Silvestre fails test. So?

| December 12, 2006

I watched this unfold on CNN’s Headline News this morning during my workout and I kinda figured it’d happen. Apparently the Left is turning on Silvestre Reyes, Pelosi’s latest choice to prevent Jane Harmon from being the chair of the House Intelligence Committee. 

Since he came out for more troops in Iraq and stated that we “can’t afford to lose in Iraq” last week, I’d have bet his days as the chairman were numbered since that position is diametrically opposed to Pelosi and the rest of the hate Bush crowd in Congress (and the particular position that got Harmon on Pelosi’s bad side). So now we get to watch them eat their own.

First off, Reyes should have known better than “take a quiz” from the press anyway. How much good has it ever done anyone to take a quiz or a poll from any news organization. Second of all, Jeff Stein wouldn’t have given the quiz to Reyes if he hadn’t known in advance that he’d fail.

Besides, who cares if al Qaeda is Sunni or Shi’ite? What stupid difference does it make? Did anyone ever bother to segregate German military groups into Catholic or Lutherans during the war in Europe? Did it ever matter to anyone whether Castro was a Marxist, Stalinist or Trotskyite?

If al Queda were Shi’ite, would any of their victims be less dead? Would it change their tactics? Would it have the least bit of impact on anything they did or anything we do?

This is the media just trying to prove to everyone how smart they are. I’ll bet good cash money that Stein didn’t know either before he went in to give this “quiz” to Silvestre.

Why would I defend a Democrat? Because judging by what he said last week and judging by his voting record on National Security, aside from Harmon, he was probably the best choice for the job given the pool of eligible candidates.

The mainstream media needs to go back to reporting what is happening and stop trying to create news and stop trying to become the news. It’s not up to CNN or CQ to decide who should have oversight of our intelligence operations.

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