Patrick Tadina, Vietnam War’s longest continuously serving Ranger, dies at 77

| June 10, 2020

A 30-year Army veteran who was the longest continuously serving Ranger in Vietnam and one of the war’s most decorated enlisted soldiers has died.

Patrick Gavin Tadina served in Vietnam for over five years straight between 1965 and 1970, leading long range reconnaissance patrols deep into enemy territory — often dressed in black pajamas and sandals, and carrying an AK-47.

The retired command sergeant major died Friday morning in North Carolina. He was 77.

“Early this morning my Dad … took his last breaths and went to be with all the Rangers before him,” his daughter Catherine Poeschl said on Facebook. “I know they are all there waiting for him.”

He is survived by his wife, two sisters, two daughters, four sons, six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, the family said in a brief online obituary. A funeral had not yet been scheduled.

A native of Hawaii, Tadina earned two Silver Stars, 10 Bronze Stars — seven with valor — three Vietnamese Crosses of Gallantry, four Army Commendation Medals, including two for valor, and three Purple Hearts.

After the release of the second Rambo movie, he was profiled in Stars and Stripes, where he was contrasted with Sylvester Stallone’s beefy — often shirtless — portrayal of a Vietnam combat veteran.

“The real thing comes in a smaller, less glossy package,” wrote reporter Don Tate in December 1985. “Tadina stands just over 5-feet-5, and swells all the way up to 130 pounds after a big meal.”

What an exceptional man and well-lived life.   Please follow the link below for more of the story.



Source: Patrick Tadina, Vietnam War’s longest continuously serving Ranger, dies at 77 – News – Stripes

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Old tanker

RIP CSM you sure earned it/


This is not a man you want tracking you through the jungle.

Godspeed, CSM.


Wow. Rest well, sir! Thank you for what you have done for our great nation.


Wow. Just wow. Quite a man indeed.

Read the article. It is clear from it that he also raised an exceptional daughter.

Peace to the family. Thank you for sharing him with the rest of us.


Rest in peace, Sir. God bless and comfort your family.

You were one of the few and far between.

A Proud Infidel®™

Rest well with your Comrades in Valhalla Sergeant Major, you’ve earned your place there and in History.

Club Manager, USA retired

Rangers Lead the Way!! Aloha RIP CSM

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Rest easy CSM Tadina, the nation is better for your service and the world now a little dimmer with your passing.

Slow Joe

I’m trying to find words to express the excellence and greatness of CSM Patrick G. Tadina, and failing.


Rest In Peace, CSM. Condolences to his family and friends.


2 Silver Starts, TEN Bronze Stars, SEVEN for Valor, THREE Purple Hearts. Spent FIVE years in Vietnam.

Rest Easy CSM. You SERVED your time in Hell.


Fair winds and following seas, CSM Tadina.

Combat Historian

Thank you for your exceptional service to our great nation. Rest In Peace…


Patrol complete.


Rest Well
Amazing service to this great country

5th/77th FA

Godspeed and Farewell Command Sergeant Major Patrick G. Tadina. May God’s Peace bring Comfort to your Family and Compatriots. I am sure that many a flagon of mead will be raised to you upon your arrival in Valhalla. Rest Well Good Soldier!

“…that such ment lived!”

Green Thumb


Rest well, CSM.



Mike Charlie, SGM! Prepare to debrief St. Peter, then on to the final objective.

Sure wish somebody wrote a book about the SGM — I’d love to read it.

RGR 4-78

Rest in Peace CSM Tadina, our world was a better place because of you.


MI Ranger

Rangers Lead the Way Command Sergeant Major, I will see you on the high ground.


RIP, CSM Tadina.

Hope you were in Heaven a half-hour before the Devil knew you were gone.


Somehow, I don’t believe that CSM Tadina would have much fear of the devil.

Former 13D

I think the CSM is in Heaven because the Devil doesn’t want him in Hell….


Rest In Peace, Sir.


Gallantly you showed the world what a specially selected and well-trained Soldier is, for which we are eternally grateful.
Rest In Peace, Dear Command Sergeant Major, your final Ranger objective awaits.
‘Thank you’ ain’t enough…


Prayers up.

Prior Service

Rocks in heaven are getting painted Black and Gold right now. RIP, CSM.


5’5″, 130?

Makes my 5’10” 200 positively tiny.

Hooah, Ranger. Lead the way.

Thom E.

R.I.P. Elder Brother. Until Vahalla………..

Edited to protect your PII. To see why hit the Valor Vultures tab and scroll until you se my PSA.


oorah….rest well CSM


Maybe ninja can turn up more, but in a quick online search, this is the best I can come up with. This guy was everywhere. The DR, Vietnam, Grenada, and DS/DS.

Slick Goodlin

Also interesting:
Tadina Family Tree on shows Filipino family that goes back several generations in Hawaii.
Possible touch of German Ancestry on his Mothers side.