Boomer’s Sunday

| December 29, 2019

It’s time once again, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes, for Boomer’s Sunday, where I cull through his weekly offering of ‘toons, and pick the best. Honorable Mention goes to my pals thebesig, AW1 Scott, and our own Jeff LPH 3 63-66, who also provided some entertainment. Welcome a new contributor, Woke Infidel, who brings her sharp wit to poke at Dems. These are from the right, but I am more than willing to post up differing points of view if they don’t annoy me. Now what could be fairer than that? So here we are, with the ‘toons that may amuse, make you think, or just piss you off.

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These threads always crack me up. I’ve made a few observations over the past 18 months living back in Northern Virginia.

First, the “coal powered electric car” meme reminded me of the Walmart up the road. They have a nice looking bank of ten or so recharge stations, but I’ve never seen anyone parked there. There are plenty of Tesla’s and other EVs that commute to DC, so does this mean people are simply too lazy to walk the extra few spaces, or are EVs such a niche market that even NOVA lacks the population to use public recharge stations?

Second, I’ve been in a van pool for a few months. I’m currently the only Active service member though everyone else are military department civilians who are either vets or retired. Two regularly spout their disdain for Trump, sometimes trying to drag me into the conversation by stating he’s my CinC. One is a retired non-Combat Arms E-9 and the other a retired senior officer (haven’t discussed his service but I think a CMDR). They’re convinced that the impeachment will go through and occasionally speak of other things like the Gallagher debacle. Funny, but the former was brought up a while ago and a female in the van asked what her boyfriend (who worked in the Naval Special Warfare community) thought. The boyfriend supports the decisions made by the CinC and feels there’s a lot that isn’t understood.

I learn a lot from my fellow riders whether I agree or disagree with them. I just find it amusing that Trump is only brought up by those who dislike him and on occasion by the retired O-6 academic who seems to be a mixed bag when it comes to politics.

Just some observations. I’ve decided to retire at twenty to jump ship from Virginia one final time, what with the legislation being in the works. Shame, my family immigrated to Virginia in the early 1600s, and I’ve spent over 24 years of my life here. DC is moving south quickly though, so it’s time to leave the Swamp for the swamps.


I did the same thing last year. From Springfield, VA to Lakeland, FL.

Are you coming to Central Florida?


working in DC introduced me to a new class of military folks…the lick assers…it doesn’t matter who is in power, they lick that ass.

True lefties are few, but easy to spot because they never do any actual work.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Loved it, especially the “Republican-D-rat” one, Conservative Chicks don’t have dicks!


Another fine start for a Sunday.

5th/77th FA

I am expressing mirth at a high decibel level. I learned my lesson the FIRST time you put these all together NOT to drink my coffee or snak on a cat head while reading these.

Tanks! All were on Target.


What the hell is a cat head?

5th/77th FA

It’s an old old school Southern term for a hand patted out buttermilk biscuit. A real “bisket” was the size of a cat’s head and when Granny laid ’em out on the baking sheet, by hand, 2 little “ears” would result when her fingers broke contact. You don’t see ’em too much anymore, what with frozen machine made or folks that use biscuit cutters.

A true hand made cat head from self rising White Lily “Dixie” Flour with buttermilk, pure Crisco and baked in a hot oven is light, fluffy with a crusty outside. They will make a puppy pull a freight train. Place a platter of ’em on your head and your tongue will beat your brains out getting to them.


“Why Southerners Are Obsessed With White Lily Flour”

My Grandma made the best Cathead Biscuits using White Lily Flour, Buttermilk and Lard (instead of Crisco).

She baked those biscuits using a wood-burning stove.

Thank You, KoB. You brought back wonderful memories.

5th/77th FA

Quite welcome ninja. Mine used lard and a wood burner. One of my FIRST chores as a lad was to keep her inside kindling/wood box filled with choice pieces of seasoned hardwood. She also used the original Dixie Lily Flour products (all purpose) and added her salt and baking powders. I used the term Crisco cause you can’t hardly buy real lard anymore. We used to make it when hog killing time came after the FIRST hard freeze. I still have an apron or two of hers, somewhere, that she made out of the 25 & 50 pound flour sacks. It was from her I got my love of cooking/eating good Southern food. She was a Real Daughter of a Southern Soldier who served in the Artillery during the War of Northern Aggression.

Hope our brother timeactual has his iron underwear on for the upcoming butt chewing he’s got for his snarky comment on the New Yawk thread. Bless his heart.

rtr hbtd #sugarbowlbound #secrules



You brought back some MORE priceless memories: My Grandma ALSO wore an apron made from Flour sacks.

My Grandpa would drink his coffee from a saucer.

To this day, I can still recall the wonderful smells of their kitchen in the morning. The percolated coffee. Those biscuits. The bacon which came from the hog they raised and butchered. The wood burning stove which also provided the heat during the cold winter months.

Thank You again!

One of our best friends are Baylor Fans. They know we root for the Bulldogs.😉

1 January 2020. College Football rules in the South.

And so do Cathead Biscuits.

rtr & hbtd & gabn.



Mu Pawpaw also drank his coffee from a saucer. Mu grandmother got me hooked on coffee around age 5; lots of sugar and Carnation condensed milk. She’d give it to me and say, “Now don’t you tell your mama!”


“Now don’t you tell your mama!”



Thanks for the great explanation KoB. You brought back some wonderful memories for me as well. My grandma also was a great cook and also cooked on and in a wood stove. I can still hear her rattling those stove lids in the nite baking up a storm. She was the best cook I have ever known. Her stewed rabbit was amazing. I used to shoot pigeons out of the barn and tell her they were pattriges. She would cook them up for me but told me not to shoot any more as they were becoming scarce.


Excellent work, as always


Is a fart lumpy?


Happiness is a loud dry fart.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Great tooning in on the toons. Hope to get some more forwarded to me from Jack ET2, Hot Rod BT2 and maybe Skip MM3 crew members LPH 3

Wilted Willy

As always, these are just the best! My dear Pa always cooked on a coal fired stove. I always had to have the kindling box full as well as the coal bucket. Oh, how I loved the smell of fresh sausage and cat heads cooking on the stove! My Pa was the best cook in the world, Ma tried, but she never matched up with my dear Pa!! Oh how I love the old days!!!


Hey, please post those Memes a bit bigger.
I can’t read the “Welcome to California” one with all of the fine print under the sign at all.
Thank you.


There are three things I mainly visit this site for: Valor Friday, the daily FGS and Boomer Sunday. I always get a good chuckle out of B.S. (just realized that works too). But I have some reservations about the pipeline protesters. I’m from ND and have been hunting all over the great state. What that photo doesn’t show is the two major spills that have happened since one of which was in a waterway. And, Yes it makes me sick with all the trash that was left behind by the protesters.