story I saw had over 100 some odd vehicles destroyed.

I ask again, if anyone still thinks that all of this crap has anything at all to do with a black career criminal doing something stupid before being arrested by a dumbazz white cop and died?


My new Crossbreed holster should be home tomorrow, my vintage SIG p228 is ready to move in.


Mr. Kahr rides well concealed, accessable, and comfortably in a crossdraw, underneath an oversized Hawaiian Shirt. Gotten into the habit of letting Ms Lady Friend/Thang drive when Imma going to the big city. Also gotten into the habit of letting either Mossy or Ol’ Overland Stage ride between the seat and door. Easy to get to and can’t be seen. Mossy is set up with 00 slug slug 00 slug slug. OS is 00 & slug. This is no time for half measures.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I mentioned one time about the Kahr .45 sub compact I bought with the recoil spring that took 2 men and a boy to rack and turned out to be defective. This took place back in 2008 or 2009 and I called a person I knew who told me at the time that their was a Quality control issue at Kahr at the time. I swapped it out in the store for the Springfield XD sub compact in .40 Cal. Hope Kahr got their issues fixed and your Kahr works great.


Only problem with my K40 is it don’t float/can’t swim.

19D3OR4 - Smitty

My buddy bought a brand new Kahr .40 a few years back. First time at the range, he put about 6 rounds through it before the extractor sheered off.

Being a brand new gun, he called kahrs customer service, they told him it wasn’t their problem.

I’ve stayed away from them ever since.


Stay strapped or get clapped.
G23 topped off to the CT limited capacity of 10+1 with Federal LE 180 grain Hyrda Shoks and a Streamlight TLR-1 HL in a kydex holster.
They’ve proven their lack of morals and lawlessness, how many more warnings do you need?
Stay safe y’all.


My G23 holds 13, magazine reciprocity with my KelTec sub2000 carbine. I’ve got a Hi Point .45 in my junk bin of my truck with a few mags just in ‘case I forget’…..that thing is ugly as fuck and heavy as all get out, but it will put a damn HOLE at 25 yards.

I’ve also got other various ‘odds and ends’ here and there.


After the AWB here in CT all those ‘ebil’ ‘high capacity’ magazines got lost. No wait, stolen. Um, it was aliens, or something.
2004-2013 we could live free-ish here, with as many rounds in mags as you pleased. One nutbag murdering his mom and doing the devil’s work later, here we are…
I bought a Kel-Tec Sub2000 gen 1 years ago. I didn’t know there were/are different mag sized ones until recently. The one I’ve got takes G22 mags so I’ve got a couple of those too, more now that I picked up an almost new G35! The G23 almost fits and I’m half tempted to dremel it to work.
The Sub2k is a great tool.


Folds in half, can cram it in my go bag….and I can drill coffee cup sized groups up to 50 yards. It’ll do until I get to something bigger.

I love this thing. Won it in a raffle at the local gun shop.


I have one as well. I was surprised at how accurate it is.



If limited to 10 rounds, make them serious ones. (Grin)

Try the 10mm.

The G29 is serious medicine.


Oh I know. At the time the PDs around me were all .40 S&W Glock, I wanted mag compatibility with them if I rolled up on something and had to ammo drop.
Fast forward, bags of mags later, a number of G23s, the 35 and the Sub2k, I’m not buying into another caliber unless I have to.
The .40 is a good cartridge and has never failed me, heck, dropped a 200+ lbs sow in Benning with a single shot of FMJ.
If this was bear country 10mm Glock or a .44 Mag revolver would be my woods gun of choice(s).


On the other hand, bears are a nuisance. Humans are dangerous.


Whatever works. A 32 Kel-Tek will be sufficient for most folks.


I remember when the Massachusetts State Police
were issued .357 magnum revolvers. There was a
lot of public outcry over it and the reason for
the upgrade was pitched as “a .357 will penetrate
a windshield but a .38 spl will bounce off”.


We went thru the same thing in my department, first about using .38 +P over the wadcutter they’d been using when I joined the force.
Then the SJW’s swooned and screamed and stomped their feet when we went to the Sig P228.


FNX 45 Tactical with 15+1 loaded with Federal 230 Grain HST for close work.

Colt M-4 5.56 for reaching out and touching.

PSA 10.5-inch 5.56 SBR in my house.

Last resort is the wife and the Mossberg M590-A1.

I will not give warning shots in my home. Their uninvited breaking and entering is already a felony.


For the smaller (probably female) types, or smaller carry, I highly recommend Mr. Remington’s RM380.

A Proud Infidel®™

WTF do they put in the water in those locations? Armed or not, any thug or wannabe blocking the road ahead of me will be seen by me as a living speed bump!

Just Lurkin

Lori Lightfoot felt that she needed to weigh in about the Wisconsin shooting on Twitter. Of course the mayor of a major American city would never throw gas on a raging fire, right? https://mobile.twitter.com/chicagosmayor/status/1297882815909048320?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1297882815909048320%7Ctwgr%5E&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Face.mu.nu%2F


UnF**KINGbelievable. She should focus on the 5 killed and 56 injured due to gun play in the woundy city.
But tie the hand of the cops and defund them, right “Mayor”?


I’m just waiting till someone attacks one of these mayors and the cops step back saying “I’m not paid for this shit!”. Sadly, the cops are probably too honorable for that.


Very good reason why the perp didn’t want to stop–he had three open felony warrants–so he knew he was going inside for a while.

Follow Lurkin’s link to Twitter comments.


The Meth removes the lead from the water lines.


Top reply;

“Thank you for your leadership, Mayor. You’re the voice our country needs.”



I heard that quote in Heath Ledger’s “Joker” voice.


Most importantly, were all parties wearing their masks?


Have not seen any water cannons used lately.
Did they ban those?
They were great back in the sixties/ seventies.
Fun to watch the rioters get washed down the street
like so much trash.
Hell, put some soap in it and they won’t come back.


TAH live stream/zoom chat?
I’d BUY a ticket!

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

What happened to those “non Lethal” sound and microwave heat devices I saw being demonstrated for riot use a number of years ago. I think that some of the large Oilers have those to use to deter Pirates as they transit the gulf waters. A few weeks ago, an FDNY Engine used the rigs deck gun to rescue an NYPD LEO and there was some negative words from the brass over it. Fuck the FDNY brass, the ones above Deputy Chiefs.


I am getting old I guess. I remember when, if a police car were surrounded by armed folks of any stripe, it would have been game on!

As to the guy who mistook the convenience store for the local knife sharpening store, you can only yell stop so many times and when they are on anything strong enough to shrug off the taser, you cannot let them into an occupied home or business. So bummer being that guy.

Yep to some points above. If the hurricane hits, it’ll be coupon day for everyone who wants to loot anything they need or can sell. Wonder how much ends up on eBay. Looks like this:

Brand New inbox 65 Samsung Smart TV. Unopened but minor water damage to cardboard.

Buy It Now price $300.00 or will trade for weed or crack. 3 more available.

The buyer pays to ship.
Seller reviews 0.
Number of transactions 3.


When I was a kid my dad told me to never run from the police or I would get shot.
I believed him and was ok with that because it seemed reasonable.
Still does.


This was a bad dude already known to carry unlawfully and to resist arrest:



On a happy note: Antifa in the Hamptons!!
“We are going to dismantle capitalism! And what is capitalism?!”
“Any hedge fund that is bigger than yours!!”
Seriously folks, this is priceless

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

Where are the “Rooftop Koreans” when you need/want them?
And we should ALL be Rooftop Koreans.