Eric Swalwell Suggests Russian Support For Bernie Sanders May Implicate Trump As ‘An Agent Of Russia’

| February 22, 2020

California Rep. Eric Swalwell

Quite possibly the dumbest Representative in the House, Eric “Nuke ‘Em” Swalwell has managed to outdo himself. The first Presidential candidate to drop out of the 2020 race- he was running on a single plank, gun control, which resonated with dozens of Democrat voters. As he left, tail between his legs, he said he’d go back to Congress, “…serving my friends and neighbors in California’s 15th District while using my seats on the House Intelligence and Judiciary committees to make our nation safer and uphold the rule of law for all Americans.”
Thanks for all that, Eric.

Our own Mason sends us the article, which by the title conflates Russian support for Bernie The Socialist with Trump being a Russian spy. Truly a stunning leap of logic. Read on:

David Krayden

Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell said Friday that reported Russian support of Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders raises the question of whether President Donald Trump is “an agent of Russia.”

“You can’t hold it against Bernie Sanders that this may be a preference of Russia, but you can hold it and ask questions of Donald Trump if he again is working as an agent of Russia by seeking not only one, to tweet at Bernie Sanders and try to amplify his campaign to get him to be a general election opponent but two, if he is indeed firing people on his staff who are telling others about Russia’s preferences,” Swalwell told CNN Friday.

U.S. officials reportedly told the Democratic presidential candidate that Russia is conspiring to assist Sanders with the nomination and to affect the ultimate 2020 presidential election. Exactly how the Russian influence is happening has not been revealed.

The national security officials also briefed President Donald Trump, senators and congressional representatives.


Swalwell told CNN Friday that he couldn’t discuss the briefing, but said, “I did ask [FBI] Director [Christopher] Wray at a judiciary hearing if Russia was still interfering and he plainly said yes.” The congressman gives “credit to Bernie Sanders for disavowing what [Russia] was doing … and saying to Putin ‘I’m not going to put up with it.’”

Swalwell insisted, “The real question, though, is did Donald Trump know that Russia had a preference for Bernie Sanders? Donald Trump has for the past few months has constantly and not so subtly been tweeting that his preferred candidate is Bernie Sanders. Is he taking intelligence that he’s getting and feeding it back to be aligned with Russia so he gets the candidate he wants in the general [election]?”

That it, dammit! Trump tweets, and fires staff who don’t meet expectations or flat oppose his policy. This is clearly suspicious behavior. Then Trump states of the bunch he’d prefer to face Bernie The Socialist, sending messages to the Russians to support Bernie’s campaign.

Or something. Please seek professional help and don’t think so hard, Eric. It doesn’t suit you at all.

Thanks, Mason!

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The Other Whitey

Fuck Douche-Nukem Swallowell.


Swallowswell should make an appointment with a tailor to get his mouth sewn shut. Such brainless, braindead psychobabble is clearly demonstrative of his inability to think, period, never mind logically.

I’m waiting breathlessly for more paranoid conspiracy ideas from him. He can team up with that frogman whats-his-name and ride around with some geek and a camera, inventing more stuff. And get his own TV show.


I can see the ads now:

“dumber than big brother”

“morons will love it”

“putting idiotic conspiracy theories on the map”

“watch two brain dead idiots make fools of themselves”

They can call the show “The Stooges” and air it on MSNBC and The Weather Channel


“Dumbest in the House?”

He’s got stiff competition from Hank Johnson, Shiela Jackson Lee, Adam Schiff, Steve Cohen, and Maxine Waters.

I just am baffled at the leaps Swalwell will jump to in an effort to prove that Trump is wrong. This is just like how everything that ever happens is a sign that climate change is happening and “we need to do something now before it’s too late!” No matter what happens, Trump’s a Russian asset. If Trump were assassinated tomorrow by a Russian politician on live national TV, they’d say it was further proof that Trump was working with Russia the whole time.

BlueCord Dad

What a maroon….


More like “What a moron”…

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

You never watched Warner Bros “Bugs Bunny” cartoons, did you?

BlueCord Dad

Obviously not😎

Hack Stone


What an indictment of CA voters this schmuck is.

It is hard to believe that there are voters who would elect such a shallow, shadow of a person…but there it is.

Surely CA is proof that democracy is a race to the bottom.


…race to the bottom…


In a more sane America, folks are good natured enough to allow folks to laugh at things like that.

A Proud Infidel®™

In many parts of CA they could run a dead cockroach on the D-rat ticket and it would get elected yo Office!

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Swallowell– you beat me too it TOW. Why are all the demorats worried about getting sanders in when all or most demorats want a socialist country anyway or maybe bernie isn’t their electee for being their new Fuhrer of the new 1000 year 4th Reich that they want. i earlier read an article that clint eastwood is looking for no sodas over 18oz’s bloomberg to be elected as pres. Looks like eastwood turned out to be a milk toast in real life and doesn’t like the way Trump tweets. Well another leftie hollyweird actor shows his colors. Screw him and his movies. I was supprised when I read the article.


The run-of-the-mill Donks want just enough chunks of Socialism to get elected by low-information free-stuff voters.

They know Bernie is a true-believer Red Devils who will wreck the whole thing, and their own positions and gravy train, and likely Gulag the lot of them as is typical for Red revolutions.

They cynically exploit ignorance of the impossibility and stupidity of everything Marx. Bernie, on the other hand, is a True Believer lunatic, as is most of his lunatic following. (Evil being the other potential reason for following anyone spewing that crap.)

Hack Stone

When exactly did Russia go back to being an enemy of America? Was it when Hillary Clinton presented the “reset” button? Or when President Obama had a message to deliver to Putin that he would be more flexible after he was re-elected? Perhaps it was when Hillary Clinton’s State Department transferred 20% of US uranium assets to Russian control? It certainly could not have been when the Russians were donating millions of dollars to The Clinton Global Initiative.

5th/77th FA

I’ll take when Trump beat the Bitch of Benghazi, dasHitlerbeast McPantsuit for $1000 Hack.

I was having a pretty damn good day so far. Good threads on the TAH, big pot of chilli to snak on, an episode of Gunsmoke AND Rawhide, plus a nap. Got up to see this worthless POS show back up. Man puulleaze! This sissy punk needs to just go eat a bag of….well…you know.

Hack Stone

Swalwell will be on the first boxcar to the gulag when Bernie is crowned Dear Leader.

IS1 (SW)



He’d get lost in a closet, so how would he get to the railyards for the ride to the gulag?


Naw. The empty headed moron Swallowswell will be raised to his highest level of incompetence in the new Socialist party as the party propagandist. Nothing like having a useful idiot to blindly and thoughtlessly spread the message.

A Proud Infidel®™️

At least until he’s no longer deemed useful, then off in a boxcar he goes!


Democrat and Stuuuuuupid is no way to go through life Swallwell.



HT3 '83-'87

He is Farticus…enough said


I’m so sick of hearing this shit
I wish Barr would start charging some idiots


I would suspect this asswipe might be an agent for a foreign nation himself, such as the Chinese, if it wasn’t for the fact he is such a clueless turd. But I hear he is a popular regular visitor at some of the gay bath houses in Commiefornia.

A Proud Infidel®™

I heard that he’s a Platinum Customer at Brucie’s Bathhouse (Entrance in the Rear).


The most attention us Vermonters (Bernie is a Flatlander) have received in years,


read it 3 times and still don’t get it. He’s making my head hurt.

Please make it stop!

Russia and Trump are together even when they they disagree.🤷‍♂️


Remember when Democrats LIKED the Russians?

Pepperidge Farms remembers!

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

Just when you think the DildoCrats can’t get any stoopider, one of them (any one of them) sez, “Here. Hold mah beer. Watch this.”

Daisy Cutter

The Russian Collusion hoax is somewhat brilliant. Almost everything that goes wrong can be attributed to it – politics, economy, weather changes, non-renewal of “Game of Thrones” for another season, etc.


you mean like “climate change”?

If it is too cold…climate change

too warm? also climate change

In fact, I saw an article the other day ascribing murder rates to…you guessed it…climate change.

These hoaxes are so good that any event at all can be cited as “proof”.

Unless, that is, you actually look at them and apply facts…

Daisy Cutter

Yep, and also nowadays that applies to racism.

If you don’t think Trump is a racist – you’re a racist.

If you say, “you don’t hear me complaining about Asians” – you’re a racist.

If you watched “Gone With the Wind” and liked it – you’re a racist.

If you think Al Sharpton uses too much hair gel – you’re a racist.

If you prefer Navy beans over Black Eyed Peas – you’re a racist.

If you say “I’m not a racist” at least twice a week – you’re a racist.

If you say, “I don’t hate black people (or Mexicans, or Moslems), but why do they have to…” – you’re a racist.

If it’s important to you that people think you’re not a racist – you’re a racist.

If you laughed at an ethnic joke “up in here” – you’re a racist.

If you like a cartoon character – you’re a racist.

If you voted for Obama in 2008 but didn’t vote for him in 2012 – you’re a racist.

Green Thumb



This guy is a moron