Odenton resident apologizes for stolen valor…

| July 23, 2019

Memorial to military personnel, police and first responders in the Two Rivers community of Odenton. (Melissa Driscoll Krol / Capital Gazette)

Our ninja is back, sending us a follow-up on Bob Pollock, phony SEAL and POW. He graced our pages just the other day on Steve’s post-

Fake SEAL Behind Memorial Effort

So yeah, he came clean about decades of lies. Good for him. One has to wonder if all this is the result of getting caught and not some sudden change of heart.
Riiiight. Here’s the article-

…explains decades of lies about being a Navy SEAL, prisoner of war

By Melissa Driscoll Krol

Odenton resident Bob Pollock hopes everyone can forgive him for decades of lies about being a Navy SEAL and prisoner of war, and that they don’t damage the intent of the military and first responders monument he founded.

“It tarnished the whole memorial and I’m ashamed of that because the intent was to honor all branches of the service, police and first responders,” Pollock said. “Hopefully after time (the monument) will be accepted because that was its original purpose.”

Pollock, 73, was not a Navy SEAL during the Vietnam War, as he had claimed for decades, rather he was a meteorologist on the USS Constellation during the war.

“The whole (lie) got out of hand and I should have corrected it, but I didn’t,” Pollock said. “I’m extremely sorry it happened, if I could change it I would. I’m ashamed to even show my face now.”

Pollack has taken the first step. Lets hope he continues on the straight and narrow. The rest of the article may be viewed here: Capital Gazette

Hat tip to our ninja for the link.

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Comm Center Rat

“You can’t lie to me. You can’t even throw me a curve ball.” ~ Don Shipley

Many thanks to Senior Chief Shipley for exposing FAKE SEAL Bob Pollock.


So yeah, he came clean about decades of lies. Good for him. One has to wonder if all this is the result of getting caught and not some sudden change of heart.

Yep, he truly didn’t mean to do it. For like 50 years?

” Pollock was in his late twenties when he returned home from his years of service in the war…..

“I never meant for anything like this to happen,” (This I believe) Pollock said. “I’m extremely sorry that it did. (Bullshit…extremely sorry you got called out) Once it started snowballing, I tried to stop it (Horse fucking shit) but wasn’t successful. (*rolls eyes*) I didn’t know how to get out of it. I meant no intentional harm ever.”

Jesus, what classic fuckery.

Shakes my damn head so hard I think I”m gonna give myself a concussion….


Ol’ Bob Pollock should have know you don’t full POW when you are fake SEALing. Even if the Hair doesn’t get you on your lack of a BUD/S graduation, any dimwit can find you are not on the freely available internet database of every person who was ever taken prisoner by the enemy in the Viet of the Nam.

5th/77th FA

“…got out of hand….” “…sorry it happened…”

No Bitch, you’re just sorry your sorry a$$ got caught. Helping to get this monument placed to true Heros will not elevate you from their bodies and blood that you stood in, rocking your lies for DECADES. You are still a pathetic little man. And in the future when some body wants to google fu the monument, your name will be forever linked to your stolen valor. Embrace the suck you POS.

Inbred Redneck

Amen. Ain’t it funny how they’re only sorry when they’ve been caught? And we don’t wanna forget to mention that Bob Pollack was never a SEAL or a POW, just in case anybody does a Google search for his name, do we?

Slow Joe

And then they want to take at face value all those people who claim to have been contacted by UFOs.

People lie. All the time.
For one reason or another, but they do.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Well I thought that something was fishy about Pollack. Maybe he thought that he was a Seal but a Seal is a Mammal and not a fish.


Our latest POSer, Lester Brown, should also come clean. But he and his sockpuppet are displaying some Bernathian character traits. So, I am betting there will be a doubling down.


I suggest a few gallons of different colored paints, 4 brushes (just a random number), and a large white room.
With a fan.
Tear it up, Bob.
Claim to be someone you aren’t again.
Not sure of the spelling, but the phonetics are a match.


Not enough words for this…. f*&^*###g a$$h*)(&^*(#

Some day he’ll die… and all those people will be waiting for him.


Strap his carcass to a weather balloon and send him out to sea on a cold front.


“Up 2”



What are you trying to say,

A Proud Infidel®™

Sounds to me like a lame-ass apology from someone who’s only sorry he got caught, FA’KHEEM!!!


Wonder how many greenbacks he managed to put in his pocket before he was caught for Stolen Valor, seems a lot of them manage to pad expenses for personal gain.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

These apologies remind me of the clowns in court who try and point out all the good stuff they did before the one thing that puts them in front of the judge that day….

Unfortunately nothing changes the fact that you lied for half a century and really didn’t do anything to correct the falsehood until you were caught red-handed.

It makes your apology seem somewhat less sincere than you were hoping for I suspect. I think you are perhaps so full of shit that you expect the rest of us all to believe your bullshit like those others did for so long…newsflash, that’s not going to happen.

I am however, still glad you did apologize, that puts you a tier above the shitbags who refuse to apologize and try and cast aspersions on those who revealed them. So you have that going for you, how you move forward from here will really tell the tale of how you choose to spend the rest of your days. Telling the truth here on out, or lapsing back into falsehood.