Midweek Open Thread-What if we Ran Out of Phonies?

| July 17, 2019

Socialism Sucks. It creates another kind of “famine”. (r/The_Donald)

Back in the 1980s, there was a cartoon series that was a spinoff from the Ghostbusters movie. In one of their episodes, the Ghostbusters went into a “famine” with regards to capturing ghosts. The team was sitting around without expectation of going out to do their craft.

Then, their leader decided to repurpose their technology and equipment. They were going to go after criminals. So the episode continues with the Ghostbusters going after criminals with repurposed ghost hunter equipment. At the end of the episode; however, their “famine” ended and they were back in business.

This leaves to the title’s question. What if we ran out of phonies? granted,  someone is going to hop on the phony pony and ride it to the ground. The stolen valor team is pretty good at investigating such cases, and getting them to us.  As you guys can see by the frequency of the postings, the numbers appear to be dropping.

They are still out there, and some will eventually get their “fame” on these sites. In the meantime, what additional topics would you guys like to see show up? Beyond what we normally post here?

As Dave Hardin mentioned on another thread, anybody here could also do a guest post.




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5th/77th FA

18rd (comment) or 10st(commenter) or since API missed it, I hereby claim Honorary FIRST on the revived TAH Wednesday Mid-week Open Thread. This will be the FIRST Honorary FIRST on the FIRST Revived MOT. As it has been said, then let it be written. Where’s the book? Claw?

Rats to the Cong to my Esteemed Compatriot US Army Veteran (Go Army Beat Navy) 26Limabeans on his FIRSTNESS on the Revived TAH MOT. You have approximately 46 hours to lord over and primpster.

I Loves me some TAH. Since my enforced medical conditions, this place has become my life’s entertainment. I can’t physically do what I was able to do and my lurking days lasted for about 6 years. The mix of articles and the level of knowledge is great, cold beer and munchies are 12 feet away and the climate control works fine. I surely do enjoy the historical articles and the background info brought in by others. The entire Admin Staff, including I hope she’s still there, Ms Monkey Code Hippy Chick, have done an outstanding job keeping the doors open. Jonn is looking down very proudly. It’s good to go where everyone knows your name.

I do miss a few that have fallen off the net and hope to hear from them again soon. Particularly AnotherPat (RTR) 2/17 Air Cav, FrankieCee in the clear, IDCSARC (I’d hit it himself) among many others. If y’all prodigal children are still monitoring this freq, please check in.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66


I’ll give you my first/second place coming in by a milli second or two after 26Limabeans.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I take Honorary First an award you Secondary Honorary First.


Jeff LPH 3, 63-66



Third and no, we’re never gonna run out of phonies.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

How many split seconds did I lose on.


Third and no, we’re never gonna run out of phonies.


Or stupid people that believe them.


But they seem to have slowed to a trickle, anyway, in so far as those reported here and on MP, which seems to be the only source for TAH.


NAVY Question:

Here is a photo of an E2D. What are the wires attached to the prop blades for?

comment image&exph=652&expw=1024&q=e2d&simid=608008866620837573&selectedIndex=13&qpvt=e2d&ajaxhist=0


Protective covers on the blade tips. They’re bungeed together (not wired) to keep them on, and removed before flight.


I figured you would know. Tanks.
Huge 8 bladed beast.
Someone posted a video a while back of an E2 that dropped below the deck into a wave and reappeared to utter amazement


AW1Ed. Speaking of planes, AirAdventure Oshkosh 2019 is expected to kick off here at 7:00 AM on
Monday, July 22 and ends on Sunday, July 28.

Be there or be square! (smile)



Looks to be a device intended to prevent people from walking through the prop arc. If you prevent the habit of people walking through the prop arc when the propeller is not turning, you greatly reduce the risk that someone will walk through it while the prop is turning.


That is an unexpected bonus of the prop tip protectors. In my Navy anyone walking through a prop arc on the flight line or in the hanger was instantly jumped on by anyone close enough to see the violation. Senior folks were shamed by being a bad example, and junior ranks were eaten alive. I was busted for walking around a helo with its rotors spinning, too close to the tail rotor. A vivid learning experience was waiting for me when we landed. Lesson learned.


I’m gonna hijack your sub topic here to say that I got to ride in the Yankee Lady, one of only a handful of airworthy B-17s remaining last weekend.

Started the flight in a waist gunner’s seat and worked my way forward during the flight. The nose gunner/bombardier position in the front is unbelievably awesome and absolutely terrifying at the same time.

Ended the flight in the radio operator’s seat just aft of the bomb bay. Good thing we had a nice landing, because that radio equipment is literally 3 inches in front of your face.

While waiting for our ride to start, the recently resurrected B-29 “Doc” flew over the air show. Never thought I see one of those birds flying.

Ask me anything. I can probably send Ed some pics if people want to see them.

5th/77th FA

Yes! I (^_^) pics of historic Aerial Artillery Platforms. ‘Specially ones that were ARMY Air Corps that made ‘splodey things go boom.


You officially suck, Mason. But not as much as my pal AWC Rich, who while still on active duty here in Pax River, has flight time in his log for flying as an Observer in the B-25 “Panchito.”

Those Navy Test Pilot School guys get a lot of cool toys.



The Other Whitey

Post some photos, Mason! I’ll send a few of my own. Mine are all on the ground, flight being outside my budget.

I need to get started on the 1/48 B-17 with my wife’s name and pinup likeness. As it is, I’m currently working on three projects. One is the “Red Dawn” scene discussed a while back. Another is a TBM-3 for my cousin, representing the one her Grandpa (not the one we share, other side of the family) flew in as a turret gunner. The third, just started, is a PB4Y-1 for my wife’s godfather, whose Dad flew in one as a radioman in the Pacific—that one’s a pain in the balls, as it requires grafting an imperfectly-shaped replacement nose onto a 1/48 B-24D kit, plus the kit’s flight deck is empty behind the pilots’ seats, so I’m having to try my hand at scratchbuilding the radio position, and I don’t know shit about scratchbuilding.


“The nose gunner/bombardier position in the front is unbelievably awesome and absolutely terrifying at the same time”

My dad’s position in WW2, I got to fly on the B-17 “909” with him years ago.
Some kids go fishing with their dad and that’s great but flying with your dad in his old bomber is beyond awesome.

Would love to see the photos.


Internet’s been down at the house since Saturday and service techs can’t get here until this coming Saturday. So I’m bandwidth limited, stuck on the cell phone at the moment. I’ll put something together and get it to Ed so he can post it.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

As long as there are the Military, their will also be Mil phonies

Veritas Omnia Vincit

I actually like the variety of postings here. The historical stuff from Hondo regarding the DPAA or the WOTs he did on escapes from Communism were great, you’ve placed some excellent historical and political articles of interest to vets here.

The feel good stories, all of it.

This site is a lot like walking into your study and having things where they belong.

I suspect those of you who are retired military as opposed to us short timers might have an interest in retirement issues. As you say someone knowledgeable should be able to offer a post or two on those topics.

The site is great, you admins are rocking it with keeping it moving and those of us here in the peanut gallery should by far and away be rather happy about all of it.

Just an observation, my vision might be off though as I am getting older with each passing day.


I agree. The phonies is what brought me here 8 years ago and that and the variety of other posts is what has kept me coming back. I don’t post near as much as I used to, but I still come here every single day.


TurningPoint has ladies such as the above, the left has a little boy that complains all the time named Miley Cyrus.
And no, we won’t run out of SV morons.
They, like the truth, are/is out there.

A Proud Infidel®™

I remember a comparison made in a book I once read about Darwin Award winners versus smart people in response to the question of “Could we run out of Darwin Award contenders?”. In their response they compared Smart people to DE Awardees to Pandas versus Rabbits with the smart people being the Pandas noting how each breeds. I see us real Vets as the Pandas and the posers as the rabbits, we’ll ALWAYS have more of the latter!

A Proud Infidel®™

OR something like this:


Gotta buy that movie on DVD; it was so so prescient. The only thing it got wrong was the fact that now our country is importing people with 75 to 85 IQ’s, instead of our own citizens breeding them.


Not only importing them, we’re electing them to high offices!


Dat’s rayciss, you Nazi/KKK white man! You are clearly referring to the “Squad.” those beautiful women of color elected to our D-rat controlled Congress-House, recently subjected to those clearly implied rayciss comments by the evil Russian controlled Orange Man masquerading as President. (Ooh, maybe I’ll get a like now on FakeBook from the commie cuttlefish and his new bestie).

The Other Whitey

They’re calling themselves “the squad” now? Jesus. H. Christ.

Which one of those empty-headed antisemite twats came up with that? The hoodrat, The brotherfucker, or one of the fat bitches?


The spokespeople in the DNC-controlled media came up with that nickname for that group of misfits.
Tonight those same brave firefighters in the media are scouring the interwebz to find and delete or ignore any and all info about the brotherfucker before it ever gets out.


They are going to have a tough time, as there is now a video with photo montages of the bigamous bigmouth in a hag bag with her family including her brother, along with shots of the documents showing birth dates, etc. Apparently, what she did was marry her brother after claiming she was Islamically married to the father of her three children. This was done so that her brother could stay here as a resident alien husband. Then she went through a charade of divorcing him so she could “marry” legally the father of her children. She also committed tax fraud re who was her “husband” on her tax returns. This is just the tip of the iceberg with her.

A Proud Infidel®™

BUT she’s a D-rat thus making any and all allegations against her “racist”, “islamophobic”, “sexist”,…


I loved the Ghostbuster cartoon as a kid. I’m sure if I look hard enough I could find one of my old Betamax tapes with episodes that I taped on it.




Brilliant term. It echoes “peak oil,” the term coined back in the 1970’s to support the prediction that world would pretty much run out of oil by 2000. (As I recall, the latest anyone gave for oil being mostly exhausted was 2020.) I wrote a research paper back in 1975 and there were literally dozens of articles by so called experts that made that prediction.


The cartoon “The Real Ghostbusters” had to use that title because, whoops, there was an older live-action kids show called “Ghost busters”. (1970s)

Characters were Spencer, Tracy, and Kong. Tracy was a Gorilla. They used a zapgun “de-materializer” to dispatch spooks. They drove around in an old car.

Holy Litigation Batman!

Thus “real” for the 80s show.



Some folks -do- understand Socialism.



This site is going to waste a significant amount of my time. Thanks for that.

Some Guy

Thanks, I wasn’t planning on being productive at work at work anyway today.
Btw, they have a progressive “truth” generator (http://thepeoplescube.com/Rhetoric/Random_Truth.php). Everything it spits out has been gold so far:
“You are a heartless scum-sucking Republican because you dare to question “the truth” as promulgated by your radical college professors!”
“You are a flat-earth believing hillbilly because you don’t want your taxes to be used to prop up progressive radio and TV programming that cannot survive on a commercial basis!”
“You are a right-wing Nazi because you think the Beatles are better than the Rolling Stones!”


I’ll see your PJ story, and raise you a Cool Army Dustoff Medic story:


Worked next door to the Army in Kandahar 2005 & 2008 👍👍👍


I think possibly the posers are avoiding the social media display(s) of all their “derrings-do”, after seeing what happens when they get exposed on TAH or Military Phonies. Still won’t stop them from lying to their families (or prospects for future family members), BS’ing in their veterans group get-togethers, or dropping big cash for the products in the awards catalogues (especially from the ‘Commemorative Medal’ section…) to perpetuate all of the above.

Then there is the phenomena of those who think after a few years of laying low, that they can start all over, thinking no one will remember their bullshit.

Another instance is when a service member is killed, and it comes across the news; Idiot shows up on local TV,
“Hey, I served with that guy.”

I believe they are out there.

Just my opinion.

3/10/MED/b out


There are an awful lot of case submissions where the claims are only word of mouth, which we can do nothing with. At least they are careful not to post their claims or be photographed.


And that will never happen:

* Lefties love phony vets so they can sell the narrative that the US sucks and the military is full of killbots

* the media loves fake vets for the same reasons as above AND they love sob stories

* all the “thank you for your service” attracts con artists like flies. They want free stuff and to be given money and can’t stop even in peacetime.

* embellishers are attracted to power, promotions and free stuff. They’ll inflate their records thinking that somehow they’ll get away with it or that civilians won’t check that DD214.

And then they are busted.

This goes in cycles. A ton of phony Vietnam Vets in the 80’s and 90’s, then it was fake Gulf War vets in the late 90’s and just before OIF. From the 2000’s to the 2010’s, so, so many fake Iraq and Afganistan “vets”.

When the crooks, liars and fakers think it’s safe, they will come out.

A Proud Infidel®™

VERY true. Many say that each and every legit Vietnam Vet has at least ten to twenty posers riding his or her coattails and I’m sure that will be so if it isn’t already for us ME WOT Vets!


And for every man who actually carried a rifle and a rucksack and had to live in the bush in the RVN there are likely a hundred to two hundred posers and embellishers.

Didn’t the VA do an analysis once of their purported Vietnam vets in their system and they arrived at a number that was about 8 to 10 times more men than the DOD had ever ordered into the RVN theatre of operations?


I am not sure who coined it on TAH, or even if it was coined on TAH,

Everybody wants to be a hero, until it’s time to do hero shit.

I am not a hero, but I have met a few.

My favorite is working at a hardware store to keep his ass busy. He never was in the military (his back has looked like the western Montana/eastern Idaho border from day 1).
Love the man.
I tell my VA Doc if I ever find one of these low life fuckers who prey on the elderly via phone/cell phone/ internet, I will hurt them.
She always smiles and says,” Well, since you haven’t given me a name or a place, I can’t report anything.” She smiles.
She knows I ain’t kidding.


Think I saw that in a great movie somewhere.

Peace to all.


Awaiting Sister Mary Grace’s ruler to the knuckles at my lack of precision on the keyboard.


Thank you, Sir.


Hand Salute and a toast to Mr. Aston. 48 years ago today, we lost you. Maybe someday they’ll replace the “In Memory Of” on your marker in ANC.

Till then, the Black Widows/I will never forget.


I’d rather you just post about military phonies. Most the other stuff in the blog is loose journalism and reitterating mainstream media stories with a conservative view.


So conservatives should just shit up?


That’s shut up.