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| May 16, 2020

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Shelby Twp. police: fatal shooting likely self-defense

By Norb Franz
Self-defense appears to have been the cause of gunfire that resulted in the death of a 21-year-old Shelby Township man, police officials said Thursday.

Christopher Cammarata was shot May 9 when a domestic disturbance at his family’s home on Glen Eagle Drive, near 21 Mile and Hayes roads, turned violent, township police said.

Officers initially were dispatched to the home on a call of family trouble. As officers headed to the scene, the report changed to one of gunfire.

Police found Cammarata wounded when they arrived. Shelby Township Fire Department paramedics transported him to a hospital where he died later that day.

Police Chief Robert Shelide said Thursday Cammarata had been laid off from his job at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and had been drinking heavily. He began arguing with his stepsister at the home and the dispute escalated late that afternoon to the point where the young man brandished a gun, police said.

During a struggle with his 27-year-old brother over the gun, the younger Cammarata was shot, police said.

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Texas County, Mo. investigators say deadly shooting near Summersville was self-defense

SUMMERSVILLE, Mo. — The Texas County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the shooting of a man south of Summersville as a case of self-defense.

Michael R. Eschrich age 63, of Mountain View, Mo. died in the shooting.

Deputies responded to the area in the 1700 block of State Highway 17 Wednesday. They found Eschrich dead from a gunshot wound. The shooter cooperated with investigators on the scene. A preliminary investigation indicate Eschrich approached the shooter with a dangerous object in an aggressive manner.

This investigation is active and upon completion the results will be presented to the Texas County Prosecuting Attorney for review.

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Man shoots and kills alleged home intruder in Scottsdale

By: Clayton Klapper
SCOTTSDALE, AZ — A homeowner reportedly shot and killed an intruder Wednesday night in Scottsdale.

Scottsdale police say the incident happened around 10:45 p.m. near Pima and Happy Valley roads.

The homeowner was reportedly doing work on the property when the family dog alerted him to some type of disturbance. When the father of the family entered a room to investigate, he found that one of his children had been confronted by a naked male subject.

Police say the intruder was holding a large piece of wood in a threatening manner and charged at the resident. The resident then pulled out a gun and shot the intruder twice, killing him.

The 41-year-old resident was home with his wife and three children at the time. No one else was injured at the time of the shooting.

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Read the rest here: ABC 15

Nothing like an honest FGS Trifecta to start your Saturday, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes. WW will approve.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” — Edmund Burke

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  1. Hack Stone says:

    The guy in Scottsdale, Cameron Yoe, left this world the way he entered it; naked, covered in his own body fluids and screaming. Since the article makes no mention of young Cameron wearing a mask, they will have to put this one in the Coronavirus Fatality Column.

  2. 26Limabeans says:

    Today’s numbers are the number nineteen and the number eleven.
    These magical numbers can be arranged to tell all sorts of FGS.

    For example, nineteen people were shot and eleven wounded in
    just one Chicago weekend.

    Or, an eleven year old protected his family from a nineteen
    year old drug crazed maniac by using his mom’s nineteen eleven.

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      ‘beans, once again, I “Like” the way you think with your numbers…’specially the 19s and 11s. We truly old farted curmudgeons must stick together and bring the truth forward that there is only The One truly pinnacle design of the auto loader hand guns and that belongs to the Saintly John Moses Browning!!! Howitzer Be His Name!!! Can I get an AMEN? Tho I am a very firm believer that marriage is the leading cause of divorce, I would pledge my troth to that drop dead gorgeous rendition by Fusion Firearms and keep it close to my heart in an open carry cross draw shoulder holster for all to see and covet. Gives a whole new meaning to the term “arm candy.”

      WW is not the only one who approves of the Saturday Morning FGS DRT Trifecta. You done good there Air Boss. Have another cup of Irish Coffee on me. Now if you coulda just headed off the hijacking of the Surprise Surprise Thread from evening last. Damned if that didn’t get dragged, bleeding, all over hell and half of Missouri. That puppy ran like somebody left the gate open.

      • AW1Ed says:

        GB, I’m happy to keep a majority of the cats pointed in the right direction. Don’t have the bandwidth to chase all the stays.

        It did take on a life of its own, though.

  3. Today May 16th is Armed Forces Day

  4. UpNorth says:

    Christopher Cammarata will now vote democrat until eternity, regardless of what his party choice was.