Finding the Hornet CV-8

| July 22, 2019

From CBS back in February, comes this video of finding the Hornet CV-8, right where she sank during World War II, somewhere near the Solomon Islands in the Pacific.

Nicely done.

Fair winds and following seas to all who died in that battle.



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It is amazing to get such clear pictures of these ships so far down. Salute to all those who died on her.
In the clip, they mention that the location is being kept secret. I do hope it stays that way. I get so $@$#@$ pissed about hearing of sunken ships being torn apart by scavengers. I have the same visceral, enraged reaction to those guys as I do to poachers. Screw both of those kinds of bastards!!


That pre-nuke steel is stupid valuable. Would take one heck of an effort to dissuade scrappers.

Can we -mine- their graves?

(And I mean in the magnet/motion triggered “kaboom” sense. )

Or just drop enough spent reactor core slugs to ruin the “pre nuke” metal value and make it. … risky.

Farking ghouls…


Great video! Thanks, Ex.

Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

Inspiration comes from the strangest sources.

5th/77th FA

“Nicely done.” Word. Gawd I Love this place. Thanks for the post Mi’Lady. Rest in Peace to the Gallant Warriors and this Valiant Ship that went down fighting.

Like the others here, I’m glad that they are keeping the location secret. Yes this is a tomb and deserves all the respect that can be rendered. Even at 17,000 feet down, some grave robbers could spend the money it would require to desecrate this grave site. And there is some a$$hole that would pay hard money to have pieces and parts stolen from such an historic vessel. Grrrr

Bill M

Fair winds and following seas. May we never forget the brave souls who served on her and those who never came back.


There is a series of sci fi novels, where in one (Yellow Eyes – John Ringo and Tom Kratman) we raise sunken ocean-going warships to recycle them into space-navy ships.

The associated AIs of the new ships derive their personas from the prior versions. Which is -cool-

The Other Whitey

Daisy Mae!

“Space Battleship Yamato” is a surprisingly cool scifi movie with a similar premise, and it never hurts to have some hot Japanese actresses! Amazon has an English dub.


The Hornet is the third aircraft carrier found by the R/V Petrel. The late Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, purchased the Petrel in 2002:

“The R/V Petrel is an underwater research and exploration vessel used specifically to locate historically significant shipwrecks and explore underwater ecosystems. Equipped with the latest state-of-the-art subsea technology including two onboard robots– an AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle) and a ROV (remotely operated vehicle) – we are able to search more than three miles below the sea.

RV Petrel and its mission, is a public outreach that started over a decade ago with Paul’s vision of research, archaeology and discovery, promoting and advocating education, history, and as a tribute to those who serve and came before us. Today, our missions continue to safeguard ocean stewardship in pursuit of these common goals.”