Dem Debate

| March 16, 2020

Sanders-Biden Debate

If victory is defined as Biden avoiding an unforced error and turning in a merely mediocre performance, he definitely won. Otherwise there’s not a dime’s difference between the two. Biden sealed the deal with the promise of a female Veep, and Bernie burned down his last bridge with his “Is it true, or is it not true, that China made great progress in reducing extreme poverty?” question to Biden. Sure they did, by massacring millions. This Primary is over, and Biden is the one.

A Surreal Exercise in Regular Politics during an Ongoing Health Crisis


Tonight’s Democratic presidential primary debate between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders felt like a supremely surreal exercise in irrelevance. The threat of the coronavirus is the all-consuming focus of the American public right now, and a pair of men who have no or nominal ability to influence the current government’s policies told us that they would handle the threat much better if they were in charge.

The men went through the motions of a presidential debate, while two states have already announced postponed primaries and others are considering the move.

Both Democratic candidates misspoke and referred to the coronavirus as “Ebola virus” and “SARS” at points. Both men said that they would get the military and FEMA involved more. Both criticized the Trump administration’s response. The candidates’ answers were mostly lists of things “we” have to do, with few specifics of how they would accomplish them.

The situation is changing day by day; shortly before debate time, the CDC recommended that events with 50 people or more be canceled or postponed for the next eight weeks.

Perhaps the situation is changing too fast for any public official to give good answers to the big questions that this crisis is provoking. CNN’s Dana Bash asked a particularly good question: “When the outbreak first started, the [Chinese] government censored the whistleblower doctor who sounded the alarm and downplayed the true gravity of the virus. What consequences should China face for its role in this global crisis?”

Sanders made clear he had no interest in punishing China, at least for now, and maybe ever: “Now is the time to be working with China. They are learning a lot about this crisis. And in fact, we have to work with them. We have to work with the World Health Organization, we have to work with Italy. If there was ever a moment when the entire world is in this together, got to support each other, this is that moment.”

Meaning we have to support the world. Again. Read the rest of the article here: The National Review

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What a cluster fuck


Perhaps the situation would stop changing so fast if the media started concentrating on facts and less on jumping from one click-bait scary headline to the next.


Chinese citizens who are returning to China from other countries are being held at point of entry by the Chinese government.


Biden promises a female VP…whether the DNC can find one qualified to serve or not. I can see a big game of spin the bottle coming up behind the closed doors of Democrat lunacy.

Hack Stone

For some reason Hack imagines the relationship between Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders for that matter, and a female Vice President like an 85 year old guy married to a 28 year old stripper. She can wheel Joe or Bernie into the event, wipe the drool from his chin, and change his diaper. And you just know that she’ll have some 20 something President/Pool Boy from South America on the side to keep her company.

The Other Whitey

Ojos-Locos has submitted her blowjob offer and listed her economics professor as a quality reference.

Hack Stone

How about Chelsea Manning? “She” checks all of the boxes. Military veteran, connects with the younger generation, a star on Social Media, “she” has the complete package.

Hack Stone would like to take this opportunity to issue a retroactive Level IV Spew Alert for the comment above, and reminds visitors to this blog that This Ain’t Hell assumes no responsibility to any computer screen monitors.


Last I heard, Chelsea had “her” package removed.


Or had “her” package repackaged…

A Proud Infidel®™️

You mean he had a “snip and tuck”?


Yeah, and rumor has it that the top two are most likely Kamala Harris and Stacey Abrams…because pandering.


Gotta be a black to try to pull back those blacks now defecting to Trump.

Watch out for Moochelle…

Slow Joe

I would say Hitlary, but I don’t think even Biden is stupid enough to commit suicide just like that.

5th/77th FA

All this does is open up the betting pool to more possibilities:

Who’s Bernie’s pick?

Who’s Joe’s pick?

Who will be the DNC’s pick…for both positions.

Stacy Abrams was pushing real hard to cozy up to Bernie. Rumor mill keeps talking about a Moochelle pick. And of course, we can never count out that Bitch of Benghazi, the lying, murderous, trash, from hell, DasHitlerbeast.

One thing we do know, the DNC et al will NOT look to Gabbard.


I’m thinking Kamala Harris. She ticks off all of the DNC quals…

Jailed people for her own amusement…check
reliable and compliant…check

of course, if Kamala doesn’t work out, the other obvious female choice is Booker.


The Other Whitey

Will fuck geriatric men for personal favors: check.

Ask Willy Brown.


A Biden/Bernie or Bernie/Biden ticket in the making.
You just saw and heard the love they have for each other.
Geriatric love.


Good ol’ Commie Bernie always loves him some Communist/Marxist regimes. When he says he is against their totalitarianism, it is about truthful as Quid Pro Joe saying he supports the 2nd Amendment.


So “The Party of Inclusivity” has decreed that their VP must be a woman of color. They keep using that word, “inclusivity”. I do not think it means what they think it means. God forbid they actually pick a VP based on experience and that “Content of Character” thing that guy said.

Comm Center Rat

Does Fauxcahontas Warren qualify as a person of color since she’s 1,024th Cherokee?


no, because she is not “1/1024th Cherokee”. That cannot be determined in DNA testing.

The big lie of DNA testing is that it is based on the DNA tests they have already conducted as no definitive library of racial or nationality genotypes exists.

the best one could say is that Fauxcahountas is 1/1024th sane.


I have documented proof of my family originating in the Milano area and going back several generations. I look Italian. My grandmother spoke 2 dialects. DNA says I’m French. My great grandfather is spinning in his grave.


The tests have errors and inaccuracies.

Our ancestors wandered around.

Folks had children under irregular circumstances.


No fence jumpers, related all the way back. Some 3rd 4th cousins say Italian on the DNA but my family says French. Sorry I’m a pureblood on the Italian side. The moms English side goes back to the revolutionary war. Had a private in a Virginia volunteers or something like that. My cousin really got into this stuff a couple years ago.


The DNA genome in the data bases includes all native peoples of all of the indigenous peoples of north, south, and central America. So, Liawatha could be 1/1024th Aztec or Incan.


That would explain her support of policies involving human sacrifice.


What really impresses me is how it does not matter what the topic is, or who is on the debate stage, Trump wins.

The last time I saw anything like this was in 1984 when Hart, Jackson, and Mondale were slugging it out and making Reagan look good.

Slow Joe


You are really old.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

It’s becoming pretty clear the Democrats would prefer to lose with Biden than win with Bernie.

I had thought Bernie could be more of a challenger a few months back largely because he had energized that group of voters that tend to not vote in elections regularly. That he is also a disruptor made him interesting in the process. What I was unable to foresee was his inability to see the stupidity in the United States of defending Castro or Mao to Americans.

Bernie is going to lose the nomination again, largely by his own hand. He could have won it by his own hand if he had one sensible thought in his head, which is that Americans will agree to social programs but the format has to be along the lines of the Nordic model where it’s basically a free market with a higher tax rate to fund those social programs. Americans will not, however, agree that Castro or Mao’s educational, poverty reducing programs are good things. Slaves are not educated for their benefit anymore than making sure slaves have enough food to function at a higher level benefits the slave in the same proportion it benefits their masters.

Bernie stepped on his dick hard on those points, his refusal to acknowledge that does not come across as maintaining a consistent set of principles, it comes across as a cranky old shitbag commie defending other murderous commies over a minor point.

He could hardly have done worse if he mentioned that Hitler did such a great job with infrastructure that Eisenhower copied the interstate system directly from Germany’s famous highway system…fucking moron.


Bernie is a doctrinaire Trotskyite, the hard-international strain of Marx-spawn.

That “Scandinavian” approach is just the usual teaser/BS crap to get to the real objectives. He is at least clever enough to not wave the Red Banner every time he speaks.

Look at his supporters. Very telling.


speaking of debatable topics, this story may be an insight into why this virus spreads so fast….

Apparently, you can test positive but be symptom free….


In country Viet of the Nam vets are assumed to
have Hepatitis C. If you get tested and the
results are negative you are still assumed to
have hepatitis C.

I recently told a new primary care provider
to not go looking for something that isn’t
there. She promised not to.


This is off-topic with my apologies but it’s the closest without going deep into the weekend threads.

A couple of generations ago, the effects we are seeing with this virus and its impact would not have happened. The current and most of the previous generation live and die by Twitter, Snapchat and such. If so much as ONE person posts that they are going to stock up on toilet paper, it goes around the nation in microseconds and every other nimrod is standing in line with more TP than they could use in a decade.

These are the same ones the President was saying could have the biggest impact on controlling the spread of Covid-19 in America and I agree. They are, unfortunately, the same ones who will ignore the common sense advice and further its spread. Not all of them mind you by any means. Some post here and I know they are well-grounded in reality.

But when their memes are calling this virus a Boomer(that’s me over here)Remover it tells me the true nature of their character, their integrity, their care for others and this nation and, their raising. YMMV

Now back to our regular program currently in progress.


Absolute best line of the night was Biden saying, “I don’t want to get this into a back and forth in terms of our politics.” During a two-man debate. He is so out of it that he doesn’t know where he is or what he’s doing.


I’m a independent
Neither of these two clowns would be my first or second pick but unfortunately one of these clowns
Stand a good chance of becoming POTUS
Trump isn’t a shoe in. not even close
And there are some of us who are having a hard
Time and wondering why they are slow walking the attempted coup that took place and the complete Lack of justice a lot of people I know share this
Feeling and I’m shocked that it doesn’t bother
Trump if no charges happen by Memorial Day
My feeling is he’s finished and I’ve got to start figuring out a way to reinvest
In the market to take account for what could happen
Biden will be puppet he’s in the onset of dementia
The fact after the crap he was involved with during the last election
And is now running for office is a stunner to me
But shows how serious the trump administration doesn’t take this issue

God Help America


If any charges would drop now, the whole of the left would be howling that it was just an attempt by Trump to steer the country away from the Wuhan Flu.
They’d riot in the streets. He could have taped confessions from Comey, the PIAPS, Rosenstein, Obama, Biden, and the other members of the cast of clowns, and it wouldn’t matter one whit.


That’s exactly it.
did it really Have to take this long
I understand the other AG was dead
Weight I’m a nervous investor
And for the last 8 months
“Things” conveniently keep happening
That seem to get in the way
The nut jobs on the left know no boundaries and don’t care because
Thanks to there 1998 telecom law
Basically own all media to include
I’m keeping my fingers crossed
And I pray every night