Weekend Open Thread

| March 20, 2020

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is one of the voice dictation software available. There are a lot of variables, specific to the user, that dictate the answer to this question. (One Hour Professor)

If you own a PC, chances are strong there it has voice dictation software already installed. Plug “voice recognition” into your system search. This program allows you to use your voice to interact with the computer, in addition to dictating words. If that doesn’t work out for you, there are other options. I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking as my primary “workhorse” for “writing”. Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. 5th/77th FA says:


    • Graybeard says:

      Congrats, 5th/77th FA!

      And we start again on your quint-peat attempt.

    • Combat Historian says:

      KoB took first by three whole minutes…not even close…

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        CH, I noticed that. And my signal strength meter on the laptop wifi was low and what with all the kiddies being homeschooled in the ‘hood, my speed has been way down. When the WoT dropped, I actually thought that I had no chance at all, again. I will endeavor, and I WILL persevere in the hunt for the elusive NEVER achieved ACE 5 pete. I’ve made the 3 and 4, and if I do get the ACE I may back off a bit. Until then, you can set you calender (Friday) and your clock (1245-1305hrs) by my location. We now know, after ChipNASA’s confession of Friday last, what his advantage is.

        Thanks to all of my Brothers and Sisters in the well wishing there of for future success.

        • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman says:

          ALL HAIL TO THE KOB!



  2. Combat Historian says:


  3. 5th/77th FA says:

    King of Battle strikes again! FIRST on the Coveted TAH Friday Weekend Open Thread. Take that you miscreanted delta whiskeys. Cold Beers, top shelf whiskeys fish and hush puppies all around.

    KoB has regained his Throne, God is in His Heavens and all is right with the World. FIRE MISSION COMPLETE….TARGET NEGATED!

  4. Commissioner Wretched says:

    The stars return to their proper alignment, as the King of Battle has the coveted, always-earned and never-given FIRST! Now I can safely post my trivia.

    Was the composer of one of television’s most iconic theme songs ever paid for it?
    By Commissioner Wretched

    I have to open this column with a word of thanks.

    Following last week’s attempt to avoid writing an introduction, and just get to the trivia, I received several e-mails from readers asking me not to do that again. They like the introductions, they said, and I should continue them.

    (Okay, I only received two e-mails saying that. But since there were none saying it was a good idea to scrap the introductions, I’ll call it several and be done with it. It’s my column. So there.)

    Any time you want to weigh in with a thought, an opinion, or even an item of trivia I haven’t kicked up yet, you are more than welcome to send me a note at didyouknowcolumn@gmail.com … and I promise you a speedy reply.

    Accurate and speedy replies are a quarter extra.

    (Not really.)

    So, with thanks to the two of you who like the introductions (I notice you didn’t comment on the trivia, though), let’s get to the good stuff for this week!

    Did you know …

    … there is a place in the Western Hemisphere where the Sun rises over the Pacific Ocean and sets over the Atlantic Ocean? It’s at a spot in the Central American nation of Panama. (If the people there called it “Backwards” I would understand, wouldn’t you?)

    … the typical life span of a cow is 30 years? (What an a-moo-sing thought.)

    … the first automobiles sold with seat belts installed were sold in 1950? They were in Nash automobiles and were a special option. Those were lap belts only; the current three-point seat belt didn’t come into being until 1955. (It makes you wonder why people thought safety would be just an option, doesn’t it?)

    … the idea of the “Lost Kingdom of Atlantis” has been around a very long time? The first mention of a kingdom that disappeared into the sea was written by the Greek philosopher Plato (428 BC-348 BC). In his dialogues, Timaeus and Critias, penned in 303 BC, he wrote of a rich, fabled land which was swallowed by the ocean. The idea of Atlantis has enthralled people ever since.

    … the man who composed one of the most well-known and iconic pieces of television theme music was never paid for it? Marius Constant (1925-2004) was hired by CBS to create “stock” music for the network – short pieces that would be used as background music in various programs. Constant’s work was what they called “discordant,” meaning it was unique and didn’t fit most of the programs aired by CBS on radio or television, and thus was seldom used. In 1960, the producers of the television program “The Twilight Zone” found that they needed new theme music for the show. Lud Gluskin (1898-1989), then the network’s Director of Music, edited together a repeating pattern of Constant’s four-note electric guitar phrase and another of his compositions of guitar, drums and flutes, and created the popular theme every fan of the program instantly recognizes. Because it had originally been produced for the network as stock music, Constant was never compensated for its use as the theme of “The Twilight Zone,” and ironically he didn’t even know it was used that way himself for a number of years. Constant’s four-note guitar phrase is now immediately invoked whenever people encounter something that appears odd or unusual to them. (Doo doo Doo doo …)

    … the Navy’s “Top Gun” school fines students who quote the movie? The United States Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program, known popularly as “Top Gun,” fines any student $5 if that student quotes any lines from the 1986 movie “Top Gun,” starring Tom Cruise (born 1962). (So if you “feel the need for speed,” it’s best to keep that to yourself.)

    … baby carrots are not “baby” carrots? They’re just shaved and groomed regular carrots. (Another of my life’s anchors gets rotted away …)

    … the first man-made object to touch another planet came from the Soviet Union? Venera 3, launched by the Soviets in 1965, crashed onto the surface of Venus on March 1, 1966. Contact with the craft was lost before it entered the atmosphere of Venus, and while it was probably crushed by the thick atmosphere of the planet, the probe is believed to have made it to the surface. The Soviets also made the first contacts with the surface of the Moon (Luna 2, 1959) and Mars (Mars 2, 1971). (So tell me again who the winner of the “space race” was?)

    … the word “tragedy” is Greek for “goat-song?” The term was coined because early Greek tragedies honored their god Dionysus, who was the god of wine, and early actors wore goat skins. Tragedies were noble stories of gods, kings, or heroes. Comedies, called “revels,” were about the lower-class people and their antics. (So my life has been pretty much a goat song up until now. That’s baa-a-a-ad.)

    … the law in the town of Thomasville, North Carolina, prohibits airplanes from flying over the town on Sundays between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.?

    … the director of “Star Wars” was almost unable to secure the financing to make the movie? George Lucas (born 1944) had great difficulty getting the money to make the now-classic science fiction film because most of the studios he pitched it to believed people wouldn’t bother going to see it. (Those were the same people who predicted flying cars by 2000, weren’t they?)

    Now … you know!

    • Hack Stone says:

      Hack Stone is just waiting for Hollywood to give the unsung heroes of a Marine Corps communication maintenance their due, featuring the exploits of 2841’s (Ground Radio Repairman) going back to school for the career advancement school, 2861 (Ground Radio Technicians). Working title is Top Soldering Gun.

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        My Man CW. We all enjoy your trivia column AND the intro. Gives us a chance to catch our breath and to let the dust clear from the WOT Donnybrook. The struggle is real.

        Speaking of upside down and backwards, the Navy took an Army airplane and made it look upside down and backwards when it placed the wings on the bottom of the aircraft and the engines on the top of the wings. Sacrilege!

        I had an old Nash Rambler, think it was a ’64. It had the lap belt AND fold down towards the rear front seats. Both came in handy at the drive in motion picture show. The aftermarket seat belts that were in my ’62 BelAir saved my ass when it went flipping end over end one dark rainy morning.

        On the subject of this Thread, that whole voice recognition thing to computers? Maybe that explains why THEY should be going over THERE to get THEIR dictionary. THEY’RE going to have use YOUR dictionary if YOU’RE not going to be using it. Cheese and rice yoos guys; Now go get the car, we need to drive to Harvard, y’all.

        • AW1Ed says:

          Air Force, not Army. If yer gonna troll, troll correctly, Gun Bunny. Also comparing a (mostly) trash hauler to an armed Maritime Patrol aircraft won’t wash, either.

          For those asking WTFO, the Cannon Cocker is poking me with a C-130 / P-3 comparison. All in good fun. Mostly.

          • 5th/77th FA says:

            AHEM!!! Exsqueeze me? I do believe it was the ARMY AIR SERVICES that FIRST made an Aerial Artillery Platform. AND it took an ARMY AVIATOR to show Big Navy the wisdom of making floating ARMY AIR CORPS, Sea Mobile air bases. (HT to Billy Mitchell) With more Aerial Artillery Platforms. AND another thing. The C130 J platform continues to carry on the proud tradition of bringing the dam dam down on a multitude of bad guys with a multitude of weapons. FIRST with the whole vertical envelopment concept with good guys toting shoulder mounted and/or hand portable Artillery. Plus the ability to toss/tote land portable Artillery Platforms onto a football field. And need I remind everyone of our old buddy from the Viet of the Nam Times Mr. Puff and his buddy Spooky? Shall we also raise a Spectre that still shows up? Damn a bunch of 1948 Key West Agreements. 😆 😆 😉

            • Poetrooper says:

              KOB, those AC-130’s have sent a whole lotta goat-lovers to Paradise in the past three decades.

              Ask Ed how many subs those P-3’s have sunk in that same time period, hmm?

              It’s gotta really hurt when even the blue-suits have better war stories.


      • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman says:

        As an Army former 31E (Field Radio Repair), I resemble that remark.

    • cc senor says:

      The sun rising in the Pacific was one of many things I found disconcerting when initially observed. It was easy to forget how close the canal often was because it was often hidden from view by vegetation, so watching the superstructure of large ships seeming to sail through the palm trees took some getting used to as well.

    • thebesig says:

      Originally posted by Commissioner Wretched:

      … the idea of the “Lost Kingdom of Atlantis” has been around a very long time? The first mention of a kingdom that disappeared into the sea was written by the Greek philosopher Plato (428 BC-348 BC). In his dialogues, Timaeus and Critias, penned in 303 BC, he wrote of a rich, fabled land which was swallowed by the ocean. The idea of Atlantis has enthralled people ever since.

      It’s known by different names around the world, and has been around from “the Dawn of Time”. Plato got his story from an even older story. This presumably made its way to the Middle East from Asia. Plato’s timeline, for when Atlantis disappeared beneath the waves, places this event at the end of the last Ice Age.

      Scholars have pursued this topic and pinpointed the approximate location on the seafloor in Southeast Asia. I posted about it here:

      It’s also known by different names in the Pacific area. Here’s a video that collects some of the things that have been said, and theories advanced, about “Lemuria” in the 19th and 20th Centuries:

      Regardless of what crazy theories have been advanced about Atlantis/Lemuria, they’ve found evidence of structures, not natural, on our continental shelves and other areas that were on dry land during the last ice age.

      Here’s a part of a segment of a series, that I watched in the 1980s, that kept my interest in Atlantis/Lemuria an ongoing one:

      • Commissioner Wretched says:

        If my trivia column ever generates the income that would allow it, I’m gonna hire you as a researcher!!

    • Gwdusn says:

      TOPGUN, one word, all caps. In remembrance of Lex

      • SFC D says:

        Lex and Jonn, 2 men that I never met that have no idea how much they influenced me. Raise a pint for them.

  5. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    Before entering the hospital IT team my wife worked in the lab and helped with the dictation software that Pathologists used during autopsy narration.

    She related an issue with word recognition based on certain individuals enunciation patterns. Consequently one doctor’s Below The Knee Amputation became another doctor’s Baloney Ambulation….they eventually worked it out, but there was many similar instances…

    Congrats to 5th/77th FA on the first.

    My best to all of you during this most interesting of times, stay healthy and happy as best you can.

    If any of you are in the PRoM(ass) and need someone to drop you supplies let me know and I’ll see what I can get done for you…

    • ArmyATC says:

      That reminds me of a young Soldier I went through ATC training with. He was a truly bright young man, but his really deep south ‘Looszanna buyoo’ accent threw the radar simulator into a fit. It simply couldn’t recognize what he was saying. Techs had to tweak the system so it could.

      • Mike B USAF Retired says:

        I worked with a Cajun for a few years at Duke Field. I swear we needed a translator when he first got there. After a few months we started to understand him, which scared us…….

    • Graybeard says:

      Airborne Son’s weekend drill was modified to a stay-home-don’t-travel event.

      Then they wanted him to take a 4-hour on-line video training, and the GB Compound is so remote we only get about an 82Kb/sec download speed. His med profile won’t let him sit for more than 20 minutes I believe.

      Try selling that to the Head Shed.

    • SFC D says:

      My MiL generally uses speech-to-text on her iPhone, MRS D and I have become very proficient at decyphering her confusing texts.

      • Fyrfighter says:

        One of my firefighters uses it for his reports (he’s dyslexic).. I spend more than half of my report reviewing deciphering what he wrote, and half the time, I just have to go ask him. He’s a soft talker, and kinda mumbles, and Dragon comes up with some really creative shit based off what he says…

  6. ArmyATC says:

    You can’t make this stuff up. Can the Tide Pod eating generation get any more idiotic?


    In sharp contrast to the moron above, the history buffs here might like this story on the ‘Greatest Generation.’


    • thebesig says:

      Now, if we could only get them to participate in the “social distancing challenge”.

    • NHSparky says:

      Yes. Apparently it’s now a thing for kids to go into grocery stores, cough on the produce, and post to social media.


  7. LC says:

    Here’s an interesting read that touches tangentially on the Army’s “Comprehensive Soldier Fitness (CSF)” program, now CSF2, and how it’s based on bullshit, basically. The article itself, from 2013, is about the so-called ‘positive psychology’ field:


    It popped back up on my radar today, so I thought I’d pass it along.

    • The Other Whitey says:

      It’s crazy how easily some fields will allow themselves to be dazzled by bullshit. I read somewhere that after Sokal’s master-level troll paper proving just that, when he came out and said the whole thing was just buzzword-crusted nonsense to prove that point, that he actually got backlash from people with PhDs who still insisted that it was legit, in contradiction to its own author!

      • LC says:

        I’ve seen that firsthand. I’ve shown people articles ‘generated’ to look semi-realistic with a lot of buzzwords, and they didn’t know any better, even though they make no real sense. People I actually know have fallen for this.

        For kicks, here’s one of the original generators – the Post-Modern Essay Generator. Just reload the page and you get all new bullshit:


  8. Hack Stone says:

    Not even going to try claiming Honorary Weekend Open Thread First Post. Hack Stone will just have to be satisfied as the World’s Greatest Director Of Media Relations for a proud but humble woman owned business that sells software to the federal government.

    Hack would like to chastise all of you Deplorables for failing to attend the 64th Birthday Party earlier this week for a great Vice President of a proud but humble woman owned business that sells software to the federal government. We can just assume that nobody showed up because of the Coronavirus, and not because you consider the honoree to be hygienically challenged. Hopefully this time next year everyone can attend.

    • Commissioner Wretched says:

      Hack … next year’s will be a milestone, so it would be the better one to attend!

    • A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

      I assume it will be a BYO MD20/20 occasion!

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      Hack Stone a glass was raised and software (ice cream) was applied to a brownie in honor of your 64 revolutions around ol’Sol on 18 March 2020. The cake that Graybeard baked in your honor was lost when the candles that were lit set off the smoke alarms and sprinkler system. The red lights from the fire truck lit the scene quite well and the siren provided some background music. I do hope you enjoy the new coloring book and crayons that we sent.

      • SFC D says:

        What flavor were those crayons?

      • Hack Stone says:

        The 64th Birthday was not Hack’s, but everyone’s favorite member of The Lucky Sperm Club. He took an early retirement from All Points Logistics for some reason five years ago this coming summer. Good thing, too, otherwise Hack would still have that photo of Frank Stallone in all of his sequined jumpsuit glory as his Facebook picture.

  9. Roh-Dog says:

    I’m here, now, but over in stawksland trying to make the money.
    With all this money being printed and fear, gold ftw!
    Congrats to KoB!
    Have a great weekend y’all!(does that even mean anything anymore?!)

  10. ChipNASA says:

    YAY. So, this is a-one-a…
    SO just to reiterate, you only have three to tie and four to pass the WoT 4-fer.
    And go and enjoy your greatness 5th/77thFA, you big massive, tubular, shooting stuff at targets, at will, kind of like wartime bukakke…


    LOL. You da man.

    I’m off to back read old threads to catch up.

  11. A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

    UMPTEENTH and Honorary First once again.


  12. The Other Whitey says:

    Red Dawn progress for those interested:


    Waiting on flags for the antennas, also stacking and strapping missiles for the TOW launcher.

    • Graybeard says:

      Cool, TOW!

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        Coming along great TOW. Really love being kept abreast of the progress and being a part of this. The tie down rope on #31 over the boxes looks like it may be dental floss(?). “Like” the added detail of the spare coil of rope there too.

        Tanks for sharing!

        • The Other Whitey says:

          Actually just some fine-gauge tan thread, held down with Loctite CA glue. Still gotta do a few more details, like the halftrack’s doors, some soda cans, slings on the AK and short AR, maybe some extra grass.

          Then I recently came across a possible future project: an online story by a former Marine tanker called “Here We Go Again.” Apparently it’s based on some Japanese cartoon, which I can’t speak to because I never got into Japanese cartoons and never will, either. Anyway, 3rd MEU M1A1 Abrams vs giant fire-breathing dragon (the tank wins, in close combat, no less).

    • TOW;
      Just checked out your Diorama and it looks great. Before I retired and moved to Florida, I liked building WW2 subs-American, German. I used to drive out to Mineola Long Island NY to Willis Hobby on a Saturday and go crazy. Bought all my plastic rods and sheet plastics from them and some tools and the subs. Biggest was the Type V11 C in 1/72 scale which included a nice selection boat emblem decals I used some after market resin parts like the forward torpedo room, diesel engine and Officers quarters. Bought a lot of stuff from Micro Mark which included brass rods and sheets, mini drill press, small spot welder, photo etching bender micro punch. The hardest model was the German Prinz Eigen in 1/400 scale and trying to fold those photo etched parts were a bitch. Brass railings on the subs were scratched built and spot welded or made with plastic rod and glued. I had to drill all the free flood holes on the outer hull by hand since the lowest speed on a dremel tools drill bit heated up and enlarged the holes. A Lot of time and patience on one of the smaller boats I did drilling out the deck conning tower drain holes. On the 1/72 model, I cut out the starboard side of the hull to fit in the after market resin torpedo room and added hand wheels made from solid plastic rod wrapped around a drill bit then placed in boiling water and when cooled and then cut, perfect round hand wheels glued with the old testors glue. Had to use super glue on the resin parts though. Also used hollow tubing for the torpedo compensating tanks. On the 1/72, I bought the whole for and aft photo etched decking so I didn’t have to drill through the plastic decking that came with the kit. I also scratched built the different tanks and large air bottles with piping on top of the inner hole and was going to install a mini led inside so one could see what was between the inner and outer hulls. Most people don’t know that under the top/main deck was used for storage and large air bottles. One of the earlier German subs had the attack periscope just under the conning tower with an attached seat on it and I had to scratch build one in since the original kit didn’t have this. I had to make a scale chart and research the feet on each thing that I worked on and then convert it to scale. I think the one I was working on was the boat that sneaked into Scapa Flo and sunk a couple of British ships. I had a huge amount of books on the Kriegsmarine to reference including ones that wrote books after the war and moved here. Not that many American sub models though. When these things surfaced, the engines were started and the diesel exhaust blew out the water in the ballast tanks saving the stored high pressure air. I could add more but it would be too much. Again TOW, neat Diarama

      • The Other Whitey says:

        Damn, Jeff! All I’ve scratchbuilt so far has been the radio desk on the PB4Y for my wife’s godfather and the DIY spaced armor on the halftrack. The TOW launcher and the tank’s field-mod .50 cal don’t really count since they were adapted from other parts. Just measuring and cutting that stuff was a pain in the ass. My hat’s off to you for that level of detail! 1/72 is a pretty small scale for things that fly, but it’s downright huge (or “YUGE” as y’all say on the east coast) for things that float. Doing a submarine, especially a cutaway with visible interior, in 1/72 is impressive as hell!

        As for the Scapa Flow U-boat, that would be Gunther Prien’s U-47

    • Cameron says:

      I noticed you recently favored one of Snoeplau’s Destroyermen works. He’s my go to guy for Destroyermen Art (I do believe that he’s the unofficial artist for the series). The Destroyermen is my all time favorite book series.

      • The Other Whitey says:

        I’d love to see a “Destroyermen” TV series someday, but if we’re being realistic, Hollyweird would insist on gaying it up somehow.

        A 1/350 USS Walker (DD-163) in her 1943 fit with a PB-1 Nancy stowed aft and salvaged Japanese triple-25s replacing her #3 and 4 torpedo mounts is also on my to-do list.

        • Cameron says:

          A miniseries ala Breaking Bad would be the best way to do it in my opinion. Each book can easily be made into a complete season with how thick they are, not to mention the large amount of battles and characters they have. My favorite character is Dennis Silva. The books also have some of the coolest artwork on their covers.

          • The Other Whitey says:

            I figure books 1-3 would make a solid season, with the Battle of Baalkpan being a pretty kickass finale. Season 2 could start with Jenks’s squadron showing up and finish at the Imperial Dueling Grounds. I haven’t had time for the last few books yet. I left off with Silva & Co jacking a Grik zeppelin in Madagascar.

            • Cameron says:

              Your idea works too, since the first three are probably the driest of the series (understandable, since the series had just started). I floated the idea of making the series a movie franchise or TV show on Anderson’s Facebook page and he responded that he was open to the idea. However, he added that it had to actually follow the books which I agree with him on. Hopefully one day, it will happen.

  13. Graybeard says:

    Top 20!
    Socked in my much-needed rain. The GB Compound AO is out in the country so we’re not so limited as townies.

    Unfortunately I have a case of shingles that keeps me from playing with our youngest grandkids lest they get chickenpox.

    Hope y’all have a great weekend.

  14. This was some week. Got the notice that the National Hurricane Conference in Orlando, Fl. is canceled April 6th-9th which I was signed up to go to so they will refund me on my credit card or I could save it for next years conference in New Orleans, But I never go to the ones in New Orleans.

  15. thebesig says:

    The power industry is playing around with the idea of having workers live on-site in conjunction with the “stay-at-home” orders occurring across the country:


    • NHSparky says:

      It’s a shitty idea.

      This is outage season, including a number of nuke plants that will not/cannot delay their outages. In their cases, you have upwards of 1500-2000 contractors working round the clock with the 400-500+ station personnel.

      NRC rules prohibit more than 72 hours per week, so basically everybody is on 6-12’s with one day off for a refueling outage that will go 4-6 weeks, or longer. As you can imagine, that’s a healthy chunk of change, and makes up a significant percentage of contractor pay for that year.

      My point is this: Joe Schmuckatelli isn’t about to let a little bug screw him out of $15-20k. All you need is one sick guy stuck on site with a bunch of other folks, and you get the picture. Plants don’t have the infrastructure to house/feed/sanitation facilities for their own folks, nevermind even a small plant outage.

      Control centers? Maybe. Plants undergoing maintenance outages? Forget it.

      • 11B-Mailclerk says:

        What is the plan? Borrow tents from the Army and set up a field exercise encampment?

        Could be done. Would crews do it for that money?

        Deer Camp becomes Juice Camp? If they provided the post-work beer…

        • 5th/77th FA says:

          11B, there’s sometimes a clause in the (Union) Contract that the utility companies will slip in there. “May and or may not be required to work with or without reasonable accommadations.” If it is a declared emergency, you may just have to catch a cat nap in your truck and use the water from your cooler or the wet wipes to take a quick “whore bath.” And they don’t have to borrow tents from the Army, lot of them have their own, or they rent the big ones from event type vendors. Ma Bell set up a huge tent city for Katrina for all the workers brought into NOLA. And they worked you so hard for so many hours that when you were off duty all you wanted to do was crash out on your bunk. At least with all the power generators we had available, there was no shortage of hat water for the showers and a/c to plug in your electronic toys. Port and starboard for weeks @ a time and 1/2 or double time. Looked good on paper til the tax man cometh. Good Times!

        • 26Limabeans says:

          Bout time the general population learned
          all about slit trenches, piss tubes and
          taking care of your mess kit.

          Remember the gasoline fired 55 gal drum
          heaters we used in the field to wash and
          rinse our kits?

          • Claw says:

            FM 21-10 Field Hygiene and Sanitation

            4540-00-469-6593 Heater, Immersion, M67

            Reference: TM 5-4540-202-12&P

            Just stop by the TAH Supply Room, have all items on hand for issue./smile

        • NHSparky says:

          New Hampshire, even in April, ain’t pretty.

          I have snow in my yard until mid-April, and a lot of the lakes don’t “ice-out” until well into May.

  16. thebesig says:

    As you read through this, you would want to do the math that he shows. Data shows confirmed positive cases. But, that is out of the people who have been tested. While more testing is waiting to be done, the virus continues to spread. The confirmed cases are essentially an understatement:


    • Poetrooper says:

      This guy is sowing panic–to the extent that even social media is blocking those seeking to re-post his article. He’s a shameless self-promoter and a hoarder. He’s one of the well-off whiz kids who runs out and buys two months of groceries and supplies so he and his fortunate young family can hole up and ride this out.

      Well, that’s all good for him, but how many young families can afford to do that, maybe ten percent or less?

      And he’s totally ignoring what is happening in those areas first exposed to this pandemic. the exponential growth doesn’t just continue ad infinitum but rather begins to level off.

      For another less hysterical take on this issue, read Ed’s post on the numbers coming from the cruise ship experience.

  17. Commisar says:

    I know this is not your favorite source, but mainstream media avoid topics like this unless they have no choice but to pay attention to it…


    • AW1Ed says:

      You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.

      Rahm Emanuel

  18. Claw says:

    It would be a shame if I had forgotten to give my yearly Rest In Peace to my former Door Gunner who, along with 10 other members of F/9 CAV were KIA on 17 Mar 72 when UH-1H 66-17051 went down in the Dong Hai river near Bien Hoa.

    So, here’s to ya, Rich. I will raise a glass in your memory.

  19. marinedad61 says:

    Another 1 bites the dust.
    This is the turd who impersonated a Navy Officer and POW
    to get a date with 1965’s Playboy’s Playmate of the Year,
    was arrested by the FBI, and went to jail.
    Over 40 years later, he was at it again,
    with even bigger tales of glory.
    As they often do.

    Yet, he gets a nook in a National Cemetery.
    Thomas Eugene Pardick, RIP…. NOT.


  20. Poetrooper says:

    A bit of trivia that seems timely:

    The practice of quarantine began during the 14th century, in an effort to protect coastal cities from plague epidemics. Cautious port authorities required ships arriving in Venice from infected ports to sit at anchor for 40 days before landing — the origin of the word quarantine from the Italian “quaranta giorni”, or 40 days.

  21. Herbert J Messkit says:

    One benefit of China flu is that I haven’t seen any commie climate change stories lately
    And the transgender creeps have disappeared

    • thebesig says:

      How many people will risk their lives coming to the country with more confirmed China flu cases than the country they’re leaving.

    • NHSparky says:

      Turn on any news conference from PA.

      Their Surgeon General is a transgender woman.

  22. thebesig says:

    They’re reporting that the president is considering a national level quarantine… to include calling up the National Guard. This could start as early as next week if people don’t take the quarantine seriously.


  23. thebesig says:

    I’ve been looking at one of the Chinese flu confirmed cases across the country, and world, and seeing our numbers going the way they are, I wouldn’t be surprised if what happened in Asia and Europe end up happening here. Our confirmed cases is moving the U.S. up on the list.

    Here’s an article talking about the US military’s potential role:


  24. Devtun says:

    Kelly Loeffer had a bit of an awkward interview w/ Tucker Carlson tonight. The Tuck though saved his venom for Sen Richard Burr. Guess well see what’s uncovered by the Senate Ethics Committee (Eh, nuttin to see here, these ain’t the droids yer lookin fur – now mover along folks).

  25. The Other Whitey says:

    Well, I started thinking that with schools closed indefinitely and the idiotpocalypse in full swing, we should probably work out some kind of homeschooling program for the kids. I broached the topic to my wife, only to find that she was eight steps ahead of me, already had the whole thing lined out, and just needed me to go get a few reams of school-ruled paper. I realize now that I shouldn’t be surprised, seeing as how she was a preschool teacher before she decided to stay home and do the housewife thing.

  26. gitarcarver says:

    Back on February 25, Dave Harden wrote a post entitled, “Jeremy Dewitte – Phony Police Officer but Confirmed Sex Offender.”


    In what should surprise no one, Dewitte claimed to have spent time in the military, as a Ranger no less.

    Of course the records center said “who?”


    (There’s a mention of Don Shipley at the end of the video as well for helping to expose Dewitte in regards to military service.)

  27. Devtun says:

    Police stop stolen trailer that had 18K pounds (9 tons) of toilet paper. The truck driver had a charmin personality though.


  28. ninja says:

    “Kenny Rogers, Country Music Icon, Dies At 81”


    “Kenny Rogers, a longtime star of country music, died Friday night, according to a statement posted by his family. He was 81.”

    “Known for such hits as “The Gambler,” “Lady,” “Islands in the Stream,” and “Lucille,” Rogers died peacefully at home in Sandy Springs, Ga., of natural causes at 10:25 p.m., the statement said.”

    I remember watching and listening Kenny Rogers sing “Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In”) around 1968 when he was a member of the First Edition.

    Rest In Peace. Thank You For The Music.

    • ninja says:

      This has always been my favorite Kenny Rogers Song:

      “Twenty Years Ago”.

      Anyone else have a favorite?

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        Well, just damn! RIP Kenny, another piece of our History gone on. Your suffering is over and you’re playing in a great big band now. Was honored to meet him at several venues through out the years, was a genuine nice guy, and as we all know, a helluva musician. Like you, ninja, followed his career from The FIRST Edition all the way thru. Everytime I had to go to a doctor I would use the “Just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in.” As I got older and the docs got younger, many of them or their staff would not have a clue what I was talking about. Yeah, sad, I know. Some favorites would have to include Reuben James for the boogie beat and Lucille for my Brothers who came back maimed. Had a sneaky habit of singing/humming Islands in the Stream into the ears of any Ms Thang I was on the prowl for while slow dancing the night away. Yeah I know, I am a bad dog. That song and the Southern Drawl has been known to drop a pair of panties. Promising to cook them breakfast the next morning didn’t hurt none either.

      • David says:

        “Coward of the County” would be one. Man also did some great duets, like “I Feel Sorry For Anyone (Who Isn’t Me Tonight)”.

  29. ninja says:

    Wonder if the other Services will do the same?

    “Navy Is Relaxing Grooming Standards To Limit Exposure To COVID-19”


    • 26Limabeans says:

      Bernie complained about there being to many
      diffrent kinds of deodorant. I’m curious as
      to how many different kinds the military has.

      • Claw says:

        Within FSC 8510 (Perfume, Toilet Preparation and Powder) there are currently 19 NSNs for Deodorant, Personal. The earliest number (8510-00-941-5190) dates back to 7 Dec 65, so it’s pick and choose for which one floats your boat/masks your current stank level./smile

        • 26Limabeans says:

          Hey thanks Claw.
          So if Bernie gets elected he can start there.

          • Claw says:

            You’re Welcome, Beans. Just so Bernie knows, that NSN is for a single 5 ounce spray can of Right Guard. However, in his case, he might think about ordering it up in case lot portions./smile

    • Devtun says:

      Harking back to the regime of CNO Zumwalt – relaxed grooming & beer machines.

      • Mick says:

        Ha! There were beer machines in the BOQ at NAS Pensacola when I was in flight school. If I remember correctly, it was 35 cents per can, and the beer was mostly off-brand stuff that wasn’t typically found out in town in Pensacola.

        Good times; good memories.

        • 11B-Mailclerk says:

          Beer in machines in the bowling alley on Fort Stewart. They had signs that said something like.

          “off limits until 1700 on duty days and to all on duty. CG”

          I thought at the time “how incredibly fucking civilized”.

  30. ninja says:

    While doing some research on another topic, I discovered an Obituary for an Earl “Skip” Lynn Peters of Young Harris, GA that caught my attention and raised some Red Flags.

    I also discovered a Newspaper article that had him on their Front Page:



    The picture caught me off guard because of how he wore his Beret as well as the Ribbons on his uniform.

    And then the Obituary really caught my attention:

    “Earl “Skip” Lynn Peters from Young Harris, GA went Home suddenly to be with the Lord on February 21, 2020 while working in Hiawassee, GA. Skip was born on May 13, 1951 in Aberdeen, MD and was 68 years old.”

    “Skip served in the U.S. Army Special Operations Command, 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta Force from 1969-1992. Among many awards bestowed upon Skip during his career, for his valor, he received the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th highest awards of a soldier: Distinguished Service Cross in 1989, Distinguished Service Medal in 1982, Silver Star in 1970. In addition, Skip received two Purple Heart medals, one in 1970 and 1990 for wounds received in action. He received The Humanitarian Service Medal in 1980, two Soldier’s Medals in 1980 and one Soldier’s Medal in 1982.”

    I suspect that his Widow wrote his Obit. In her Facebook, she also made a comment that Peters was CIA and SF:


    Research indicates that Peters claimed to have attended Havre De Grace High School (Maryland) from 1963-1967.

    I thought those individuals who were born in May 1951 graduated from High School in 1969.

    Additionally, Peters family was from Lancester, PA.

    From 1969-1972, he was living in Lancaster and was arrested several times for Juvenile Drinking (twice), Larceny (Twice), Reckless Driving (Twice) in the 3 year time period.

    So….how is it possible that he was with the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta Force starting in 1969 as well as receiving a Purple Heart and a Silver Star in 1970 if he was living in PA?

    I am coming up empty handed finding an Earl Lynn Peters, Jr. receiving a Distinguished Service Cross in 1989 and another Purple Heart in 1990 as well as a Distinguished Service Medal in 1982.

    Three Soldiers Medals?

    Something is not right. Yes, Peters has passed away, but am still curious about the claims.

    Guess it is time to request a FOIA on his Service.

    Hopefully, he did not forge a DD214. It seems his Widow is trying to draw VA compensation.

    Additionally, she stated that Peters received a 21 Gun Salute, which I thought was only reserved for the President of the United States, Former Presidents, Presidents-elect, Chiefs of State, Heads of Government and Reigning Monarchs.

    • Claw says:

      Displays the highly coveted, but rarely awarded NDSM Ribbon w/2 BSS (denoting service in Korea/VN/DS or VN/DS/GWOT) on his ribbon rack. The NDSM Brotherhood is not amused and will remain skeptical until proof is presented that he was eligible to wear all three./s

      • Claw says:

        Belay the NDSM w/2 BSS, a closer look at the picture reveals three, yes 3, BSSs attached to the ribbon. Mea Culpa

        In short, he was awarded an NDSM for every eligible period in history.

    • Mason says:


      Nobody received the DSC for any operations in between Vietnam and Afghanistan. I searched through the Vietnam awards, thinking just maybe he received an upgraded award for Vietnam times. Nobody with the last of Peters received the DSC for Vietnam.

    • ArmyATC says:

      Fucking assclown, taking his stolen valor to the grave. I can almost guarantee that those who ‘worship’ that dead POS will never be convinced that he was a liar. Seriously, Delta from 1969-1992? How could he have served in a unit that didn’t exist until 1977?

    • Claw says:

      Added to the Valor Vultures Tote Board (sans FOIA) simply on the basis of claiming four awards of the NDSM.

      • ninja says:

        I was wondering about those NDSMs and as ArmyATC noted, how could he have served in a Unit that did not exist until 1977?

        Also, I looked everywhere on the DSC, SS, DSM, PH claims and came up with NADA.

        “Love” how he is wearing the Beret. NOT!

        Dude was also a Registered Voter in BOTH Florida and Georgia at the SAME Time. In 1988, he was a Maryland Voter. Could not find any Voter Registration Info on him in PA.

        Looks as if the only place he live in life was Maryland, PA, Florida and GA. He was SF and CIA in his own mind and sadly, his Widow and Family fell for it.

        His Parents and Siblings are all deceased, so that was a convience to tell his lies. And sadly, his last place of residence fell for it since he made the front page of the local newspaper.

        In his death, he even fooled a VFW in Delaware who held his Memorial. Will check again, but I believe they are the ones that gave him a 21 Gun Salute.

        So sad.

        • ninja says:

          No headstone. No gravesite. He was cremated.

          However, his Bogus obituary is here.

          Wonder if he really served. Gonna be sad for his Widow when she finds out the truth.


          • ninja says:

            His Father’s Headstone picture.


            His Father DID serve during WW2. Found a VA Compensation packet on him that listed his Service around 1950. Don’t know if his Father served during the Korean Conflict as his marker implied, but it looks as if he was stationed at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD, in 1951, the year Peters was born.

            • Claw says:

              Yep, took on his fathers persona in its entirety after finding out his VN Draft Lottery Number was 353./smile

              Sure would be a shame if a FOIA was requested and the NPRC said “Who?”

        • 5th/77th FA says:

          I do believe that an FOIA is going to add some more stumbling blocks to his claims of derring do. Just on the surface it would appear that this lying SoS is going to be tripped up by those pesky dates showing where he physically was at a given point in time V where he was in his mind. Has his “Merry Widow” been helping him rock his lie for all of this time? Or is this in fact John Rambo’s Hero? Inquiring minds want to know.

          Thanks ninja! I delved into all the linkys, including the Book of Fake. Be interesting to see what else you can dig up.

    • rgr769 says:

      Ol’ “Skip” is a lying POSer sack o shit, even if now deceased. I knew he was a phony as soon as I first laid eyes of his photo in greens (Class A uniform). First the Blue Rope of Doom on a lifelong SF soldier is a no go, plus the other rope on this dope is one I have never seen. It is not the only other shoulder rope commonly seen in the Army, the one worn by the 82nd Airborne. But it gets better; he does not wear a beret like anyone I served with in the 1970’s and early 80’s; and the flash on the beret appears to be that of the 6th SF Group that was deactivated in 1972. Finally, Delta was not formed until 1977-78, over five years after he claimed to first serve in it. Moreover, if you read Eric Haney’s history of “The Unit,” a douchebag like this guy never would have been invited to participate in the most difficult selection program in the Army, in the first place. Finally, if you look at his badges, he is wearing both an expert marksmanship badge with about six or more ladders and a vehicle driver badge with a like number. No senior NCO in SF would do that, even if qualled to drive all those different vehicles, which is highly unlikely. In addition many of the items on his uniform are out of kilter, the leaders loops are in the wrong position on at least one epaulet.

      Lastly, his wife of 47 years has to know he was lying, since 1992 was only 28 years ago. So her little presentation at his funeral is also a fraud. Dave or Ed need to do a FOIA on him, so we can add him to this year’s POSer tourney, since Army is again losing to Navy, with all these fake SEALs every week.

      • ninja says:

        I looked at his Widow’s Facebook again where it has his picture wearing a uniform with all the Bogus Bling-Bling.

        She was looking for a Honor Guard for his service in Delaware (Delaware? Wonder why Delaware?).

        She said she tried Aberdeen Proving Grounds, but they never returned her call.

        VFW Post 475 in Newark, Delaware did Honor Guard and according to her, they gave Ole Skippy a 21 Gun Salute.

        I don’t believe it.

        His Widow also said Ole Skippy was CIA.

        She is now applying for “VA Survivor Benefits”.

        Even though Ole Skippy took his lies to his grave, he might have left behind a Bogus Dd214 that his Widow could use to collect benefits she may not be entitled to.

        Am very curious what his FOIA entails, that is, if he served.

        Dude defintely is wearing a Pizza Hat in his picture. “Do you want mushrooms with that?”


        • ninja says:

          Ole Skippy is also wearing the CIB and the Combat Medical Badge.

          He also is wearing the Bullwinkle Badge and Senior Parachutist Jump Wings.

          His Widow has been with him since 1973/74? Interesting.

          Who know what he told her when he went on his “Delta” missions, i.e. when he wasn’t around. Again, she thought he was CIA and Special Forces.

          So Sad.

          • ninja says:


            His Widow said they were married in May 1972.

            In March 1972, she had just completed Air Force Basic Training and was going to school in Lancaster, PA.

            She and Ole Skippy were living in Lancaster, PA in 1972, the year of one of his arrests.

            She and Ole Skippy were living in Havre De Grace Maryland in 1980, yet he was with Delta Force?

            Maybe they both are/were lying about Ole Skippy’s military service?

          • Claw says:

            Not just a CIB, but a second award CIB, and a gold gilded Senior Badge.

            Also, if you look really, really close, you’ll notice that all the Oak Leaf Clusters on his ribbons/unit citations are on upside down.

            I’m thinking that a supposed 23 year, Army Master Sergeant, would not get that wrong, but…, stranger things have happened./smile

          • rgr769 says:

            The pic in your first link wasn’t that clear so I wasn’t sure if it was a CMB below the CIB. Well, since she served in the USAF and spent may years of civilian life with him when he was supposed to be on AD in Delta, she knows he was a lying valor thief; and now she is furthering those lies. We need to get his FOIA and notify the VA in case she seeks a survivor’s pension.

  31. Green Thumb says:

    The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) continues to avoid calls seeking clarification of his Native American, Navy SEAL and Law Enforcement claims.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) continues to work balls and tickle taints at various locations in Florida…

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        Meanwhile at another, fixed, location in Florida a certain benasty lawer is still maintaining a minus 6 feet AGL.

  32. thebesig says:

    With the Chinese Flue being front and center, President Trump is getting plenty of media air time showing leadership in the face of crisis. Coverage of the primaries appear to have taken a backseat to coverage of COVID-19:


  33. thebesig says:

    Magma underneath Yellowstone National Park makes its way to the surface, pushing rocks up. Then it receded. This gave the appearance of the surface “pulsating”:


  34. thebesig says:

    Europe about to be hit with an arctic blast. I remember, during their deep-freeze in February/March 2012, their power grid coming close to buckling. European governments had to ration energy use, restricting people to using their heaters no more than a certain amount of hours a day.


  35. 26Limabeans says:

    Maine continues with accidental snowmobile
    deaths out pacing accidental gun deaths
    “this year”……


    • 5th/77th FA says:

      Not surprised they’re using this, just surprised the use made the news. We’ve had this conversation here before. Big Brother is alive, well, and watching you. It has been 1984 Animal Farm for awhile now. Be Aware…Be very Aware. There is a tracking device on every phone, computer, and modern vehicle out there.

      I laff at the idiots on the fake book pages I’ve lurked on, giving out all kinds of info about themselves, pictures thru the years, what the like, don’t like, who are their friends…ect…ect. It is amazing how much you can learn about a person just by typing their name into a search engine. And we want even talk about how much more can be dug up by a deeper, in depth search. Just look at what the ninjas of TAH can find.

    • marinedad61 says:

      IF criminals don’t know how to turn off their cellphone GPS….
      They are as dumb as the criminals with cellphone
      texts, phone call logs,
      photos, and videos that all say GUILTY.

  36. Mick says:


    Heh heh heh…

    • marinedad61 says:

      Uhhh, this is LAST weekend’s WOT.
      Scroll up!

      • Mick says:

        I know.

        Just trying a head fake on all of the TAH F5 key commandos who would have seen this post pop up in the “Recent Comments” section.