Crime Never Sleeps

| April 8, 2020

Just because there’s a COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t seem to faze some brazen criminals. Our own Gun Bunny sends us two examples from his AO.

Truckload of Jack Daniels stolen in southeast Atlanta; suspect sought

By Raisa Habersham
As many search for toilet tissue, Lysol wipes and other necessities amid the coronavirus pandemic, one brazen thief targeted a truckload of liquor instead.

Atlanta police are searching for a suspect they say stole a “trailer full of Jack Daniels,” in southeast Atlanta last week, according to a police report.A driver working for a Tennessee-based trucking company dropped off the shipment of Tennessee whiskey at the ITS ConGlobal trailer yard at 465 Sawtell Ave. on March 28, according to the report. It was reported stolen April 1. An employee there told police he “checked the trailer out of the yard” without asking the unknown driver for his personal information, according to the report. The employee also said the man “did not appear to be suspicious in any kind of way.”

Think someone needs to ramp up security measures? Read the rest of the article here: AJC

Three guns stolen from Chamblee police chief’s department-issued SUV

By J.D. Capelouto
Three guns were stolen from the Chamblee police chief’s city-issued SUV during a rash of car break-ins at an apartment complex late last month, according to police records, though it is against department policy to store firearms in vehicles.

Chief Kerry Thomas’ personal and city vehicle were two of 23 vehicles broken into early on March 26 at the luxury Windsor Parkview apartments on Peachtree Boulevard, Chamblee police reports state.A .270 Remington rifle with scope, a .22 long rifle and Browning 12-gauge shotgun were stolen from the department-owned 2019 Chevrolet Tahoe, which is an unmarked police unit, according to a report obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Chamblee’s police conduct policies state that officers may not leave guns in unattended, parked vehicles. Records show the chief reviewed the policy on take-home vehicles and signed off on it March 24, just two days before the break-ins.

Careless- the Chief should be held liable for the loss. Read the rest, here: AJC

Thanks, Gun Bunny.

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Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

The Po-po Chief seems to have the attitude, “Rules for thee, but not for me”.

Hack Stone

He store the weapons in his vehicle as a “matter of convenience”. If Hillary gets a pass with that excuse, anyone can.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

The Jack D bandit has his priorities straight. I wonder where he’s going to off-load that load to hide and dispose of it?

Sounds like an inside job.
The off-loading driver points out the trailer load to the thief. The dispatch doesn’t check the thief’s creds. Hmmmm…………….


“Chamblee’s police conduct policies state that officers may not leave guns in unattended, parked vehicles. Records show the chief reviewed the policy on take-home vehicles and signed off on it March 24, just two days before the break-ins.”

HAHAHA, the irony. Of course such policies always have the wee little caveat that they can be changed at any time, for any reason, with no notice. Just so happens as he was walking to his truck, Chief here decided that policy needed to be changed after all.

If that’s how the policy reads, it’s a stupid policy. Going into a high rise for a call? Better grab your shotgun and rifle. You don’t want to leave them in your parked, unattended squad.

MI Ranger

It would seem the Chief may have also had personally owned weapons in the car. I don’t know of many that would have .22 as Police weapon, even if it is .22LR, the .270 Remington with scope I am sure is for taking care of those pesky Coyotes that roam the city.
Policy should read unless properly secured in approved devices.


FWIW, My youngest brother (Airborne!) was an LEO for a while, and used a .22LR rifle to put down a vicious bitch that was attacking college students, biting them whenever they got near her hide-out where she had pups.

One shot, at night, in the rain, at a running dog, and dropped her with a headshot.

.22s have their place.


Hopefully the other female students were OK.


I think I dated her in college. Left a nasty bite mark on my shoulder and some very NSFW memories.

5th/77th FA

You’re welcome Good Sir! Ran into to this while chasing another rabbit. AJC has opened up some of their linkys/viewings what with the ChiCom Originated Virus Infecting Disease of 2019 (COVID19) all in the news. My FIRST thought on seeing the Jack Daniels story was maybe Admin was planning an after quarantine company picnic then I realized that (a) TAH/MP/VG would only steal really top shelf whiskey and (b) a truckload wouldn’t be enough. One of my girls is a dispatcher for another trucking company near the airport, she thinks it was prolly a double inside job. That particular yard is a combo drop off and self storage facility.

The po po thing gave me a good chuckle. Chiraq, Baltimore and Houston et al do not have a monopoly on dumb cops. That story has disappeared and you can just about bet that the matter is closed. Again, different spanks for different ranks. To prosecute him would be RACISS!


Wonder what kind of suspension the chief will impose on himself.

Gil Kerlikowske had his Glock service pistol stolen from his unmarked Crown Victoria parked outside his house when he was the Chief of Police in Seattle.

That didn’t stop President B.O. from appointing him at first to Director of the National Drug Control Policy and later Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Protection.

Steve 1371

That liquor trailer has got to be an inside job. I have never been to a drop lot with that loose of security.