Centers for Disease Control…

| March 16, 2020

…A Study of Incompetency.

Has the CDC ever handled anything well? Take a peek into the wayback machine and see for yourself.

Poetrooper sends.

The CDC was Fighting Racism and Obesity Instead of Stopping Epidemics

The CDC should be driven by science, not social justice.

By: Daniel Greenfield

The Centers for Disease Control has a $6.6 billion budget and one job which it messes up every time.

The last time the CDC had a serious workout was six years ago during the Ebola crisis. Back then CDC guidelines allowed medical personnel infected with Ebola to avoid a quarantine and interact with Americans until they showed undeniable symptoms of the disease. There were no protocols in place for treating the potentially infected resulting in the further spread of the disease inside the United States.

At the height of the crisis, confidence in the CDC fell to 37%. Meanwhile, CDC personnel had managed to mishandle Ebola virus samples, accidentally sending samples of the live virus to CDC labs. And the heads of the health bureaucracy blamed the lack of funding for their failure to have an Ebola vaccine.

The self-quarantine measures adopted in response to the coronavirus outbreak are partially a response to the lessons of the Ebola disaster.

But during the Ebola crisis, Democrats tried to shift responsibility from the Obama administration by blaming Republicans for cutting the CDC’s budget from $6.5 billion to $5.9 billion. Sound familiar? Where do those billions for the CDC actually go? Among other things, pushing gun control. The terrible budget deal from December allocated $25 million to the CDC and NIH to study gun violence.

During the Ebola crisis, the CDC had been spending a mere $2.6 million on gun violence studies. But the CDC has a history of wasting money on everything from a $106 million visitor’s center with Japanese gardens, a $200K gym, a transgender beauty pageant, not to mention promoting bike paths.

The occasional outbreak only calls the CDC’s general incompetence to everyone’s attention. The rest of the time its incompetence, like that of other government agencies, just ticks along wasting money.

There’s a vote of confidence for you. /sarc Read the rest here: Front Page Mag

Thanks, Poe.

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I always ask, and I am serious–where, tell me where, we see the hypercompetent government that is going to solve our problems with healthcare, roads, crime, disease, jobs…

The most idiotic thing I have ever heard is the bleating of the young sheep of the “buhnie generation” who in the same breath tell us that our government is hopelessly racist and sexist and is not to be trusted, yet it will run something as complex as healthcare correctly.

Our government can’t manage the placing of paper into the correct folder!

What are you to a government agency? A pig to be slaughtered.

5th/77th FA

Spot on SarMaj, and Thanks to Mr. Greenfield, Poe, and ‘Ed for helping keep my blood pressure up./s/

The ONLY business that the gubmint has been efficient at was the separation of monies from the taxpayer’s wallet. You go `16th Amendment, separation on an industrial scale. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could just save the amount that is just pissed away every year, not to mention what is outright stolen, as was shown in the previous thread.

All of this is a classic example of why people voted for Trump. He said he was going to take the gubmint away from the grifters and give it back to the people. That’s why the grifters hate him so much. We’re not sure which President started padding the gubmint payroll with so many, but we do recollect a President that was killed because a nut job WANTED a gubmint job. And now you can’t even fire the blatantly incompetent ones.

No wonder we owe north of 20 trillion USD. And, yeah, that’s Trump’s fault too. /s/

USMCMSgt (Ret)

Same fuckers taking stock in the CDC are the same ones who refuse to vaccinate their kids.

Strange world we live in.

A Proud Infidel®™

Government Bureaucrats ALWAYS do a terrific job at wasting money and being incompetent as hell!


The CDC fighting racism and obesity makes about as much sense as NASA’s muslim outreach program. Stay in your lane, fucksticks.


Both concepts came out of the Obama White House.

Just more of that “Fundamental Change” he promised…


The CDC has made a mess of this situation… makes a monkey fucking a football look sane.

Get out of the SJW shit CDC and start doing the job your supposed to be doing.


Criminals who should not have guns commit the vast, vast majority of gun crimes and gun deaths.

There… the gun study was done in one sentence.

The CDC is like one of those very badly run charities. Many of which are discussed here. The Dems say, just throw more money at them and they’ll do a better job. How did that work out for the VA?

What should a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention do exactly? Obviously from their name, control and prevent diseases when and where at all possible.

But no, since their money comes from liberal legislators they want to protect their phony-baloney jobs and so tackle shit off the field. Like, gun violence, which is only studied by several other federal agencies and nearly every liberal university professor meeting their need to publish as part of their tenure.

And let’s not forget this agency is tasked with national concerns. So it concerning itself with transgender issues for example which account for basically less than .01% of the population, all in.

This is a typical government agency at work or rather at rest. They get out of their lane, fuck up other agencies’ work, waste tax money, ask for more, all while not doing their own job.


What should a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention do exactly? Obviously from their name, control and prevent diseases when and where at all possible.

I saw this one after my reply to Skippy below. They study public health, not just disease. Much like, to reiterate my point below, the NRA promotes gun rights, not just rifle rights.

If their transgender research takes a disproportionate amount of their funding, sure, that’s a problem. But I think a broad understanding of root causes and trends in the transgender (and gay, bisexual, etc) communities is pretty useful – what if there are environmental factors? What if those communities are critical to the spread of a new disease? I don’t have to like something to want to understand it. But as I said above, the funding should be proportionate to estimated risks/benefits.


“What if those communities are critical to the spread of a new disease?”

Like AIDS? That sure went well. Perhaps you are too young to remember the outrage when medical experts said AIDS was transmitted primarily by gays.

I think it is appropriate at this time to compare the measures proposed and taken to prevent the spread of AIDS and the spread of the dread corona virus. I think we all know the anti-corona measures being implemented. How many of you remember, for contrast, the volcanic reaction when NYC attempted to close gay “bathhouses”?

The only CDC research allowed into gay, gun, etc., issues is PC research aimed to reflect favourably on the gay, anti-gun, etc. communities.


Obesity I’ll give them, though I don’t know what more can be done to study it. Eat less and exercise has been the “cure” for obesity for generations.

Gun control, racism, and transgenderism? None of those need the CDC unless any of them have somehow become contagious.


Oh they are definitely contagious–they’re epidemic in the Democrat party.


America got fat when they outlawed amphetamines in the 60’s & 70’s.
My old man, a Druggist in Iowa said that and he was absolutely right.
The number of people over 300# male and female is huge now. They are all over Austin.
I’m fat, but not that fat and could never allow myself to get that way.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

I thought that people started to get out-of-control fat when the FedGov inverted the Food Pyramid and mandated that we (The Peeple) stop eating (healthy) fats, and start eating sugars instead.


Poe doing everything he can to shift the blame from the administration.

He must be on some right wing talking point mailing list.

He toes the party line. Every. Single. Damn. Time.

This time he is pissing into a hurricane, Trump will be remembered for historical incompetence.


And as his history here clearly demonstrates, Commissar has unerring aim:

He pisses on his own toes. Every. Single. Damn. Time.


More like this;


A truly committed environmentalist. Should be an example to the entire Green environmental movement. Recycling carried to its ultimate extreme. Reducing his urine footprint.


wrong again, comrade!

The President has done good (not great, but I’m not sure anyone could) on this one. Ironically, just like Bush did in New Orleans.

No, what you are upset about is that this is not ushering in your utopia of gulags and payouts.

It’s OK to be honest. You can admit you are nothing but a grifter. We all already know it, in any event.

Pathetic remains above your level, I’m afraid, but keep trying. Your masters will reward you, I’m sure, minion.


To be clear, 16 years of big nanny focus has left CDC, NIH, FEMA, NASA, and yes, DoD incapable of accomplishing much of anything for anyone.

The only advantage DoD has is that the enlisted force is not yet infested with woke morons.



Where the hell does that accusation come from?


Well even if he just pulled it out of his ass that should be a tactic/concept with which you are intimately familiar, Lars, seeing’s how you employ it so frequently.



A lovely thought. The outrage, it is precious, is it not?


Support of Grifter “three mansions” Bernie, perhaps?


Dems required 100% focus on their impeachment/failed coup and it’s all Trump’s fault. Dem’s whining about the White House doing TOO MUCH as recently as 5 Feb and by 19 days later that the White House was doing too little? Give me a break.

Oh, and please objectively relook your post above… all you said was “Otange man bad! Poe bad!” Hardly your best work.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

Same fuckers taking stock in the CDC are the same ones who refuse to vaccinate their kids.

Strange world we live in.

Forest Bondurant

Fuggin Lars…

Whatever it takes to blame the administration, while failing to recognize the governor of his own state was the second or third to claim a state emergency early on.

You DO understand how disaster or emergency declarations work, don’t you Commissar?

Meanwhile, folks on the hill did squat to tee up legislation to address the issue. Instead, his party was busy trying to impeach the President and cause instability in the country.

Shift the blame where it belongs, jackass.

A Proud Infidel®™️

In other news, the World Health Organization has declared that Dogs are incapable of carrying or transmitting the virus and has ordered all quarantined canines to be set free.

Yes folks, WHO let the dogs out!!!


Excellent. Your pride is justified. As is my envy,


CDC shouldn’t be studying Guns WTF
They have one job to do and they can’t do it anymore WTF !!!!
they have the same PC rot that was going on in
The Army and the NG in 2013-14 time frame
Wall to Wall Sharp and EO training


The reason the CDC is the best agency of the government to study gun violence is because they have some of the best statisticians and epidemiologists on the planet.

I think people get hung up on the name and think they just specialize in disease. That’s like getting angry that the NRA spends money arguing handgun laws instead of just focusing on rifles, since it’s in the name. Just as the NRA is about gun rights, not just rifles, the CDC is about studying public health, not just diseases.


Guns have nothing to do with public health is the issue. It is not a medical question.


One of CDC’s larger budgetary line items is literally “Injury Prevention and Control”, see page 2 here:

Now if you’re trying to argue guns don’t cause injury, I’d love you to check out the Emergency Department in any large hospital. The doctors in there would probably tell you it has a little to do with medicine as well.


Maybe, just maybe, iffin’ we can stop criminals, hear me out here, stop ‘em from launching lead slugs at each other and other criminalistics, just maybe there wouldn’t be any more shootings.
I’m busy not shooting anyone here at the bunker but you seem eager to help, do us a solid and fix this problem?


But what percentage of gunshot injuries treated in emergency rooms are the result of accidental discharge as opposed to malicious, intentional infliction of injury, LC?

Are you trying to tell us it’s the business of the CDC to get involved in criminal issues, policies and programs?

C’mon, man, that’s what’s wrong with government now–too many agencies not staying in their own damned lanes.


Studying trends is useful – if there’s an uptick in gun violence (to be clear, I’m not talking about accidental discharges here), it’s good to have a sense of why. For example, there are multiple theories -and epidemiological data behind them- looking at the drop in crime rate in the 90s – one common theory is that the reduction in lead in the environment helps, as it’s been related to increases in aggression. Is it absolutely clear? No, but we have decent data that suggests maybe using lead-based paint ain’t good, and that leads to a societal change that has epidemiological effects.

Psychologists have observed a drop in empathy in the population, coinciding with the rise in smart phones that people are glued to constantly. Could something like that have an effect on violence, including gun violence? Probably good to have some theories and data that support them.

I’m for gun rights, in case you’ve missed that in the past. I shoot, and I don’t casually go out and murder people just because I own a gun. I’m for the CDC studying gun violence and its causes because they have the tools and people to do so, and knowledge isn’t a bad thing. To assume their conclusion is that not only are guns terrible, but they’re so terrible that that outweighs the countless non-criminal owners who protect others, or use them for hunting, etc., betrays a lack of confidence in the very stories often posted here at TAH about how guns have protected others.

So no, the CDC doesn’t need to get into criminal issues, but they’re very good at collecting large datasets and analyzing them, and I think that’d be good to do with gun violence as well. Seeing trends, potential causal factors and more shouldn’t scare law-abiding gun owners.


It doesn’t require an epidemiologist to ascertain that gun violence is caused by criminal activity almost without exception. Even lawful shootings are almost always in response to a criminal committing or attempting to commit violence. All anyone need do is look at the FBI statistics to figure that one out.

So, why should the CDC study what has already been studied?

A Proud Infidel®™️

ELECTRICITY causes manifold injuries and death every year, so why doesn’t the CDC call for Electricity Control?


DOE and myriad other agencies
have that market wrapped up.
There isn’t much left to control
out there so CDC is getting into
everyone’s underwaer looking for
shit er..stuff to wipe er..control.


How about step ladders?
Playground equipment?



Slick bathtubs


It’s also roughly 2.5% of the number of gun deaths – roughly 1000 electrical deaths per year. There’s also not a psychological / epidemiological factor, as many of those deaths are from high-voltage incidents (which most people aren’t exposed to), or lightning strikes. [1]

By all means, if they had more funds I’d be happy for some additional work to go into safeguarding electrical outlets at homes since children are another high-risk group, but it’s not at the same scale as gun deaths. Again, what’s so scary about trying to understanding trends about gun violence?


There’s an epidemiological factor in gun deaths? Are guns contagious?


No, but they are addictive.


There have been far more accidental
snowmobile deaths than accidental
gun deaths this year in Maine.

Does the CDC study snowmobile deaths?


Nobody is talking about strictly accidental deaths – it’s about understanding trends and risk factors. And there are far more deaths (not accidental deaths) from guns than snowmobiles in Maine, let alone in the entirety of the US.

Again, what’s the fear in better understanding how gun-related injuries and deaths, whether accidental or intentional, have changed over time?


“And there are far more deaths (not accidental deaths) from guns than snowmobiles in Maine”

You pulled that one out of your ass.


No, I literally didn’t:

In 2018 there were 159 gun-related deaths in Maine. [1]

Maine averages six snowmobile accidents per year[2], and in 2017, New York tied for the most snowmobile deaths in the country with 24 [3]. So unless things changed severely this year, it seems pretty damn likely that the deaths from guns are higher, since 159 >> 24.


Where is your data?


From above:

“gun deaths this year in Maine”

Keep digging


I see, you’re trying to play cute – like saying, “Before 11am, more people choke on breakfast than lunch”, ignoring that most don’t eat lunch until later.

Let’s take those 159 gun-related deaths from 2018, and scale them by how far we are into the year – that gives us 159 * .2077, or 33 deaths if things are linear. Yes, it’s possible more deaths happen in summer, or late around the holidays, but I don’t have any data about that, (and it’s largely irrelevant to the main point about what CDC should study anyway.)

Now you’re saying that despite New York having the record at 24 deaths from snowmobiling in 2017, and Maine averaging just six per year in the past ten years, suddenly there’s an epidemic of snowmobile crashes in Maine in early 2020 that it surpasses 33?! That would be pretty damn shocking.

So if so, let’s see your data. I’m betting you don’t even pass 16, so even if we downscaled our early-year gun deaths by half, you’re still wrong.


Go back to my original comment and
start from there.
Read it really slow.


That line item is an example of the problem, not a justification.

The CDC is purposed for disease control. The observation that someone expanded it out-of-scope for political reasons does not justify in any way that expansion.

Because if everything is health related, what isn’t CDC to do? And under “universal health care”, what isn’t fair game to ban or mandate?

Were we not supposed to notice that?

And in terms of that scope-creep, I think it reasonable to observe that if CDC had not spent a large fraction of its budget on non-disease issues, it might be much better at responding to infectious disease outbreaks.

The main reason it exists is, after all, controlling disease, right? That is why it was created, right?

Disease is health is safety is -sophistry-.


It’s a misunderstanding of CDC’s mission that it’s strictly disease related. It originally dealt almost exclusively with malaria – should it keep that strict focus? No, of course not, it should evolve and aid in the understanding of various factors that affect health.


Centers for DISEASE Control and Prevention???

Gee, LC, where could we ever get such a foolish idea that the mission of the CDC has to do with DISEASE?

How silly of us poor benighted TAH morons. Thank you ever so much for setting us straight. Without you and Lars we would be so unenlightened.


Thanks but I’ve seen first hand the damage caused by guns. Far too many times. It is not a medical issue. I doubt they studied the root causes of mental health and single parent households.


LC, you usually reason pretty well. I don’t agree much, but that’s life. However, your “NRA outside its lane on pistols” is specious as hell. What’s next, demand AAA not tow pickups? Seriously?


My point was that people are getting caught up on the name – the Centers for Disease Control, and assuming that’s all they do. Much like how assuming all the National Rifle Association did was focus on rifles. Or how the Navy flies a lot of planes, instead of just boats and ships.

And yes, you’re right, AAA is another example. The name doesn’t determine the function, the mission statement does. CDC’s mission is to study anything relating to health, not just disease.


It should stay focused on disease control, it’s reason to exist.

It should not scope creep to unrelated things like crime and tools.

Because every dollar diverted is taken from controlling disease, it’s reason for existing.

We have the FBI for investigating criminal behavior, and ATF for its alphabet combo.

CDC is for -disease- control, and is not anywhere lacking for objectives in that field.


The NRA is a private organization and can do whatever its members are willing to pay for.

As for the CDC, its FIRST priority is disease, the corona virus for example. Until that is taken care of and future virus outbreaks are prepared for, the CDC should confine itself to disease control.


I thought epidemiologists were trained to study communicable diseases. I guess you think an inanimate object is a disease. You effing progs really do want all of us disarmed so you can invoke your totalitarian police state. Horowitz is right; in every progressive there is a totalitarian screaming to get out.

Your last paragraph above is a terrific demo of your reasoning skills. Maybe the CDC should also be studying plane crashes, cuz people’s health is often adversely impacted when an aircraft strikes terra firma. I know of one light sport aircraft flight that severely adversely impacted the health of a certain disbarred lawer/lousy pilot.


This ‘effing prog’ is a gun-owner who likes to shoot, though I’m sure such a notion is incomprehensible to you. I just don’t see any issue in better understanding trends and factors in gun violence.

And no, epidemiologists study more than just communicable diseases. How do you not know that?


Well, my Webster’s Dictionary says that epidemiology is “a branch of medical science that deals with the incidence, distribution, and control of disease in a population.” The secondary definition says it is “the sum of factors of the factors controlling the presence or absence of a disease or pathogen.” I guess you read your definition in the latest edition of your Progressive Newspeak Dictionary. Or, you have Winston Smith’s latest proposed edit of the word. Either that, or you believe firearms are a pathogen. If so, you should turn yours in ASAP, before you are infected.


Delete the redundant “of the factors” to make my quote accurate.


What does an -epidemiologist- have to do with mechanical devices like firearms? Totally unrelated. Epidemiologists study disease spread.

Neither guns nor crime are diseases, nor do they involve microorganism spread.

C’mon man….

Best stats folks are at NSA, cracking codes. Best math folks of any sort wind up there.


They aren’t studying how guns work – it has nothing to do with the mechanical aspects of it, and you surely know that. And again, CDC isn’t just about diseases (or microorganisms), despite the name.


It is supposed to focus on -disease control- it’s reason for existence. It is not supposed to be doing stuff outside that area.

You are part of the problem of our fucked up federal government, and your eyes tightly shut are a great big indicator of the problem.



He wants some gov’t agency to start registering, licensing and ultimately confiscating our guns because anyone not a verified “woke” prog shouldn’t have them, since they might be used improperly or something. Cuz lefty governments always know best.


God you’re a dumbfuck Larsy-boi….


I may be dumb, but not so dumb that I continually confuse two different people despite getting corrected nearly every time.


Could the confusion result from your comments tending to be so similar, hmm?


Hows the CDC doing with that opioid crisis? Still raging and killing way more people than guns?
Thought so.
Ronnie was right, government IS the problem.


To busy doing drag queen contest
haven forbid they should do there one job
When we can all sit in a circle jerk
No wonder why they always drop the ball


This poor CDC fellow, bless his soul.
I’ll do my part by ignoring Mr. CDC, along with all the other alphabet agencies. (Not IRS, they always win…somehow)
On the upside: with time on my hands and the blessings of spring in mid-March, I’ve got the chicory and clover ground cover for the rabbits, birds and deers.
Whether or not the world goes to pot, I’ll have all the neighborhood creatures ov’r here at my free buff it.
Life’s hard…


Poe- small flaw above, the $25million to study gun issues was pushed through last year and was not in effect during the Ebola scare.


But WHO pushed it through? Chronology does not dictate causation.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Both parties want to politicize the current situation and blame each other for making it worse or setting the stage for the current situation. I’m not surprised the usual partisans on both sides of the aisle are doing their level best to make sure they offer the appropriate opinions as to the fault of the other guy and not their guy. Meanwhile, here in the cheap seats where the businesses have been closed without due process some of us realists wonder what either side will accomplish to help those small businesses that employ 60 million of the 107 million or so Americans who have private sector jobs…you know the jobs that actually fund the 50 million who take taxes as their wages. Nice to see that the Fed opened up 1.5 trillion in additional short term debt options for traders, but what about the restaurants that shuttered right now? It’s not just payroll they have to come up with. No one is talking about suspending their rent, mortgage, equipment, tax payments, compliance payments, fee payments or other government payment structures during this forced closure. Be angry with the CDC if you must, but consider the reality that the 2008 crash was a 5% hit to the economy and this forced closure of business around the nation might be a hit that’s 4 times as large…with no one talking about how to address that with the small business community that provides the bulk of the wage slaves who pay into the system. The federal government employees actually pay nothing into the system in terms of created wealth. They are given tax money in wages and forced to give back some of that tax money in their own tax schedule but none of that money is actually created value wealth. Someone better pop their head out of their ass and consider what happens if this shutdown lasts more than two weeks. It’s going to be four weeks here in New England for a great many small business service related companies. Tell me which party is currently offering to pay the bills of… Read more »


Another way to look at this bullshit, the bastards took $4,500 from every man, woman and child to support the financial system that’ll be paid by inflation.
The Fed is buying the long end of the yield curve to keep their interest ‘manageable’ (which is horseshit).
The ecominny (sic, Idiocracy) is ill, or dead, and pumping is full of nazi-strength meth ain’t helping.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

goddamn fingers again there’s no way 50 million people work for government…that should have been about 2 million…the 107 figure refers to the private service sector employees…

Gotta stop trying to type on my piece of shit phone…

Sorry for the shitty math (again)


Think you forgot the military and all the state and local workers who are also predominantly paid with tax dollars. Their numbers have to add up to more than two million employees. Then there a contractors who work exclusively for government entities, as well, and are paid with tax money.


In any given state (or even city and county) the largest employer will be the government. Schools, state/county hospitals, streets, police, sewer and water, the list goes on. There are a lot of people working for the gumbint. So much so that when there’s one of them fake holidays regular people don’t get off, there’s no traffic jams.