Top Military Media Outlet Puts A 28-Year-Old Who’s Touted Her Hatred For Trump In Charge

| January 17, 2020

Middie MAGA

Poetrooper sends us the strange selection of The Army Times’ new top editor, a flaming Liberal Trump hater. Sara Sicard certainly has all her progressive tickets punched- how she got the top spot at an overwhelmingly conservative publication like the Army Times is a bit of a mystery, at least to me. I don’t see a good fit and I rather doubt she’ll stay very long, but who knows? She’s still very young, and with age comes a certain maturity and realistic outlook. So this could all work out.

Who am I kidding?

Sara Sicard
Cannabis Maven

Luke Rosiak

  • The Army Times named a 28-year-old who has been vocal about hating President Donald Trump as its top editor Jan. 10.

  • Sarah Sicard previously worked as a spokeswoman for a New York councilman who describes himself as a “moderate Democrat.”

  • The Army Times is one of the oldest and largest papers catering to the military, which according to the publication’s own polling is overwhelmingly conservative.

The Army Times appointed as its top editor a 28-year-old feminist from Brooklyn who has repeatedly tweeted that she hates President Donald Trump and worked as a spokeswoman for a New York councilman who describes himself as a “moderate Democrat.”

After interning for several Democrats, graduating Hofstra University in 2014, and contemplating art school, Sarah Sicard wrote for a marijuana publication called the “Bluntness,” served as communications director for a New York city council member, and worked in corporate PR, according to her resume and online bios.

That’s a jarring contrast with the audience that pays for subscriptions.

“Exit polling in the 2016 presidential election saw military members and veterans vote nearly two-to-one in favor of Republican candidates,” according to the Military Times, the Army Times’ parent publication.

“Does anyone else feel like Donald Trump’s endorsement of anything makes the rest of us immediate hate that thing?” Sicard tweeted in May 2019.

“Okay I hate @realDonaldTrump” she tweeted in September 2018.

“I mean, I hate Trump,” she tweeted in May 2017.

In January 2019, she tweeted she had lost followers because of “all my callouts of @POTUS.”

That same month, she said, “I only say this as someone who doesn’t want to see Dems lose. Not to hate on EW, but I don’t know if another white woman is the right choice to rouse minority support, and she’s definitely not going to take back the Rust Belt. I want the party to bet on a person who can do both.”

In 2018, she was communications director for New York City Councilman Robert Holden, according to her resume. Holden is a lifelong registered Democrat who got permission to appear on the ballot as a Republican after losing the Democratic primary in 2017. He describes himself as a moderate Democrat.

From October 2015 to October 2017, she wrote for Task & Purpose, a military publication. Before that, she served as press intern for New York Democrats Rep. Louise Slaughter and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the resume stated.

Sicard repeatedly gave credence to the thin allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, saying in September 2018, “We’ll probably never know the exact details of 30 years ago conclusively. Doesn’t mean Brett Kavanaugh is innocent. Lack of evidence means he won’t be convicted in court, but the hearing proved him guilty of deep partisanship, which should preclude him from serving.”

“[M]y feet are dying because I’ve been standing for two hours while live-tweeting because my reserved seat was stolen by a man in comfy shoes who is not even paying attention to this panel and no I’m not bitter about gendered shoes why would you ask that?” she said in September 2019.

“Remember when Republicans were the party of Lincoln?” she said in August 2017.

A job ad for editor of the Army Times reads, “One of Sightline’s brands, the Army Times, is hiring for an editor to help lead the largest independently owned newsroom focused solely on the U.S. military.”

“You’ll manage a team of experienced reporters and oversee a steady stream of breaking news online as well as long-form cover stories for our bi-weekly magazines, which for years have been the top-selling publications at military installations,” it reads.

Sicard did not return a request for comment.

Andrew Tilghman, executive editor of the Military Times, told the Daily Caller News Foundation:

The Army Times and Military Times have been the trusted, independent and nonpartisan source of news about service members and their families. Sarah Sicard came to role of Army Times editor with extensive knowledge about the military based on years of reporting and writing about the military … we will continue to ensure there is no political agenda whatsoever in our independent coverage of the military community.

Task and Purpose is a military publication- according to whom? Go Navy, Beat Army! Times, too. Read the entire article here: Daily Caller

Thanks, Poe!

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Cameron Kingsley

Oh boy. Sounds like the Army Times potentially just chased away several of their customers. Get woke, go broke.


Going to lose their 10s of subscribers.


I have never known a person with a subscription to Army Times. Most people just buy an edition at the PX when something on the cover sparks their interest.

Combat Historian

Haven’t touched an “Army Times” in about 30 years, even when copies were freely sitting in the unit orderly room and begging to be read. The stench of Gannett makes me wretch in the morning..

Mustang Major

Absolutely correct about the stench coming from Gannett.

I haven’t bought a Army Times for about 30 years, as I let my subscription expire during my final year of service. I have looked at a couple of covers while standing in line at the PX, seems most of the articles are about new uniforms and stuff like that.

Army Times is no longer a useful news source for most solders. Soldiers get up today information over the internet from DoD websites or from their buddies stationed around the globe.


Ditto CH, not an official publication of DOD.


This is another example of the Left worming its way into and trying to influence what they know to be a largely conservative segment of American society. Task and Purpose, run by a bunch of Trump-hating libs was a good fit and a good training ground for her.

The fact that the leftists of this world always need to employ stealth and deception in selling their political ideas should be ample evidence that those ideas are not in your best interests.


“overwhelmingly conservative publication”


Slow Joe

What about the people that work there?

Somehow I doubt there that many journalists that are conservatives.

I suspect a large percentage of the people that works at army times are Leftists.

Slow Joe

*there are


Nuh-uh! YOU are too stupid. And I’m telling.

A Proud Infidel®™

Hey little Wingman68, you’ll be moderated soon enough, little man.


Say something worth reading and keeping.


Projection much?


Wait, what’s missing from her CV?

I mean, Army Times is about the Army – did Sicard serve even one term in the military? If so I don’t see it above.

Making someone who has never served in the military (I presume if she had any military service it might have been mentioned somewhere) makes about as much sense as having the “Foreign Desk” held by someone who has never been out of the US and doesn’t own a passport.


According to her resume, she spent all her career since college on D-rat politics and promoting dope smoking. No military service whatsoever in her past. Any bets on how long before she pens her first Orange Man Bad op-ed?


BTW even 30 years ago it was pretty well understood that if it wasn’t for the fact that they published the promotion cutoff scores, nobody in the Army would ever have reason to buy a copy.


I think I may still have the one with my E7 number in it… published a week after my medical out. Ah well.


Army Enquirer (if it had Batboy, it’d be the Army Weekly World News)…

SFC (R) Blizz

Have you paid attention to any of the articles from the Military Times family of papers. All of the articles are extremely left wing.

USMCMSgt (Ret)


The Marine Corps Slimes is the same way.


I only picked up a Navy Times when the promotion lists came out or I needed a good laugh.


It always amazes me they hire non-military, military-hostile and military-ignorant people to write for a military audience (like “woke” matters more in paying journalism than not being “credible” or, at least non-insulting, for an audience with $$$).


So Army Times is going full Progda with a TDS infected crypto-commie doper as it’s editor in chief. What could go wrong? Bet she is about as pro-army as that West Point butter-bar they booted last year.


The only thing ever consistently correct in ANY of the Times publications has been the dates on the covers.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Another Red Diaper Doper Baby thinking that she’ll sway others to her way of doing so, I bet she’ll be as warmly welcomed as a certain UC Berzerkely character.


API is your mom? Wow.


Please, O Enlightened One, you want to have a cerebral version of a dick measuring contest?

We’ll start with SAT/ACT scores, college(s) attended, MOS/NEC obtained, and go on from there.

You game?

5th/77th FA

‘pears like Gannet wants to ruin, even more, another publication. I think Poe nailed it with his comment on how the left likes to worm their way in, gradually. Other than the linkys that the posters give us here, I read none of their stuff. Sometimes when the linky for the main story is clicked on I may digress a little on another article, but leaning left makes me dizzy.

Gannet has screwed up just about all of the print and broadcast (TV) media in my AO.


“Florida Today” was decent. Then Gannet bought it.



Gannett: McNews. ‘Nuff said.


Gannett and GateHouse Media merged late last year in order to save themselves and their dwindling resources (local newspapers). Gannett also owns the multi-colored fishwrap known as USA Today.


USA Today? The paper that couldn’t even be given away at McDonald’s? I stopped at one on a fairly long road trip for coffee, as their coffee is one step above gas station coffee. The young man busing tables was picking up the USA Todays at the register as he was going, none appeared to have been touched. I asked if that was the store’s usual number, as it looked like he had 10 or 11 papers. He said, “nope, there’s one more in that stack than we get”.


Geezo Pete, when I post a linkie-thingy from Military Times or A/N/M/AF Times, I use SOME discrimination in what I choose. Otherwise, the sources on the internet are mostly self-absorbed drek.

This bit she posted should tell you everything you need to know about her: “[M]y feet are dying because I’ve been standing for two hours while live-tweeting because my reserved seat was stolen by a man in comfy shoes who is not even paying attention to this panel and no I’m not bitter about gendered shoes why would you ask that?” she said in September 2019.

Note that she doesn’t say ‘reserved what kind of transport seat’, and I’m willing to be she didn’t even gin up the nerve to ask him to get out of HER reserved seat. Where’s her ticket that shows it’s reserved, and what form of transport is it that has HER standing instead of sitting? This is twaddle, bad reporting, and it’s all about HER butthurtedness and HER feewings, and NOTHING else.

She really is a stupid broad. And she’s down to barely 1100 followers? That says she’s boring, self-involved, whiny, and can’t come up with anything new. I doubt that she has any idea of the real importance subject matter to a publication. And why would a newspaper hire someone whose audience dropped so much, anyway?

Gee, maybe I should have applied for that job.


Speaking of Libtarded. I tried to watch episode 1 of “68 Whiskey”. It sucked for a multitude of reasons…most of all because of the level of wokeness in it.


I only caught part of it. It was the part where the dude smoked some hashish. I thought that part was a little bit funny.

The Other Whitey

I was never in the Army and don’t read Army Times, so it’s really no skin off my ass, but she comes across as one of those people for whom smoking weed is a religion and takes precedence over all other things in life. Personally, I find such people to be just about the most annoying in existence. Even most of the pot smokers I know (never touched the stuff myself, never will either) don’t act like the universe revolves around cannabis legalization. This, she strikes me as a dumb bitch with delusions of genius.

I nevertheless wish IDC Sarc the best of luck in hitting it.


She’s one of those gals that Lars has wet dreams of making it to first base with…

MSG Eric

They are pretty much up there with Vegans and Crossfitters.

“Hey bro, just in case you didn’t know, I smoke weed….”

“Yeah, you already told everyone 3 minutes ago.”

“Hey bro, don’t forget, I smoke weed!”

Though with the 4/20 crowd it could be because the weed has rotted their short-term memory.


When I saw the title I thought it was about Lars.


Woke =>>> broke


I still kind of liked the Beetle Bailey cartoons but they probably scraped them too.

MSG Eric

They still publish those cartoons in the AT last I looked about a month ago.

Definitely the most worthwhile part.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I believe that Army, Marine, Navy and Air force Times
are published by Military Times. I have been subscribing to Navy Times hard copy snail mail since it was printed on news paper until it was bought out and then the paper came out in magazine paper with a lot less pages. I have the feeling that the Mil brass doesn’t like them because they publish all the dirt in the service but not like a supermarket tabloid that puts out a lot of B.S. I entered their caption contests and got 3 mentions from 3 of them and the infamous front page Headline Don’t call me shipmate in 2008 I wrote a nice piece in the editorial over that one. No puns during those days. I think that the caption contest is now online but I never checked it out.


my beef with these supermarket tabloids is how often they are completely making things up.

Even back in the 1980s you always had to check on stories because they would just make stuff up or attribute something to the wrong unit or system.

Not to mention the times they outright published information that should never have been made public….

She will be a good fit for them.


None of the military “Times” are sponsored or supported by the US military. They are wholly civilian owned and operated.

We only liked Army Times for the cartoons, and we burned the rest in the multi-fuel stoves to heat the tent.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Army, Marine, Navy, Air Force and Military times are under the same below company, Which is the Sightline media group.

© 2020 Military Times, a division of
Sightline Media Group
1919 Gallows Road, Ste 400, Vienna, VA 22182

Green Thumb

Another idiot.

She will facilitate her own demise.

They usually do….

A Proud Infidel®™

Once again you’re 100% full of shit, wingman68. I heard rumor that you make your posts while you’re hiding from the Collections man from Brucie’s bath house (Entrance in the Rear) when you’re making your troll posts here seeking any attention that you can get. OH, and enjoy gawking at your posts until AW1Ed moderates them, little loser!

Cameron Kingsley

I was curious to know what this guy was originally posting. Not anymore. Almost as bad as that “Helpful” Medal character.

Cameron Kingsley

I thought there was something rather familiar about this guy, Ed. So it is the same buffoon. I guess he can’t take no for an answer.


A turd by any other name…


Gotta keep that safe space safe!

“Personal attacks are a no-no when they are against us.” – TAH crew

All I stated was that API was a bitch who never deployed to a combat zone, and dropped out as an E-5, which is a fact.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Wrong again, little boy! Damned if that doesn’t sound like Projection to me, do you attend UC Berzerkely as well? I myself am Retired Army with three Overseas tours, you’ll be moderated soon anyway.

You lose yet again.

Cameron Kingsley

And how would YOU know any of what you posted are facts buster?

A Proud Infidel®™️

It’s quite obvious that I live rent-free in his little head!

Cameron Kingsley

It sure is.

Bill R.

I must take issue with your statement that Military Times is an overwhelmingly conservative publication. It used to be, but not anymore for a long time. I WAS one of those who had a subscription to Air Force Times for many years, from the late 80’s till around ’08 or so. I stopped because the articles became very left-leaning. It got so I was wondering every other week why I spent my money on crap. In many cases they were disrespecting their audience and it just made me angry. If I happen to be in the BX and see something that intrigues me, I might buy it or I might just read it while standing there but it makes no sense to waste money on a publication for us that doesn’t care about us.


Wingmangina… time to get back to work. As your boss would say, “That dick ain’t gonna suck itself”…

A Proud Infidel®™️

He’s obviously taken a break from behind the dumpster at a Flying J.


She is a perfect fit
This army times and all the sister publications
Went crazy left starting in Obama’s 2nd to 3rd term
And have never looked back

A Proud Infidel®™

Liberalism turns everything it touches into pure shit!






The great thing about living in our wonderful Country is that we are not forced to read Publications and have the Freedom to make our own decisions if we wish to read or not read as well as subscribe or not subscribe to the Army/Navy/Air Force Times.

As with other situations, we reap what we sow, so it will be interesting to see what happens down the road with those Publications (i.e. articles, interest, subscriptions, etc).

Time will tell.

Thank You, Poetrooper for sharing.



Wingman68 does not know me.

Reverend Pointy Head

Hey Lars, have any thoughts? I mean, whatever the hell your dumbass spouts off considers a thought?