“Remain in Mexico” Policy Results in Abandoned Asylum Claims

| October 30, 2019

Since President Trump acted on the Migrant Protection Protocols, many decided to “boycott” the “opportunity” to be illegal aliens. (Rick McKee)

The “Remain in Mexico” policy enforced by the Trump Administration is working as it was intended to. People seeking asylum should be able to seek asylum in a neighboring country. If the United States isn’t that neighboring country, and the actual neighboring country offers them asylum and they refuse, did they really need asylum in the first place?

Only a few, from a group of 55,000 + that applied for asylum, actually qualified for applying for asylum. The others were not authorized to enter the US. Before this policy went into effect, the majority of these individuals would’ve entered the US. The majority that didn’t actually qualify would’ve remained in the US as illegal aliens.

From The Washington Times:

Under the program, would-be asylum seekers wait in Mexico for their cases to be heard. If they are granted protection or relief, they are allowed into the U.S. to pursue their claim. But most do not pass the initial screen or give up their claims on their own.

Under the old system, they’d already been allowed to enter the U.S. and roamed free, with few of them returning to be deported when the time came.

Now they are denied that foothold and only allowed entry after they pass the first asylum hurdles.

The program applies to non-Mexicans who travel through Mexico to reach the U.S.

The theory behind the program is that if someone from a country other than Mexico travels through Mexico, they could claim asylum there, and their continued journey to the U.S. suggests they are more properly regular illegal immigrants seeking jobs or to reunite with families. Neither of those is considered a reason for asylum under the law.

Some advocates, for the asylum seekers, are arguing that conditions in Mexico have become more dangerous for the “migrants”. Do they realize that those seeking asylum made the decision to make a dangerous journey, then subsequently made the decision to enter dangerous waiting conditions? It’s not the United State’s fault that these asylum seekers made the decisions that they made… Resulting in them being in those conditions.

You could read more at The Washington Times.

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►People don’t want to seek asylum in Mexico? That’s weird.
►People have to stay in Mexico to await their asylum claim for US entry? I guess that explains why the Mexicans are guarding their southern boarder so thoroughly now.
►”Do they realize that those seeking asylum made the decision to make a dangerous journey, then subsequently made the decision to enter dangerous waiting conditions?”
No, they were forced to do it because we stole all of our ill gotten wealth, ya see. It’s really our fault for not be fair. . . or being racist. . . or something. . . TRUMP!!!!!


Gosh, they don’t want to wait in Mexico (which is incredibly better than Hondurass, Hell Salvador, etc.) because America ¡Free Shit! is all they want.


It’s almost as if they weren’t coming here for actual asylum. 😱


Next: the estimated 22 million illegal aliens already here.

Disclosure: My wife came here the lengthy/legal way.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Well GEE WHIZ, they’re giving UP because they aren’t getting an almost instant free ride on our tax dollars? Come to think of it, many of them also look like they’re well fed AND plenty of them also possess cell phones, so just what kind of “oppression” are they fleeing?

MAGA 2020!!!


What is it they need asylum from? They all look well-fed and healthy. None of them are from Venezuela, right? So what is their problem?

Oh! Sorry…. never mind!

5th/77th FA

Something else that is Trump’s fault. A sensible policy that is working to benefit the American Taxpayer. Who’d a thunk?


Yea, I loved the fat gal that claimed she was fleeing starvation that the press reported with seriousness.


“fat” is a negative word.
The correct word is thicc


A policy of “Remain”, Versus one of

(Puts on sunglasses)