Barking At the Moon

| December 22, 2019

Go ahead, bark at the Moon

Sometimes, this just gets downright silly.

You have to start asking why, if Pelosi is so sure she’ll win and Trump will be dismissed from office, she has not yet sent the articles of impeachment to the Senate.

Here’s a Vox article on the potential results of not sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate.

Sen. McConnell’s view is that “her reluctance to transmit the articles was an admission that her case was weak. And, he said, “If the speaker ever gets her House in order, that mess will be dumped in the Senate’s lap.”

Here’s another view from the NY Times:

WASHINGTON — The day after the House cast historic votes to impeach President Trump, Speaker Nancy Pelosi put an abrupt halt on the proceedings, holding back from sending the charges to the Republican-led Senate in a politically risky bid to exert influence over the contours of an election-year trial.

With some leading Democrats pushing to delay transmittal of the articles and others advocating that they be withheld altogether, the limbo is likely to persist until the new year. The House left town on Thursday for a two-week holiday recess without taking the votes to appoint impeachment managers, which is required to start the process in the Senate.

“We are ready,” said Ms. Pelosi, who has said she would not send the charges or name the lawmakers who would prosecute the case against Mr. Trump until she was certain of a fair process for a Senate trial. “When we see what they have, we will know who and how many we will send over.”

By withholding the articles, Ms. Pelosi is hoping that Mr. Trump — who is eager for a trial to present his defense and clear his name — will put pressure on Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky and the majority leader, to commit to Democratic demands, including the ability to call witnesses during the trial. – article

Now that last bit – “to commit to Democratic demands, including the ability to call witnesses” – is just silly on the part of the NYTimes writers.  They may not have been to any trials of any kind, but the defense can call any witnesses it wants to. Pelosi wants to pick and choose the witnesses, have approval of who is and is not going to do what she wants, and unfortunately, she does not have that right. Once this goes to the Senate, it is out of her hands. This is a clear demonstration of the control freak she’s become. She’s way out of line here, and she knows it, but being the clutch-fisted bimp that she is, she is not going to let this slip through her hands.

Let’s remember that Bill Clinton was impeached for lying to the Senate, but he still wasn’t dismissed from office. Not enough votes. And in this case, since the whole thing is a fraud manipulated into existence by this batty old broad Pelosi, it will also go nowhere. She doesn’t want a “fair” trial. She wants it done her way and she wants to win. However, in view of all the shameless shenanigans she’s tried to pull, and continues to try, the less likely it is that this will go in her favor. When the reporters says Trump is the 3rd president to be impeached, they must have forgotten about Bill Clinton or decided to ignore that part.

The more you tighten your grip, Lord Vader, the more star systems will slip through your fingers. – Leia Organa to Darth Vader

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What I want is the Democrats to pay for this sham of an Impeachment both politically and financially.

Maybe we can charge the Democrats for obstructing justice for interfering with the investigation into Ukraine interference in the 2016 election.


Trump seems to be raising money with little effort during the hearings:

Could this be a sign on things to come in 2020?


11B MC had the best reply to my post the other day about this debacle- Trump is charged with abuse of office and obstructing Congress, so Pelosi withholds the Articles of Impeachment from the Senate, thereby-

Abusing her Office,
Obstructing Congress.

What am I missing?


Smokin’ da spleef, mon.

A Proud Infidel®™️

She’s holding onto the Articles of Impeachment saying that she won’t release them until she hears that the trial in the Senate goes the way she wants it, quid pro quo, anyone? Other moonbat liberals are talking about impeachment of VP Pence, can they be any more obvious about their attempted coup?


Not at all certain that any of this was ever about winning, at least not in a way that any sane person would understand it. Some probably really believe they have won something by now being able to screech, “He was impeached, he was impeached!”

Yeah, well, whatever.

Reality: The sun came up this morning. Christmas is a couple of days away. A new year will follow, and Donald J. Trump is still US President.

5th/77th FA

Yeah, I’m about way yonder past wishing this crap would go away. 3 years pissed away because that scrunt, dashitlerbeast, THE Bitch of Benghazi didn’t get her turn. Unfortunately we can’t drain the swamp, because of the useful idiots from the FSA that keep voting the parasites in congress back into office.

You know, with all the good things happening with the economy, jobs, trade, self sufficient in energy, and so on, think how much more the American Taxpayer could be winning if the congress critters would have worked with Trump when he was FIRST elected?

I was raised to not hate anything or anyone, but I purely despise that Bitch, Pelosi. I really hope she dies a painful, screaming death just as the innocent babies that were aborted on her watch did.


“I was raised to not hate anything or anyone, but I purely despise that Bitch, Pelosi. I really hope she dies a painful, screaming death just as the innocent babies that were aborted on her watch did.”

I second that.


She lost her nerve…LOL..!!


Jeeze, folks, did we have to use “moon” and Pelosi in the same sentence?
I’ll just leave now that I’ve planted that image in your minds.


You are one sick puppy…..
Go get your euthanasia shot renewed….
Sick, sick, sickkkkkkkkk……
(Shakes his head and walks away)…..

The Other Whitey

Actually, Leia said that line to Grand Moff Tarkin, the Star Wars equivalent of Reinhard Heydrich, played by Peter Cushing. Cushing, by the way, was said to be a very nice guy, utterly unlike the ridiculously-evil bastards he usually portrayed. He was declared unfit for service in WWII due to a childhood injury, but volunteered to perform stage shows for deployed British troops with the ENSA (British USO).

I really wonder where the dems think they’re gonna go with this. They have come right out and said that they want to run any further proceedings as a kangaroo court against Trump, in blatant violation of Constitutional law and the very founding principles of America. As for the “obstructing Congress” thing, have they not heard of checks and balances? The President is SUPPOSED to obstruct Congress, and vice-versa. Schiff’s hearings were a mockery of due process.


It is called “literary license,” where one gets to play a little fast and loose with the facts to make a valid or interesting point. Your analogy is on point.


OG Star Wars nerd ^_^ love it! As for Cushing, he was a great guy. At that point in his life his wife had died and he was trying to kill himself by smoking a bunch of cigarettes and running up and down the stairs.


Peter Cushing convincingly portrayed the only person besides Palpatine who could hold Vader’s leash, and without a snippet of Force.

One -bad- villain!


I think it is interesting when they say, “impeachment is a political process not a partisan process”, yet when the votes come it is straight down party lines.


Well, at least voting against looks to be bipartisan.

Perry Gaskill

Once again, Pelosi has demonstrated how much she’s a political hack. In her distorted reality, the acquisition and maintenance of power, both by her and the political party she represents, takes precedence over everything. Including the welfare of the country as a whole.

Personally, I have no objection, on the face of it, to a delay in turning over the House’s articles of impeachment until after the holidays. The problem is that Pelosi has again managed to make the process about herself, and not the matter at hand. Too, she had the opportunity to do the right thing. She could have told the Senate that she would be turning over the impeachment articles, along with her list of impeachment managers, on a specific date in January. Instead, she decided to withhold the articles and make their release conditional on her approval of how “fair” the Senate trial process was going to be.

What makes her unilateral demand to determine the relative fairness of a Senate trial even more absurd is the fact that Pelosi is not a lawyer and has no legal experience in things such as rules of evidence or discovery.

It also seems to me it’s fair to say that if the Trump impeachment has taught us all a lesson, the lesson is that anyone who is elected President, and who is not a Democrat, will become an automatic future target of impeachment as long as the Democratic Party controls the House.

Commissioner Wretched

Constitutionally, Pelosi’s part in the whole scam ended after the vote for impeachment, except for the naming of impeachment managers. That’s all she gets left to do. She has absolutely no authority with the Senate, and she knows it – and she also knows that as soon as she does her last little thing, her part is completely over and she loses, big time. The Senate is not going to remove Trump. Nanny Lugosi is long past needing to be put out to pasture.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Not just that, Pelosi along with many other “DC Lifers” are living, breathing proof of why we need Congressional Term Limits and that goes to many a politician from both parties, our Founding Fathers meant for service in Congress to be a short term thing, not a lifelong career!


Democrats don’t expect to win this impeachment fight. This is about trying to force some accountability in the face of an entire political party that has betrayed the values of this country and a leader who has demonstrated himself incapable of putting the interests of the nation over his own personal interests.

You all are on the wrong side of history.

There will be hell to pay in November.

Your mindless submission to a sociopathic con artist has led to the destruction of the Republican Party.

A new American Conservative party will have to pick up the pieces after Trump is out of office.

That being said, there is no good news for Trump moving forward and there is a damn good chance he will resign in the first quarter next year in exchange for immunity.

The guy is a criminal and traitor.


Democrats don’t expect to win this impeachment fight. This is about sucking off their radical leftist base and trying to hold on to power… Fixed it for ya..

Your mindless submission to a sociopathic con artist has led to the election of Donald Trump, and will again in 2020…

Do you EVER get tired of being wrong seagull?

5th/77th FA

What in dahell shades of Timothy Leary has coated whatever it is you are putting in your mouth? Didn’t you get the memo on the bad acid? You are really tripping your brains out on the kool-aid Seagull. Usually I pay absolutely no attention at all to your drivel and refuse to waste keyboard ribbon ink and/or bandwidth on your aggravating ass, but this one is over the top.

Woodstock is calling. They have customers for a few hits of what you’re on.

A Proud Infidel®™️

You certainly enjoy being totally full of shit, Commissar Seagull! The more I read and laugh at your babbling, the more certain I am that you’re the recipient of a badly botched lobotomy. Do this world a favor, stay in California and DO NOT reproduce!


You’re marching in lockstep with your indoctrinated comrades. Straight off a fucking cliff.
Vaya con Dios.


“Jeez, does he have any idea how completely predictable he is?”. Nope, not a freakin’ clue. He wouldn’t get it if it was done in Powerpoint.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Anymore I find Lars to be a source of amusement in studying the degree to which he swallows and regurgitates propaganda. Along with that I see him as a sample of what we face in TARDOs and the idiotic drivel they will continue to spew at us and anyone who dissents with them. I so look forward to seeing them soil themselves once again in November regardless of how often we’ve reminded them that there are five more years of President Trump in the White House to come!!
Speaking of his current opponents, I saw a picture of an appearance where “Groping Joe” Biden was speaking to a whopping crowd of just over ninety people, has President Trump ever spoken to a rally crowd that was less than in the ten thousands?

Wilted Willy

Just let the moron go back to pissing the bed and sucking on his mama’s teat!

A Proud Infidel®™

So much for him sucking his Mama’s teat, didn’t you hear he got weaned at age 17?


I’ve said it before -Lars is so stupid he needs to be reminded to breathe; if you put his brain in a bird it would crash because it wouldn’t know how to fly. I don’t think he was born that way though, there’s no possible way anyone could get that way in one lifetime, unless the water out in Bezerkley is really polluted with runoff from all those YEARS of recreational pharmacology and potty in public. It’s always interesting to see how moronic his take is, in a sad, demented way.




(Pulls string)

“… The Moonbat says…”



Lars. Do you want more Trump?

BECAUSE, ^^^^ this is how you get MORE TRUMP.
Keep talking.

MI Ranger

Herr Commissar,
I can nicht verstehen was see tun?
While I agree there will be “hell to pay” in November 2020, I firmly believe the conservatives have had enough and will oust these schlochs who serve only their own self interest.
President Trump is also attempting to force some accountability, note his Justice Department will shortly be serving some indictments, and many of the scheisters who perpetrated this sham will be going to jail. He has only had the American peoples interests in mind: He has raised the economy to unprecedented levels, he has renegotiated unfair trade deals, and held allies accountable for their parts of mutual protection agreements, and recognized the sham science agenda of previous administration for what it is, that supports “West Coast” liberal start-ups who outsource labor and destroys established working class industries.
There are plenty of criminals and traitors in the Washington DC area, but the current President is not one. Whether he will let pass, the previous administrations and just incarcerate their subordinates remains to be seen. Policy is one thing, but illegal acts need to recognized and accounted for!
If you can’t prosecute Criminals because they are also politicians than you are only going after the low hanging fruit!


Amazing. Every word of what you just said was wrong

NR Pax

“You all are on the wrong side of history.”

Says the man who belongs to the political party that kept slaves, voted against civil rights and is now engaging in a vendetta against a person whose only crime was beating their candidate in a fair election.


Your mindless submission to a narcissistic con artist has led to the destruction of the Democratic Party.

Remember Obama?

Idint care what Congress did/said because he had a phone and a pen! But, the left didn’t see that as abuse of power.

Was that because he was a Democrat?


“Was that because he was a Democrat?”

YES…. Next question? LOL


Is this all you have, Major Asshole?

Who was the one that went BALLS DEEP FOR BERNIE last election? YOU!

Who went JILLING FOR JILL when Bernie folded up his tent? YOU!

SO, who is your fav to run against Trump in 2020? Gloria La Riva (Party for Socialism and Liberation)? Jeff Mackler (Socialist Action)? Howie Hawkins (Socialist Party USA)? Or some other socialist/communist activist that appeals to your ideals? We all know that you won’t go with a mainstream candidate because you want someone to give you free shit at the expense of others.

If you really want a socialist government, move to Venezuela and see how they “do it right”.


Too bad the commie cuttlefish can’t dig up John Brennan’s pick for President, Gus Hall of the CPUSA, and run him. If you are a dedicated communist, at least come out of the closet and pick an out and proud full on communist for your candidate.

MI Ranger

Ex-PH2, to be fair to CBS news. Their facts were correct, and they were counting President Clinton. President Nixon was not Impeached because he resigned once the articles were drafted but before the vote.
Although technically they were wrong: Only two US presidents have been Impeached. President Andrew Johnson, who was not removed from office, and Hillshaddy’s husband “BJ” Clinton, who was also not removed from office. President Trump does not technically qualify yet, since the Articles of Impeachment have not been verified and sent to the Senate.


Found it. The Nixon 1993 case.

The Senate can proceed, right now, to quit Trump. SCOTUS already ruled 9-0 that the Senate has -sole- authority, no Judicial review permissible or possible.

Boom. This is all BS theater, the House attempting to usurp Senate authority.

The Other Whitey

So even Ol’ Lady Ginsburg agrees, eh? That’s gotta hurt!