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| March 5, 2020

Reach out and touch someone, quietly.

3 hospitalized after home invasion, shooting in Phoenix

PHOENIX — Three people are hospitalized after an apparent home invasion and shooting in Phoenix overnight.

Phoenix police say they were called to a home near 31st Avenue and Buckeye Road around 11 p.m. Tuesday for a shooting call.

Initial information suggests two men forced entry into a home and shot the man inside the home. The victim reportedly fired back at the suspects, hitting both of them.

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Read the rest here, such as it is: ABC 15

Police: Man arrested after attempted robbery near Rising Sun that closed local schools

by Katherine Barrier
OHIO COUNTY, Ind. (WKRC) – A man was arrested after a shooting near Rising Sun, Indiana, Tuesday morning that shut down local schools.

Officers from the Ohio County Sheriff’s Office, Rising Sun Police Department and Indiana State Police were called to a home on State Road 262 around 6 a.m. for reports of shots fired outside the residence.

ISP said 34-year-old Marcus Donald and two other men showed up at the home and got into a fight with a man who lived there. During the fight, the resident fired a handgun at the three men, who then fled the scene.

One of the three men had been shot in the abdomen. He was found later in the morning and taken to a Cincinnati-area hospital to be treated for serious injuries. Donald was later found in the area and arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit robbery. The third man has still not been found.

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Local 12

2 clerks shot in gunfight with game room robbers

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — The search is on for a group of men who barged into a south Houston game room and exchanged gunfire with employees, wounding both.

It happened in the 2900 block of Almeda Genoa Sunday night. Four to five masked men stormed the business with weapons, police said.

Gunfire broke out between the men and two game room employees. One employee was shot in the chest and the other was shot in the arm.

The employee with the chest wound was last listed in critical condition. The other was stable.

The employees believe that one of the suspects was shot in the gun battle before the men took off. Police are still looking for the men involved.

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Read the article here: ABC 13

Five inconvenienced, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes, and two in the wind. Clerks and homeowners are not included in the totals. Spring isn’t here yet, but lets hope this isn’t an indication of a hot summer.

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  1. 5th/77th FA says:

    Five of a kind is still an ACE of a hand. ‘Specially if we get 5 cases of sepsis out of the deal. The two blowing in the wind will show up, somewhere. They always do. #2 story will be counted as a “school shooting.”

    Getting slick with the gun pr0n pics again I see. Cool!

  2. Jay R says:

    I am confused on the count. The Houston Game Room incident said 4-5 masked men stormed the location and injured the two employees who think they wounded one. The story did not say any were arrested, so that should be a 0/1/4 not 0/1/2. The employees were not arrested. Or am I completely off on the numbers? I thought it was Dead/Wounded/On the Run.

    Also, is Game Room a euphemism for Private Poker Room?

    • AW1Ed says:

      Article 1- two inconvenienced
      Article 2- two inconvenienced
      Article 3- one inconvenienced

      I believe “Game Room” would involve all manner of opportunities to lose money. At least with poker one can bring some skills into the mix.

      Please refer to my PSA found in the Valor Vultures tab as to why I removed your last name.

  3. LIRight47 says:

    Don’t worry, guys! When Sleepy Joe is elected POTUS and he appoints Beto O’Roarke as his “gun czar” all gun crime and gun incidents will magically disappear.

    ….and I can’t wait when they come to my home to take my weapons!

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman says:

      “….and I can’t wait when they come to my home to take my weapons!”

      One piece at a time.
      At minimum 1000 fps (45ACP ~900 fps)