Biden His Time

| June 10, 2020

Dem politician Terry McAuliffe thinks it’s just fine Uncle Joe stays in seclusion, only coming out intermittently for brief interviews. Probably a good idea considering his seeming effortless ability to goon up his lines. Trouble is, he can’t stay down there forever.

Terry McAuliffe: Biden Is ‘Fine In The Basement’


On a zoom call with Virginia Democrats over the weekend Biden surrogate Terry McAuliffe disagreed with calls to get the candidate out of his basement studio. Instead, he said Biden is doing fine by appearing infrequently in the national media.

“People say all the time, ‘Oh, we got to get the vice president out of the basement,’” McAuliffe told the “monthly breakfast” of the Norfolk City Democratic Committee. “He’s fine in the basement. Two people see him a day: his two body people. That’s it. Let Trump keep doing what Trump’s doing.”…

“It’s hard for the vice president to break through,” McAuliffe told the group. “You’ve got the COVID crisis. He’s not a governor, doesn’t have the National Guard. He’s not the president, doesn’t have the briefing room. He needs to come out strategically. And when he says something like he did on race relations two days ago, it needs to have a big impact — thoughtful, and that’s what we’re preferring that he actually do at the time.”

“He’s doing a lot of local,” McAuliffe added. “He’s talking to two, three governors a day. He’s doing roundtables, Zoom calls. A lot of it’s being done in those six battleground states that we have going forward.”

Based on some recent polling, McAuliffe is not wrong. Biden does seem to be doing better by staying mostly out of sight. Two months ago, New York Magazine suggested some ways in which Biden might improve upon the podcast he was doing at the time. Here’s what I wrote.

Since he’s the one the Dems will be running, he’d best be spending some of that quality time with a debate coach, ’cause Trump will come out swinging. Read the entire article here: Hot Air

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  1. Slow Joe says:

    I can’t wait for the debates!

  2. 5th/77th FA says:

    Smartest thing the demonrats could do is keep old creepy groping joe in a basement.

    Smartest thing Trump could do is simply state, “Joe you have been part and parcel of the government for almost 50 years now. Exactly what have you and your son Hunter done for the American People?” Then Trump should just sit down and shut up.

  3. Comm Center Rat says:

    In the above pic, Creepy Uncle Joe appears to be slowly working his grope hand toward the fat LEO’s genitalia. And both seem to be enjoying their moment of shared introspection, commiseration, and excitement before the cameras.

    • jarhead says:

      Biden: “Nice firm knees you got there Sarge”.

      LEO: “Now just a damned minute there you perv. Next you’ll be wanting to see my tits. Those nice soft never-calloused fingers of yours sure encourage me to spank my monkey. But really, Joe, shouldn’t we be doing this in the privacy of a bath house? Betcha you’d enjoy seeing my 14 inch long Glock wouldn’t you?”

  4. Green Thumb says:

    Trump debated a professional politician in Clinton.

    Although the media by and large always gave Clinton the victories in the three debates (and she did win the first two while I thought the third was a draw), Trump did have some great points.

    That aside, he got great experience and is no longer an amateur. It seems many people miss this fact. Kinda like living through an ambush; you are not an novice anymore.

    Biden, on the other hand, may have had many debates for Congress, Senate, etc (an two VP debates), Trump went up against a professional that was backed by most, if not all, of the media establishments – and he held his own. Especially with the hardball questions he received over Clinton’s soft pitches.

    Additionally, and many forget, Trump came out of a very deep and experienced primary field (19 people). Clinton, on the other hand, came out of a field with only a few former Presidential hopefuls. Trump’s was much more stacked and deep.

    Biden’s camp does not, I repeat DOES NOT, want him on the big stage going unscripted for over a few minutes. Trump, on the other hand (while he should stick to the script way more than he does), can survive and even thrive in a “free fire” zone such as a debate.

    • Twist says:

      Let’s not forget that Clinton had the advantage in the debates with getting the debate questions in advance of at least one of the debates.

  5. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    The upcoming debates should be on pay per view, because they should be that entertaining. Biden in no way wins any of them unless Trump drops dead during one of them…

    Biden had a week to offer his views on policing after the Floyd incident..he came up with this gem…

    Joe Biden has suggested that police should be trained to shoot knife-wielding suspects in the leg instead of the heart in an effort to reduce the numbers of people killed by police.

    ‘Instead of standing there and teaching a cop when there’s an unarmed person coming at ’em with a knife or something, shoot ’em in the leg instead of in the heart,‘ the former vice president said.

    He was always and will remain comedy gold.

    The sad reality should he win this November is that the media will give him cover as they did the previous administration and pretend he’s not starting to lose his mind. That is the real hypocrisy here.

  6. E-4 Mafia 4 Life says:

    If Biden comes out of the basement, he should also come out of the closet.

    • rgr769 says:

      Yes, he could say he always felt female and he will start transitioning. The radical progs of the 57 genders would love it. MSDNC would be talking about it 24/7.

  7. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Biden could piss his pants during a debate against President Trump and the liberal media DNC propagandists would still declare Biden as the winner.

  8. Looks like biden is trying to get a free feel on the LEO’S leg and might have thought that the man was in the army and was 11B Leg.

  9. USMC Steve says:

    They don’t want to let him get loose any more than absolutely necessary. Every time he speaks the dementia/senility is more obvious, and he just steps on his crank. Even some of the true believers are starting to get scared of the old boy.

  10. ArmyATC says:

    Gropin’ Joe’s handlers are doing the right thing by keeping him in the basement. They know that every time he opens his mouth there’s a better than average chance he’ll stick his foot in it and his poll ratings drop.

  11. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    He cant handle a debate, or a campaign, or apparently a ten minute interview.

    Meat Puppet for the corruptocrats.

    Also crock-block for the loon-left