Startling threats and violence against GOP voters: Part of a pattern?

| February 17, 2020

Kino Jimenez

Swearing, throwing soda and snatching a kid’s MAGA hat in a fast food joint. Running over a GOP Registration Tent with a van. Another grown man assaulting a teen in a MAGA hat, volunteering at NH polling site. This is the angry face of the Democratic Party.

Dean Black, chairman of the Duval County Republican Party, says his heart dropped when he heard about the attack on a group of GOP volunteers by Gregory Timm. Black warns that if a line isn’t drawn soon as to what is acceptable as political rhetoric and actions ‘a day of reckoning’ is coming soon.

By Brooke Singman

A startling rash of threats and violent incidents targeting Republican voters in recent weeks is raising concerns about the increasingly toxic political climate, just as the 2020 presidential primaries are getting started.

Gregory Timm

The incidents began earlier this month when a Florida man, Gregory Timm, 27, allegedly rammed his van into a Republican Party voter registration tent. According to reports, Timm ran over chairs and tables, and witnesses said he recorded the scene moments after the incident, made an obscene gesture and sped off.

Timm has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault on a person 65 years old or older, one count of criminal mischief and driving with a suspended license. An arrest report said Timm told deputies he did not like President Trump and “someone had to take a stand.”

Days later, in Windham, N.H., amid the state’s first-in-the-nation primary last Tuesday, a man allegedly assaulted a 15-year-old Trump supporter and two adults who had been volunteering at a polling site, Fox News first reported.

Patrick Bradley

The New Hampshire man, Patrick Bradley, 34, was charged with simple assault and disorderly conduct after allegedly getting in the face of the teenage boy, Nate Campbell, who was wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat, and slapping him across the face. He also is said to have assaulted two other adults who attempted to intervene.
Police arrested Bradley days after the incident. He was also accused of throwing Trump campaign signs and attempting to knock over the Trump campaign tent set up at the Windham High School polling site.

Campbell’s mother, Cathy Campbell, in an exclusive interview with Fox News last week, said “it’s scary that you can’t express which political party you are. People need to know how much intolerance there is right now.”

“I was apprehensive about him wearing the MAGA hat, because we know it can provoke and we know people don’t like Trump,” she explained. “But he wore the hat because he’s a proud 15-year-old and he doesn’t know what people are going to be like.”

She added: “It sickens me that people would be angry at a kid for wearing a stupid hat.”

The president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., spoke out last week after the incident in New Hampshire, accusing the mainstream media of not calling out the violence against Trump supporters and Republicans.

“So a leftist attacks 3 Trump supporters, including a 15-year-old child, in NH this week,” Trump Jr. tweeted Thursday. “Last week a deranged leftist attempted to run over a group of Trump supporters with a car in FL. What will it take for the MSM to finally call out leftwing violence?”

Eventually an attempted assault will end very badly for the assaulter. How do you suppose the media will spin that?
Read the entire article here: Fox News

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  1. Ret_25X says:

    the story is never the violence, only the response.

  2. Roh-Dog says:

    I leave this here for those who think this is just a couple ‘one-off’ events…

  3. OWB says:

    The violence has been escalating for years and will continue to do so until it is made to stop.

    The simple truth is that there is NO excuse for assaulting people. Period. Having an opposing political view, having the wrong hair color, being too old/too young, whatever. There just are no excuses.

    Corollary to that is that it matters not who attacks me, I have the right, perhaps even the responsibility, to defend myself without regard to the demographic of the attacker.

    Pretending that this is complicated is absurd.

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      Nailed it OWB. Assault me and you better take me out with your FIRST attempt. You won’t get a second one. Prolly won’t get the 1st either. I maintain a very high SA and at my age/health a potential life sentence for protecting me and mine is not a deterring factor. I will shoot you and wait calmly for the popo.

      Is it me that missed it, or were all of the news reports of people ripping into Demonrat supporters suppressed by the right wing news media?

  4. Mason says:

    Maybe Republicans wouldn’t be targeted if those in the media and public office who disagree with them wouldn’t label then in de-humanizing terms.

  5. Jay says:

    That Kino fuck in the post above is just BEGGING to get dragged across the floor…

    All it takes is ONE person to stand up and say ENOUGH. But of course, the headline will read “Trump Supporter Assaults innocent person….” I’d almost be willing to risk the assault my name would take. Its not like I give a fuck what people think about me anyway.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      I SO wish that booger-munching little Kino would fool with the likes of me, I’d send him running to his mommy in a LOT of pain! Come to think of it, he DOES look a lot like the 0bamacare pajama boy!

  6. Look at Timm’s face, eyes and haircut. The pic was taken in Munich around 1940 and he used a time machine to get to the present time to try and start a 4th Reich.

  7. Ex-PH2 says:

    Increasing violence – escalating anger – all over nothing but an election, huh?

    What happens when someone decides to shoot up a polling place during the primaries or on election day? Mine’s over at the police station. The cops all have guns and vests.

    This should probably be the most interesting election period ever. Stay tuned.

  8. Graybeard says:

    CHL, LTC
    Add range time.
    Use as required.
    Repeat until done.

  9. Jus Bill says:

    This trend is leading to widespread violence when Trump wins this Fall. The indicators have been dropped constantly over the last couple of years.

    The goal of the Left is to destroy the U.S. so they can hold complete power. What better way than to start a civil War?

  10. rgr769 says:

    Guess these folks want to start Civil War 2.0. They are not going to like the outcome.

    • A Porud Infidel®™ says:

      THEY say that they want to start another Revolution or Civil War while at least 98% of them can’t even start a lawnmower or figure out which bathroom to use!

  11. A Porud Infidel®™ says:

    Come to think of it, when was the last time we saw or heard of Trump Supporters threatening to riot or commit acts of violence against those who dissent? It’s all on the left where the Antifa fleabags act JUST LIKE Adolph Hitler’s “Sturmabteilung” or “Brown Shirts”, units of goons who threatened and carried out acts of violence against those who dissented with Nazi dogma.

    • Roh-Dog says:

      Damn. I just referenced Hitler Youth in your reply on the BSA thread. Sick minds think alike.

      Seriously. Your name…?

  12. rodney says:

    Started at least 56 years ago at Cal. the “Goons at The Gate” lead by hood Mario Savio beat up anyone speaking against JFK! Of course the Press made heroes out of these hooligans!