Iran’s Holocaust forum

| December 12, 2006

I really tried to ignore this, since it’s just plain ignorant for ayone to believe that the only reason Israel exists is because of the deprivations of the 30s and 40s. Jews have been persecuted throughout their history but the narrowminded anti-Zionists have given the world something to get behind together.

I’ve read the other blogs, like Little Green Footballs, where everyone has said everything about these tiny-brained bigots much better than I could have ever done. I’m simply amazed that the media is treating this like it’s a normal event – like it’s good for us to hear a different opinion on every subject – including the opinion that Israel doesn’t have the right to exist because there was no Halocaust.

Now I’m not Jewish, but I have to reason to doubt that the Halocaust happened. I’ve been to Dachau and Bergen-Belsen and I could smell the death in the air decades after the Halocaust. I’ve been to the mass grave containing the bodies of over 700 displaced Eastern Europeans behind the barracks at Wildflecken.

Since the premise of this whole exercise is the expression of free speech, and the free exchange of differing ideas, let’s all go to Iran and discuss whether Mohammed really existed or not. Let’s see how long that discussion would last.

It sort of reminds of the Democrats hiding behind their “loyal opposition” facade, claiming to not be anti-American, just exchanging ideas. All it really is, in both cases, is undermining order and peace in the world with hate. REAL hate speech not that imagined sort that makes the newspapers in this country.

I wonder how the Left feels standing shoulder-to-shoulder with human punchline David Dukes.

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