Jeremy Dewitte – Phony Police Officer but Confirmed Sex Offender.

| February 25, 2020

It seems Florida has been dealing with this Jeremy Dewitte character for a while now.   He parades around giving people the impression that he is some kind of law enforcement officer.   He even has his own Fan Club.  Turns out that he is not actually an Officer of the Law but he is a confirmed Sex Offender…so he has that going for him.

Dewitte was arrested Tuesday on a warrant that has ties to another arrest the Windermere Police Department made in September of 2019.

Read: Registered sex offender accused of impersonating officer twice pleads with judge, bonds out of jail

When Jennifer met Dewitte, she said he told her his name was Jay and that he was a cop.

“He told me he worked for the Oviedo Police Department and he was a security officer, and he worked for the Orlando Police Department and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office,” Jennifer said.

It was then Jennifer said she started to feel uneasy.

“I just dug a little deeper into who he was and I found out what his real name was. The first thing I saw was the FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) sex offender search result.

An arrest affidavit shows Dewitte was charged in 2018 for failing to register as a sex offender.

Read: Registered sex offender accused of impersonating officer for third time

Jennifer said at the time, the information she gave law enforcement officers fell on deaf ears until Dewitte was arrested in September of 2019 for impersonating a police officer while he directed a funeral procession for Metro State Services.

Dewitte’s body camera video was then taken by police. Orange County deputies got a warrant to view it, and they found a secretly recorded conversation between himself and the State Attorney’s Office and was arrested again.

When asked what she thought about Dewitte’s arrest she said, “It’s about time.”

In the past, Dewitte said he’s being targeted by law enforcement.

Dewitte was released from the Orange County Jail Wednesday night.


How many times do you let someone who is a sex offender and is pretending to be a COP out of Jail on bond?   Do a little GoogleFu of your own and have plenty of Popcorn and beverages.  I can not help but ponder on what I would have done had I come across this little fella.


This Metro-State Funeral Escort service has a touching website HERE

My goal is to be shot by a jealous husband when I am 94.  But, should the Soviet beat that man to it…please do not call Metro-State whatever to provide an honorable military escort to some hole in the ground.  When I am dead, I want to stay dead.  Don’t make me have to come back from the dead to deal with the likes of Jeremy Dewitte.

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5th/77th FA

What kinda Trailer Park White Trash from Hell wanna be Hollywood Terminator Cop is this POS Jeremy DeWitte? Bubba and the boys will be looking forward to double dipping this POS. A Cop (albeit a fake one) and a child molester? Let’s make him extry special Google Famous and use the name of the fake cop child molesting Jeremy DeWitte as many times as we can in each post. Jeremy DeWitte, the child molester needs to spend the rest of his sorry life in prison where he can be the boy toy of the general population.

Oh, and btw Dave, God forbid anything happen to you, but just in case the Soviet does become the Widow Hardin, I’m sure that any number of us will volunteer to comfort the Widow.


Nope. If I even thought one time about comforting the widow Hardin, MRS D would place me in a hole next to Dave.


She would consider me useless, cut me up and mail me back to the Milwaukee VA in Mason Jars….
Mason Jars Barney !!!


Florida again!


Florida leads the way

Green Thumb

Surprised he does not moonlight at All-Points Logistics on the night shift.


This may have been nasty-pants
Escort after he flew his plane in the ground

The Stranger



So, funerals in Florida require elaborate Rent-a-Phonies
with lit up tricked up SUVs and motorcycles?

Funeral convoys here have the little purple magnet flags on the hoods,
headlights, and 4-way flashers.
(Almost) Everyone heeds and yields to the funeral convoys.
At the rare bad intersection, actual police are there.

Are there other places in the USA with these silly
funeral escort phonies?
Ironic, that it’s Florida,
the land of 80-year-olds in Sedan De Villes and Town(e)Cars,
that there is an apparent need for funeral traffic control.


I’ve never seen it before, but we are talking about floriDUH.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 A Gang Snipe

There’s a funeral home a few minutes from my place and I’d see these motorcycles which had what I thought were Palm Beach County officers (PBCSO) until I found out that they weren’t.


One side of his face is higher than the other.
That is wierd.

Comm Center Rat

His motorcycle cop helmet was too tight.


that’s not all that’s too tight on this muldoon


His ears are too tight….

Green Thumb

His two-hole probably isn’t….


Jeremy Dewitte shall henceforth be Dewittless.

What a maroon!

Jeremy Dewitte is NOT a cop.

Jeremy Dewitte is a child molester

Jeremy Dewitte is witless.

He is the only person ever to be fired for cause by Brucie’s Bath House (entrance in rear) for incompetence.

SPC Parts

Ah man, he looks so cool driving at 100mph and banging on hoods while running out of fuel.


Dewitte has just been Dewitted.
(Wit removed.)
He is now even unqualified to be a Happy Half Wit.

A Proud Infidel®™

It’s rumored that Jeremy Dewitte was fired from his local Sperm Bank for drinking on the job.

Green Thumb

Or attempting to inseminate himself….

Combat Historian

Just another Fuckin’ Little Creep. Unfortunately there’s way too many of these degenerates runnin’ loose out there…



and I’m sure that impersonating cops has nothing at all to do with being a sex offender…


John Seabee

25X. Correct. He did the sexual offender bit while tricked out as a Army Ranger Afgha vet. Seduced a 15 year old girl with his tales of dearing doo.


A real Ranger wouldn’t go after a 15 year old girl. Her mom would be fair game, though.


If you go to real world police videos on youtube. They have tons of footage involving this fuckers tomfoolery. The judges in the video seem incompetent and sees now reason for him to be jailed.

Kudos to attorney trying to revoke his bonds in Florida.


Oh yeah his latest arrest in chicago is on youtube and apparently he chucked furniture at movers or something…


Throwing chairs off the sixth floor at the tow driver trying to take his improperly parked car. He gives the responding cops, repeatedly, the impression he’s also a cop.


The Chicago incident is important as it shows the type of person he is, but at the end of the video is part of an interview with the Windemere police department where Dewitte is lying to the investigator as to what happened in Chicago.

Lying to a police officer like that is an additional crime here in Florida.

He just can’t stop digging a deeper and deeper hole.


Well the idiot did have his recorder on in florida. That video where he is recording lady without consent is a bigger smoking gun of how he operates and tries to use his fake cop act as leverage during discussions.


Maybe not. Florida appears to make an exception to 2-party consent requirements when there’s no reasonable expectation of privacy – an example being a conversation in a public place where said conversation might be reasonably overheard.

Haven’t watched the video of the recording in question, but if it was on a public roadside after a bogus traffic stop that might meet the criteria of a conversation having “no reasonable expectation of privacy.” And I seriously doubt any FL State’s Attorney is going to prosecute a case like this unless prior FL case law is clearly on their side. That’s particularly true when the statutory law seems to indicate a strong possibility that no crime regarding clandestine recording occurred.

Besides, they’ve already got him dead-to-rights on impersonating a cop using his own recording – and he’s also a prior felon (possibly multiple felon). So the State’s Attorney shouldn’t need that additional charge to slam dunk the low-life.

Eric Shipley

There’s video of him being arrested 😂 n Chicago recently.
That’s a funny video to watch.

Eric Shipley

There’s video of him being arrested in Chicago recently.
That’s a funny video to watch.

SPC Parts

Ah yes.

This ass.

Glad to see it covered here.

The Stranger

Congratulations on the promotion!


Having your own Floriduh Fake Book Fan Club was enough to make the Whiz Wheel®™ perk up and pay attention, so “Officer” Doofy Dewittless gets a spin and the results are:

Jeremy Charles Dewitte (FLTPSM*) 41 x 9 = 369

* Full Loony Tunes Past Shower Mold (H/T to Ret_25X)


this guy also get IMOAF bonus x3.

(International Man of Ass Foolery)


This guy’s quickly become a favorite poser in cop circles. Watching those videos I’m thinking funeral escorts must pay way better than I imagine. He’s invested a lot into all that equipment. The company even now has two ambulances.

I can’t believe he hasn’t been hit and killed driving that bike the way he does. Passing on a curve in on coming traffic is idiotic, even if you’re lit up like an XMas tree.

I also can’t believe anyone works for him. He’s such a micromanaging prick on the radio.

SSG Kane

That’s fucking dedication. He bought his own body camera to sell the lie. Not only bought it, but actually used it.

And the work he did on the bike? Dude, seriously, it would have been easier and the money better spent proving you turned your life around, getting a waiver, and becoming an actual, you know, cop.

Hack Stone

With his existing criminal record, the only law enforcement agencies that would consider him are in Callahan County Texas. He could always provide Executive Protection to All Points Logistics, or reach out to Prudential Associates in Rockville MD or Ambassador World Wide Protective Services. He is more than qualified at any of those companies.


Or The Stunning Agency, where they’re always looking for Chipmunk Wranglers.

Cause, you know, they need at least two chipmunks to rub together to make a fire to light off those flaming squirrel flares./smile

Comm Center Rat

Les Brownstain and his “awareness association” teammates will be attending the VFW National Convention in Reno, NV July 18-23, 2020. They’re looking for experienced motorcycle security escorts for the ride from Elko. Helmet, leather chaps/vest, cold beer, and hot chili provided free to all volunteer escorts. No law enforcement or military service required.

The Stranger

He could go work for Dr. Fromage Le Twat over at “The Centre.” I hear that they’re very highly regarded over in Sweaden. As long as he’s a member of MESNA or has an IQ of 133 or higher, he should be a shoo-in even if he’s been convicted of purjury.


I don’t think that Heavy Chevy would talk with him… unless he has a Phony PeeHDee to wave in his face…


How the hell can he afford all that gear and bike? I cringe every time I go to buy ammo for that one Saturday a month I go to the range.


Wages are up for full time fake cops.
You can thank the Federation of Fake Cops.


Donut Operator would have a field day with this assclown.


Thought at first, that was a scene from “CHiP’s” with Frank “Ponch” Poncherello doing the biking. /s

Jeremy Dewitt:
More like “Half-Witte”.


Just a side note, Larry Wilcox (who played Jon Baker in the show) enlisted in the Marine Corps in May 1967 and served in Vietnam during the Tet Offensive.

While in Vietnam he studied French and took general classes at College of the Desert during his final year in the Marines at Twentynine Palms, California.

He was honorably discharged with the rank of Staff Sergeant in 1973.

Hack Stone

The guy who played Larry Dallas on Three’s Company served as an Engineer Officer, and while in Viet Of The Nam, was struck by lightning (per his biography on IMDB). No idea how severe that lightning strike, but it sure as hell gave him a topper when everyone starts talking about their time over there.

The Stranger

I knew that Wilcox was in the Corps during Nam and I remember that he was in the made-for-TV sequel to “The Dirty Dozen”, starring alongside WW2 Marine veteran Lee Marvin!


Speaking of 94-year olds:

At a funeral for an elderly gent, one of the guests asks the widow, “May I ask how he passed?”

“Of course, dear,” she replied. “We always made love on Sunday morning, and his timing was that of the church bell–ding, dong, ding, dong. It was a very good system and it worked out well–until that goddamned ice cream truck came by….”



It gets WEIRDER.

Dylan Kent Vogt, 26 of Ocoee Florida, was arrested on 16 February 2020 for impersonating a Police Officer in 2017.

Dylan was working for Jeremy DeWitte’s Company, Metro State Funeral Escort Service in 2017 doing the same job as Jeremy.

“Man Impersonating Winter Park Police Officer While Directing Funeral Procession In 2017 Arrested”


In November 2013, that same Dylan Kent Vogt was arrested with 27 other folks in a Child-Sex Sting Operation:

“Dylan Vogt of Ocoee was charged with attempted lewd and lascivious battery, traveling to seduce a child for sex, use of a computer to solicit child, sale and delivery of marijuana and possession of marijuana.”

“Deputies: 28 People Arrested In Five-Day Child-Sex Sting”

Dylan just could not take it:

“Dylan Vogt was arrested. He sobbed uncontrollably during questioning following his arrest.”

“I knew this was going to be a (expletive) setup,” Vogt said. “I wasn’t trying to hurt nobody.

“28 Arrested In Osceola County Child Sex Sting”

Gee Whiz. One would think Dylan would be a registered Sex Offender in Florida. However, research indicates he is not listed.

Wonder why.

Comm Center Rat

I’d think the prostitution charges against Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, would’ve been adjudicated by now too. But Florida justice moves as slow as the snowbirds living down there.

John Seabee

These mutts should have been entered. Must have been some kind of plea bargain deal.


Raymond Michael Foy was a US Army Soldier stationed in Tampa in 2013 and was arrested for the same offense as Dylan Kent Vogt during the same Raid and the same day.

Foy is now a registered Sex Offender in Florida and Virginia:

Could it be Dylan is not a Registered Sex Offender because he was only 20 years old when he was arrested or did he pull the same stunt as Jeremy, i.e. fail to register?

Also noticed Jeremy was sent to Prison in 2001 for impersonating a LEO.

Dewitte and Vogt: Repeat Offenders Who Defintely Have Mental Illness Issues.

What is going to happen next? Should both be committed to an Institution or once again, locked up?


John Seabee

Speaking with one of my former sex crimes detectives. Vogt should have been loaded up in the database… Perhaps he did a plea bargain deal and dodged it.

John Seabee

Re Vogt’s age. 20 years old should have made no difference at all.

The Stranger

He knew it was a setup, but he went anyway? Wow…just wow. That’s a whole new level of dumb right there.

Green Thumb

Someone just contact a 1%er and point them in that direction.

Problem solved on our end.

The Stranger

Yup, doesn’t matter which club. I think the Sons have a presence down there. Kind of ties this in with that Langford clown from yesterday.

John Seabee

Neither the Warlocks nor the Outlaws would lower themselves to plonk this bozo.


Real World Police reported last night in the description to their most recent video (covering Dimwitte) that Dylan Vogt is none other than Jeremy Dewitte’s brother.

John Seabee

Good old Jeremy. It might interest everyone here to know that he came by his “Sexual Offender” status by tricking himself out as an Army Ranger war veteran from the Afgha. Actually looked the part… uniform was strack and ribbons “just so.” He used this trick pony BS to seduce a 16 year old girl. Spent time in Florida’s “residence for wayward turds”, aka: FDOC. Pre and Post prison, he decided he liked being the Po-Po and worked that con on a lot of folks too. After his second or third trip to the long lockup, he married an Egyptian female [status unk now]. He has been on and off parole several times. One time, I was checking him out and found that he had told his P.O. that he had to go to Ocala for a weekend drill [P.O. didn’t know he wasn’t in the military] Found photos of Jeremy at a paintball war weekend event and delivered them to the P.O.; got him another 8 months in the slam for VoP. He has violated his sexual offender status ‘change of address’ requirements many, many times… and this was all before I retired in 2013. From intell received from my former co-workers, this guy just doesn’t give a rats ass of stop what he is doing. Our motors unit has written him copious amounts of UTC’s [Uniform Traffic Citations] I truly believe that the only way he will stop his crap is for a semi to clock him in… Read more »

John Seabee

Actually he spent a couple of years in the big house for his paintball event. Time compresses when you’re retired 😉


He’s still married to her you can see her in Real World Police’s coverage of his Chicago arrest for throwing metal chairs at a tow truck driver from a sixth story balcony. Genius.

How does he pay for all his toys? Who was protecting him all these years and why?

You should get in touch with Real World Police. There are a professional investigative reporter and they’ve been at the head of the pack in covering this idiot. Their reach is huge — like, their first Dewitte video is closing in on three million views note. (They advertise their email address in all of their recent videos.)

Which agency were you with?


Real World Police is a narcissist. He picks and chooses what he wants to show and how he presents his news. It’s all public record. Anyone can get it and his news is late. He complains about this guy but he’s just as bad shoving his videos down everybody’s throats.



John Seabee

His response to all of this is: “The police are targeting me.” Well…DUH!


well…he is Dewitteless…(IMOAF)!

John Seabee

Yep. If brains were gasoline, he wouldn’t have enough to run a pissants moped around the inside of a Cherrio



as Bugs Bunny said:

when he gets an idea swirling around in his head, it has plenty of room to do lots of swirling….

What a Maroon!


Is that an Expert badge with two (2) hangy things I see?


Yep. At least one must be for the airsoft gun he carries on his hip.

No joke. He’s a convicted felon so he actually has a fake gun holstered on his hip.

The Stranger

Fake gun, huh? That’s a good way to end up in a bad situation. I’m trying to think of a way to help that along…any ideas?

A Proud Infidel®™

Harebrained duckfucker.

The Stranger

Hey Chip! I think we have a new addition to the HOI here!

A Proud infidel®™

To go along with at least sixty that I’ve already donated!


I can’t believe this guy has been arrested more than once for this. A fake cop has someone psychologically cuffed at the outset. A creepy assed M.O. like this should dovetail with false imprisonment, or kidnapping. He has a compliant citizen under his complete power as a plaything. This fucker is a budding serial killer. He needs to spend a long time as a bruised and battered jizz-gurgling cum-drunk party pump in the hooskow. I’m suspicious of most cops after a previously posted incident in 84. Fake cops that are kiddy rapers? I gotta go shower.


Hmmm, Oviedo, FL. Has a nearby (suburb?) area called the Village of Taintsville (No Shit, look it up on Google maps), which probably is where Dewittless belongs./smile

But, I digress. Here’s hoping this turd wasn’t doing this type of thing in 2005 when SFC Alwyn Cashe (born in Oviedo and buried in Sanford) was returned and somehow disgraced the funeral procession.

RIP SFC Cashe, your sacrifice is not forgotten here at TAH.


A town in FL called “Taintsville”? Say it isn’t so!”


Scott G

Join the fun at the official Jeremy Dewitte fan club (satire).



Seriously, everybody watch this. LOLOLOL!!!!

A Proud Infidel®™️

That boy’s cornbread ain’t cooked in the middle!


What a Dimwite and being a tickle monster runs in the family
Sick-Ass hope he enjoys picking up the soap in the shower
And the county Jail

A Proud Infidel®™️

Between that and being a serial fake LEO, he’ll get his ass literally straightened out by Bubba, Thor, Julio and “Tiny Tyrone” before they pimp him out to the rest of the cellblock!

A Proud Infidel®™

What gets to me is that he’s a confirmed ticklemonster and a serial LEO Impersonator, it really bugs me thinking just what other shit he’d do to satisfy his authority complex! Anyway, here’s a video of him getting cuffed and stuffed while trying to bark orders at REAL LEO’s:

A Proud Infidel®™

OH and when a real LEO asks him about his Sidearm he barks that it’s a non-lethal weapon along with other gobbledygook, so yeah, he really can get his ass in even hotter water one day!

Albert Macias

As a retired cop I hate morons like this. I hate security guards too. I had to arrest a few for crimes while working as guards, including one who stopped a person with his security car.

A Proud Infidel®™

Stopping someone with a security car? sounds like some Blobfish we had featured here on TAH!