New Army Role in the World

| June 30, 2019

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There have been several articles elsewhere regarding China as a threat, which emphasized China’s aggressive efforts to gain control of South Asia, including Afghanistan and Pakistan. More on that later, but the driving force behind it is China’s aim at gaining control of mining rare earths in those areas, as well as control of shipping lanes and coastal areas. Now, this is not something new, and China’s Navy is floating some new ships, but the articles I’ve read seem to be unaware of, or ignoring, the Army’s role in the Pacific and Far East.

Per this article: “… in the maritime-dominant Indo-Pacific Command, the Army may serve more as an enabler, keeping sea lanes open and airwaves clear to beat back ballistic missile launches and electronic jamming so that the Air Force’s planes can take off, the Navy’s ships can maneuver and the Marines and select light Army units can engage enemies directly.

“The Army has an estimated 85,000 soldiers dedicated to the region, wrote Col. Derrick Cheng, U.S. Army Pacific Command spokesman.

“Those troops are parceled out across an area that’s hard to fathom. The Pacific Ocean alone covers more area than all of the land masses on the planet. It is 15 times larger than the United States, has seven of the world’s 10 largest armies and it is home to 24 of the world’s 36 megacities. All that is spread across more than a dozen time zones.

“Those 85,000 U.S. soldiers include an estimated 12,800 in Alaska; 18,400 in Washington; 23,500 in Hawaii; 1,700 in Japan and 16,500 in South Korea, all of them forward based.” – Article.

The most important part of this is The Budget (as always) – getting funding for these activities and the support for them:

This is being ignored by the burgeoning group of Major Idiots squawking their way into the public eye. It is apparent to me that their only aim is to get Trump out of office, and the rest of the USA can just go to hell.

So if the Congress as a collective unit does not want to approve necessary defense spending – and I do not see any of these changes as frivolous or frippery – they are doing it to spite Trump and the American people.  (JMHO on that.) We had enough time on that path to self-destruction under a prior administration. We don’t need that again.

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  1. Comm Center Rat says:

    Source: 12/16/2016 article titled: China gets an all-clear from the Taliban to mine for copper in Afghanistan

    “In 2008, China signed a 30-year contract with the Afghan government to access the world’s second largest untapped copper deposit at Mes Aynak, which happens to lie underneath the ruins of an ancient Buddhist city. Security concerns have stalled the project.”

    “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan directs all its Mujahideen to help in the security of all national projects that are in the higher interest of Islam and the country, ” the Taliban announced on Nov. 29, 2016 adding that… Mes Aynak is among the sites it is “committed to safeguarding.”

    With the support and protection of the Taliban, the US Armed Forces, China’s state-owned Metallurgical Group Corporation, the International Security Assistance Force, and the Afghan Ministry of Interior how can this $3 billion project fail?

    The New Army role is the same as the Old Army role: making the world safe for capitalism, truth, justice, and the American Way to prosper!

  2. 5th/77th FA says:

    Anybody who doesn’t think that China is the very clear and present danger to America is smoking some really good sh^t. (You listening larsi boi?) The same people would support the socialist demon rats in their drive to destroy America from with in, just to save their power seats. It’s coming. Be ready for it.

    Eternal Vigilance!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Facing an actual peer competitor again? I’m shocked, shocked, you hear!

  4. GDContractor says:

    If we could only get the Chinese to fight against the Pashtun, I could eat popcorn and spend my peace dividend.