Weekend Open Thread-Ancient Atlantis’s Possible Location

| June 28, 2019

Atlantis’s possible location. This area has stronger arguments in its favor. (Dhani Irwanto)

Using Plato’s story, as well as on what’s known regarding history, scholars have proposed Atlantis’s possible location. Others have attempted to use formulas, evidence, and other arguments to try to place Atlantis in other locations. This ranged from locations in the Mediterranean, in the Atlantic Ocean, and in the Caribbean.

Then, we have scholars who’ve argued, using common history knowledge as a backdrop, as well as Plato’s story, that Atlantis was actually on the other side of the world.

Plato’s timeline for its disappearance places it at the end of the last major glaciation (Pleistocene).  The geography during that time was different. For example, our shorelines were generally further out. In Southeast Asia, the landmass stretched from Indochina to Borneo.

This exposed landmass justified much of the description that Plato used. Scientists looked in that area and found evidence of terrain that would’ve been friendly to agriculture.

For those who could stomach academic writing, this link provides details on this argument. Included on this webpage is a gif image showing a time lapse of what temperatures would’ve been like, throughout the year, during the last glaciation.

During Plato’s time, there was no “Pacific Ocean”. They considered the entire body of water surrounding the earth as, “Atlantic”. They had no knowledge of either North or South America. That area was presumably nothing but a continuation of the Atlantic Ocean.

Contrary to a common misconception, our ancient ancestors knew that a person traveling west from the Hispanic Peninsula, and continuing west, would eventually end up in the Far East… However, traveling that route was the same thing to them that traveling to Alpha Centauri is to us today.

This video uses Plato’s description to show that this area is possibly the area that he was talking about. Then, using a strategy that scientists use to give them hints on what to look for, or to test whether they found something or not, they show a possible image of what it could look like today.

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5th/77th FA



YAY, Second.

5th/77th FA

I’mma “gunning” for you my Aerial Artillery Brother. 1/5th of the way to the Holy Grail of an Ace 5 pete. Lucky # 13 in the total of FIRSTS for the King of Battle. Rolling on like the Tide Rolls. Who let the dawgs out. Army done gone beat Chairforce AND Navy. And wasn’t even abusing my F5 key. Had just posted on the PA Thread and Whuuuump, thar she is!

Lording over will commence shortly, FIRST I gotta go check my homemade beef beast stew that is a perculating lowly in the crockett pot.

The Stranger

Oh well. 2nd

The Stranger

3rd it is!

5th/77th FA

This one is for y’all The Stranger and my man CW.

Time on Target… Bitches…Dropped the Big Hammer and wanna be FIRSTS are now collateral damage. The KING OF BATTLE has struck again.

Beers, wings, and homemade chips all around!

Former EM1/SS

Top ten!

A Proud Infidel®™

NUMBER SEVEN and Honorary First once again.


Wilted Willy

Congrats on your first my friend. Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately, but I have to drag out this laptop and sit it in my lap to type anything! I have also been tied up playing with my new motorhome! I really love it and can’t wait to take a trip in it. Have to wait until my wife gets it the way she wants it inside of course! I have a bunch of doctor appts. coming up, then the surgery on my damn leg as well.
Stay thirsty my Friends!!
Happy weekend to all my friends at TAH!
Beers are on me!!

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Best wishes for a speedy recovery on that surgery, heal quickly and enjoy that motorhome WW.

Wilted Willy

Thanks VOV! Can’t wait to get on the road!

5th/77th FA

WW good to hear from you man, and Thanks for the kind words. Mulling over a motored coach my own self. Liquidating most assets, getting rid of all but 1 POV and just tool around the countryside for awhile. Make a new career out of visiting all of the TAHellcats, eating them out of house and home, and drinking them dry. I can see claymores and foogas being deployed as I speak. The Stranger is checking inventory on rebar and macadam right now. Best of luck on your surgery and in the words of Mr. Greeley…Go West Young Man. If you haven’t been out to the Black Hills of Dakota and the plains of Western Nebraska, them’s bucket list places. Head up after Labor Day and you will avoid the tourists. Buffalo roundup at Custer State Park is in late Sep. With me having family in SD and NE, I have threatened to turn the words summer and winter into verbs. “Yes I summer out west and I winter back to the Southland.” Stay hydrated my friend, preferably on fermented or distilled beverages.


I enjoyed my motorhomes when I had them. They make just going to the Culver’s fun with everybody in tow. Taking them to Green Bay for a Packers game was about the best !!!
Tailgate right in them !!!!!
I hope all goes well for you WW.
I will say some prayers for you my friend, you never know what the future has in store for you so prayers might make a difference.

Commissioner Wretched

I tried to be first, but the work got in the way. Darn. So, to make myself feel better (and with congrats to my man 5th/77th FA), I hereby offer as penance my trivia column for this week. Enjoy! DID YOU KNOW…? Are there any human remains still at the site of the “Titanic” sinking? By Commissioner Wretched For most of my adult life (and a pretty good chunk of my life before that), I wanted to be one thing when I grew up. I wanted to be a game show host. I always believed I’d be a good one. I enjoy game shows; until they became scarce as hen’s teeth, I’d watch them daily; I even subscribed to cable television for years because of the Game Show Network. (Which doesn’t show a lot of game shows other than Family Feud these days, but that’s another story.) The number of game shows on television is slowly growing again, thanks to the re-starts of some of the classic favorites, and this summer one of my all-time favorites, Press Your Luck, returns to television. Do you remember the game shows of the 1960s? All three networks (no Fox yet) had game shows all morning long, and some in the afternoons as well. Those started dying out when networks gave morning air time to the local stations, then found it was cheaper to produce silly news programs. Most of the game shows I like have one thing in common – a reliance on… Read more »

5th/77th FA

My man CW, Let me be the FIRST to thank you for entertainingly educating us once again. Look forward to your trivial updates every week and always pick up a tid bit or two of info. Keep it up.

Seems like I recall that Ol Abe was also a fence builder for awhile there. Something about him splitting rails. He also tried his hand a being a soldier in the militia during some of the unpleasantness with the Native Americans. And that’s all we gonna say about his politics. Won’t say one word about some of his bending of the US Constitution. Some of the FIRST Executive privilege? He had a quill and a telegraph key?

Note to the besig on the topic of the thread. Quite interesting. Have studied a little bit on the theories of Atlantis. Some schools of thought have placed the location in or around the Bermuda Triangle area. And that the Atlanteans may have been related to the the builders of the various pyramids scattered thru out the world. Guess we won’t know til some of them come back.

My opinion on space travellers is that now-a-days when they fly past Earth, they lock their doors. (grin)


With the ever sinking IQ’s of the yuppies that surround me here in Austin I think that Kale ice cream would be a great flavor for Baskin Robbins.
It’s fat free, gluten free and tastes like hell so it would work great for these clowns.
YOu should see some of the shit I see here in this town.
The only good thing about Austin as far as I’m concerned is that it’s growing like a Dandelion on Miracle Gro !!!
Seriously, if you or anybody you know needs a job that pays good, Austin is the place.
1% unemployment rate and minimum wage is about $15.00 an hour. Employers can’t get anyone if they don’t pay that much.


But folks in the Austin area are now having to travel to other places in Texas for their remote outdoors experiences.
Bumped into a kayaker/birdwatcher in our AO who drives over here to experience remote outdoors – about 70 miles N of Houston. He called Austin “Houston on the Colorado.”


Actually in early, now to read the story ^_^


Interesting theory on Atlantis. But aren’t those parts of the Pacific very shallow, and due to their equatorial climate, frequently dived? I feel like if there were evidence there, it would have surfaced (pun intended).


I’m more inclined to believe that Santorini, the volcanic island that exploded and wiped out Minoan civilization and provided Moses with guide in the form of a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night, is a more likely candidate for Atlantis.
And FWIW, there are deepwater vents at the Santorini site that are active now.


That makes me wonder if, like dragons, the legend of a lost majestic city of untold wealth and technology is a universal human myth.


All good points.


Eleventy twelfths.


Tolkien. Nice. 👍

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Atlantis is really real. Of course everyone should know that Crash Corrigan discovered the undersea kingdom.

NR Pax

Seventeenth and proud!

Just An Old Dog

Was wondering if they are ever going to bring the Search feature back to the site. Was really handy when strolling down asshole lane,,,,,




I thought Atlantis was a hippy song from a musical.


I believe your thinking of ‘Aquarius’ 26L.


Don’t know if it was ever used in any musical, but it was indeed a hippie song.


She said it was her “sign”.
I said mine was Pisces.
Figured we were of the same thinking.
Boy was I wrong.

5th/77th FA

“What’s your sign?” she asked.

I replied, “Dangerous intersection.”


Old buddy of mine got a beer dumped on him st the EM/NCO club at DLI:
Her: What’s your sign?
Him: No dogs allowed.

Oh, and the Charlie Chaplin shoes were liquorice. Supposedly after doing several takes on the scene, he was so sick of the taste he never ate liquorice again.


That was a fun club. ’86 there where strippers in the basement.


Allow me to offer a musical tribute to the 20 Democratic candidates.


That really was.
All those *free* programs add up to several hundred trillion dollars.
They all give the canned answer for moron libturds on how to fund all that shit, “take it from the rich”…
I remember hearing the same shit at Cardinal High School about taxing the rich.
The more things change, the more they stay the same.
The worst part is that these stupid indoctrinated college kids actually believe that it will work.
And I would have won the First place WOT contest if I wasn’t busy having second breakfast…


Twenty-fourth and honorary twenty-fifth!

(((OVeR aNd OuT)))

PS Have a great weekend y’all!


Patrick Duffy knows where Atlantis is.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Your Navy
Lawmakers vote to sink submarine
By: The Associated Press   12 hours ago

The submarine Clamagore off the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, 2 July 1948, after her “Guppy ” conversion. (U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command)
COLUMBIA, S.C.— South Carolina legislators have reaffirmed their decision to sink the Balao-class Clamagore, a museum submarine that’s been floating in Charleston Harbor for 40 years.

The Post and Courier of Charleston reports lawmakers on Tuesday overturned Gov. Henry McMaster’s veto of measure.

Built in 1945 and decommissioned in 1975, the Clamagore is part of the fleet at Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum.

By: Hugh Lessig, (Newport, Va.) Daily Press via the AP
Leaders say it’ll cost $2.7 million to sink the sub to make an artificial reef, but that’s the best of three bad options.

Sen. Murrell Smith says restoring it could cost $9 million. And leaving it where it is could cost the state later.

Some lawmakers say a hurricane might sink it in a way that disrupts port traffic.

Some submarine veterans have sued the state to stop the sinking.


I toured it when I was TDY to Charleston somewhere in the mid aughts. Sad to see it go.

The Other Whitey

I know it costs money, but the way various presidential administrations have allowed the Navy to neglect historic ships is disgraceful.


The only practical way to preserve a ship on the long term, absent lots and lots of money, is to pull it completely out of the water.

Not many submarine sized parking spaces in large urban centers.

Which is a more dignified exit:

Sunk as a reef with a “goodbye” attended by those who care for such vessels,


dying of neglect then corroding and sinking at a dock followed by breakup for scrap.

The former seems sad, but much preferable.


Late to the party – forgot all about the WOT, believe it or not.

AO Weather: Hot & Humid with heat indices running 10+ degrees above the air temperatures. Having to hydrate to be able to do anything outside.

Gonna spend some time with 5 of the grandkids next week helping do some church construction. Gonna be fun.


Damnit, hit report – apologies.

Spent the whole hot day moving the last truckload from the Houston house. Firmly located in a “suburb” 8 miles out of a town of 1300. Acreage has grown to a foot deep…. gonna be fun cutting that.

The Other Whitey

It’s warming up here in SoCal, but substantially cooler and more pleasant than it was this time last year or the year before that.


Barely 60F in my kingdom this morning. Miss Punkin Squawkypants has burrowed under the top cover on my bed and refuses to come out of her cave until Globull Warming takes place.

Taira Mai

Can someone point me to the article in – I believe it was the Boston Globe – where a reporter bitched about the cost of military funerals?

It’s for a project I am working on, I can’t find it view Google, I think the paper sent it down the memory hole.


Got up on Thursday to a haze of smoke. It’s hot and smoky here. It’s fire season again. A couple of neighborhoods in NW Fairbanks have already been warned that they might have to evacuate.

A Proud Infidel®™

Here’s a new Rail Cam, the Strasburg Railroad, plenty of steam!

A Proud Infidel®™

They’re having their “Day with Thomas” event, an obvious money maker. “Thomas” is an actual live steam locomotive while “Percy” is a rolling stage prop.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone just saw this article on Fox News. She would have been better claiming that she dodged sniper fire in Bosnia.


mr. sharkman

Great Whites are technically ‘warm blooded’ (they run far above ambient when it comes to temperatures).

So are Makos, IIRC.

Makos are my favorite shark/fish.